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The Mad Are In Charge Of The Swamp


The traditions, laws and inheritance of Western culture evolved over 802 years and resulted in enormous achievements in science, medicine, literature, poetry and philosophy when, in 1215 A.D., the  Magna Carta set the standards of law we enjoy today; but now, unhappily, we experience a process of decay of  standards ie; morals, religious and loyalty to our flag. What once was a nation  based on the brilliance of our forefather’s  written Constitution and laws to enforce the bill of rights the system of justice is now slowly being corrupted.

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 As things have developed so far, closing down a web site and saving/transferring content that belongs to me is not as simple as I thought it would be, so this is going to take some time for me to locate an experienced web developer to advise me. However, I do not intend to post any more articles on this site and am adding all my subscribers to my wordpress site( https://anationbeguiled.wordpress.com/ ) and emailing my own post notice’s through my present web host (HostGator). (Regular email)

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Cognitive Thinking Yes you!


 The TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association) designed to: “Retire Taxation” by consolidation of “Government’s” existing wealth and “NON-TAX income to directly “Benefit” the taxpaying population through the elimination of taxation utilizing the fiduciary trust principle to meet local government’s ongoing budgets. Now if Pensioners “wish” to consolidate their pensions with the TRFA accounts, to get paid directly from the TRFA accounts, they will have the vote option to do so down the road. Government currently has the financial management staff in place to make this happen today.

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January 18th, 2018 by

This is our freedom flag!

The web developer that I have done business with for many years is no longer available. Therefore I am asking everyone who appreciates my efforts to guide you to information that will assist us all in rebuilding the original United States Republic as we have believed it to be all of our lives to go to https://anationbeguiled.wordpress.com and subscribe to that site.

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I do not remember any comment I have made that implies I am more intelligent than anyone else, unless you already have a negative opinion of me, so please understand I have acquired enough information to believe everything I post with all my mind and we all stand ready to loose everything we hold dear if we do not continue researching the route to a freedom oriented form of governance which Anna Von Reitz has outlined. You all would do well to go to her site: http://www.annavonreitz.com/ and read every article she has written and buy her two books, as your mind is your only weapon.

It takes courage to be free from tyranny! This corporate monster has control of Banks in just about every country on earth and there is no safe way to relocate your assets to another country and renounce your present citizenship. You will only be safe in the country you have always loved after we rebuild what we were promised. May the Holy Lord of Glory be with you and give you the courage to fight the good fight.

We all owe the men and women who are dead or maimed in corporate wars the government they thought they were protecting!



Put away your emotions and use your brains!


January 17th, 2018 by

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James P. Harvey




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England, Again and Always

January 15th, 2018 by


By Anna Von Reitz

The worldwide search for a factual international understanding of the history and mechanism of fraud we have uncovered is underway. 

And guess what? 

It is monotonous, but the chips are in…..England started the rot, England benefited from the rot, and England is still the chief proponent and apologist for it all, too.

This week brought it all into focus from two completely different perspectives.

One was an almost-accidental meeting with British-based researchers into the ESTATE scam we have so often described, wherein doctors conscripted against their will to serve as “uniformed officers”, are obliged to register the names of American infants. 

A “registration” creates a joint interest in property.  Via this venal and undisclosed practice, the foreign Territorial United States  presumes to have an ownership interest in your Given Name, which amounts to an ownership interest in you and everything you are and everything you own.

This is a completely outrageous infringement and trespass against you, and is without cause or moral excuse in the vast majority of cases. It is so stinky in fact, that the perps actually falsify the public record of their activities by misidentifying the biological Mother as an “Informant” and by mischaracterizing her as an “unwed Mother”.

These two lies are just the start of a long, long list of lies that the perpetrators heap on our backs and heads from then on, and this gross fraud has one purpose: to fill the pockets of foreign governments at our expense.

According to the British Territorial Government operating on our shores under our own delegated authority, we are a nation of bastards. Perhaps we should prove them right?  And give them back what they deserve?

Great Britain has contrived to illegally and immorally use America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, South Africa and numerous other countries as colonies for the past 150 years. What they could not win by force of arms they have wrangled by fraud and deceit.  All they had to do was buy off, compromise, and blackmail enough members of the  US Congress and enough members of the Roman Curia and that has not been difficult to do.

We have now discovered the full explanation of the situation according to English Equity Law of the Queen’s Bench.  The barristers responsible for uncovering it were prompted to do so because they, too, were being “presumed” upon, and they are disgusted as anyone might be, but their loyalty to their Queen is such that they expose it with one hand and try to find excuses for it with the other. 

Its actually comical.  Imagine a man with a mouthful of pig poop spitting it all out, retching, and then gasping, “But there’s a reason for it…..”

I dare say there is a reason for pig poop. 

There is reason, so far as I know, for everything including warts and stars in the sky.  I may not know the reason and I may not care what the reason is, either. 

At a certain point, a mouth full of pig poop is a mouth full of pig poop.  Being an American, I tend to see the whole business with a practical, jaundiced, and coldly angry eye.

Via the misuse of our own delegated authority and because we were stupid enough to repeatedly save their bacon, the British Government and the British Crown have contrived to pillage and plunder our labor, our resources, and credit for fifteen decades. 

They have used the Territorial (Federal District) Government to do so. They’ve committed gross breach of trust, fraud, inland piracy, unlawful conversion of assets, kidnapping, involuntary servitude, press-ganging, racketeering and a host of crimes too numerous to mention—all on our shores, under the noses of our own sheriffs, and all the while pretending to be our friends and allies.

Now they propose that we should accept bankruptcy for their debts.

We have other suggestions.

So here are the British barristers and Commonwealth scholars who have uncovered the roots of this estate fraud scheme back farther in time than anyone in their right mind cares to go, and they are honest enough to admit it all for the good of people throughout the world, but also scared enough of being blamed for it to try to back-pedal and find a way to excuse it somehow.  

For myself, the only reason I can think of against removal of the Inner City of London, Rome, Brussels, the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, and our own “dear” Washington, DC from the face of the earth is that it would simply cause more pain and devastation in a world where there has already been more than enough of both thanks to these gawd-awful liars and thieves.

Imagine the irony?  I am listening to this bizarre Confession-Apologia going on with one ear and tracking the news that the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has been caught practicing for an assassination of Trump with the other ear.  Oh, flutter, flutter…..who could imagine that the US Navy would be involved in such a plot?

Anyone with a brain in their head. 

Why was there ever a British Territorial Government set up in our country?  Answer: our commercial fleet needed the protection of the British Navy.  Despite the fact that we have paid for it all, whose control is the US Navy under to this day? 

The Queen and her brood of hairy elves still command the US Navy, and the only reason they didn’t physically overrun us in the wake of the so-called civil war they engineered on our shores was that the Russian Navy stood offshore and prevented it.

Yes, Virginia, there is a reason for everything.  There is a reason why a quarter of all the Admirals in the US Navy are under indictment for corruption—and the number may easily climb higher.  Why? 

Because the US Navy (like the US NAVY, INC.) is the creature of England, just as it always has been, and England is always at the bottom of every nasty dog-pile since the time of Christ.  Set your watch by it.  Take it to the bank.  Depend on it like snow in January. 

The Brits just can’t keep their hands off of other people’s stuff and their noses out of other people’s business. 

We have to face the fact that the British Government has an endemic streak of criminality running through its core, all glossed over by a great sense of humor and a very thin, hard shell of civility.   They apparently can’t help themselves and are hereditary con men and pirates in the same way that others might suffer from kleptomania; they steal and lie even when they don’t have to.  They do it as an art form, as a game for entertainment.  Four hundred years ago, Shakespeare referred to them as “perfidious Albion”— so it was, is, and apparently, ever shall be.

Was I surprised that the Office of Naval Intelligence was caught rehearsing for an attempt on Donald Trump’s life?   Not in the least.  If I were to pin-point any intelligence organization most likely to spawn such a grossly criminal endeavor, I would point my finger at the ONI and would do so without any need of specific names or details.  It only makes sense that the Queen would seek to remove Donald Trump and that she would use what appears to be his own Navy against him. 

The British plans were foiled, once again, and as it was during the Civil War—- thanks to Russia. 

It’s true that your “Mother” should love you and protect you, but as generations of abused children can attest, not every mother plays that role.  Some mothers, like England, prey upon their off-spring, secretively sucking their energy and life-blood like a vampire, demanding back a hundred-thousand-fold for every shilling ever spent and showing no gratitude whatsoever for the loyalty of the Americans, Canadians, Australians, and others who stood by Britain through two World Wars.

We have all been ruthlessly victimized and parasitized as a thank you.

 And yes, it is England at the bottom of the dog-pile again.  

See this article and over 800 others on Anna’s website here:




GOD FORBID Oprah As President?

January 14th, 2018 by

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Read More Articles by Lloyd Marcus

The American Left’s Oprah-mania about her running for president in 2020 is truly absurd. What on earth qualifies Oprah to run our country? I do not consider myself White House material. But if Oprah qualifies, I am a far superior candidate.

Years ago when Oprah became a national phenomenon, I coined the phrase, the Oprah-lizaton of America. It seemed like Oprah seduced many Americans into placing feelings above facts and logic.

Fake news media and most politicians have become Oprah-rized, behaving as though feelings trump everything. For example. Rather than honestly dealing with the negative consequences of illegal’s invading our country, Leftists and politicians are most concerned with the emotional side of the issue. God forbid we hurt the feelings or harm the self-esteem of illegal’s who do not give a rat’s derriere about our country or assimilating.

So now, the American Left is giddy over the thought of Oprah becoming our first queen. We’ve seen this horror movie before titled, “Eight Years of Obama”. Fake news media and wimpy republicans would allow Oprah to behave as queen, free to overrule the Constitution; given full reign to cram extreme liberalism down our throats. Opposing or disagreeing with Oprah would be deemed racist and sexist.

In 2008, over 90% of my fellow black voters were hypnotized by Obama’s skin color. I tried to warn black family and friends that Obama was not black in terms of being one of us. Obama was first and foremost a liberal Trojan Horse disguised in black skin; totally focused on furthering the liberal agenda rather than dealing with issues plaguing black Americans.

Consequently, blacks moved economically and culturally backwards during Obama’s reign. Yes, Trump has been economically “mo’ better” for us blacks than Obama.

Oprah’s presidency would be a continuation of Obama’s with more touchy-feely mindless emotion driven stupid punish-America policies. Our ultra-Oprah-rized America would give away everything to everybody; confiscating the earnings of achievers to spread to deadbeats.

In 1976, I worked with Oprah at WJZ-TV in Baltimore. As a graphic designer in the art department, I provided graphics for our morning talk show, “People Are Talking” which Oprah co-hosted with Richard Sher.

Psychic Jeane Dixon was a guest on “People Are Talking”. After the show, Oprah, Ms Dixon, other staffers and I were gathered chatting. Ms Dixon took Oprah’s hand and enthusiastically predicted that Oprah would achieve huge success. I am not saying I believe psychics. I am simply reporting what happened.

Oprah’s rise to fame was truly remarkable; evidence of the good heart of the American people. From her early days of co-hosting “People Are Talking”, I thought Oprah’s gift was an ability to be herself on camera. In those days, blacks on TV seemed overly concerned with convincing white America that they were intelligent. Oprah was simply herself and viewers related to her, an average looking, overweight dark-skinned black woman. Blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population. Therefore, it is obvious that white America made Oprah a billionaire.

And yet, on several occasions, Oprah has passionately helped her fellow America-hating Leftists’ sell their lie that America is a hell-hole for blacks.

While promoting her movie, “Selma”, Oprah despicably claimed that blacks are still suffering the same persecution today as they did in the 1950s.

Clearly, selling movie tickets and furthering Leftists’ America-sucks narrative trumped the truth about how truly far we have come regarding race and being fair to the country that has practically worshiped her.

Oprah no more belongs in our Oval Office than Donald Duck. The idea is totally absurd. We all know how fake news media would treat Democrat presidential candidate Oprah Winfrey. Every word out of her mouth would be deemed the height of brilliance, wisdom, fairness and compassion. Fake news media would brand the Republican presidential nominee the secret head of the KKK, a white supremacist and a sexual predator.

Make no mistake about this folks. Along with changing America by flooding America with a tsunami of illegal’s, Leftists are obsessed with furthering their sexual revolution; making deviancy normalOprah would surely champion her fellow Leftists’ government mandated sexual transformation of America.

A lot of American voters would once again be hypnotized by Oprah’s skin-color and fake news media hype, ignoring Oprah’s instincts to punish-America. I pray that a majority of American voters would learn from their mistake of electing extreme Leftist Obama solely because of his skin-color.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Help Lloyd Spread the truth

© 2018 NWV – All Rights Reserved

Lloyd Marcus

Author Email: mr_lloydmarcus@hotmail.com

Self proclaimed Black Unhyphenated American, Lloyd Marcus is a featured columnist on American Thinker, Renew America, Canadian Free Press and numerous other Internet websites. A speaker, activist, singer/songwriter, recording artist and entertainer, Marcus was a featured act on the historical 2009 Tea Party Expressed Tour. The finale event was the Sept. 12th Taxpayers March and Rally in Washington DC where Marcus performed for a million people. His appearances include FoxNews, CNN, PJTV and numerous TV and radio programs. He emcees and performs his patriotic original songs at rallies and special events across America. He was the featured entertainment at the 2009 Free Republic National Convention. Marcus’ mission is to use his God given gifts to spread the “truth” that Conservatism is best for all Americans. He resides in Central Florida. An elected official, Marcus is Chairman for Precinct 424, Volusia County Florida. He is also Creative Director for the Republican Executive Committee of Volusia County. Lloyd Marcus, Singer/Songwriter of the national “American Tea Party Anthem.” President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of Color) E-Mail: mr_lloydmarcus@hotmail.com Website: LloydMarcus.com

Selected Articles: US – More Hawkish Than Ever? Building an Empire, Fomenting a Unipolar World

January 13th, 2018 by

By Global Research News

Global Research is a small team that believes in the power of information and analysis to bring about far-reaching societal change including a world without war.

Truth in media is a powerful instrument. As long as we keep probing, asking questions, challenging media disinformation to find real understanding, then we are in a better position to participate in creating a better world in which truth and accountability trump greed and corruption.

By Global Research News

Global Research is a small team that believes in the power of information and analysis to bring about far-reaching societal change including a world without war.

Truth in media is a powerful instrument. As long as we keep probing, asking questions, challenging media disinformation to find real understanding, then we are in a better position to participate in creating a better world in which truth and accountability trump greed and corruption.

It’s Nato that’s Empire-building, not Putin

By Peter Hitchins and True Publica, January 11, 2018

Propaganda is information that is not objective and is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, often by presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception, or using loaded language to produce an emotional rather than a rational response to the information that is presented.

Trump Administration Prepares More Hawkish Position on Nuclear Arms. The Deployment of Mininukes

By Jason Ditz, January 11, 2018

With the US forever investing more into their nuclear arsenal, ensuring they have the world’s biggest collection of city destroying arms, the fact that none have been used in over 70 years is a silver lining to many, but within the administration, it may be a problem that needs correcting.

US Military Intelligence Has “Weaponized Democracy” Worldwide

By Andrew Korybko, January 11, 2018

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the US’ brand of “democracy” for export or the national-specific model of government that strengthens non-Western states, the theoretical concept behind this system has been weaponized by military intelligence agencies worldwide in a back-and-forth competition to change or retain the “deep state” status quo.

US Needs the Taliban to Justify Its Military Presence in Afghanistan

By Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan and Edu Montesanti, January 11, 2018

It has been forty years since the US started working on its Afghan project, and investing in Afghan youth to make them its cadres was cardinal to its long-term aims in Afghanistan. The CIA educated and trained its lackeys, politically and militarily, creating loyal lackeys who would go on to constitute its future puppet government after it was to take over Afghanistan, and help it achieve its goals comfortably.

China’s Pivot to World Markets, Washington’s Pivot to World Wars…

By Prof. James Petras, January 11, 2018

China and the United States are moving in polar opposite directions: Beijing is rapidly becoming the center of overseas investments in high tech industries, including robotics, nuclear energy and advanced machinery with collaboration from centers of technological excellence, like Germany.

In contrast, Washington is pursuing a predatory military pivot to the least productive regions with collaboration from its most barbaric allies, like Saudi Arabia.

Trump’s National Security Strategy (NSS): War and More War…

By Christopher Black, January 10, 2018

So one would think that when the President of the United States sits down with his advisors and asks them about these problems and to come up with an American national strategy to resolve them that they would take that task seriously and get together all the best scientists, doctors, sociologists, psychologists, economists, philosophers, poets, and artists, writers and musicians, engineers, trades people, committees of locally chosen working people and, of course military men interested in maintaining a continuum of peace instead of war. But on reading the new Strategy document you find that all these people are missing.

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Global Research News, Global Research, 2018



Progress in Texas the MGJA and Everywhere Else

January 12th, 2018 by


By Anna Von Reitz

Last night I tuned into a little ole down home teleconference sponsored by the Texas Republic.  They are extremely well-organized compared to most of the rest of the state republics and have their history firmly intact.  Many of their counties are up and operational and they hold their regular meetings at various places throughout the state to meet and greet and educate as they go.  After all the gritty hand-to-hand in places like Illinois the past few weeks, it was like balm to my soul. 

They have developed yet another ingenious and effective answer to the IRS fraud, which is simple and deadly to implement.  The essence of it is to politely inquire about the jurisdiction of two courts.  When the district level court replies that they don’t have jurisdiction over the municipal corporation dba “IRS” and the “US TAX COURT” admits that it doesn’t have jurisdiction over the territorial corporation dba “Internal Revenue Service” it puts the vermin in a real bind. 

If they take JOHN QUINCY DOE to US District Court, he can say, “But look here, the US District Court says it doesn’t have jurisdiction over the IRS.” 

If they take John Quincy Doe to the US TAX COURT, he can say, “But look here, the US TAX COURT says it doesn’t have jurisdiction over the Internal Revenue Service.”

[They can’t complain because “John Quincy Adams” does sound exactly like “JOHN QUINCY ADAMS” only now you get to use that fact against them the same way they used it all these years against us. ]

And both statements are absolutely correct, counter-claiming, and self-cancelling.  This is because unknown to most Americans, we’ve been dealing with two separate governments (Territorial and Municipal) and two separate agencies (Internal Revenue Service and IRS) and two separate court systems (US District and US TAX COURT)—neither of which have anything much to do with us, except that they are supposed to be providing “essential government services” in Good Faith and aren’t.

Now if you do what these Texans recommend, you can put these courts in a good old-fashioned Texas Twist-Em double-bind.  Either way they go, they are stuck having to explain to their own employees and to the public the fraud scheme they’ve been working, and rather than do that, they are going to let go of you faster than an average rattlesnake.

As I have explained many times these vermin have created public trusts named after you.  They stole your identity and took title to your Given Trade Name, then split the title between themselves— with the State of State Territorial Government holding the Beneficial Ownership Title and the STATE OF STATE Municipal Government holding the Legal Title —and you completely cut out of the picture as the “missing, presumed dead” Donor/Grantor. 

And of course, they are doing all this “for” you as a service and you ought to be grateful, right?

When it comes to working this scam vis-a-vis the federal income tax, your Name/NAME is presumed to belong to a federal citizen, either a Territorial Citizen or a Municipal CITIZEN, so either way, “they” owe the federal income tax.  You don’t, but they do. 

In keeping with this cozy and grossly immoral and illegal scheme, the Municipal Agency dba “IRS” keeps the debit side of what they call your Master file and racks up all the charges and expenses against YOUR NAME, while the Territorial Agency dba “Internal Revenue Service” — a completely different animal operating out of different offices — keeps track of the credit side of your Master file Account, never the twain to meet. 

Even most of the IRS/Internal Revenue Service employees are blissfully ignorant and go on calling themselves by both names and can’t find their butts with both hands. 

This is also why there are three (3) Commissioners of Internal Revenue—- one for every level of government— the actual United States of America, the Territorial United States, and the Municipal United States. 

Anyway, what these fellows in Texas have worked out is an effective means to expose the fraud in such a way as to trap the rats in the same way they have trapped you, with both the Court and the COURT disqualified and unable to explain why without revealing their fraud scheme.

I love it. It really tickled me.  I sat in my chair with my eyes big as saucers and silently laughed until I cried.

Just goes to prove, you get enough Americans working on a problem, they are going to find solutions…. those little Billy Goats are going to try every way up the mountain until they find what works and then, watch out for the Goat Stampede.

I still like my old tried and true method of Revoking Election to Pay, but this new process has some decided advantages: (1)  It would work for anyone, even federal employees. (2) No need to pour over Title 42 and figure out whether or not you are a federal citizen. (3) No need to retract and get private claims and political status documents on the record before doing battle,  so it will work even for people who don’t have their political status corrected and recorded and even if people have already run afoul of the IRS and are mid-stream in a court action. 

That’s a lot to recommend it, and for a lot of people —this is a godsend.   And it is simple and inexpensive enough that anyone can do it.  My hat is off.

I suggest everyone who is interested in getting your counties and states back up and running go take a look at the Texas Republic website.  They have put a lot of effort in and it shows. 

There’s been a lot of new activity the past few weeks with more and more people and counties reporting in at the weekly Thursday night teleconference sponsored by the Michigan General Jural Assembly to help answer questions and provide assistance to people wanting to do something similar in their own counties and their own states. 

That’s wonderfully encouraging news.  It means that more and more Americans are not only waking up and realizing The Fix we are in individually, but more are stepping forward to get the tools and advice needed to revive their own nation-states, and that is what we have to restore to save our own country and clean up this mess.

For those new to the information, I suggest they go straight to the B,C, and D Appendix part of the Michigan General Jural Assembly Handbook and get the hang of it all in the Big Picture.  Most of this country is still not politically organized— that is, your actual nation-state and even the State created to represent your state’s land jurisdiction, may exist on paper, but not in fact. 

Most of the western states are what I call “states in waiting”—- you have contracts to become states and guarantees that you will be “treated as” states in the Union and owed all the guarantees, but there hasn’t been a fully functional land jurisdiction Continental Congress in place to actually enroll any new states in the Union since 1860. That presents a real problem in terms of international law and leaves an awful lot of people with their tails exposed to high winds. For yourselves and your families and friends who live west of the Mississippi—- get on up that mountainside.  Just pretend you are a bunch of spry little goats and go hop, hop hop! 

Here’s the information for Michigan General Jural Assembly again:

The Michigan General Jural Assembly hosts a Thursday Night national call-in program. The call-in times and names and numbers for that and for their national hotline (open four days a week) are posted on my website: www.annavonreitz.com and here it is again: Nine o’clock Eastern Standard Time, call in number is: 1-712-770-4160. Access Code for Thursday night call is: 226823#. The Hotline is 1-989-450-5522, Monday through Thursday, 2 to 7 pm EST. They can also be reached at http://1stmichiganassembly.info.

Where Are the Koch Brothers and T Boone Picken’s When You Need Them?

January 11th, 2018 by


By Anna Von Reitz

Where Are the Koch Brothers and T-Boone Pickens When You Need Them?

We do indeed need some well-heeled Patriots, but unfortunately, this information is complex enough so that it doesn’t commend itself to 30-second executive summaries, and for some reason conservatives like the legendary Koch Brothers don’t seem aware of or interested in why, exactly, this country is so messed up.  Not knowing exactly what’s wrong leads to all sorts of useless solutions to problems that are only assumed to exist.  It also means billions of dollars wasted to not-fix anything, when it would take only a few million dollars of investment to prime our pump and get freedom flowing again.

Don’t look at me.  I have no answers for why someone, somewhere, doesn’t make the proper connections.  You know without thinking too hard about it that there have to be a gazillion businesses limping along at half-throttle or going under because of “government” manipulation and unfair competition and one-sided or punitive regulatory enforcement and monopolies and every other business evil and bogus competitive hurdle and securities fraud you can think of.  So why aren’t the businessmen and women of America smelling the java and doing something about this?  All this corruption and abuse of power by the “government” is tanking their growth and their bottom lines. 

Instead of analyzing how we got into this mess (and therefore how we get out of it), people mistakenly concentrate on “what the other guy is doing” and how to counteract the “opposing party”—- instead of focusing on their own business and what they need to do to restore and operate their own lawful government.  That is how a lot of patriots get into trouble with law enforcement officials— tampering with the territorial or municipal “United States” governments instead of restoring and operating their own. 

Somehow, at least at the outset, restoring our actual government isn’t as sexy as all the flag-waving, bunting draping, cute elephant and donkey cartoons Flim-Flam eating up the commercial media airwaves—though there is far more at stake and far more actual power involved.

Americans love a circus and the foreign political parties provide that, and you can just stay home and watch it on TV in the comfort of your living room, sacked out on your favorite Laz-Y-Boy recliner.  No wonder Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey was forced out of business. With them, you had to put up with rainy days and travel and parking lots and ticket stubs.  

Americans also like power and get-rich-quick schemes, and where else but in politics can a talent-less nobody rise to power and get a fat lifetime guaranteed job with fantastic benefits?  Just think about Nancy Pelosi for five minutes.  Maxine Waters?  All these “State of State” Legislatures and the “US” Congressional seats are akin to “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” opportunities.  And then, too, Americans love a horse race— and all these political parties and all these various levels of elections provide endless opportunities for horse races.  Just choose your colors— red or blue? 

All these foreign corporate media conglomerates are strictly interested in what is “sexy” and “colorful” and “attention grabbing” and whatever makes money by the boat loads for them every election cycle. 

One happy exception is “One America News” aka  “OAN” on your cable or Wi-Fi grid connections, it’s traditional and conservative and highly recommended as an antidote to 24/7 Glitz, Tits, and Politics.

The rats have us hoodwinked, bamboozled, fooled and forgetful—- we’ve never been taught our own history in THEIR public schools, so we are ignorant— and that gives THEM opportunity to endlessly plunder and profit for the mere cost of keeping us entertained and distracted, just as they did in Rome, 2000 years ago.  Same thing. 

They give us political circuses while they steal the meat from our tables.  They give us gossip to swill down and churn over while they raid the treasury.  They gin up another false flag sideshow event to keep our attention diverted and jangle our emotions whenever they need an excuse to make war for profit or sneak some evil thing through the backdoor in Congress.  Nothing has changed in 2000 years and nothing will change until we all grow up and learn to as my Mother put it—- “look around the corners”. 

Step back far enough to see what these goons are doing to you and to your family and your country and how they are doing it—- and you won’t need to see it a second time.  A good, clear look, just once, will be enough. 

And as for those wealthy patriots, well, they are busy being wealthy, though they may also be worried about when the cows (Republicans) come home and the chickens (Democrats), too.  Somewhere in the backs of their minds they know just like the rest of us that something is wrong with this whole picture, though they may not be able to put their finger on it.   By all means, those of you who have direct connections, clue them in.  “Hey, pssst!  Marty….. did you know?”  “Hey, T-Boone, did you hear what these rats did just after the Civil War? You know that’s still going on?”  “Hey, Donald— that trouble you had with the Ninth Circuit Court?  I can explain that….and we can fix it, too.”  “Hey, Koch Brothers!  Stop wasting your money! We have real bang for your buck on offer…..”

See this article and over 800 others on Anna’s website here:


Olddogs Comments!

For shame American’s, you should know better than to support your enemies, even if they do entertain you. What the hell is so hard about reading the real history of this shit hole that makes you laugh?

America Is On Its Way To National Self Destruction

January 10th, 2018 by


Read More Articles by Ron Ewart

Many states are in a tizzy because U. S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that the United States is going to finally enforce the Controlled Substance Act (21 USC P. 811), (CSA) with regard to medical and recreational marijuana use ….. well sort of.  Sessions left it up to the individual U. S. Attorney’s offices to prosecute, or not prosecute.  That’s all America needs right now is another “sort of” law.  After all, Hillary Clinton was only “sort of” guilty.

The cannabis smokers (mostly millennials) are up in arms for fear they might lose their marijuana pacifier high.  The money-hungry states that have legalized recreational marijuana are apoplectic over the potential loss of the marijuana tax revenue and have threatened to sue the FEDS if the Controlled Substance Act is enforced.

Washington State is pulling in well over $350,000,000 in annual tax revenues from recreational marijuana.  State Republican and Democrat legislators were equally aghast at the potential loss of that much tax money if the FEDS move forward with enforcement.

California, that just legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, is set to rake in many hundreds of millions of dollars more than Washington State.  They need that money to fund all those Democrat-sponsored social programs, the rising drug-infested homeless population, heroin injection stations and the millions of illegal aliens sucking up millions more taxpayer dollars, or killing legal Americans, as in Kate Steinle.  Meanwhile, the state of California and its people are set to get on a permanent buzz from legal marijuana.  Driving a car now becomes even more perilous.  How nice!

For decades we’ve had to deal with tens of millions of alcoholics in America and the associated costs to the public in family breakups, lost jobs, lost production, homelessness and medical treatment.  Now we can add millions more “mariholics” to the list as America proceeds towards national self-destruction.  On top of this is the opioid epidemic that’s taking 60,000 lives a year in overdoses.

Why the need to get “high” all the time?  Are we just plain stupid?  It’s kind of hard to confront your enemies, keep government accountable, or pay the bills, or drive a car when your brain cells are fried from drugs, painkillers, or alcohol.  No wonder America is falling apart.

We won’t go into the statistics on alcoholism.  They are fairly well known, as are the huge financial and emotional costs.  Millions of families are seriously impacted by alcoholism every day of the year.

In this article we will just touch on those people on drugs, any kind of drug, with an emphasis on marijuana, using statistics from 2012, 2013 and 2015.   These statistics don’t take into account the sudden explosion in opioid abuse and overdoses.

The greatest use of illicit drugs occurs in the age group from 16 to 34.  This statistic, in and of it self, is not too surprising.  That just happens to be the age group of the greatest sexual activity.  Drugs, alcohol and sex seem to be co-equal partners in the human process of procreation.   Babies and children take some of the greatest toll with babies being born addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Ironically, most other mammals of earth, besides humans, don’t seem to have that problem.  They can do it without getting “chemically” high.

In the political world of power-hungry politicians, the co-equal partners are power, money, drugs and sex, not necessarily in that order.  Money usually comes first and foremost.

In all substance use, not including alcohol, marijuana is by far the drug of choice to get high.  In fact, compared to all other artificial intoxicants, not including hard drugs or alcohol, drug users are 70% more likely to choose marijuana.  That probably accounts for the sudden rise in states legalizing marijuana.  Teenagers are the hardest hit victims.  Obviously, government doesn’t really care how “high” you get, just so long as they can tax the crap out of the substance “taking” you to new “highs.”

Nearly 21 million Americans ages 12 and older had a substance use problem in 2015, according to a new federal estimate.  Among those with a substance use disorder, three out of four people (or about 15.7 million) had a substance use disorder related to alcohol.  In addition, 1 in 3 people with a substance use disorder had a disorder related to drug use, and 1 in 8 people had a disorder involving both drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol is still the main driver of getting high, but the other intoxicants are growing rapidly (like marijuana, opioids and synthetic heroin) most likely due to lower costs, availability and the public’s and government’s growing acceptance of drug use.  Sadly, parents are on drugs or alcohol and grandpa and grandma are steadily losing their influence over their grandchildren, who, parroting their parents, are also getting high.

Since any and all drug or alcohol use reduces an individual’s inhibitions, the potential for jumping to another drug that produces a greater “high”, looms in the fog of inebriation.  This is especially true for the teenage years where adult maturity and consequences have not yet materialized.  Thus, marijuana being a gateway drug is not a fabrication, but a very real and dangerous possibility.  Not only that, drug use and drug addiction, grows in a society just as quickly as an infectious disease, with little natural immunity, infects the masses.

The strength of any nation is wholly dependent on the totality of the physical, mental and moral strength of its people.  Physical, mental and moral strength of the individual is gained from the parent’s example and direction, personal experience and is further forged in the adversity of life.   If life offers no adversity where everything comes too easily, physical, mental and moral strength decline.  The physical, mental and moral strength of the American people were last tested in World War 2 as an entire nation.  Its people have not been so tested to that degree since, giving rise to the easy life, a chicken in every pot and a government on its way to tyranny.

After the Great War, with life so easy and money so plentiful, whether earned or not, the tendency to indulge in getting “high”, sub-standard entertainment and the pleasures of the flesh, or even crime, grows.  If left un-corrected by morality or adversity, it expands into a run-away condition, like a train with its throttle wide open and a sharp curve in its future.

America, as a nation and as a people, is on that doomed train. With 57% of the American people (our last article) crying out for more government, the “disaster-waiting-to-happen” train is speeding up.   Sadly, not many Americans are aware of the decline the nation is in, the reasons why we are in that decline, or the ultimate demise we face.  The outcome of this folly is unpredictable.  But whatever happens, be it total financial collapse, revolution, a second civil war, or war with a major super power, the average American will be taken totally by surprise because they are either purposely or unintentionally oblivious to reality, or high on drugs or alcohol, on their way to personal or national self-destruction.

We wish we could be more positive about America’s future, but it isn’t just drug or alcohol use that is plummeting America into a steep decline.  We have outlined many of the other reasons in over 500 articles that we have written in the last 12 years that can be found HERE.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of the American people are as oblivious to the drug and alcohol problem as they are to all the other problems America faces.  All these other problems seriously threaten our economy, our financial security, America’s culture of freedom, our Constitution, our sovereignty and our very liberty.

But then hey, whose LISTENING?

© 2018 Ron Ewart – All Rights Reserved

E-Mail Ron Ewart: info@narlo.org

Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of this weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America”. Ron is the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (www.narlo.org), a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, acting as an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners. Affiliated NARLO websites are “SAVE THE USA” and “Getting Even With Government”. Email: info@narlo.org Website: http://www.narlo.org

America’s Grandma

January 9th, 2018 by


By Anna Von Reitz

Someone recently sent me snippets of stories and blogs where I am being called “America’s Grandma”— but, no, that title belongs to Irene Ryan, co-star of The Beverly Hillbillies.  Daisy aka “Granny” Moses, Jed Clampett’s Mother-in-Law, earned the title long before I came along. 

Here she is, in the photo above, perfectly reflecting how I feel most of the time. 

This country and this whole world is in such a mess that I get up in the morning with “my hair on fire” feeling like I just spent a week thumping on a mule’s butt with a tennis racket. 

Most of the people who are on our payrolls— I am talking worldwide— are a rare mix of incompetent and crooked.  I constantly run into “government employees” and “bank officials” who have been crooks so long that they don’t even know that what they are doing is criminal. 

They literally don’t know that creating bogus public trusts and plundering them is against every law from here to breakfast, both public and private. 

They don’t recognize what they are doing as identity theft.  It takes a washboard and a jug of whiskey up the side of the head before they even stop and think twice about what all these “uniformed officers” at the hospitals are doing to our babies— much less what they are doing to adults on a daily basis.

Once people understand what has been done to us and done “for” us and done in our names to others, the outrage is deep and wide.  The sense of betrayal and confusion and anger is real.  It deserves our understanding and our respect.

But those feelings need to pass swiftly and our brains need to wake up and start dealing with the consequences and the practical issues.  Just like Granny, we need to set our jaws, concentrate our thoughts, and get moving. 

The first step is to declare your political status, and if you are not a federal employee or otherwise encumbered, come “home” to your birthright political status as a United States National, aka, state national—- a Wisconsinite, a Texan, a Vermonter, an Oregonian, or whichever state you were born in, that’s your nationality.  Claim it back and don’t be content to ever be called a “citizen” or a “Miss” or a “Mister” or a “Missus”—- all foreign titles in the Queen’s Service— ever again.  You get yourself an official copy of your Birth Certificate and you put together your own Certificate of Assumed Name to claim back your Common Law Copyright to your own given Trade Name and all the other NAMES and variations of names derived from it.

You record your claim of your birthright political status in as many ways as you possibly can.  You give notice to the office of the Adjutant General in your state and to the State Secretary of State that you are a United States National (aka state national and native of _______whichever state you were born in) and have retired from any obligation of United States citizenship, whether territorial or municipal. Now it is his business to keep the records straight and protect you and your assets.

Former military personnel— they never properly mustered you out.  When you joined the Service, another layer of federal presumptions accrued to you.  When you got your Discharge and your DD214, they never changed your political status back to your original birthright status.  It was more profitable and convenient for them to just claim you were a lifelong “volunteer” working for their corporation(s) without rights or wages— a slave, in other words.

You have to give Notice to the head of your branch of the military that you have returned to your birthright status as a United States National and are now a non-combatant civilian who has retired from the obligations of federal citizenship.  

The second step it so assemble with others of like-mind and like political status wherever you may be living now, and set up your County Jural Assembly.  The Michigan General Jural Assembly can help you with this all-important task. The information to contact them is posted on my website: www.annavonreitz.com.  There is a weekly teleconference every Thursday night. 

Please note that I said “Jural Assembly”, not a “Jural Society”.  There is a difference and plenty of Queen’s Men have tried to confuse generations of Americans into forming Jural Societies instead of Jural Assemblies.  Forewarned is forearmed.   In order to make the progress that needs to be made, we must all take care and know the rules and the words and understand the jurisdictions involved.

It is our responsibility to self-govern.  That in turn requires us to educate ourselves about the history, function, and law of our own country and government, something that was never actually and honestly taught to us in public schools. 

Better late than never, folks.  As Granny Clampett famously said, “I been up the hill, down the hollow, and up the other side!”  Put her feisty spirit and gumption to work in your own life this week, and realize that as difficult as this situation is, we can rise up and grow roses out of any manure pile.   

See this article and over 800 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com


Kelli MillerJanuary 8, 2018 at 6:59 PM

I Love it!!!! Thank you Grandma Anna!!

To help support the actual substance work being done by Anna and the Living Law Firm, you will need to make your donations  directly to her via the PayPal info and snail mail provided below.
Excerpt from article “This time of year” by Anna Von Reitz:

“We now have almost 200 former judges, former Bar Attorneys, paralegals, financial auditors, volunteer CPAs, court administrators, and historical researchers working full time to save America — and it is because of their work that we have been able to develop the knowledge base we have been able to share with all of you.  We   just ask among all the other needs and appeals that come at this time of year— remember our guys out here in the field. I continue to act as Paymaster for everyone.
 My Paypal is avannavon@gmail.com and my snail mail is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Post Office Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.”


UnknownJanuary 8, 2018 at 8:24 PM

Sorry to have to inform everyone here but since that illegal alien poser of a prez, Barry the Fairy, AKA DBA Odummer et. al, all one can get now is a “certified statement” that there is birth record on file and the county clerk will testify to that. My mother got my short form birth certificate 20 years ago and when it was destroyed in the flood in Harvey, I went down to the very place my mother got a copy and all I got for $23 was a “certified statement”!!! I was told that they could not give me a copy of my birth certificate, and we all know why!!! It might be different in other States but here in Tejas, it is as crooked as ever!!! I call it the “Texas Sidestep”!!!


LifeCoach Cher-ieJanuary 9, 2018 at 12:59 AM

Get that clerks name and File a criminal complaint which after 30 days becomes a regulation. An obstruction of justice.


Tricia FreemomJanuary 9, 2018 at 2:50 AM

When i recently asked for BCs Authenticated (not apostilled!) from Alabama Dept. of Public Health, they said guidelines had recently been changed so 2 types of Authentication were available: 1) apostille; and 2) Exemplified, so i ordered exemplified ones. Received today with Alabama Sec of State’s sealed testimony certifying duly appointed State Registrar of Vital Statistics by Name, who sealed “an official certified copy of the original [Certificate of Live Birth] record” with her signature stamp. Now i believe one needs to forward to Sec of State in Wash. DC and obtain that 3rd certification/ authentication; will study more details on that so i’m sure to get it right this time with my corrected record with Mr. Mnuchin et al. ALso need to notice state Sec of State where i now live of my birthright political status as state national, peaceful civilian flying civil peace flag, and Alabaman. Still searching for assumed/ fictitious name in sessions law pre-statehood for complete accurate claim on name/NAMEs reference, to add to Washington state and Alaska cites for comprehensive Certificate of Assumed Name with Writ of Habeas Corpus.

Does a woman claim complete maiden and also married Names/NAMEs therein, to cover all bases?

A New American Government and How to Build it

January 8th, 2018 by


By Olddog

Since most people reading this article have been completely indoctrinated on what kind of government we have and know little to nothing on what kind of government we were promised, it is going to take a lot of your time to understand the importance of knowing the difference so you can decide if you want to be a free human being or a slave to a bunch of wealthy scumbags.

 Remember this: No one is dumber than slave’s who believe they are free!

 Fortunately, we have among us a woman with extraordinary intelligence who has written over eight hundred articles and two books on the history of American governance, and the articles are free of charge on her web site, http://www.annavonreitz.com/ so you have no excuse if you remain ignorant and a captive of the powers that be.

To my knowledge she has only missed one thing that needs to be done so we can return to the fairy tale government we were promised, and that is to help build fifty groups of legal advisers for the United States, who will have the responsibility of teaching every citizen how to revise their legal status and become free Civilians instead of Captured Citizen Slaves to the powers that be. Take note of the difference between a civilian and a citizen because there is a world of difference.

The shortest way to explain all this is to have her group of researchers expand all across the country with satellite offices that teach and assist citizens on how to file the paper-work of their State the D.C and become free civilians.  Also, how to accomplish the same when one is born in one state and live in another.

Now, anyone with brains knows it is not possible to provide this service free to millions of people, so there must be a fee for this service that is affordable and flexible for the poor and incompetent, and the people doing the training and advising must be recompensed along with the very existence of the office. Although it may be possible for these trainers to work from home over the internet, it is hardly feasible to expect them to work for free.


So Anna, if you read this, you now have another giant to slay.

You already have a good start with your group of researchers. Nothing that’s free has any value to the recipient.

EMAIL: olddog@anationbeguiled.com

Special Message About “Marijuana Law”

January 6th, 2018 by


By Anna Von Reitz

Most of my faithful readers are now sharp enough to already know the answer to the present controversy regarding AG Session’s enforcement of federal sanctions against state-legalized marijuana. 

My readers know that AG Sessions isn’t addressing the actual states.  He is addressing the federated “States of States”— which he has control over because they are nothing but corporate franchises of the federal parent corporations. 

Does Burger King, Inc., have the right to dictate policy and rules and place limits on your local Burger King franchise?  

Of course, they do.  That is what being a franchise is all about. You buy into a successful product line and marketing system in order to promote it and profit from it.  

So your local Dairy Queen carries the same ice cream, same menu, same signage, same uniforms as every other Dairy Queen.  

It’s the same way with the federal corporations.  You want to be a Territorial franchise and share in federal block grants?  Fine, you organize a “State of State” franchise and toe the parent corporation’s line. 

You want a share of federal racketeering profits?  You open a STATE OF STATE franchise.  Same deal. 

So when Attorney General Sessions tells his corporate goons to enforce the parent corporations’ policy about marijuana on the State of State franchises– does he have the right to do so? 

Of course, he does.  

You can’t have Burger King serving Kentucky Fried Chicken, right?  If you are a franchise operation you have to ride for the brand, wear the colors, adhere to the menu, prepare the product according to the centrally controlled recipe…

So Jeff Sessions is just telling the franchises to get back in line and obey the franchise agreement and follow the parent corporation rules. 

And from his perspective, this makes perfect sense– especially  when these State of State franchises are taking in billions of dollars in new revenue from marijuana sales — and aren’t cutting the Mama Corporation in on the deal. 

So this is NOT a “state’s rights” issue.  AG Sessions isn’t talking to the states.  He is talking to the States of States, which are franchises of federal corporations he represents. 

In truth and in fact marijuana use has ALWAYS been lawful.  There is no way for any actual state to interfere with your right to grow, eat, smoke, or otherwise use a plant however you see fit.  

Also in truth and in fact, no actual state can control in-state domestic sales and trades involving marijuana.  

It’s only when marijuana sales cross state lines and it becomes an issue of “interstate trade” that sale or transport of marijuana becomes a federal issue at all. 

So here is the deal– growing and using marijuana is lawful and always has been.  So long as it is purely in-state and local, the federal government has nothing to say about it, similar to the situation wherein anyone can make their own beer and wine and hard liquor without any government interference, but even more liberal, because the federal government was given explicit control over interstate commerce involving alcohol, tobacco and firearms (as sources of income supporting the federal government) and has never been granted any special interest in drugs at all.

But, does the federal corporation have the right to set and enforce rules and policies for its franchises and employees?  

You betcha. 

Now it is just a matter of each and every one of you making your choices and deciding what your political status is and whether or not you are going to serve the federal corporations as “volunteers” (which they claim we are) or as employees or as franchisees? 

You decide whether or not you are a “US citizen” and obligated to follow every whim and policy of Congress or not.  Are you a franchisee?  Are you subject to the rules of the US Army?  Do you have to obey the company policies of the Company? 

Jeff Sessions is well-within his rights to boss around the States of States and STATES OF STATES.  And he isn’t even talking to the actual states and people, because he knows better. 

But do you?  Does the Congressional Delegation “representing” your state? 


See this article and over 800 others on Anna’s website here:


Elite Globalists Will Engineer Financial Collapse And Blame Bitcoin

January 5th, 2018 by


Mac Slavo

Every single financial collapse has been engineered by elitists and governments as a method of gaining the public’s support for more control over their money supply. Now one YouTuber has the guts to say it and boldly declares that those same globalists will blame bitcoin for a biblical level financial collapse.

The Dollar Vigilante YouTube channel isn’t walking on eggshells in their video titled “The Globalist Plan To Blame Bitcoin For Biblical Level Collapse.” The video starts off with a harsh dose of reality that many won’t like:

They won’t teach you in your government schools but every major economic and financial collapse is planned. It doesn’t happen by accident.  – Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante

Berwick doesn’t mince words later either, and he says that the government and other globalists already have plans to collapse the economy and blame Bitcoin. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger has also stated that the elitists need to control Bitcoin in order to control humanity, so look for a false flag terror attack allegedly funded by the now infamous decentralized cryptocurrency.

“By any measure, we are not at the most extreme time in history in money, finance, banking, equities, bonds, real estate and other sectors,” says Berwick. “We’ve never seen money printing across the board like we’ve seen in the last decade. Interest rates are at record lows and even at ludicrous negative rates in some countries. They’ve never been lower in 5000 years. By any measure, the US stock market is at or past extremes.” Along with the US government’s debt doubling in the last 8 years to a whopping $21 trillion, Berwick says that this is just the symptom of a government and globalist manufactured economic collapse that will all have to “come crashing down.”

“As always, I look for the clues directly from those who currently control the world, for the answers,” says Berwick. He then points to a Rothschild owned economic magazine that foretells in its 1988 cover image that 2018 will be the year of the global currency. “How could the globalist bankers plan 30 years ahead for a massive change in the monetary system?” Berwick asks. “Well, look no further than Bilderberg.”

Why? “Because most of the power in the hands of the elites now rests in their control over the issuance of currency which they cannot control with Bitcoin,” Berwick continues. “Instead, what their game plan might be, is to put trillions of dollars into Bitcoin to blow it up to massive extremes.” Berwick then goes on to quote other financial an market experts, such as Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan, who all say Bitcoin will cross the $60,000 -$100,000  threshold before the collapse.

But Bewick also says that one the state gets control of the cryptocurrency, no other cryptocurrency will be allowed to coexist. The game plan is for the price of Bitcoin to crash, either by design or under its own weight so that the global elitists and governments can implement their own cryptocurrency, and again control the supply of currency. 

Some crackpots on the internet believe Bitcoin is globalist invention. They clearly don’t understand power, control, or what Bitcoin is. If they did, they’d know that Bitcoin is the antidote to the new world order, not the gateway. -Jeff Berwick


January 4th, 2018 by


From Anna Von Reitz

As of the first week of October 2017 the Municipal UNITED STATES ceased functioning.  

Attempts to replace it with a UN Corp “Regional Government” have thus far been successfully rebuffed and prevented. 

That leaves us to deal with the Territorial United States government, which is controlled by the military and has substantially different rules and procedures than the old Muni government. 

As a result some of the recommendations I have made to people in the past either no longer apply or require tweaking to make them work in this altered scenario. 

Those who got their paperwork done and in before October 2017 are grandfathered in and have their records established via the old Muni process.  They have to be recognized as civilians. 

Those who didn’t do this have to follow a different process which has yet to be negotiated to the same ends– correction of the public record, reclaiming ownership of your Name/NAMES, and recognition of your civilian status with respect to the military government. 

The criminals in charge have made a great hash of things. 

It will require a lot of effort to correct and some confusion is unavoidable. Just remember the key points — you are no kind of “citizen” but are a civilian non-combatant “national”. 

Make use of all means to establish public claim of your Names/NAMES as of your actual birthday.  This can be accomplished by publication in newspapers, sealed registered mail record copies, Certificates of Assumed Names, formal name changes followed by Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance of Deed and Title to the land and soil of your birth state recorded with the local Land Recording Office.  A Corrected Deed to your Name and Estate –land, etc., can be used to the same effect.

Whatever means and route you use to claim back your Name and Estate, it will be necessary to begin carrying copies of paperwork with you, ready to produce as part of your identification process. 

Mr. Trump is doing the best he can with a bad situation.  

Our country as a whole is indeed facing an emergency of sorts. Now more than ever it is imperative that those born in this country claim their names and their natural political status and organize their county jural assemblies. 

There is not a moment to waste.  Your destiny and the destiny of your country depends on your willingness to set the records straight and organize the local county government you are owed. 

Assistance is available from the Michigan General Jural Assembly. 

In addition, given the history and the current state of affairs, it seems only prudent for people to make the effort to set aside emergency stocks of food, fuel, water and yes, some silver coinage.   

I am now and will continue to benefit somewhat if you decide to make use of the Mint Builder opportunity offered by Paul to acquire some silver, but the real benefit may be to you and to your families to get serious about a moderate amount of preparation for possible disruptions. 

At present there is no better or other option on the table than to fall back to using gold for international transactions and silver for domestic purchases.  

I am hopeful that we will get through the woods and be able to ultimately outgrow our belief in money and be able to transition to a more enlightened system of value soon, but until then, a transition via the old gold and silver standard is in my opinion likely to happen. 

See this article and over 800 others on Anna’s website here: http://www.annavonreitz.com

Why Do 57 Per Cent of Americans Want More Government?

January 3rd, 2018 by


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“In a 2017 poll conducted by NBC News / Wall Street Journal, a record 57% of Americans responded that they want MORE government in their lives, and that the government should be doing more to solve people’s problems.  That’s the highest percentage since they started asking this question in 1995.  In fact, 57% is nearly double what people responded in the mid-90s.  Furthermore, the number of Americans who feel the opposite, i.e. responded that the government is doing too many things that should be left to private businesses and individuals, fell to a near record-low 39%.  Bottom line: people want more government.”

WARNING!  If the number of Americans that want more government in their lives continues to grow, a free America as a Constitutional Republic will evolve rapidly into just another socialist third-world country, hopelessly in debt and vulnerable to being conquered by a stronger nation!

Every day, like vultures circling a fallen prey, they descend upon the centers of political power with their hands outstretched and without a hint of compunction or embarrassment, they beg, lobby, or riot for what they consider to be their “fair” portion of the sweat, blood and tears of those who are successful, self-reliant, responsible and independent.    Black, white, tan, red or yellow, these mostly urban beggars and whiners epitomize the Occupy Wall Street crowd that say they aren’t getting their fair share of America’s wealth and demand that those that produce and earn their way, must cough up more in taxes to pay those who won’t work and want something for nothing, using the power of government to get it, in a grand scheme of wealth re-distribution.  This “scheme” is socialism by any other name.  If the urban beggars and whiners don’t get their way, they resort to violence, property damage and mayhem.  This display of “Gimee! Gimee! Gimee!” is disgusting and not worthy of a people who once called them selves free, sovereign and independent.

Over the last 50 years, America has spawned at least half of the population (if not more) as a mindless collective of Bernie Sanders whiners and takers, egged on by corrupt politicians scrounging for votes to remain in power.  The legislatures, local, state and federal, exploit human weakness and greed and can’t wait to rob the public coffers to pay the bloodsuckers for what they have not earned.  Government then uses the education system, the court system and law enforcement to brainwash the next generation into government-compliant robots.  Then they pass never-ending social legislation to make the people and their offspring weaker and more dependent.

Unfortunately, these whiners and takers can vote and thus will always vote for the corrupt politician (and there are so many of them, “R’s” and “D’s”) that will keep their entitlement “pig trough” full.  When the whiners and takers demand more, the corrupt politicians, eager to placate and pander to the rioters and complainers, scream that the rich aren’t paying their fair share.

Fair Share?”  Let’s talk about fair share!  10% of the top income earners in America pay 70% of the income taxes.  That’s not just fair it is way more than fair, to the point of outright theft.   The productive middle-class pay the other 30%.  47% of the population pay no income taxes at all and that 47% receives money FROM the government for just being poor or lazy, paid by those that pay 70% and 30% of the taxes.  This unconstitutional re-distribution of wealth is class warfare run amok!  In a free society, it is inexcusable.  If this author had the fortune of being in the top 10% of income earners, you can bet we would do everything in our power to shield our income from the rapacious government and the bloodsuckers.  By what right, or by what common sense law, or by what constitutional principle, does the poor obtain a benefit from the rich by the mere fact of being poor?  You won’t find that in the U. S. Constitution.

As politicians dodge along the campaign trail towards election or re-election, lies come out of their mouths like water over Niagara Falls.  They purposely divide the country between ethnic and white, naive’ and intelligent, socialist and patriot, un-wise and wise and the rich and the poor.  Politicians will do or say anything to get elected, or re-elected.  They will tell any lie, use any meaningless example, dupe any group, or exploit any opportunity or emergency, to fulfill their goal of two, four, or six more years.

But all of the politician’s lying and propaganda wouldn’t work if government hadn’t been so successful in dividing us, such that we are so split up now we fight with each other instead of taking our anger and actions out on those who manipulate us, pull our strings and given the chance, would enslave us.  We have spawned more than two to three generations that no longer value freedom, self-reliance and independence.  They only value what they can get for free.   They no longer value the therapeutic and monetary rewards of hard work.   They have willingly sacrificed their freedom for welfare payments, guaranteed jobs, free housing, free college tuition, free health care, a so-called “living wage” and the false umbrella of security, as defined and provided by government.

At least half of these last few generations of Americans find no value in personal pride or doing the best job they can because they haven’t been taught that doing a good job reflects well upon them and gives them credibility and honor.  Instead, they are obsessed with alcohol and drugs, electronic and other toys, communication devices and mindless, guttural TV shows, or movies with no redeeming value or substance.  They are also obsessed by the lie of “unfairness”, spoon-fed to them by a government that exploits the looters, moochers and freeloaders for their votes.  What is even worse, these folks that hate a free and prosperous America and would take her down if they could, are spawning more generations of dependent Americans with the same Gimee! mindset.

But bear in mind, none of this has happened by accident, because throughout history government has learned that the best and easiest way to govern is to keep the masses happy, dumb, brainwashed, distracted ….. and divided.  What faces America today could not have happened if the people were honorable, honest, trustworthy, self-reliant and vigilant against government’s shadowy, covert and massive expansion of its seventeen (17) constitutionally enumerated powers.

It is quite possible from the foregoing that you think that we are heartless and without compassion.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  On the contrary, we believe there is a limited role for government to play funding national disasters and in helping those that can’t help themselves by providing incentives and enhancing the role that private charities play in providing this assistance.   When a person gives to a private charity as a voluntary charitable act that is an act of free choice.  There are millions of Americans who give regularly to charities every year.  There are millions more that give to their churches that also provide assistance for the poor.  In fact, America is the most generous nation on earth.

However, when government says you MUST pay higher taxes so that government can transfer those taxes to the poor and the un-deserving, that is an involuntary, forced act of charity through law and the gun and takes away your right of free choice.  But what so many forget is, without free choice there can be no freedom.  Free choice is the first casualty of a tyrannical government.

Here is what Benjamin Franklin said about the poor:

“I am for doing good to the poor, but … I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.  I observed … that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer.  And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” 

When the government gets in the act of providing for the poor, especially when their motive is to buy votes, the poor grow in number and the cost to continue their support grows as well.   The cost for government to support the poor in America since President Johnson’s Great Society, (click on “Great Society” link for more information about the poor from the Heritage Foundation) has been in the trillions of dollars and yet we have neither “….. led or have driven the poor out of poverty”, in the words of Benjamin Franklin.  We have only succeeded in growing poverty and growing exponentially, the cost to support it.  As a result, we are weaker as a people, weaker financially in un-payable debt and weaker as a nation.

Of course, being poor is no picnic and not all poor people are looters, moochers, or freeloaders.  But in America, where anyone who will get an education, work hard to the best of their physical and mental ability, stay on the right side of the law and be personally responsible for their actions, can rise above being poor.  The history books are full of individuals that have risen out of poverty to become household names.  But the poor will never rise out of poverty if they continue to surround themselves with other people who care so little about themselves.  The poor will never beat the odds if they settle for a life of dependency on government and pick roll models that are the dredges of society.

The reality is, the poor in America live far better off than the poor anywhere on the planet, with subsidized housing, food credit cards, plasma TVs, free health care, free education, free school breakfasts and lunches and free cell phones, all paid for on the backs of the American taxpayer and administered by a grossly in-efficient and hopelessly corrupt government.  The reason that they live so well is, they are just the pawns of government who pay them off to buy their votes.  This is why the Democrats have been so successful at maintaining political power in America for the last 80 years.  They pander to the poor, the un-deserving and ethnic minorities with your tax money for their votes.

Through ever-expanding entitlement programs, government has been instrumental in spawning generation after generation of people whose only reason for living is being dependent on the great mother, government.  Having done so, the government has brought us to the brink of national bankruptcy and has created a large segment of the population that is weak, wholly dependent upon government and votes for those politicians that promise and deliver their continuing subsistence, in a classic example of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We predict that the law of diminishing returns will eventually bring this scheme for buying votes through government handouts crashing down (as it has in Greece and much of the rest of Europe) and those now dependent on government for their lives and livelihoods will either have to become self-reliant and independent, or find the skirts of another “mother” to hang on, or suffer, or die needlessly.

Ladies and gentlemen, the history books tell us that it took just 3% of the colonials to give birth to freedom some 241 years ago, by making the greatest sacrifice that anyone can give, the sacrifice of life.  Can 3% of Americans restore freedom again this time peacefully, or are there 3% of Americans who even care about freedom anymore?

The presidential election in November of 2016 has given us a clue as to which way the wind might be blowing but the wind can shift in an instant.  If the wind is blowing in the right direction, perhaps we can “spawn” a different generation of greater, self-reliant Americans who believe in freedom so much that they will give whatever sacrifice is necessary to preserve, protect and defend that freedom for their children and grandchildren.  However, given that 57% of Americans want more government in their lives, our confidence that this will ever happen is diminishing rapidly.

What say YOU?

© 2017 Ron Ewart – All Rights Reserved

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January 2nd, 2018 by

DATED 01/01/18





Please share and distribute Nationally. Copy the complete letter below, if you agree, and share with the White House communication site – https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

Sent FYI and for your use from WJB – CAFR1

President, Mr. Donald Trump:

Please issue a Presidential Executive: “National Security Order” effective on all individual local governments of the USA, that said Order becomes mandated as of date of issue.

* [Reference Federal compliance authority where appropriate]

In summary for this Executive Order, it would state: To implement additional security to our southern border with Mexico, due to well known and pervasive illegal immigration; drug trafficking; money laundering; human trafficking,  all of which have severe negative impact and consequences to every state and local government operation in this country to varying degrees, and is an issue of National Security; a 1/20th of 1% assessment will be made on and from every local government in this country as determined from their standing liquid worth of cash on hand and liquid investment assets held.  

The 1/20th of 1% assessment is for payment into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” per this Executive Order being imperative to deal with the immediate security risk our country is exposed to, and  will be exclusively determined for each local government by audit of the Federal Comptroller General’s Office, on a case by case basis, in cooperation with the US Treasury.

It is clearly brought forward here that the audit to determine each local government’s assessment for transfer into the fund will not be determined by that local government’s annual budget, but in the alternative, will be determined by the gross standing balances of that local government’s wealth held. Specifically noted, not net balances but gross balances, as determined to be held by that local government, its sub-division operations, and affiliated component unit divisions, in determining that local government’s complete assessment for immediate transfer into the  “National Security Southern Border Fund” upon the assessment being submitted by the Comptroller General’s Office to that local government.

The revenue assessed for transfer to the “National Security Southern Border Fund” will be utilized for the following good cause purposes:

  1. To build or complete a secure and more effective wall across the southern border of the United States to enhance security of the United States against  illegal immigration; drug trafficking; money laundering; human trafficking;
  2. additional revenue allocated to Southern border security operations;
  3. additional revenue allocated to Southern border immigration agencies to assist in legal immigration issues, and to deal with in a fair and effective manner any conflicts that may exist in determining legal immigration compliance therewith.

ENFORCEMENT for collection of every local government’s assessment as specified for payment into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” if it becomes necessary to do so will be facilitated as follows:

  1. Any local government that is delinquent for more that 60-days after assessment of the 1/20th of 1% from cash on hand and liquid investment assets held for transfer into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” will be subject to the freezing of any Federal Funds in transit to or to be allocated to that local government until the assessment due from that local government is transferred into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” by that local government.
  2. In the case a local government is delinquent in payment of their assessment for more than  90-days, the Comptroller General’s Office will publish a Notice of delinquency for non-compliance, along with the specific details of the Federal audit for that local government showing a complete accounting from where that 1/20th of 1% of cash on hand and from liquid investment funds held was calculated and derived from;

NOTES: The assessment to any local government for transfer into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” will not be transferred as an increase in the local governments budgetary accounting to then be assessed to the local government’s taxpayers. The assessment will be deducted as a ledger entry against the local governments cash on hand and from liquid investment funds held. If the local government wishes to assess the taxpayers of that local government in the amount of the transfer made into the “National Security Southern Border Fund” by them, it can only be strictly done by a 25-year amortization of that transfer amount reflected in that local government’s annual budget.



President Donald Trump:

The above executive order will get your wall built with additional revenue for the other agencies as noted, and do so faster than you could imagine if implemented, and I note even if “proposed” for implementation.

Now 1/20th of 1% assessed may not sound like a significant figure to accomplish the job at hand, but in reality it is a very significant amount when the now approximate 200,000 local governments and their owned operations are assessed. And in fact an amount that not only could build a wall on our southern border, but generate the revenue necessary to complete a wall on our Northern border of which is not at all necessary.

I add emphasis to my prior comment above of: “I note even if “proposed” for implementation.” the cooperation to complete the wall through “other” means would happen at a blink of an eye for obvious reasons being that the locals in Government would not wish to see a modification of accounting transparency as is now structured within those local governments due to a Federal audit as outlined above being made public. The data from every local government’s overall operations and previous year accounting, that is already available can be used to easily and efficiently tabulate each local government’s assessment.

In the true interests of our country, I believe the Executive Order referenced here should be required and not just proposed to immediately effect the completion of the Southern wall and generate additional revenue for the noted agencies. The transparency aspect should not be just a threat of federal audit under the terms as specified, but in the alternative a standard requirement for open transparency in the event of a local government’s delinquency towards paying their assessment into the “National Security Southern Border Fund”.

Mr. Don, make them an offer they can not refuse, as noted above in summary here 🙂

God’s speed and Truly Yours,


Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Home: (928) 458-5854 Arizona
Office: (202) 559-7554 Washington, D.C.

How Much Death and Destruction Awaits Us in 2018?

January 1st, 2018 by


Paul Craig Roberts

The New Year is one full of economic, political, and war threats.

Among the economic threats are stock, bond, and real estate markets artificially pumped up by years of central bank money creation and by false reports of full employment. It is an open question whether participants in these markets are aware that underlying reality does not support the asset values. Central banks support stock markets not only with abundant liquidity but also with direct stock purchases. The Japanese central bank is now one of the largest owners of Japanese equities. Central banks, which are supposed to provide economic stability, have created a massive fraud.

Throughout the Western world politics has degenerated into fraud. No government serves the public’s interest. (See: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/12/29/eric-zuesse-explains-americas-worst-enemy/ ) Except for some former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe, European governments have defied the will of the people by admitting vast numbers of refugees from Washington’s wars and others pretending to be refugees. The European governments further imperil their citizens with their support for Washington’s rising aggression toward Russia. The universal failure of democratic politics is leading directly to war.

The Saker explains that Americans with intelligence, honor, courage, and integrity have disappeared from the US national security establishment. In their place are arrogant morons high on hubris who believe: (1) We can buy anybody, (2) Those we cannot buy, we bully, (3) Those we cannot bully, we kill, (4) Nothing can happen to us, we live in total impunity no matter what we do. http://www.unz.com/tsaker/2018-war-or-no-war/

Scott Bennett reports that US soldiers are being propagandized that Russia is an enemy with whom we are headed to war. https://www.facebook.com/capsule.ninetynine.7/videos/1992321041038611/
The Anglo-Zionist empire is trying to overturn the Iranian agreement and to restart the attempt to overthrow the government of Syria. Lebanon’s Hezbollah is also in the empire’s sights. Washington is arming Ukraine in order to enable an attack on the breakaway provinces of Novorussia. Threats against North Korea escalate. Even little Venezuela is threatened with military intervention simply because the country wants to conrol its own destiny and not be controlled by Washington and the New York banks.

In the opinion of some, Russia’s very cautious diplomacy has increased the likelihood that Washington will miscalculate and give the world a third world war. By not accepting the requests of the breakaway Russian provinces in Ukraine to be reunited with Russia, the Russian government paved the way for Washington to provide the military means for its Ukrainian puppet to attempt to re-conquer the provinces. Success would damage Russian prestige and encourage Washington in its aggressive actions. Sooner or later Russia will have to stand and fight.

Russia’s premature declaration of victory in Syria and withdrawal has made it possible for US forces to remain in Syria and attempt to restart the effort to overthrow the Assad government. Russia would have to defend its victory, or by the failure to do so encourage more aggressive actions by Washington.

Hopes have evaporated that President Trump would restore the normalized relations between the nuclear powers that Reagan and Gorbachev made possible. The question for the New Year is when does Washington’s aggression against Russia ignite a hot war.

This website will be examining these issues as they unfold in 2018. From the perspective of today, it is unlikely that the New Year will be a happy one. Nowhere in the West is there a sign of leadership toward peace and the well-being of humanity.

Worthy Question A Name or a Name?

December 31st, 2017 by


By Anna Von Reitz

This from Robert S:

“How can it be that an unincorporated vessel located in Alaska can use a rule of the State of Washington for a basis in the name claim?”

It’s actually a Washington State Session Law, not a State of Washington rule, but the fundamental answer is that there is a difference between unincorporated, corporate, and incorporated. 

Names in the form: John Mark Doe have to function both on the land and at sea. 

On the land they are Trade Names.  At sea they are Foreign Situs Trusts.  You can’t tell the difference between land jurisdiction Trade Names and sea jurisdiction Foreign Situs Trusts just by looking at them.  They appear to be identical.

That’s why FDR’s fraud scheme worked so very well. 

So what the Certificate of Assumed Name does is establish the “permanent domicile” of the Name on the land and soil of whichever state, and then goes on to claim the Name in Maritime and Admiralty jurisdictions, too.  In those jurisdictions the Name (Admiralty) and the NAME (Maritime) represent corporate and incorporated entities, respectively.

On the land the Name is unincorporated, in Admiralty it is corporate, and in Maritime it is incorporated.

This is the difference between Anna (unincorporated being/ “natural person”), The Anna Company (private company), and Anna, Inc. (corporation).

Visually it looks like this: Anna Maria Riezinger (Trade Name on the land), Anna Maria Riezinger (Foreign Situs Trust on the High Seas), and ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER (incorporated Cestui Que Vie Trust in commerce). 

So, getting back to your question how can Washington State Session Law be used to make a claim related to an unincorporated entity in Alaska?  Because the claim is being made in Admiralty jurisdiction and all franchise organizations subject to federal territorial law have to be in compliance and have to respect the “corollary” laws of their sister States.

This is why Minnesota Rule 222 applies nationwide.

This is why Regulation Z of the Federal Motor Vehicle Code which provides for the exemption of private autos and trucks from registration has to be provided for by all the territorial franchise corporations operated as “States of States” and you can reference the state laws from any sister state related to this subject to compel obedience.

This is the same reason that you can walk into a McDonald’s franchise anywhere on Earth and order a Big Mac.  If it applies to one, it applies to all. 

It will be well-worth your while to study this little discussion and discern the necessity of figuring out the jurisdiction at any given time—and clearly stating the jurisdiction.  It’s easy to tell the difference between “Anna Maria Riezinger” and “ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER” —- but you have to define whether that “Anna Maria Riezinger” is standing on the land or floating on the High Seas, because in that case, we could be referencing the Trade Name of a living woman standing on dry land, or we could be referencing a Foreign Situs Trust belonging to a private company operating on the High Seas.

In the Certificate of Assumed Name we are specifically and purposefully addressing the latter case—the Foreign Situs Trust(s) named after the original land jurisdiction Trade Name, and then we go on to address the derivative Municipal corporation franchises dba ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER, ANNA M. RIEZINGER, RIEZINGER, ANNA M.  and so on.   If you don’t put in your claim for “The Anna Company” version Name and claim the Foreign Situs Trust on the High Seas, you have no standing in their courts and they can “administer” your “Foreign Situs Trust” however they please.  Preventing that and retaining control over your name and placing it in proper ownership and character as belonging to an American civilian is the whole reason behind the Certificate of Assumed Name.

The Foreign Situs Trusts operate under federal territorial jurisdiction and so, fall under federal code and statutes that apply to every territorial franchise “State”— with the result that the Alaska and Washington State Session Laws and resulting Statutes have to be in compliance with federal territorial law and any one of the resulting corollary laws can be invoked to provide enforcement in any sister State within that system.

Read that— there SHOULD be a California State Session Law and a State of California Statute that guarantees your right to claim and issue Common Law Copyright to your own Given Name for use as an Assumed Name in Admiralty and MARITIME jurisdictions, but even if there is not such a law on the books in California, the laws already standing in Alaska and Washington will suffice.  This is the “up” side of having established “uniform” laws and standards for all the state of state franchises.

See this article and over 800 others on Anna’s website here:


The Biggest Swindle in World History Acts of the Congress

December 30th, 2017 by


By arnierosner

SWINDLING defined: “Acts of the Congress?”

Majority In Congress Are Millionaires

—–Original Message—–
From: Don Cline <frdmftr@frdmftr.net>
To: Don Cline <frdmftr@frdmftr.net>
Sent: Wed, Jan 1, 2014 3:12 pm
Subject: FW: The Biggest Swindle in World History!

I will say that from 1974 to 1986 I was extensively involved in investigating the facts presented here and have found these assertions to be absolutely correct with the exception of a few minor quibbles that don’t change the overall thesis in any significant way.  As long as no one takes this information to mean that government has the authority to do any of this, or that any of this rises to the level of “law” (as opposed to null and void color of law enforced at the point of the gun) I agree with the thesis 100%.  However, bear in mind the warning provided by John Grandbouche, founder of the National Commodity and Barter Association (here paraphrased because I don’t remember the exact quote):  “Warning:  If you use any of the information provided herein to challenge the legitimacy of the federal government or attempt to prove the clear fact that personal income tax collection is fraudulent and illegal, you will almost certainly lose your job, your bank account, your property, your freedom, quite possibly your marriage and family, and there is a fair chance, if you are moderately successful, that you will lose your life.  If you cannot deal with these risks, do not take the first steps.”  Thanks, Mike.
–Don Cline

A federal government which does not derive its lawful and limited authority from the Constitution of the United States is by definition an occupation government and criminal regime.  Its authority is null and void and no one is bound by any rule of law to obey it.
–Donald L. Cline

The Biggest Swindle in World History!

The “People” of the 50 Union states of the united States of America have never been required to file or to pay the income tax.

Aaron Russo – Film maker

In DOWNES v. BIDWELL Meador found that territories and insular possessions are “foreign” to the 50 Union states. It is clear that the U. S. is an alliance of the territories and insular possessions of the United States corporation within which we can find the Internal Revenue Service all are “foreign” to the 50 States of the Union.

The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;” The Constitution for the united States of America, Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 1.

“No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.” The Constitution for the united States of America, Article 1, Section 9, paragraph 4.

Investigation of the alleged Internal Revenue Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms disclosed a broad premeditated conspiracy to defraud the “People” of the 50 Union States. Examination of the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Statutes at Large, Congressional Record, the Federal Register, and Internal Revenue manuals too numerous to list reveal crimes of such magnitude that words cannot adequately describe the betrayal of the American people. What was uncovered has clearly been designed to circumvent the limitations of the Constitution for the united States of America and attempt to implement the Communist Manifesto within the 50 Union states. Marx and Engles claimed that in the effort to create a classless society a graduated income tax could be used as a weapon to destroy the middle class.

The Art of Illusion
Magic is the art of illusion. Those who practice magic are called Magicians. They have created a web of obfuscation and confusion in the law. When the courts have ruled the obfuscation to be unconstitutional or unlawful the Magicians merely stepped outside jurisdiction and venue. By fooling the people they continued their crimes. These Magicians have convinced Americans that we have a status… that we do not “indeed” have. We have been misled to believe we must do things that are not required. Through the perversion of language (legalese) the US federal corporation promotes the fraud.

No Law
After years of search, re-search of Law, asking everyone in government including the IRS to produce a law that requires “People” to file and pay the federal income tax, many filings of requests under the Freedom of Information Act, and actually having brought suit against the IRS, we can assure you that there is no such law that mandates the “People” of the 50 Union states to file an Information Report (self-assessment). It is our conclusion that the 65 million Americans that have stopped filing and paying the fraud known as the income tax are the last remnant of real Americans, brave to the core. Also a conclusion based upon years of study that every “person” (no slip) that files and pays the federal income tax on April 15th does so only out of “paralyzing fear” of a terrorist organization known as the Internal Revenue Service. The Internal Revenue Service was not Created by Congress. The Bureau of Internal Revenue, and the alleged Internal Revenue Service were not created by Congress. These are not organizations or agencies of the Treasury department or of the united States of America. They appear to be operated through pure trusts administered by the Secretary of the Treasury (the Trustee). The Beneficiaries being the American “People.”

Not Found in 31 USC
The organization of the Department of the Treasury can be found in 31 United States Code, Chapter 3, beginning on page 7. Every agency of the Department of the Treasury is required by law to be therein listed. You will not find the Bureau of Internal Revenue, the Internal Revenue Service, the Secret Service, or the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms listed. In fact you will not find any of those alleged agencies listed anywhere as agencies of either the Department of the Treasury or the United States government. This discovery was further verified when several copies from different sources of DIVERSIFIED METAL PRODUCTS, Inc., Plaintiff, v. T-BOW COMPANY TRUST, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, and STEVE MORGAN, Defendants, IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF IDAHO, Civil No. 93-405-E-EJL. I have no idea who found this case first, several claim to have found it, obtained confirmation from the National Archives and verified that it is legitimate.

In the complaint the Plaintiff specified stipulated fact #4 as follows: “Defendant Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is an agency of the United States government.” Most People would accept that stipulation as common knowledge but it is a false assumption. In the response United States Attorney Betty H. Richardson, and Trial Attorney, Tax Division, Richard R. Ward, Attorneys for the United States of America, in answer to Plaintiffs stipulated fact #4 stated, “Denies that the Internal Revenue Service is an agency of the United States Government but admits that the United States of America would be a proper party to this action.”

Proof positive that the Internal Revenue Service is not an agency of United States of America.

Furthermore Dan Meador discovered in notes following the current 18 USC Section 1001 that the United States of America is defined as an agency of the United States. In DOWNES v. BIDWELL Meador found that territories and insular possessions are “foreign” to the United States. It is clear that the United States of America is an alliance of the territories and insular possessions of the United States federal corporation within which we can find the Internal Revenue Service and all are “foreign” to the United States and the 50 States of the Union.

Constructive Fraud
The investigation found, that except for the very few who are engaged in specific privileged activities subject to an excise tax, the “People” of the 50 Union states of the united States of America have never been required to file or to pay the income tax. The Federal corporation is engaged in constructive fraud on a massive scale. Americans who have been swindled into filing and paying the income tax have been robbed of their money. Millions of lives have been ruined. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been imprisoned on the pretence they violated laws that do not exist. Some have been driven to suicide. Marriages have been destroyed. Property confiscated to pay taxes that were never owed.

Lincoln’s War Tax
During the Civil war Abraham Lincoln imposed a war tax by executive order. The War tax lawfully applied only to those Citizens who resided within the federal District of Columbia and the federally owned territories, dockyards, naval bases, forts, and those who were in rebellion against the Union. Many “People” of the 50 Union states volunteered to pay. After the war the tax was rescinded the impression was left that the President or Congress could levy an unapportioned direct tax upon the “People” of the 50 states. No such tax had ever been imposed. The Tax was not fraud as nothing was done to deceive the people. Those who were deceived, in fact, deceived themselves.

Philippine Trust #1
In the last century the United States acquired by conquest the territory of the Philippine Islands, Guam, and Puerto Rico. These acquisitions were to become the method through which the present day fraud known, as the income tax would be implemented. The Philippine Customs Administrative Act was passed by the Philippine Commission during the period from Sept. 1, 1900 to August 31, 1902, to regulate trade with foreign countries and to create revenue in the form of duties, imposts, and excises. The Act created the federal corporation’s first trust fund called Trust fund #1, the Philippine special fund (customs duties), 31 USC, Section 1321. The Act was administered under the general Supervision and control of the Secretary of Finance and Justice.

Philippine Trust #2 Bureau of Internal Revenue
The Philippine Commission passed another act known as The Internal Revenue Law of Nineteen Hundred and Four. This Act created the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the federal corporation’s second trust fund called Trust fund #2, the Philippine special fund (internal revenue), 31 USC, Section 1321. In the Act, Article I, Section 2, we find, “There shall be established a Bureau of Internal Revenue, the chief officer of which Bureau shall be known as the Collector of Internal Revenue. He shall be appointed by the Civil Governor, with the advice and consent of the Philippine Commission, and shall receive a salary at the rate of eight thousand pesos per annum. The Bureau of Internal Revenue shall belong to the Department of Finance and Justice.” And in Section 3, we find, “The Collector of Internal Revenue, under the direction of the Secretary of Finance and Justice, shall have general superintendence of the assessment and collection of all taxes and excises imposed by this Act or by any Act amendatory thereof, and shall perform such other duties as may be required by law.”

Customs & BIR Merged
It is clear that the Customs Administrative Act was to fall within the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Internal Revenue which bureau was to be responsible for “all taxes and excises imposed by this Act,” which clearly included import and export excise taxes. This effectively merged Customs and Internal Revenue in the Philippines.

Demon Alcohol
When Prohibition was ratified in 1919 with the 18th Amendment, the government created federal bureaucracies to enforce the outlaw of alcohol. As protest and resistance to prohibition increased so did new federal laws and the number of bureaucrats hired to enforce them. After much bloodshed and public anger prohibition was repealed with the 21st Amendment which was ratified in 1933.

Federal Alcohol Act
In 1933 President Roosevelt declared “Bank Holiday of 1933.” The Congress gave the President dictatorial powers under the “War Powers Act of 1917.” Congress used the declared economic emergency as the excuse to give blanket approval to any and all Presidential executive orders in the Emergency Bank Act on March 9, 1933. Roosevelt, with a little help from his socialist friends, was prolific in his production of new legislation and executive orders. In 1935 the Public Administration Clearinghouse wrote, and Roosevelt introduced, The Federal Alcohol Act. Congress passed it into law. The Act established The Federal Alcohol Administration. That same year the Supreme Court, in a monumental ruling, struck down the act among many others on a long list of draconian and New Deal laws. The Federal Alcohol Administration did not go away; it became involved in other affairs, placed in a sort of standby status.

Internal Revenue (Puerto Rico)
At some unknown date prior to 1940 another Bureau of Internal Revenue was established in Puerto Rico. The 62nd trust fund was created and named Trust fund #62 Puerto Rico special fund (Internal Revenue). Note that the Puerto Rico special fund has Internal Revenue, capital “I” & “R.” The Philippine special fund (internal revenue) is in all lower case letters. Between 1904 and 1938 the China Trade Act was passed to deal with opium, cocaine and citric wines shipped out of China. It appears to have been administered in the Philippines by the Bureau of Internal Revenue. When the Philippine Islands were granted independence enforcement of the China Trade Act was moved to Internal Revenue Puerto Rico.
China Trade Act
We studied a copy of The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America in Force June 1, 1938, Title 26 – Internal Revenue, Chapter I – (Parts 1-137). On page 65 it makes reference to the China Trade Act, where we find the first use of such terms as: income, credits, withholding, Assessment and Collection of Deficiencies, extension of time for payment, and failure to file return. The entire substance of Title 26 deals with “foreign individuals,” “foreign corporations,” “foreign insurance corporations,” “foreign ships,” income from sources within possessions of United States, Citizens of the United States and domestic corporations deriving income from sources within a possession of the United States, and China

Trade Act Corporations.
Narcotics, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
All of the taxes covered by the laws of the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and the China Trade Act concerned the imposts, excise taxes, and duties to be collected by the Bureau of Internal Revenue for such items as narcotics, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. The alleged Internal Revenue Service likes to make a big to-do about the fact that Al Capone was jailed for tax evasion. The IRS will not tell you that the tax Capone evaded was not the income tax as we know it, but the tax due on the income from the alcohol which he had imported from Canada. If he had paid the tax he would not have been convicted.
The Internal Revenue Act of 1939 was clearly concerned with all taxes, imposts, excises and duties collected on trade between the possessions and territories of the federal corporate United States and “foreign individuals,” “foreign corporations,” or “foreign governments.”

The income tax laws have always applied only to the Philippines, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia, Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, other territories and insular possessions.

FAA becomes BIR
Under the Reorganization Plan Number 3 of 1940 which appears at 5 United States Code Service, Section 903, the Federal Alcohol Administration and offices of members and Administrator thereof were abolished and their functions directed to be administered under direction and supervision of Secretary of Treasury through Bureau of Internal Revenue. We found this history in all of the older editions of 27 USCS, Section 201. It has been removed from current editions.

Only two Bureaus of Internal Revenue have ever existed. One in the Philippines and another in Puerto Rico. Events that have transpired tell us that the Federal Alcohol Administration was absorbed by the Puerto Rico Trust #62 (Internal Revenue).

Victory Tax Act
World War II was a golden opportunity. Americans were willing to sacrifice almost anything if they thought that sacrifice would win the war. In that atmosphere Congress passed the Victory Tax Act. It mandated an income tax for the years 1943 and 1944 to be filed and paid in the years 1944 and 1945. The tax applied only to government employees, residents of Washington DC, territories, and insular possessions. The Victory Tax Act automatically expired at the end of 1944. The federal corporation, through the perversion of language, created the myth that the tax was applicable to all Americans. Because of their desire to win the war Americans voluntarily filed and paid the tax. Others filed and paid because of ignorance of the law. The government promoted the fraud and threatened those who objected.
Americans forgot that the Victory Tax had expired by law after 2 years. When the date had come and gone, they continued to keep records; they continued to file; and they continued to pay the tax. The federal corporation continued to print returns and collect the tax. Never mind the fact that the “People” of any of the 50 states of the Union was ever liable to pay the tax in the first place.

Federal Power Limited
The fiction, that because it was an excise tax, it was legal, is not true. The power of the federal government is limited to its own property as stated in Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 17, and to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian tribes; as stated in Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 3. 18 USC, Section 921, Definitions, states, The term ‘interstate or foreign commerce’ includes commerce between any place in a State and any place outside of that State, or within any possession of the United States (not including the Canal Zone) or the District of Columbia, but such term does not include commerce between places within the same State but through any place outside of that State. The term State includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the possessions of the United States (not including the Canal Zone).

Only employees of the federal government, residents of the District of Columbia, residents of naval bases, residents of forts, US Citizens of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, territories, and insular possessions were lawfully required to file and pay the Victory Tax.

Most Americans paid it out of a sense of patriotic duty during time of war.

Today you will hear Americans justify their filing and payment of the income tax for the same reason, patriotic duty. Not one American can tell you the law that requires them to file and pay the income tax.

BIR becomes IRS
In 1953 the United States relinquished its control over the Philippines. Why do the Philippine pure Trusts #1 (customs duties) and #2 (internal revenue) continue to be administered today? Who are the Settlers of the Trusts? What is done with the funds in the Trusts? What businesses, if any, do these Trusts operate? Who are the Beneficiaries? Coincidentally on July 9, 1953 the Secretary of the Treasury, G. M. Humphrey, by “virtue of the authority vested in me,” changed the name of the Bureau of the Internal Revenue, BIR, to Internal Revenue Service when he signed what is now Treasury Order 150-06. This was an obvious attempt to legitimize the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Without the approval of Congress or the President, Humphrey, without any legal authority, tried to turn a pure trust into an agency of the Department of the Treasury. His actions were illegal, but went unchallenged. Did he change the name of the BIR in Puerto Rico or the BIR in the Philippines?
Since the Philippine Trusts are still in existence it must have been the Bureau of Internal Revenue of the Philippines. The duties of which were later merged with the BIR of Puerto Rico.

Mutual Security Act
In 1954 the United States and Guam became partners under the Mutual Security Act. The Act and other documents make reference to the definition of Guam and the United States as being mutually interchangeable. In the same year the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 was passed. The Code provides for the United States and Guam to coordinate the Individual Income Tax. Pertinent information on the tax issue may be found in 26 CFR 301.7654-1: Co-ordination of US and Guam Individual income taxes, 26 CFR 7654-1(e): Military personnel in Guam, 48 USC Section 1421i: Income-tax laws defined. The Constitution forbids unapportioned direct taxes upon the “People” of the 50 states of the Union; therefore the federal government must swindle (defraud) people into volunteering to pay taxes as US Citizens of either Guam, the Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. It sounds insane, and it is, but it is absolutely true.

On June 6, 1972 Acting Secretary of the Treasury Charles E. Walker signed Treasury Order Number 120-01, which established the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. He did this with the stroke of his pen citing “by virtue of the authority vested in me as Secretary of the Treasury, including the authority in Reorganization Plan No. 26 of 1950.” Never mind that Congress is the only authority that can create any agency of government. Walker ordered the “transfer, as specified herein, the functions, powers and duties of the Internal Revenue Service arising under laws relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives (including the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division of the Internal Revenue Service) to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (hereinafter referred to as the Bureau) which is hereby established. The Bureau shall be headed by the Director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (hereinafter referred to as the Director). The Director shall perform his duties under the general direction of the Secretary of the Treasury (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary) and under the supervision of the Assistant Secretary (Enforcement, Tariff and Trade Affairs, and Operations) (hereinafter referred to as the Assistant Secretary).” Since the old Alcohol Administration was the only such entity in existence and since it had been moved to BIR Puerto Rico the meaning and actual creation becomes clear. It is an agency of the Department of the Treasury Puerto Rico. There can be no other explanation.

Treasury Order 120-01 assigned to the new BATF Chapters 51, 52, and 53 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and sections 7652 and 7653 of such code, chapters 61 through 80 inclusive of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (27 USC Chapter 8) (which, in 1935, the Supreme Court had declared unconstitutional within the 50 states of the Union,) 18 USC Chapter 44, Title VII Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (18 USC Appendix, sections 1201-1203, 18 USC 1262-1265 1952 and 3615, and etc. Mr. Walker then makes a statement within TO 120-01 that is very revealing, The terms ‘Director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division’ and ‘Commissioner of Internal Revenue’ wherever used in regulations, rules, and instructions, and forms, issued or adopted for the administration and enforcement of the laws specified in paragraph 2 hereof, which are in effect or in use on the effective date of this Order, shall be held to mean the Director. Walker seemed to branch the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), creating the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF), and then with that statement joined them back together into one. In the Federal Register, Volume 41, Number 180, of Wednesday, September 15, 1976 we find, The term Director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division has been replaced by the term Internal Revenue Service. We learned that the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Internal Revenue, internal revenue, Internal Revenue Service, the Bureau of Internal Revenue Service, internal revenue service, Official Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Alcohol Administration, Director Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Division, and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms are one organization. We found this fact obfuscated but true. We found this pattern of deception and obfuscation everywhere we looked during our investigation. For further evidence of the fact that the IRS and the BATF are one and the same organization check 27 USCA Section 201.

The Gift of the Magi
This is how the Magicians perform their magic. Secretary Humphrey, with no authority, creates an agency of the Department of the Treasury called Internal Revenue Service, out of the air, from an offshore pure trust called Bureau of Internal Revenue. The Settler and Beneficiaries of the trust are unknown. The Trustee is the Secretary of the Treasury. Acting Secretary Walker further launders the trust by creating, from the alleged Internal Revenue Service, the “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.”

Person Becomes Thing
Unlike Humphrey, however, Walker assuaged himself of any guilt when he nullified the order by proclaiming, The terms Director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division and Commissioner of Internal Revenue wherever used in regulations, rules, and instructions, and forms, issued or adopted for the administration and enforcement of the laws specified in paragraph 2 hereof, which are in effect or in use on the effective date of this Order, shall be held to mean the Director. Walker created the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms from the old Alcohol Administration which had since become Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division of Humphrey’s Internal Revenue Service. He then says, that what was transferred, is the same entity as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. He knew he could not legally create something from nothing without the authority of Congress and/or the President, so he made it look like he did something that he had, in fact, not done. To compound the fraud the Federal Register published the unbelievable assertion that a person had become a thing; the term Director Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Division has been replaced with the term Internal Revenue Service.

Flash of Logic
The Federal Alcohol Administration, which administered the Federal Alcohol Act, and offices of members and Administrator thereof were abolished and their functions were directed to be administered under direction and supervision of Secretary of Treasury through Bureau of Internal Revenue, now Internal Revenue Service. The Federal Alcohol Act was ruled unconstitutional within the 50 States so was transferred to the BIR which is an offshore trust, which became the IRS, which gave birth to the BATF and somehow, the term Director, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Division, which is a person within the BATF, spawned the alleged Internal Revenue Service via another flick of the pen on September 15, 1976.

In a brilliant flash of logic Wayne C. Bentson determined that he could check these facts by filing a freedom of information act request asking the BATF to name the person who now administers the Federal Alcohol Act. If we were wrong a reply would issue stating that no record exists as to any name of any person who administers the Act. The request was submitted to the BATF. The reply came on July 14, 1994, from the Secret Service, an unexpected source, which discloses a connection we had not suspected. The reply states that John Magaw of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, of the Department of the Treasury administers the Federal Alcohol Act. You may remember from the Waco hearings that John Magaw was the Director Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. All of our research was confirmed by that admission.

Smoke and Mirrors
Despite all the pen flicking and the smoke and mirrors, there is no such organization or agency of the Department of the Treasury known as Internal Revenue Service or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. 31 USC is Money and Finance and therein are published the laws pertaining to the Department of the Treasury (DOT). 31 USC, Chapter 3 is a statutory list of the organizations of the DOT. Internal Revenue Service and/or Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and the Secret Service are not listed within 31 USC as agencies or organizations of the Department of the Treasury. They are referenced, however, as, to be audited by the Controller General in 31 USC Section 713.

BATF – Puerto Rico
We have already demonstrated that both of these organizations are in reality the same organization. Where we find one we will surely find the other. In 27 CFR, Chapter 1, Section 250.11, definitions, we find, “United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms office in Puerto Rico,” and “Secretary – The Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.” and “Revenue Agent – Any duly authorized Commonwealth Internal Revenue Agent of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico.” Remember that Internal Revenue is the name of the Puerto Rico Trust #62. It is perfectly logical and reasonable that a Revenue Agent works as an employee for the Department of the Treasury of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Those are the only definitions in 26 and 27 USC pertaining to those terms and it confirms every conclusion that we have reached.

Where is IRS?
Where is the alleged Internal Revenue Service? The Internal Revenue Code of 1939, a.k.a. Internal Revenue Code of 1954, etc. 27 CFR refers to Title 26 as relevant to Title 27, as per 27 CFR, Chapter 1, Section 250.30, which states that 26 USC 5001 (a) (1) is governing a 27 USC law. In fact 26 USC Chapters 51, 52, and 53 are the alcohol, tobacco and firearms taxes, administered by the Internal Revenue Service; alias Bureau of Internal Revenue; alias Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue; alias Director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division; alias Internal Revenue Service.

Must be Noticed
According to 26 CFR Section 1.6001-1(d), Records, no one is required to keep records or file returns unless specifically notified by the district director by notice served upon him, to make such returns, render such statements, or keep such specific records as will enable the district director to determine whether or not such person is liable for tax under subtitle A of the Code. 26 CFR states that this rule includes State individual income taxes. Don’t get yourself all lathered up because according to the definition in 26 CFR State means, the District of Columbia, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, territories, and insular possessions. Have you ever been noticed as this requires to keep such records?

Implementation of Law
44 USC says that every regulation or rule must be published in the Federal Register. It also states that every regulation or rule must be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury. If there is no regulation there is no implementation of the law. There is no regulation governing failure to file a return. There is no computer code for failure to file. The only thing we could find was a requirement stating where to file an income tax return. It can be found in 26 CFR, Section 1.6091-3, which states that, Income tax returns required to be filed with Director of International Operations. Who is the Director of International Operations? Is that where you have been filing your tax return?

Delegation of Authority
No one in government is allowed to do anything unless they have been given specific written authority in the law or someone who has been given authority in the law gives that person a delegation of authority order, spelling out exactly what they can and cannot do under that specific order. We combed the Department of the Treasury’s Handbook of Delegation Orders and we found that no one in the IRS or BATF has any authority to do almost all of the things they have been doing.
Authority to Audit
Delegation Order Number 115 (Rev. 5), of May 12, 1986 is the only delegation of authority to conduct Audit. It states that the IRS and BATF can only audit themselves and only for amounts of $750 or less. Any amount above that amount must be audited by the Controller General according to Title 31 USC. No other authority to audit exists. No IRS or BATF agent, or representative can furnish us with any law, rule, or regulation which gives them the authority to audit anyone other than themselves. Order Number 191 states that they can levy on Property but only if that Property is in the hands of third parties.
Authority to Investigate
The manual states on page 1100-40.2, of April 21, 1989, Criminal Investigation Division, that, the Criminal Investigation Division enforces the criminal statutes applicable to income, estate, gift, employment, and excise tax laws involving United States Citizens residing in foreign countries and non-resident aliens subject to Federal income tax filing requirements by developing information concerning alleged criminal violations thereof, evaluating allegations and indications of such violations to determine investigations to be undertaken, investigating suspected criminal violations of such laws, recommending prosecution when warranted, and measuring effectiveness of the investigation processes.
Authority to Collect
On page 1100-40.1 it states in 1132.7 of April 21, 1989, Director, Office of Taxpayer Service and Compliance, Responsible for operation of a comprehensive enforcement and assistance program for all taxpayers under the immediate jurisdiction of the Assistant Commissioner (International) Directs the full range of collection activity on delinquent accounts and delinquent returns for taxpayers overseas, in Puerto Rico, and in United States possessions and territories.
50 Union states not Included
1132.72 of April 21, 1989, Collection Division, says Executes the full range of collection activities on delinquent accounts, which includes securing delinquent returns involving taxpayers outside the United States and those in United States territories, possessions and in Puerto Rico.
US Attorney’s Manual
The United States Attorney’s Manual, Title 6 Tax Division, Chapter 4, page 16, October 1, 1988, 6-4.270, Criminal Division Responsibility, states, The Criminal Division has limited responsibility for the prosecution of offences investigated by the IRS. Those offences are: excise violations involving liquor tax, narcotics, stamp tax, firearms, wagering, and coin-operated gambling and amusement machines; malfeasance offences committed by IRS personnel; forcible rescue of seized property; corrupt or forcible interference with an officer or employee acting under the internal revenue laws; and unauthorized mutilation, removal or misuse of stamps. See 28 CFR S 0.70.
Act of Congress
We found this revelation in 28 USC Rule 54c, Application of Terms, As used in these rules the following terms have the designated meanings. Act of Congress, includes any act of Congress locally applicable to and in force in the District of Columbia, in Puerto Rico, in a territory or in an insular possession. It is the Law. 28 USC is the Rules of Courts and was written and approved by the Justices of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in writing 28 USC has already ruled upon this issue. It is the Law.

Where is the Money?
Where does the money go that is paid into the IRS? It spends at least a year in what is called a quad zero account under an Individual Master File, after which time the Director of the IRS Centre can apparently do whatever he wants with the money. It is sometimes dispersed under Treasury Order 91 (Rev, 1), May 12, 1986 which is a service agreement between the IRS and the Agency for International Development, AID.
IRS/AID Service Agreement
The agreement states, Authority is hereby delegated to the Assistant Commissioner International to develop and enter into the service agreement between the Treasury Department and the Agency for International Development. The Secretary of the Treasury is always appointed US Governor of the International Monetary Fund in accordance with the international agreement that created the IMF.
Agent of Foreign Powers
The Secretary of the Treasury holds the following positions at the same time he/she is the Secretary of the Treasury which makes him/her an unregistered agent of foreign powers:
US Governor of the International Monetary Fund
US Governor of the International Bank for Reconstruction and development
US Governor of the Inter-American Development Bank
US Governor of the African Development Bank
US Governor of the Asian Development Bank
US Governor of the African Development Fund
US Governor of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
Citizen Vs citizen
By birth we are each an Illinois citizen, or an Arizona citizen, or a state citizen of whatever state wherein we were born, and at the same time we are all united States citizens created through the organic united States of America Constitution, and are not subject to Acts of Congress other than the 18 powers specifically cited in the Constitution for the united States of America.
People who are born or who reside within the “federal” District of Columbia, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, any territory, on any naval base or dockyard, within forts, or within insular possessions are called US Citizens and are subject to Acts of Congress. Within the law terms have meanings that are not the same meanings that are accepted in common usage. Our Constitution is the Constitution for the united States of America which created Republic United States of America government. The US Constitution is the Constitution of Puerto Rico, etc.

SWINDLE defined: A scheme for cheating or defrauding. Black’s Law Dictionary Sixth Edition (page 1448)

SWINDLER defined: A cheat; one guilty of defrauding divers persons. Black’s Law Dictionary Sixth Edition (page 1448)

SWINDLING defined: Cheating and defrauding with deliberate artifice. Usually applied to a transaction where the guilty party procures the delivery to him, under a pretended contract, of the personal property of another, with the felonious design of appropriating it to his own use. The acquisition of any personal or movable property, money, or instrument of writing conveying or securing a valuable right, by means of some false or deceitful pretense or device, or fraudulent representation, with intent to appropriate the same to the use of the party so acquiring, or of destroying or impairing the rights of the party justly entitled to the same. To make out offense of “cheating” and “swindling” by false representations, government must prove that representations were made, that representations were knowingly and designedly false, that such were made with intent to defraud, that such did defraud, that representations related to existing fact or past event,
and that party to whom representations were made, relying on their truth, was thereby induced to part with his property. See e.g. 18 U.S.C.A. §§ 1341, 1342 (mail swindles). See False pretenses; Fraud. Black’s Law Dictionary Sixth Edition (page 1448, 1449)