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Law & Our Democracy – Minus Unity

December 11th, 2010 by


Daily Bell


Law & Our Democracy – Minus  Unity



by Dr. Tibor Machan


Dr. Tibor Machan

One clear thing about the WikiLeaks affair is that outfits like The New York Times are showing their hypocrisy by failing to vigorously defend WikiLeaks' Julian Assange's actions. Wasn't it The Times that published Daniel Ellsberg's stolen Pentagon Papers and insisted that this was a valid exercise of its First Amendment Rights and that Ellsberg was a hero? And sure, there is a distinction between taking the papers and publishing them but it seems to me rather cowardly to hide behind that.


But the more serious and general issue is whether laws enacted in a kind of corrupted democracy such as the United States of America are actually morally binding on the citizenry. A good clue comes from the U.S. Supreme Court: "The very purpose of the Bill of Rights was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials, and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the Courts. One's right to life, liberty and property, to free speech, a free press, freedom of worship and assembly and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to a vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections." [U. S. Supreme Court in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (1943)] 


Sadly, this purpose has since been completely abandoned by that same court, most recently when it basically abolished the Fifth Amendment's protection of the right to private property in the July 2005 ruling in City of New London, CT v. Kelo. Once democracy has become so bloated in its reach that no principles are safe from the mob, why exactly should citizens follow so called laws made democratically? They aren't really laws by then but merely rules laid down by those who have nearly unlimited power.


When as a 14 year old I lived in Budapest under the rule of the "democratic republic" of Hungary – which was but a ruse disguising sheer Soviet style power – my family repeatedly violated "the law," which is to say we defied the rules the communist – in fact, fascist – regime tried to impose on us all. We hid fugitives from Hungarian prisons and helped them escape to the West. We smuggled merchandise into Hungary with the help of athletes who were permitted to travel abroad (so as to show off how great communist athletes are). And most importantly I myself joined a group of adults who chose to violate the "law" that made it criminal to leave the country for nearly anyone not part of or favored by the ruling elite. 


We made it across the border, after an arduous trip from the capitol to the Western border where border guards had been paid off by American agents so they wouldn't stand too firmly in the way of those trying to escape. All of this was "illegal." And no one in our group had the slightest compunction about our "illegal" conduct but felt enormous relief and even pride upon completing our journey. So, yes, we violated so called laws which weren't anything more than the rules of a tyrannical regime. And throughout human history and around the globe back then and even now, thousands are routinely engaged in this kind of illegal conduct. And they darned well have every basic right to do so and those championing obedience of the law in these kinds of cases are full of it.


But, you say, America is a democracy and its laws are indeed binding on all of its citizens. No, that is wrong, since this democracy is now way out of control; it has repeatedly overstepped the limitations of a valid constitution. America is now a vastly illiberal democracy, one in which the majority and those allegedly representing it are perpetrating innumerable tyrannical measures, imposing rules that have no business being part of a free country. Just consider the policies vis-a-vis the consumption of "illicit" drugs! 


How dare these people impose their idea of "illicit" on anyone else? Who are they, anyway? And what about the innumerable petty tyrannies of government regulations – issuing completely unjustly from federal, state, county, to municipal rulers? All these are forms of prior restraint, imposing penalties, at times jail sentences, on people who have no committed any violations of any rights but merely are deemed by bureaucrats and their bosses, politicians, capable of doing so! How is that for justice – penalizing people because they might become criminals?  That policy would have us all in prison.


No, I am not impressed at all by the claim that people are violating "the law" when that law happens to be grossly unjust, enacted in violation of the basic law of the land. Obedience, compliance, is only warranted because it will serve to avoid prosecution and incarceration. 


No one is obliged to be suicidal in his or her comportment toward a government that is either out and out totalitarian or only a democratic, mostly petty, tyranny. With governments like that citizens are only obliged to be prudent and crafty, except when it comes to valid provisions of the criminal law.


by George Massey: Accurately described and well stated!


By James Harvey: Superb Introduction to the idiocy of Democracy without a United Commitment to Freedom from Tyranny!


Olddog’s Commentary


In all of human history there is no more putrid ideology than for a Nation’s people to support a tyrannical government. Every human being has a moral duty to resist tyrannical governance, and those cowardly immoral scumbags that don’t, do not have the right to demand protection from those that do.

When this unfortunate condition exist in a Nation there is only one possible solution and that is for each ideology to separate from each other, simply because it fuels hatred to force them to share the same ideology. Make no mistake about it, socialist, communist, fascist, communitarians are my mortal enemies and there will never be any unity between us. I will fight them until my last breath, and never share my productivity with them. To me, they are the lowest form of humanity.

There is ample evidence that they feel the same way about me, so why should we share the same real estate, and government?

This condition is insane, and will eventually result in the death of millions of people who share this continent, as more and more people reach their limit of endurance. We have nothing to look forward to in America than devastating agony of unprecedented proportions.

Is this what sane people do, when the solution is so obvious? Do you want to see your loved ones murdered, and lose all that you have worked your whole life for? To live in fear for your life every day is not what sane people do when there is such an easy solution.

They may go their own way with my blessing, as long as I can go mine.

If their ideology works, LET THEM PROVE IT! BUT DON’T EXPECT ME TO HELP!

Thank you Dr. Machan for your excellent article, but I fear obedient compliance is fast becoming an un-acceptable option.

James P. Harvey




Carbon Marts Launch Around the World (Bye Bye Dollar)

December 10th, 2010 by


Daily Bell


Carbon Marts Launch Around the World

Thursday, December 09, 2010 – by  Staff Report


World Bank chief to launch carbon market fund … World Bank President Robert Zoellick is set to launch a new multi-million dollar fund in Mexico on Wednesday to help emerging market countries set up their own carbon markets, the bank said on Tuesday. While the list of participating countries is still being finalized, they are expected to include China, Mexico, Chile and Indonesia. Zoellick will launch the fund in Cancun on Wednesday where countries are involved in global climate negotiations to toughen existing pledges to cut carbon emissions. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: We, the deciders, need to help countries combat global warming as much as possible.

Free-Market Analysis: Colonialism is alive and well. The World Bank is to encourage carbon trading in developing countries. Too bad. This will make it even harder for developing nations to grow up; and the ramifications are simple. It means more sickness, more starvation, more deprivation. The Anglo-American power elite has learned through harsh experience that slavery does not pay in the modern era – or not open slavery anyway. Thus carbon trading (to alleviate non-existent global warming) is used to cement yet more intergenerational servitude. Africa is not to escape Western-induced poverty any time soon.

What do we have against carbon markets? The same thing you should have, dear reader. They are nothing more than an elaborate plot to increase the Anglosphere's ability to suck funds from the world's staggering middle class and poor while increasing control over energy usage.

Carbon markets in fact are designed to distribute the ability of industry to pollute – and thus benefit large "polluters" at the expense of the small. To begin with, carbon (pollution) credits are issued to industrial players. Since the credits are worth what the market prices them at, industry has an incentive to try to pollute as little as possible because then a given company can go on the market and sell the remaining carbon credits for a profit. Alternatively, a company that is polluting too much must go into the market and buy credits. This is a kind of private-market fine.

But what if the "pollution" is an entirely made-up phenomenon? This is, unfortunately, the case with "carbon" – carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is among the most necessary gases on the planet. The theory behind carbon pollution is that carbon dioxide "traps" greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and thus causes global warming. But in fact water vapor is responsible for most of the trapping effect and carbon dioxide for perhaps three-to-five percent. Proponents of global warming will explain that it is this three-to-five percent that is critical. But as we have already learned, global warmists will say almost anything.

The rhetorical nomenclature has been ever changing. We are now to use the phrase "climate change" or perhaps "climate catastrophe" – one cannot keep up. But the main issue is that global warming is a phony, fear-based promotion based on manipulation of data. The weather stations from where the data was gathered were often chosen or even placed in the warmest possible places. The data itself was "cooked" so as to show a predetermined conclusion. Can you possibly envision governments or NGOs cooking their books dear reader?

UN white papers consisted of outright lies, including the prediction that the Himalayas were melting away. This "cite" was later proven spurious, taken erroneously from an article and misinterpreted. The North Pole is not melting away either and the South Pole is apparently becoming more frozen. There is a good deal of speculation now that the world is entering another mini-ice age. Of course what finally unraveled the scam was the release of emails showing that a small group of scientists had actively manipulated data over a period of years. The scientists had suppressed data and articles that were contrary to the "theory" of global warming while ensuring that articles that supposedly established global warming were prominently published in scientific journals they either controlled or created.

Global warming has been thoroughly discredited. Its theoretical underpinnings have proven untrue. It's nothing but a fundamental promotion of the Anglosphere – which uses such fear-based promotions in its attempts to frighten people (especially in the West) into giving up wealth and authority to elite, global institutions like the UN and WHO.

There are in fact a number of promotional threads that the Western power elite is trying to weave together in the greenhouse promotion. There are electric cars, carbon markets, a larger environmental promotion (including green politics) and of course "smart grid." The end result would seem to be an environment where everything (including travel) is somehow controlled and metered. This fits into the Anglosphere's larger goal of one-world governance. The World Bank, as a prime facility of the Anglosphere, has now been tapped to move the promotion forward – as it has been stymied elsewhere.

One can see the muzzy outlines of an Orwellian future in this sort of design. One's entire life could be easily tracked. Each different utility presumably could be logged – from the coffee-percolator in the morning to the use of an oven in the evening. We can easily see how carbon trading fits into this scheme. Eventually, carbon trading would trickle down from the large marts; what was industrial would become personal. People no doubt would end up with their own carbon credits, ones they would have to buy or sell depending on whether they had exceeded their carbon usage within a given time frame. This would not be all of course. Eventually, civil and criminal penalties would be brought to bear on carbon "abusers." Those responsible for too much carbon dioxide could go to jail.

It is perfectly possible within this context, by the way, for one's own breathing to play a role in carbon-dioxide production. If it could be established, for instance, that a heavy person produced more carbon-dioxide than a lighter one, weight limits could be introduced whereby people over a certain poundage would be fined or have to pay some sort extra tax as a kind of penalty. Athletic events, where people breathed more heavily due to exertion, might have to pay some sort of surcharge. Construction firms, employing people out-of-doors in strenuous employment capacities might have to pay a surcharge as well.

At every opportunity, Western societies have decried slavery in modern times and postured against it. The irony is of course that many in the West are now paying far more to the government than the annual 30 percent a serf tithed in the Middle Ages. Slavery is alive and well in our view. And the whole issue of carbon trading and carbon-dioxide-as-a-pollutant would seem to be slavery-by-another-name. What is being prepared for Western societies is a special kind of hell.

How does all this carbon-trading nonsense affect developing countries? Leaving aside any personal carbon limits to be put in place at some point, carbon trading must eventually add entrepreneurial costs. A large company can afford an overage but a small company likely cannot. Carbon trading in Africa will hurt small businesses, create more corruption and give advantages to the largest players, businesses that inevitably have Western interests. The World Bank has no business helping fund carbon marts in the developing world. Questions come to mind: Who gave it that authority? Where is the science that the World Bank must cite before it begins to encourage impoverished countries to tax citizens' breathing?

Of course the rule of law, whatever that can be construed to be in Western society these days, means nothing to those at the World Bank or its elite managers. Impoverished countries are easier to influence than wealthier ones, so the scam of global warming is to be re-initiated there. Africa we believe is the essential target. The Anglosphere wants to blow up Africa just they way it has blown up South America, Europe and (sooner or later) China. There are already plans on the books for an African Central bank and an active "African Union" to mimic the horror show now taking place in Europe. You can see our previous articles here:

Kenya – New World Building Block

Elite Eye on Africa

African Union Plans Spaceflight

Conclusion: The elite is currently failing in their attempts to build an over-arching greenhouse gas economy in the West; and the UN meetings now taking place in Cancun, Mexico will bring modest or little relief – no matter how they are "spun." The strategy is shifting from grand UN treaties to building carbon economies from the ground up in individual countries. Certainly, the developing world is a tempting target in this regard, especially with the recent closure of the only carbon-trading exchange in the US. The powers-that-be obviously hope the helpless South will prove more easily manipulated. By building trading environments in impoverished countries, the elite can encourage economic involvement to a point where special interests may take over. The poor suffer first, as always.

Wal-Mart Invasion – Homeland Security Takeover

December 8th, 2010 by

Check out the other videos on this page, and the article below.


Whatever conclusions about Julian Assange and Wikileaks come out of the final rinse: hero, villain or patsy (I'm heavily leaning towards the last one), one thing is for certain, Assange's general observation that changing the way things are done in America can no longer be done politically because all the power systems are fused to the monied interests is absolutely spot on.  This observation now goes far beyond the problem of the false left vs. right political paradigm we have all been brainwashed into accepting.  Representative government, in whatever modest forms it has taken during the history of our republic, has now been dismantled by the process of "deep capture", whereby the very regulatory, legislative, executive, and judicial bodies entrusted with protecting the interests of the public and their basic civil liberties have been taken over lock, stock, and barrel by the predators who these bodies were supposed to protect us from.  The classic "fox guarding the henhouse" dilemma.  Vigorously petitioning these bodies to change their ways only moves them to spout mendacious rhetoric and perform meaningless gestures of concern so they can keep the scam going.

My first reaction when I learned that Wal-Mart agreed to put DHS monitors in 588 of its stores, with recordings of Janet Napolitano asking Americans to begin spying on each other, was one of astonishment and a deep desire to see funding for DHS drastically cut by a newly galvanized congress up to its eyeballs in complaints from travelers sick and tired of being molested by the TSA gestapo goons.  Others reacted by flooding Wal-Mart and DHS with angry complaints.  It's nice to see Americans actually getting incensed and fighting back, but my desire for a gutting of DHS and the floods of complaints are not likely to gain much traction because the system no longer cares what we think, it only cares that we obey.
Well, I say fight fire with fire.  With the Federal Reserve controlling the printing presses for its global masters, the U.S. has become a corporatist bankster's paradise and politics is purely theater for the masses.  That means, my fellow patriots, that the only way to change the way things are done is that we must change the way we look at money and how we spend our money.  I would venture that if Wal-Mart experiences something on the order of a 10% drop in sales as a result of a boycott, then the monitor program will be quickly abandoned.  Fascists never like to lose their profits because, sadly, money is the most powerful organizing principle in this country and profit is power.
Folks, there's no doubt about it, a Wal-Mart boycott is the most effective tool we can wield right now. 

The time for sitting on the sidelines is over.  Saving $2 or $20 (though, not when the tax subsidies are figured in!) is not worth the loss of our liberty, our integrity, or the prospect of a free and open society for generations to come.  It's time to preserve and restore our humanity!  Come on, let's forget the trapping of "learned helplessness" and start breaking the chains of slavery with a show of solidarity against Big Sis Napolitano and her ilk.  If you shop at Wal-Mart, even just occasionally, then stop until they come to their senses.
Just my two cents,

Tracking Tracing and Monitoring Independent Food Production

December 5th, 2010 by

S 510 and Codex Alimentarius Tracking Tracing and

Monitoring Independent Food Production

December 5, 2010 by ppjg

December 04-10

Brandon Turbeville

Live Link: Activist Post

“If Grandma wants to sell her famous raspberry jam at the county fair (within 275 miles of her canning kitchen) she will indeed be a small producer exemptions, but not before she forks over 3 years of financials, documentation of hazard control plans, and local licenses, permits, and inspection reports. She must submit this documentation to the satisfactory approval of the Secretary; and if she fails to do so, the entirety of S.510 can be enforced on her. That’s hardly what I call an exemption.”

AP: Being honest, I must confess some slight personal agitation at the thought of writing another article on yet another “food safety” bill making its way through congress with the words “tyranny” and “Codex” written all over it. It seems that every legislative session, we are faced with the prospect of the same food bill cloaked in a different name. Invariably, this bill seeks to corral all food production into the hands of a few major corporations and essentially destroy the ability of the population to feed themselves. Here in late 2010, we have the new version of food imperialism known as S.510, the Food Safety Modernization Act.

While it is true that S.510 contains new and improved tyrannical sections that are unique specifically to it, the truth is that it is merely a repackaging of past bills  (See here and here ) and attempts to control people through food. It is also yet another attempt to implement Codex Alimentarius guidelines under the guise of domestic legislation.

One example of hidden Codex guidelines in the Food Safety Modernization Act are the overly broad provisions regarding “traceability.” The desire for enhanced traceability of food products is sold to the public as a desire to better respond to food-borne illnesses and follow them back to their source. However, as with almost anything that comes out of the mouth of government, there is a more sinister role that traceability programs have to play.

Essentially, traceability has little to do with food safety in this context. While no one could argue being able to trace food contamination back to the source is a bad thing, the fact is that these mechanisms already exist. Unfortunately, they are generally ignored and unused when it comes to adverse health effects related to food produced by multinational food corporations. While there is always an exception to the rule, it is a fact that international corporations are by far the source of food adulteration more often than small independent farms.

The real reason behind traceability programs lies in the desire to monitor where food is coming from to ensure that, in the future, it only comes from large agribusiness. Hence, the new traceability procedures  involve massive financial, management, and bureaucratic burdens placed on the shoulders of mainly small “food producers.”

It should be pointed out that, while it is true that major corporations will also be burdened with these regulations (unless the Secretary exempts them), it is also true that a company that makes billions in profits can afford to deal with them. Your neighborhood farm down the road simply can’t. 

For all the claims that small independent producers will be exempted, the fact is that the “exemption” is merely semantics. Small independent producers will be held to essentially the same guidelines as Big Agro. This is because, in order to be exempted from the regulations as S.510, they have to submit to similar regulations as the S.510 regulations themselves dictate. As Eric Blair points out in his article Why the Tester Amendment Does NOT Help Small Food Producers Under S.510:

Those [S.510 Tester Amendment Exemption Requirements] bear a striking resemblance to the ‘expensive’ food safety plans outlined in subsection (h) of S.510 that small producers are supposedly exempt from. In other words, they must submit similarly comprehensive plans just to qualify to be exempt from creating them. But it gets worse.
  If Grandma wants to sell her famous raspberry jam at the county fair (within 275 miles of her canning kitchen) she will indeed be a small producer exemptions, but not before she forks over 3 years of financials, documentation of hazard control plans, and local licenses, permits, and inspection reports. She must submit this documentation to the satisfactory approval of the Secretary; and if she fails to do so, the entirety of S.510 can be enforced on her. That’s hardly what I call an exemption.

He goes on to point out that the bill does not explicitly make it illegal to sell food independently produced, but it does make it so cumbersome that small producers will be unable to maintain compliance with the law. 

While one could successfully argue that by forcing independent producers to file information and obtain permits and licenses is in fact making the production of food illegal, there is no doubt that small producers will be forced out of business by the overbearing regulation.

Nevertheless, cumbersome traceability provisions have surfaced before in other areas. In reading the traceability-related sections of S.510, there is a striking similarity between the language of the bill and that of Codex Alimentarius in its own proposed guidelines. 

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), a “food safety” methodology used by Codex Alimentarius (and addressed in S.510), plays an important role in the tracking, tracing, and monitoring of food production. Under this system, food business operators (defined so broadly so as to include both big agribusiness and recreational gardeners) are required to “identify any steps in their operations which are critical to the safety of the food; implement effective control procedures at those steps; monitor control procedures to ensure their continuing effectiveness; review control procedures periodically and whenever the operations change.”

Likewise, in the document entitled, “Recommended International Code of Practice General Principles of Food Hygeine,” Codex states that “Where necessary, appropriate records of processing, production and distribution should be kept and retained for a period that exceeds the shelf-life of the product. Documentation can enhance the credibility and effectiveness of the food safety control mechanism.” Although the language of the bill and the Codex document are not identical in every section, they are similar. Unfortunately, this is all that is needed to initiate the implementation of Codex Alimentarius guidelines in the United States.

However, there is yet another danger posed by S.510 in regards to Codex Alimentarius. The fact that this bill provides the FDA, HHS, and even DHS with even more authority over food production, transportation, and consumption should be alarming enough. But because these agencies often respond to policy as much as they do law, the chances of Codex Alimentarius guidelines being implemented domestically rises sharply. This is due to the fact that no congressional approval would be needed to implement them. Simply an executive order or change in policy from the executive branch or even the FDA, HHS, or DHS acting independently would be enough to enact Codex guidelines in the United States.

Because Codex Alimentarius guidelines are enforced by the WTO, any dispute brought before the WTO and its dispute settlement board could essentially force the United States to buckle under and implement Codex guidelines. With the passage of S.510, the need to gain congressional approval for such a change would be effectively erased.

Yet while Codex guidelines can be enforced through the WTO in one fell swoop, it is much more likely that they will be implemented by stealth. Introduced gradually and under the cover of domestic legislation, the chance of organized public resistance is greatly reduced. Without a doubt, the majority of Americans have no idea what Codex Alimentarius actually is. In fact, it is an unfortunate reality that the majority of the American public have no idea what S.510 is. Even to the relatively informed individual, the legislation is merely just another government power grab. Little do they know that is a major step forward on the path to a global dictatorship which uses food as a weapon and a means of control. 
Those who ridicule activists and opponents of S.510 as paranoid conspiracy theorists march unwittingly down a road which leads directly to just such a global tyranny where food will be most definitely taken – but not for granted. 

Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Mullins, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Francis Marion University where he earned the Pee Dee Electric Scholar’s Award as an undergraduate. He has had numerous articles published dealing with a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, and civil liberties. He also the author of Codex Alimentarius – The End of Health Freedom

Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols Update

December 4th, 2010 by

Wanta Reagan Mitterrand Protocols


Plus the Bogus Unemployment Report


by Tom Heneghan

International Intelligence Expert
Saturday  December 4, 2010

 UNITED STATES of America  –  It can now be reported that Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank and 7th out of the 8th major European Finance Ministers, along with the financial representatives of the People's Republic of China, are demanding final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

This demand has been directly communicated to U.S. President Barack Obama.

The Protocols would return $27.5 TRILLION to the U.S. Treasury, balance the U.S. federal deficit, and the EURO sector banking crisis and the currency and balances and put America back to work with high speed AmeriRail project.

U.S. Dollar Refunding Projecthttp://www.stewwebb.com/George_Osborne_MP_07082010.pdf

The implementation of the Protocols would preempt the out-of-control U.S. Federal Reserve and their worldwide banking consortium aka financial terrorists who continue to promote a financial suicide program of buying bonds aka mortgage-backed securities [toxic worthless assets] and rolling them over and marking them up for the purposes of a dysfunctional worldwide banking system.

Note: Again, folks, these toxic assets aka derivatives are worthless and have been worthless and continue to be worthless.

Reference: U.S. banking real estate appraisers are issuing false appraisals of property and real estate marking them up as 70% to 100% in value when, in truth, they are worth 50% less in value.

This bogus bookkeeping is done to accommodate the derivative hocus pocus being run by the U.S. Federal Reserve and its enablers.

At this hour we can report that German Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, have ordered the suspension of any new bond purchases by the European Central Bank.

Merkel accused U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner of operating a Ponzi Scheme using these alleged bond purchases to actually roll over the currency and commodity derivatives of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase and the Saudi-owned Citibank.

Note: Crude oil prices recently hit $90 a barrel, this in the middle of a U.S. depression, along with the Chinese raising the reserve requirements on their own banks.

Merkel directly accused Geithner of trying to manufacture inflation when there is none!

What we need, folks, is sound monetary policy.  If people can not afford to buy gasoline at $2.80 a gallon, how are they going to buy it at $4.00 a gallon?

Maybe the American People should ask the Federal Reserve for a 'bail out'. (ha)

French President Sarkozy also accused Geithner and his derivative-riddled American banking consortium of also manipulating to the upside the price of precious metals all to benefit the gold holdings of the Emir of Kuwait and the Royal Family of Dubai, which are all tied to none other than the cross-collateralized derivative holdings of J.P. Morgan Chase aka Bernard Madoff Inc.

P.S. We can now divulge that last Friday's unemployment report was rigged by U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner showing U.S. unemployment increasing to 9.8%.

Sources close to the Obama Administration tell us the actuary tables were totally manipulated by Geithner.

A bogus 9.8% unemployment report was issued to accommodate and give credibility to the Federal Reserve's QE2 program aka derivative Ponzi scheme.

Note: The Fed has claimed that printing money will help put America back to work.  This, of course, is bullshit.

All this QE2 Ponzi Scheme is doing is creating an inflationary asset bubble in commodity prices and allowing the criminal U.S. banking interests to proceed making lucrative commissions utilizing bogus spreads in the crooked forex currency exchange.

We can now also divulge that Bloomberg News and their reporter Sara Eisen actually released the real unemployment report on Thursday morning and then engaged in a 48 hours blitzkreig promoting a positive unemployment that they alleged was forthcoming.

As we have reported in the past, folks, Bloomberg News does the bidding of the Federal Reserve and its banking consortium of FINANCIAL TERRORISTS. 

P.P.S. In closing, we want to reveal that the WikiLeaks is nothing more than a front for the Israeli Mossad, the U.S. Federal Reserve and current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

We can also report that the documents on Bank of America that were leaked to WikiLeaks were actually leaked by the Federal Reserve itself and NBC reported Andrea Mitchell for the purpose of a short sale on Bank of America stock and a simultaneous purchase of stock shares in General Electric itself.

Stay tuned for our next intelligence briefing, which will include an update on all of these matters, as well as the crooked forex currency exchange.

Tom Heneghan's EXPLOSIVE Intelligence Briefings
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL–reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the corporate-controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

Stop the Global Banking Cartel

December 3rd, 2010 by


Stop Bank! USA

International Citizens' Day of Action to Move Money from the BIG Bank$.


Stop the Global Banking Cartel

Are you fed up with the unchecked fraud, greed and seemingly-unlimited power of the major banks?


You are not alone! Citizens from across the globe are infuriated by the corrupt banking system.


On December 7, 2010 the PEOPLE take back their power!

Join the millions of banking customers around the world who will be peacefully withdrawing their money from major banks in a coordinated, global effort.

If you do your banking with BANK OF AMERICA, CHASE, WACHOVIA, WELLS FARGO, CITIBANK, US BANK, SUNTRUST BANK, NATIONAL CITY BANK, MORGAN STANLEY, UNION BANK, UBS, MORGAN STANLEY, GOLDMAN SACHS, BRANCH BANKING & TRUST,  REGIONS BANK, COMERICA, PNC BANKS or any ofthese other major banks – pull your money out and put it with a local, regional bank or a community credit union instead.
– It is the banks who own and corrupt the political process in America today.
– It is the banks who fund war and oppression across the Globe.
– It is the banks who launder the lions share of black-market drug trafficking money.
– It is the banks who fund corporations that are offshoring our jobs.
– It is the banks who took taxpayer bailouts and still won't lend, protecting the wealth of their shareholders instead.  
– In spite of the bailouts, BIG bank CEOs continue to rake in massive bonuses and salaries.
Your home, your job, or your business is now probably gone or on the edge due to the inordinate power and control that the global banks have over all of us today. 

NOW is the time for all sovereign people to strip the power from the BANKS.


There is no need to protest in the streets or take time off from work to make a difference. All you need to do is go to your local bank branch on December 7 and politely say to the teller: "I'd like to close my account today." That's it! It's simple, painless, and powerful. In this way, the People can send a very powerful yet peaceful message to the Elites that WE are in charge.


Nonviolence is the rock on which the whole structure of noncooperation is built. 

– Mahatma Gandhi

World-Famous soccer star and actor Eric Cantona (Manchester United / 'Elizabeth') got it absolutely right when he said the following: 

What does it mean to demonstrate in these days? Nothing. Demonstrations in the streets are for the deluded. They lead to unnecessary violence, and place energies out in universe that accomplish nothing except to further the aims of the oppressors.

Humans need to remain centered in the Now — as Humans — and to take effective action from a Human perspective. We engage and remove the oppressive system not by trying to bludgeon it down, but by deflating it.

Simple human actions can cripple collective systems easily. 

Hear more from his recent TV interview:



On December 7th, we are calling for a massive, non-violent public response to the banking cabal that has collapsed our economies and thrown us out of our homes and into the unemployment lines
Enough is enough!

Thoughtful, peaceful resistance is what our movement is all about.



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Our movement got coverage in Common Dreams in an article by Dave Lindorff:

"But even here in the US, the idea of sticking it to the big banks has begun to resonate, with a website called Stopbank USA calling for a day of action by Americans on December 7."

Thanks for helping spread the word, Dave!







Debt Collectors Use FAKE Courtroom

Once debtors got inside, they were fooled into believing they were in a courtroom with a judge, but the whole thing was a fake, according toa lawsuit filed by the Pennsylvania attorney general.

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The system is OUT OF CONTROL!







December 2nd, 2010 by

#1 If you don’t have it, you don’t own it, and if you have it and don’t have the means of protecting it, someone else will own it.

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#3 If we get through this financial Armageddon, never trust a politician that is unwilling or unable to elucidate clearly what he will do and how he will do it, and be willing to resign if he can’t.

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The Great Silver Awakening – PART TWO

December 1st, 2010 by



The Two-Party Oligarchy Vs. The People

November 29th, 2010 by

Amped Status

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By David DeGraw, AmpedStatus

Watching Democrats complain about Republicans and Republicans complain about Democrats is like watching two Neanderthals throw rocks at each other while a pack of lions surround them.

Dear Independent Media, Stop Contributing to Our Demise, It’s Time to Evolve!

Independent news sites are excellent sources for in-depth information on many vital political issues. Most of them work hard to get the facts right and provide much needed context to move our national debate forward. However, they have a fatal flaw. There is a rule of war that many Independent media outlets are failing to understand: “Do not fight the last war.”

In The 33 Strategies of War, Robert Greene calls this “The Guerrilla-War-Of-The-Mind Strategy.”

“What most often weighs you down and brings you misery is the past, in the form of unnecessary attachments, repetitions of tired formulas, and the memory of old victories and defeats. You must consciously wage war against the past and force yourself to react to the present moment. Be ruthless on yourself; do not repeat the same tired methods.”

When Progressive news sites complain about Republicans, or Conservative sites complain about Democrats, I can’t help but think that they are insuring their own demise, and the rest of the country’s for that matter. By buying into the Democrat versus Republican charade they have become the most important cog in suppressing any organized resistance.

Based on personal experience, I understand how difficult it is for Independent news organizations to obtain funding. Unfortunately, most of the more popular “Independent” news sites survive by getting grants and donations from foundations and political organizations that will only fund them if they engage in partisan politics.

However, they need to ask themselves a serious question: Are you doing this work to just collect a paycheck, and thereby maintain the very status quo that you appear to be against, or are you doing this to actually change the dire situation we find ourselves in?

Given your deep understanding of current political issues, I find it incredibly hard to believe that you don’t see how global corporate interests have completely bought off both political parties.

How betrayed do you have to be before you realize that both parties are against you?

Our country has been robbed. Our future prospects are bleak. Trillions of dollars have been looted from the economy and no one in our government is holding the thieves accountable – Obama is not, the Democrats are not and the Republicans are not. They are all pivotal accomplices in the continued rape of our country. So stop deluding yourself into believing that only the opposing party is to blame. Focusing on one party as the source of our problems is journalistically lazy and intellectually naïve. Dig deeper! Follow the money. Focus on the people who fund both parties.

The Two-Party Oligarchy Vs. The People

Our current economic crisis has proven that the Democrat versus Republican dynamic is obsolete, the only thing that matters now is us versus them. When I say “us,” I mean99% of the US population. When I say “them,” I mean the ruling class. The ruling class includes Republicans, Democrats, and more importantly, the people and corporations who fund them. That is the dividing line. Adhere to it. Otherwise you are playing into their divide-and-conquer strategy, and you are complicit in our demise.

The mainstream corporate media continually propagates the rhetoric of division, you don’t need to add to it. We are all on this sinking ship together and we don’t have much time left to turn things around. So let’s drop the tired old labels and focus on uniting people, not dividing them.

Every time you want to write the word “Republicans” or “Democrats,” just change it to “the two-party oligarchy.” If you do that, you will gain credibility and influence, and we may actually get some of the change that you claim to want.

Obviously we are going to have strong disagreements on many issues, but there are key issues that we must urgently come together on, or we will all continue our downward spiral.

As famed military strategist Carl von Clauswitz wrote in his study On War, it is pivotal to strike at “the center of gravity,” at “the hub of all power and movement, on which everything depends.” Or as Henry David Thoreau said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

Let’s heed their advice and strike at “the center of gravity,” at “the root” of our problems.

Here are the seven key issues that keep 99% of the US population without political representation:

1) The two-party system;
2) Campaign finance;
3) Lobbying;
4) The revolving door;
5) The concentration of media ownership;
6) The big banks;
7) The rule of law does not apply to the richest one-tenth of one percent of the population.

Until the rule of law is applied, and until all of these issues are resolved, we will continue to live in a banana republic where the government will not have the trust or the consent of the governed, and rightfully so.

This isn’t rocket science, this is common sense. If we can focus and organize on thesecore common-ground issues, we can win this war.

So don’t be a partisan hack!

Stop fighting yesterday’s war. Stop playing the lesser-of-two-evils game. Transcend the two-party oligarchy. Grow up, evolve. Adapt to the quickly changing and deteriorating environment. The time for slight change is over, half-measures will no longer suffice. It’s up to the Independent media to demonstrate a new way forward.

Fight the war that is in front of us.

We need bold leadership and radical change, and we need it now.

The Road to World War III – The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play

November 26th, 2010 by


This is one you should save, and pass on to all your friends.



The following is Part I to David DeGraw’s new book, “The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III.” This is the second installment to a new seven-part series that we will be posting throughout the next few weeks. You can read the introduction to the book here.

When we analyze our current crisis, focusing on the past few years of economic activity blinds us to the history and context that are vital to understanding the root cause. What we have been experiencing is not the result of an unforeseen economic crash that appeared out of the blue with the collapse of the housing market. It was certainly not brought on by people who bought homes they couldn’t afford. To frame this crisis around a debate on economic theory misses the point entirely. To even blame it on greedy bankers, while essentially accurate, also misses the most vital point.

This crisis is the direct result of a strategic economic attack on the existence of a middle class and democracy worldwide. The stock market and economy have become weapons of mass oppression manipulated by an imperial banking cartel to impose order and exploit the masses. This crisis boldly represents the manifest evolution of the fascist spirit reasserting itself as the dominant ideology.

Any fairytale notions of the United States being a democratic republic built on the rule of law have been utterly dispelled. As a nation we have been bred and conditioned to be dangerously naïve to the darker forces which operate beyond the spotlight of the mainstream media. We have been blinded to what has been developing throughout the world.

The economic imperialism that has now blown-back to the United States and Europe has been evolving for decades and can be directly traced back to the end of World War II, to the birth of the CIA, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

For those of us who have been paying attention to economic imperial operations that have been carried out against countries throughout the world, this looks all too familiar. The IMF and global bankers have conquered the second and third world, and they have now moved on to countries within the first world. Western European and American working classes are in the cross-hairs now.

Economic and societal indicators, along with recent G-20 policy decisions, clearly demonstrate that they are carrying out and escalating systemic economic attacks throughout Europe and the US.

To put it in technical terms, the United States government has been taken over by a financial terrorism network. They have bought off leaders of both the Republican and Democratic parties, and have established a dominant role in all three branches of government and throughout the mainstream media. They have complete control of the economy, stock market, US Treasury, Federal Reserve, World Bank, IMF and global banking system. Free market capitalism has collapsed; it’s now a rigged global market. This is an organized criminal operation, an imperial fascist movement that is determined to destroy our very way of life.

A war has already been launched against us.

In just the past three years we have lost an unprecedented amount of national wealth, trillions upon trillions of our tax dollars have been looted by Wall Street, endless wars, enormous subsidies for the most profitable global corporations and tax cuts for the richest one percent of the population. Never before, in the history of civilization, has a nation been so thoroughly and systematically fleeced.

This is all the result of a coordinated economic attack by a global banking cartel against 99 percent of the US population.

Until we can become politically intelligent enough to see this as the reality and root cause of our current crisis, we will not be able to overcome it, our living standards will continue to decline and we will all be sentenced to a slow death in a neo-feudal system built on debt slavery.

The average American is horribly naïve to just how depraved, corrupt and addicted to power this banking cartel is. Through their control and domination of the mass media, they have kept their crimes against humanity out of public consciousness. We have been shielded from the global devastation and death toll that they have already wrought. The result is an unsuspecting population of confused and passive people having their future ripped out from under them, right before their eyes, without any organized defense or resistance.

II: Violence on the Horizon

As the entrenched global banking cartel continues to control domestic political policy, the next phase of this crisis will inevitably feature an escalation into mass violence. As the Army War College stated, the Pentagon is preparing for “violent, strategic dislocation inside the United States” and “widespread civil violence” due to “purposeful domestic resistance.”

In clear signs of what is to come, rioting and violence as a result of economic turmoil has already been experienced in many countries throughout the world. However, civil unrest has not yet occurred within the United States. There are many theories as to why there has been so little resistance from the US population thus far, and several factors play into it. The most significant factor is that social safety net programs have been vital in preventing people from resorting to extreme measures. Currently, a stunning number of Americans, 52 million, are receiving life-sustaining assistance from government “anti-poverty” programs, such as food stamps, unemployment benefits, Medicaid and Medicare. This has already stretched a social safety net system that is designed to handle significantly less people to its limit. This safety net system has now been drained of all reserve resources over the past two years, and is obviously not sustainable under current economic and political conditions.

As social safety net programs have been drained of reserves, many US citizens have also been burning through their personal savings. Over the past few years the percentage of Americans living paycheck to paycheck has dramatically increased. In 2007, 43 percent of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck. In 2008, the percentage increased to 49 percent. In 2009, the number skyrocketed up to 61 percent. The most recent number for 2010 has exploded to a shocking 77 percent. This means in our nation of 310 million citizens, 239 million Americans are one setback away from economic ruin and millions more are in danger of having to rely on government assistance for survival.

So as this prolonged economic crisis continues, these safety nets, that are already overwhelmed, will have to support more and more people and will inevitably break down. As we have just begun to see, budget cuts to vital social programs on the state and federal levels will become increasingly severe right at the point when many more Americans will need them. As the 52 million Americans currently surviving in “anti-poverty” programs are gradually cutoff from life-sustaining government assistance – and as the 239 million people now living paycheck to paycheck, buried in debt, stressing out and working their asses off just to make ends meet realize that things are not going to be getting any better — and are only going to get worse — social unrest and outbursts of violence will eventually start to bubble up to the surface and the ruling elite will no longer be able to maintain power by simply deceiving the masses via mainstream media propaganda.

When an overwhelming majority of the population directly feels negative effects upon their own living standards, the propaganda system collapses. The illusion comes crashing down and people will finally start to get wise to the horrific scam that is being played on them. When they wake from their media-induced American dream state and realize that they are now living in a nightmare, as crazy as it may sound, people will actually stop voting against their own interests. The apathetic majority, that doesn’t vote, will become active in the interests of self-preservation as their survival instincts kick in.

The handwriting is on the wall and the ruling class has to realize that by the time 2012 rolls around, their puppet politicians will be voted out of office, or their heads will roll, quite literally.

Looking at this from a purely technocratic sociological viewpoint,avoiding mass riots and violence while this many desperate people lose life-sustaining programs appears to be an impossible task, and given our current economic and political environment this seems inevitable.

In an article titled “A Planet at the Brink: Will Economic Brushfires Prove Too Virulent to Contain?” Michael T. Klare explained:

“As people lose confidence in the ability of markets and governments to solve the global crisis, they are likely to erupt into violent protests or to assault others they deem responsible for their plight, including government officials, plant managers, landlords, immigrants, and ethnic minorities. (The list could, in the future, prove long and unnerving.) If the present economic disaster turns into what President Obama has referred to as a ‘lost decade,’ the result could be a global landscape filled with economically-fueled upheavals.”

Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski expressed  his fears:

“I was worrying about it because we’re going to have millions and millions of unemployed, people really facing dire straits. And we’re going to be having that for some period of time before things hopefully improve. And at the same time there is public awareness of this extraordinary wealth that was transferred to a few individuals at levels without historical precedent in America….

And you sort of say to yourself: what’s going to happen in this society when these people are without jobs, when their families hurt, when they lose their homes, and so forth?”

Outbreaks of civil unrest are something that the US government and Pentagon have been expecting, and preparing for. Former US Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee stating that the greatest threat facing the US is not terrorism, it’s the current economic crisis:

“The primary near-term security concern of the United States is the global economic crisis and its geopolitical implications. The crisis has been ongoing…. Of course, all of us recall the dramatic political consequences wrought by the economic turmoil of the 1920s and 1930s in Europe, the instability, and high levels of violent extremism.”

Intelligence Committee Vice-Chair Christopher Bond said the economic crisis is now “the primary focus of the intelligence community.” As the Army War College has warned, the response to this coming phase of the economic crisis “might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD [the Department of Defense] would be, by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance.”

Journalist Chris Hedges summed up this report:

“The specter of social unrest was raised at the US Army War College in November in a monograph titled ‘Known Unknowns: Unconventional ‘Strategic Shocks’ in Defense Strategy Development.’ …

The ‘widespread civil violence,’ the document said, ‘would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.’

‘An American government and defense establishment lulled into complacency by a long-secure domestic order would be forced to rapidly divest some or most external security commitments in order to address rapidly expanding human insecurity at home,’ it went on….

In plain English, something bureaucrats and the military seem incapable of employing, this translates into the imposition of martial law and a de facto government being run out of the Department of Defense. They are considering it. So should you.”

III: The IMF Riot, Step 3.5

The International Monetary Fund is predicting a “social explosion” due to this crisis. The IMF and World Bank have a long history of creating social upheaval. Leaked documents from within the World Bank refer to the next phase of the crisis as the “IMF riot.”

Journalist Greg Palast obtained classified planning documents, which shed light on the covert economic imperial operations, Structural Adjustment Programs, that the IMF, World Bank and US Treasury have used in the past as a playbook for destabilizing and conquering foreign nations. In the UK newspaper The Observer, Palast interviewed Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, who was a former World Bank Chief Economist and Senior Vice President, turned whistleblower. They revealed the four-step IMF plan. Though the strategy is slightly modified based on the nation being attacked, here in the United States we are currently about to enter a variation of step-three, which is currently being phased in throughout Europe. This step inevitably leads to a significant portion of the population losing the ability to obtain basic necessities essential for survival. Once this happens, riots inevitably occur, or as they put it: step 3.5 is executed.

Here is how Palast and Stiglitz summed it up:

“At this point, according to Stiglitz, the IMF drags the gasping nation to Step Three: market-based pricing – a fancy term for raising prices on food, water and… gas.

This leads, predictably, to Step-Three-and-a-Half: what Stiglitz calls ‘the IMF riot’.

The IMF riot is painfully predictable. When a nation is, ‘down and out, [the IMF] squeezes the last drop of blood out of them. They turn up the heat until, finally, the whole cauldron blows up,’…

What Stiglitz did not know is that Newsnight obtained several documents from inside the World Bank. In one, last year’s Interim Country Assistance Strategy for Ecuador, the Bank several times suggests – with cold accuracy – that the plans could be expected to spark ’social unrest’.”

To sum up, the interlocked IMF and World Bank set the conditions for ’social unrest’ and then once it occurs they move to step-four, which is the ultimate in disaster capitalism – they profit off the miseryand the civilian population is then buried in a neo-feudal system of severe debt and poverty.

So what is the IMF saying right now about our situation in Europe and the US? A recent Telegraph report reads:

“IMF fears ’social explosion’ from world jobs crisis

America and Europe face the worst jobs crisis since the 1930s and risk ‘an explosion of social unrest’ unless they tread carefully, the International Monetary Fund has warned….

Olivier Blanchard, the IMF’s chief economist, said the percentage of workers laid off for long stints has been rising with each downturn for decades but the figures have surged this time. ‘Long-term unemployment is alarmingly high: in the US, half the unemployed have been out of work for over six months, something we have not seen since the Great Depression,” he said….

The IMF said there may be a link between rising inequality within Western economies and deflating demand. Historians say the last time that the wealth gap reached such skewed extremes was in 1928-1929…”

To show you how insidious the IMF is, they have recently launched a propaganda campaign to publicly decry deficit budget cuts and austerity measures. However, behind the scenes they have been forcing implementation of them and making their usual demands for cuts in vital social services and public spending, once those cuts are in place, the riots obviously follow.

A recent Washington Post report states:

“IMF issues broad call for US financial prudence:
Cut Social Security. Ditch the deduction for interest on home mortgages. Tax gasoline.
The United States recently opened itself to the most intense scrutiny yet by the International Monetary Fund, and on Thursday was offered a bitter pill when the agency criticized some well-defended aspects of American culture — cheap fuel, subsidized housing, and a government retirement check…. “

Economist Dean Baker writes:

“The central bankers and their accomplices at the IMF are dictating policies to democratically elected governments. Their agenda seems to be the same everywhere, cut back retirement benefits, reduce public support for health care, weaken unions and make ordinary workers take pay cuts.”

In another report Baker adds:

“The IMF program calls for cutbacks in government support for healthcare, pensions, and a wide range of other public services. It also calls for weakening labor market regulations that provide workers with job security.

These recommendations are being given in a context where the world economy is suffering from a massive shortfall of demand. In other words, tens of millions of people are unemployed right now because there is not enough spending to keep them employed. The IMF’s program is almost certain to reduce spending further leading to even larger shortfalls in demand and more unemployment….

The IMF’s track record gives us reason not only to question the institution’s competence but also its motivations…. It is possible to see a similar pattern in the IMF’s latest set of policy recommendations to deal with the economic crisis.”

In an article entitled, “The Attack of the Real Black Helicopter Gang: The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security,” Baker continues:

“Last week, the IMF told the United States that it needs to start getting its budget deficit down. It put cutting Social Security at the top of the steps that the country should take to achieve deficit reduction. This one is more than a bit outrageous for two reasons…

While the IMF has no problem warning about retired workers getting too much in Social Security benefits, it apparently could not find its voice when the issue was the junk securities from Goldman Sachs or Citigroup that helped to fuel the housing bubble.

The collapse of this bubble has not only sank the world economy, it also destroyed most of the savings of the near retirees for whom the IMF wants to cut Social Security. The vast majority of middle-income retirees have most of their wealth in their home equity. This home equity largely disappeared when the bubble burst.”

So the IMF and global banking cartel are setting the conditions for social unrest and pushing for policies that will provoke it, and the Pentagon is preparing for a military response. As scary and unbelievable as all this may sound, we are on a fast track to this scenario.

To Sum Up

The American and global economy have already been looted and destroyed beyond repair. Most serious economists will admit that governments have already exhausted their capital by bailing out the banks and taking on unprecedented amounts of debt. The bailouts and recent return to high profits were just the final phase of the looting and a further consolidation of wealth on an unprecedented scale. There are still tens of trillions of dollars in debt hidden off-the-books and hundreds of trillions of dollars in dark pools of derivative liability. As the downturn continues, there is nothing left to revive the economy, the reserves and safety nets have already been stretched to their limits.

We have a political and economic system that has been overrun by organized corruption and theft. Along with a mass media system that does not inform the populace and has effectively marginalized and isolated the majority of the population. Meanwhile, bubbling just under the surface is a very heavily armed population with a militia movement that has doubled in size over the past year, and their memberships continue to rapidly grow. Without the necessary general political intelligence or infrastructure to organize an effective mass non-violent movement, we are steamrolling toward spontaneous riots and outbursts of armed insurrection.

In other words, as this economic downturn continues, what is now a passive and confused population will eventually devolve into an explosion of violence. Without a coherent non-violent movement to provide a viable alternative, without an outlet for severe and legitimate grievances that provides any chance for urgently affecting necessary political change, people will resort to violence as a last desperate act of vengeance and frustration. As time passes, these forgotten and isolated people, tens of millions of them, are quickly running out of options, and they will act out just as exploited people throughout the world always have.

A man who sparked a revolution against the same banking cartel that has caused our crisis described the general attitude among a population that successfully rebelled through armed insurrection:

“The people are weary of being oppressed, persecuted, exploited to the maximum. They are weary of the wretched selling of their labor-power day after day — faced with the fear of joining the enormous mass of unemployed — so that the greatest profit can be wrung from each human body, profit later squandered in the orgies of the masters of capital….

The feeling of revolt will grow stronger every day among the peoples subjected to various degrees of exploitation, and they will take up arms to gain by force the rights which reason alone has not won them.”

Whatever your preconceptions of the man who said this may be, the voice of Che Guevara can now be clearly understood and related to by the overwhelming majority of people throughout the United States.

Already, despite intensive propaganda, a stunning 80 percent of the US population believes that the government has failed them. The health care and financial reform bills have proven that our politicians are much more concerned about the short-sighted necessity to please the Economic Elite and raise campaign funds, than they are to understand the consequences of millions of Americans being forced into situations where their very survival is threatened. In a system where most elected officials are millionaires, this lack of perspective and understanding is ultimately what will lead to violence. Whether it is by arrogance or ignorance, perhaps both, it appears that our ruling class has suicidal tendencies. Unless they quickly recognize the growing threat posed by the dispossessed masses, our puppet politicians will themselves be in harm’s way.

To show you how incredibly out of touch our current elected officials are, and to give you a clear indication of the prevailing attitude on Capitol Hill, a recent report from the Washington Post summed up their response to the recent news that a record number of Americans are now living in poverty:

“The reluctance of political leaders on both sides of the aisle to directly confront the fact that growing numbers of Americans are slipping into poverty reflects a stubborn reality about the poor: They are not much of a political constituency.

‘We talk to many people on Capitol Hill who do believe poverty is important and is a blight on our nation, but we are also up against a general recognition that poor people don’t vote in great numbers. And they certainly aren’t going to be making campaign contributions. That definitely puts them behind many other people and interests when decisions are being made around here.’”

And that sums up our current crisis, doesn’t it? The “poor people don’t vote” and they don’t make “campaign contributions.”

As the Rage Against the Machine song goes, “The riot be the rhyme of the unheard.”

IV: Bang the Drums of War

How will this imperial fascist banking cartel respond to revolt? How will they maintain their power over an increasingly radicalized and hostile US population?

In an attempt to stave off organized rebellion, they are already escalating their propaganda efforts in attempts to divide and distract the population. The tactics of their divide and conquer strategy are already on full display. Their mainstream media outlets have drastically increased coverage and focused attention on the rhetoric of division – using divisive issues like immigration, racism, religious bigotry, the “lazy unemployed,” “entitlement welfare” and gay marriage to divide and distract the population and prevent the masses from organizing against their true oppressors.

This propaganda effort is only a temporary measure and will not suffice over the long-term. As the economy continues to collapse, the banking elite risk being overthrown as a result of their own greed. So they will then turn to physical, military-based violence to suppress populations that can no longer be controlled through propaganda and economic coercion.

To paraphrase policy analyst Anatol Lieven, the classic strategy of an endangered oligarchy is to divert discontent among the population into nationalistic militarism. It is time, once again, to bang the drums of war and “whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor.” The source of the following quote is unknown, but the evident wisdom of it is something that we have already experienced firsthand in the recent past:

“Beware the leader who bangs the drum of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.”

An increased external threat will lead to an increased internal crackdown, which creates the pretext and conditions for a police state. As we have already seen in the first phase of the crackdown on civil liberties since the “War on Terror” began, when rioting and outbursts of armed insurrection begin within the US, external threats, real or imagined, will again be presented to justify extreme measures to suppress American citizens, and to further repress and divert internal dissent. Without an external enemy to rally the population against, the population will rally against the pre-existing internal powers.

To put a slight twist on what Guy DeBord insightfully said back in 1988: the banking cartel “constructs its own inconceivable foe, terrorism. Its wish is to be judged by its enemies rather than by its results. The story of terrorism is written by the state and it is therefore highly instructive. But they must always know enough to convince them that, compared with terrorism, everything else must be acceptable, or in any case more rational and democratic.”

V:The Chinese Scapegoat: Trade & Currency Wars

As millions of Americans and the majority of the global population look for vengeance on those responsible for severely declining living standards, the global banking cartel are not going to blame themselves, so they will deflect blame to China, a most convenient target.

As a result of the crisis, national currencies are reeling, and the dollar, although currently one of the strongest paper currencies, is losing power as the crisis escalates. The IMF is working to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency and have begun discussing the possibility of making their Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) the new world reserve currency. A plummeting dollar will obviously put the American population in a severely desperate situation and the US-based banking cartel needs an excuse to divert political backlash.In China, the nation poised to replace the US as the preeminent global superpower, they have the perfect scapegoat.

US-based global corporations have been shifting their business to China and off-shoring millions of jobs to the region due to their extremely low worker wages. So the American population is already pre-disposed to blaming China, as opposed to the companies who are exploiting the cheap labor. US politicians have been conveniently shifting blame for unemployment from themselves to China. Meanwhile, China also owns a significant portion of US national debt. US Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has recently declared that the national debt is the number one security threat. As Mullen stated, “Tax payers will be paying around $600 billion in interest on the national debt by 2012.” A significant portion of this interest will be going to China.

As national governments attempt to survive in an increasingly hostile global economy, trade and currency wars will flare up and escalate. China is in perhaps the strongest position to win these conflicts. China and Japan have just engaged in a fierce currency battle. This currency battle is not to be underestimated. We are talking about the world’s second and third largest economies, after the United States. China has just overtaken Japan for the number two position. The militant rhetoric between these two nations is escalating. US politicians were quick to jump on the situation with calls to classify China as a “currency manipulator” and impose trade tariffs and penalties against them.

International economic reporter Barry Grey recently summed up the situation in an article entitled, “Economic crisis threatens to unleash global currency wars:”

“The eruption of currency exchange conflicts is bound up with mounting signs that the global economic crisis is systemic, rather than merely conjunctural, and growing fears that a genuine recovery is not in the offing. The European sovereign debt crisis and the weakening of US economic growth have led governments around the world to seek to secure a greater share of export markets. Under conditions of slowing growth and stagnant markets, this inevitably heightens trade conflicts between competing capitalist nations.

In particular, the US and the European Union, spearheaded by the export power Germany, have aggressively pursued a cheap currency policy in order to gain a trade advantage against their rivals. Of the major economic powers, Japan has suffered the greatest damage from these policies, as investors and speculators have shifted from dollar- and euro-denominated investments to the yen, driving up the currency’s exchange rate.

This has embittered relations between Japan and both the US and the EU. Japan has also denounced China for artificially keeping its currency low while bidding up the yen by increasing its purchases of Japanese government securities.”

The global banking cartel’s leading puppets on Capitol Hill, Senators Chris Dodd, Chuck Schumer and Richard Shelby were all quick to attack China. Barry Grey continued:

“In opening the Senate Banking Committee hearing, Chairman Christopher Dodd declared China a currency manipulator and said its ‘economic and trade policies’ present ‘roadblocks to our recovery.’ He went on to accuse China of stealing intellectual property, violating international trade agreements and dumping goods. He also denounced China for acquiring national resources in developing countries and building up its military.

In his opening statement, the ranking Republican on the committee, Richard Shelby of Alabama, declared, ‘There is no question that China manipulates its currency in order to subsidize Chinese exports. The only question is: Why is the administration protecting China by refusing to designate it as a currency manipulator?’

Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, said, ‘China’s currency manipulation is like a boot on the throat of our recovery and this administration refuses to try to get China to remove that boot.’”

On top of all this, China has now overtaken the US as the world’s top energy consumer. Michael T. Klare reports on China’s new position of power:

“The main point: by becoming the world’s leading energy consumer, China will also become an ever more dominant international actor and so set the pace in shaping our global future.

Because energy is tied to so many aspects of the global economy, and because doubts are growing about the future availability of oil and other vital fuels, the decisions China makes regarding its energy portfolio will have far-reaching consequences. As the leading player in the global energy market, China will significantly determine not only the prices we will be paying for critical fuels but also the type of energy systems we will come to rely on. More importantly, China’s decisions on energy preferences will largely determine whether China and the United States can avoid becoming embroiled in a global struggle over imported oil and whether the world will escape catastrophic climate change.”

China’s rise in power, mixed with the decline of western economies and the need for an external scapegoat sets up a global collision and inevitable confrontation between vying superpowers. Currency and trade wars will likely be a prelude to military confrontation.

VI: Moves Upon the Grand Chessboard

Based on early maneuvering it is evident that the masters of war have already drawn up sides. You may have missed it, but the US, Israel and the NATO Alliance have already put Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia and China on notice.And the “withdrawals” from Iraq and the Af-Pak region are over-hyped. The occupation of these countries continues with no end in sight. In fact, they aren’t withdrawing as much as they are repositioning and shifting their forces, preparing for an escalation. In many ways the wars in Iraq and Af-Pak have only been the initial phase of a global attack, positioning forces and building massive military bases in pivotal geo-strategic locations. The operations in this region have essentially been a warm-up for much wider-ranging attacks against much stronger countries. While most of the US population is playing checkers, seeing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as one-off battles, the global banking cartel is playing chess, using these wars as only initial geo-strategic moves in a grand strategy toward total world domination.

The intensity of military maneuvering presently occurring is alarming. Read through these recent news reports pulled from the AmpedStatus database, all from just the past few weeks, and let me know if you think I’m being extreme in foreseeing World War III:

·  US to Fund Israeli Purchase of 20 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters

·  US Waging ‘Shadow War’ in Dozen Countries

·  S.Korea, US to stage massive joint war games

·  US Military Offensive Against the July 2011 Af-Pak Timetable

·  China PLA warns U.S. over fresh military drill in region

·  The dangers of mounting US-China rivalry

·  America’s Biggest Jobs Program — the U.S. Military

·  US Arms ‘Bonanza’ in the Middle East

·  Chinese Military: The Chinese People Won’t Stand for US Provocation

·  Israel bulldozes Muslim graves in Jerusalem

·  U.S. Supersizes Afghan Mega-Base

·  US concerned other countries won’t respect Iraq’s ‘sovereignty’

·  US cuts $100m aid to Lebanon military

·  U.S. won’t leave Iraq’s energy reserves untended

·  US plans to sell F-15 jets to Saudi Arabia: report

·  Blackwater: $220 million in new contracts

·  Congress Spends Another $600 Million for Border Militarization

·  U.S. worried by Hamid Karzai’s attempt to assert control over corruption probes

·  Palestinians Denied Access to Water

·  Gates: Iraq occupation could go on

·  Petraeus beats the drums for endless war in Afghanistan

·  Israel-US Increase Military Cooperation, Hold Biggest Joint Infantry Exercise Ever

·  US, South Korea to Stage Another Military Exercise

·  The Philippines: America’s New Launchpad for the Militarization of Southeast Asia

·  U.S. and UK help train Kazakh troops in Russia’s backyard

·  India to order large number of Javelin anti-tank missiles from US

· More US-NATO Military Bases: US Armed Forces in Central Asia

·  US, Vietnam step up defence co-operation amid China concerns

·  Speculation, debate over possible strike against Iran

·  Russian Foreign Minister defends Iran nuclear power plant

·  Colombia Court Blocks U.S. Military Accord Behind Regional Fight, Restricts Access to 7 Military Bases

·  Venezuela says it will still send gasoline to Iran

·  Venezuela threatens oil cut to US

·  Iran: Venezuela Risks US Action

·  Chávez and China: Challenging U.S. Interests | AEI

·  Canada-Russia airspace ’showdown’ over Arctic

·  Canada intercepted two Russian bombers near Arctic

·  Japan, US plan naval drill near disputed islets: report

·  China Restricts Exports of Rare Earth Minerals by 70pc,Tension with US escalating on several fronts

·  Moscow warns US on issue of Israeli aerial strikes against Iran

·  U.S. Global Strategy Targets Any Potential Challenger In Eurasia

·  Obama Signs $600M Bill to Increase Militarization of US-Mexico Border

·  Castro Warns of Nuclear War; Admiral Mullen Threatens Iran; US-Israel Vs. Iran-Hezbollah

·  Doesn’t Appear Washington Wants Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela

·  US talks Israel out of attacking Iran (for now)

·  US stresses military role in Iraq, combat brigades under different name

·  US Withdrawal Plan Marks “Privatization of Military Occupation”

·  U.S. Military Intervention in Africa: The New Blueprint for Global Domination

·  Ahmadinejad vows global response if Iran attacked

·  Iran Opens Its First Nuclear Power Plant With Russian Help

·  In Mideast Talks, Scant Hopes From the Beginning

·  Iran hopes Russia’s next step will be delivery of S-300 missiles system: MP

·  Iran working against Iraqi democracy: US general

·  US combat brigades still in Iraq: report

·  Karzai Stands Firm on Disbanding Private Security

·  Iran’s new drone bomber is ‘messenger of death for the enemies of humanity’

·  Costa Rica: US Warships Cause Unease

·  Israel Knesset Member Declares “We Are Preparing For War”

·  Pakistanis Nabbed Taliban Boss to Stop Peace Talks

·  Iran condemns possible US military action

·  Iran Calls for Formation of Islamic Union to Start New World Order

·  Four Israeli air strikes on Gaza

·  Two Minutes to Midnight? The Bomb-Iran Debate From Hell

·  The last chance to avoid a global trade war

·  Al-Shabab vows ‘massive’ Somali war

·  We Must Be Ready for War With China

·  Mass Assassinations Lie at the Heart of America’s Military Strategy in the Muslim World

·  US deplores ‘particularly outrageous’ Mogadishu carnage

·  Philippines: Pawn In U.S. Encirclement of China

·  Global Food Security and Sovereignty Threatened by “Land Grabs” in Poor Countries

·  US to spend $1.3 billion on Afghanistan bases

·  America’s top Marine challenges Obama’s Afghan pullout deadline

·  CIA sees increased threat from al-Qaeda in Yemen

·  U.S. Weighs Expanded Strikes in Yemen

·  JSOC is Hiring Interrogators and Covert Operatives for ‘Special Access Programs’

·  Report: Kim Jong-Il Goes to China

·  Canada Intercepts Russian Bombers — Again

·  Kim Jong-il Visits China as Carter Waits in North Korea for Talks on Imprisoned American

·  China Slams Pentagon Report

·  Mexico Drug War Violence Rages, 28k Killed

·  Tensions emerge between Rwanda and Western backers, China’s influence grows

·  “Alarm bells” ring for Australian government over deepening China-East Timor ties

·  US lawmaker urges France not to arm Lebanon army

·  Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Says National Debt Is Biggest Threat To National Security

·  18 nations wrap up mock terror exercise in Panama canal

·  U.S. Bid To Control Whole Korean Peninsula Threat To China, Russia

·  Canada Opens Arctic To NATO, Plans Massive Weapons Buildup

·  China announces navy drill ahead of U.S. show of force

·  Putin slams West for deceiving Russia

·  Putin: U.S. Rearming Georgia

·  Israel preparing to attack Syria: report

·  China Deploys Troops In Pakistani Kashmir

·  Israel Threatens War with Lebanon

·  U.S. expands sanctions on North Korea

·  Hamas targets Israeli-Palestinian talks by killing four Israelis

·  US drones will patrol entire southern border

·  Yellow Sea: U.S. Aegis Destroyers, S. Korean Subs In New Round of Drills

·  Pentagon report underscores rising US-China tensions

·  CIA Training Intelligence Agents For ‘State Sponsor Of Terrorism’ Sudan

·  Tony Blair: military intervention in rogue regimes ‘more necessary than ever’

·  France steps up military intervention in Sahel, Western Africa

·  German military report: Peak oil could lead to collapse of democracy

·  U.S.-Venezuela Links Teeter on the Brink

·  Pakistan’s Taliban threaten attacks in U.S., Europe

·  EU austerity policies risk civil war in Greece, warns top German economist

·  India to acquire advanced U.S.-made anti-ship missiles

·  Middle East Loses Trillions As U.S. Strikes Record Arms Deals

·  Is War About to Break Out on the Israeli-Lebanese Border?

·  NATO asks for 2000 more troops for Afghanistan

·  US ‘likely’ to keep troops in Iraq after 2011

·  U.S. Military Continues to Invest Hundreds of Millions in Iraq Bases

·  UN nuke agency warns monitoring of Iran hampered

·  Mideast talks a cover for US war preparations

·  Land grabs, biofuel demand raise global food-security risk

·  Anthrax War – the Malaysian Connection

·  Defense Contractor Money Fueling Push to Militarize the US-Mexico Border

·  US Government Report Argues for Police Force for American Interventions Overseas

·  730 F-35 planes to be sold to Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Norway

·  U.S. to wrap up $2.5 billion Israel F-35 deal, Japan deal next

·  Cheney’s Oily Dream – Redrawing the Map of the Middle East

·  US and China at odds over North Korea

·  Pentagon says USS George Washington to join military drills off Korean Peninsula

·  Clinton: Mexico drug war bordering on ‘insurgency’

·  Land Grabs in Poor Countries Set to Increase

·  India: troops on alert as border dispute with China heats up

·  India: U.S. Completes Global Military Structure

·  Report: US must deal with domestic radical problem

·  Experts: Terrorism threat to U.S. now more homegrown

·  New York Times Pushes Confrontation with Iran

·  Largest US arms deal ever: Congress to be told of $60-billion US-Saudi arms deal, shoring up Arab allies against Iran

·  China-South Africa deals highlight great-power rivalry in Africa

·  German armed forces “reform” reflects growth of militarism

·  IMF fears ’social explosion’ from world jobs crisis

·  US embassy in Jordan warns of ‘imminent threat’ around Aqaba

·  Record level of US airstrikes hit Afghan militants

·  Hamas: Israeli aircraft strike Gaza as leaders talk peace

·  Obama’s Generals Push War for Yemen

·  US drones prowl Mexico

·  China’s currency manipulation: Flipping off America

·  Asia: Pentagon Revives And Expands Cold War Military Blocs

·  U.S. And NATO Strengthen Positions Along Russia’s Southern Flank

·  Russia vs Canada: Race for Oil-Rich Arctic Seabed

·  Economic crisis threatens to unleash global currency wars

·  Saudi king meets top US, Canadian counter-terror officials

·  China, Energy, and Global Power

·  Somalia, The Next Afghanistan? UN’s top envoy warns on growing insurgency

·  Pentagon to funnel US arms to Yemen

·  China-Japan Tensions Escalate, As China Breaks Off High Level Contacts, Japanese Flag Burned In Protest

·  Gulf States Order $123 Billion of U.S. Weaponry to Counter Iran

·  Massive US Military Buildup Planned for Guam

So there we have it. The global Economic Elite have effectively looted and destroyed national economies worldwide, the propaganda system is quickly collapsing, and the masses are beginning to get restless. It’s time to move to the next phase of the attack. Preparations are already underway. We are on the road to World War III.

VII: Resource Wars

Add to this picture rapidly declining natural resources and an increasingly hostile and polluted environment with extreme weather events frequently pounding the globe. In the past decade the global corporate elite have already engaged in three major resource wars in Iraq, Af-Pak and Northern Africa.

With a growing global population and an increasing demand for declining resources, we have already crossed a tipping point and are now in the ecological red. For the first time in human history, we are now consuming resources faster than nature can produce them. As developing countries like China and India attempt to live like western countries, there are simply not enough resources. The global economy is built on an unsustainable foundation. Instead of evolving and changing course, the entrenched banking power base is digging in further, and they run NATO, the private military complex and the US government. Based on the current policies that are in place, they have clearly already decided that they want to keep living business as usual and refuse to evolve and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. With this decision, they have effectively already decided to further escalate their oppression of the overwhelming majority of humanity, and this will lead to the death of literally hundreds of millions of people.

The global banking cartel view the world’s limited resources as their property, and they have consistently proven that they have absolutely no hesitation in killing millions upon millions of people for these resources – just look at what they have already done in the recent past throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

In the years since Northern Africa was discovered to be “the richest patch of earth” due to large deposits of natural minerals that are needed to power computer technologies, over five million Africans, in just that region, have died as a result of war.

The global elite have consistently used a strategy of arming and funding both sides of armed conflicts. While opposing populations kill each other off, they make off with their natural resources. When they confront a government that cannot be bribed or provoked into civil or regional war, they fund brutal death squads, attempt military coups and intimidate them by giving weapons to undemocratic neighboring regimes. If all that doesn’t work, they are declared a threat to national security and the US military, private contractors and NATO forces invade and occupy the country.

These terrorist strategies are not limited to the Middle East and Africa, just ask our neighbors throughout Latin America about the School of the Americas. Contrary to popular belief, the horrendous torture techniques inflicted upon people in Abu Ghraib, Iraq were not an isolated incident. Many of those brutal torture techniques were developed over years by torturing innocent civilians throughout Latin America.

The picture in Latin America today is one of inspiration. People throughout the region are rising up against the global corporate elite and claiming their rights and natural resources as their own, from Bolivia to Ecuador to Venezuela. This is another factor driving the “endangered oligarchy” into resorting to military desperation. The military coup in Honduras, the attempted coup in Venezuela, and the failed attempt to provoke Columbia and Venezuela into an armed conflict all clearly indicate where this situation is headed if the imperialist bankers get their way.

The average American is dreadfully unaware of just how depraved these people are. The little regard they have for human life is beyond common comprehension.

VIII: Private Military Complex

The global elite have already used the “War on Terror” as a pretext to drastically increase military spending and build a massive private military and intelligence complex on the backs of the American taxpayer. According to an extensive report from the Washington Post, a stunning 1.2 million private contractors work in this complex. Most Americans are not aware that 69 percent of the soldiers deployed in our name are private contractors, and 80 percent of them are foreign nationals, meaning they are not even from the United States. Half of the people we have deployed in our name, who are funded by our tax dollars, are not even fighting for our country, they are fighting for a paycheck.

Wars are a highly profitable racket, which gives an enormous incentive to keep them going.This is one of the reasons why the war in Afghanistan is now the longest war in US history. This system has led to a perpetual state of war. Military spending, although widely reported as being around $680 billion per year, is more accurately totaling over $1 Trillion per year. Of this staggering amount of annual spending, 25 percent of it goes unaccounted for, not counting the billions of our tax dollars lost to over-charging and all-out fraud.

This private military complex has become so out of control that politicians are now forced to admit that they have no idea what is happening within it. As the Washington Post report revealed:

“The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work.

These are some of the findings of a two-year investigation by The Washington Post that discovered what amounts to an alternative geography of the United States, a Top Secret America hidden from public view and lacking in thorough oversight. After nine years of unprecedented spending and growth, the result is that the system put in place to keep the United States safe is so massive that its effectiveness is impossible to determine.

The investigation’s other findings include:

* Some 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies work on programs related to counterterrorism, homeland security and intelligence in about 10,000 locations across the United States.

* An estimated 854,000 people, nearly 1.5 times as many people as live in Washington, D.C., hold top-secret security clearances.”

There are so many unaccountable cells and competing factions within this complex, any one of them could go rogue and launch an attack on the US soil and make it look like another “terrorist” organization or nation executed it. This may sound too conspiratorial to the casual observer, but it would be stunningly naïve to think that in a massive complex like this, with so little oversight and accountability, given the huge sums of money at stake, that something tragic wouldn’t eventually occur. The implications are ominous, to say the least.

We already had a proven act of internal domestic terror occur with the Anthrax attacks in 2001. It is not a stretch to think that any moves away from a state of permanent war, and any cut to military spending that would threaten the existence of many of the world’s largest and most powerful and profitable corporations, would result in an attack in hopes of inciting a military conflict. Former President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning against the “unwarranted influence” of the military industrial complex, and “the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power” pales in comparison to the modern private military complex. While many of these companies currently rely on US tax dollars, they are not part of the government, they are global private entities with their own interests at heart, similar to the Federal Reserve banking system. In fact, when you peel back the layers, many of these private military companies are funded by the global banking cartel.

When you understand the forces behind war, you must acknowledge the words of famed two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient US Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler. He accurately summed up the situation when he said:

“I spent 33 years in the Marines, most of my time being a high-class muscle man for big business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for Capitalism…. The general public shoulders the bill. This bill renders a horrible accounting. Newly placed gravestones, Mangled bodies. Shattered minds. Broken hearts and homes. Economic instability. Back-breaking taxation for generations and generations.”

To give just two brief examples of how the banking cartel operates behind the scenes during wars, consider the following. The genocidal carnage in Northern Africa that killed over 5.4 million people was enthusiastically supported by the IMF and World Bank. In a news report entitled, “The Business of War in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” Dena Montague and Frida Berrigan explained:

“The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have knowingly contributed to the war effort. The international lending institutions praised both Rwanda and Uganda for increasing their gross domestic product (GDP), which resulted from the illegal mining of DRC resources. Although the IMF and World Bank were aware that the rise in GDP coincided with the DRC war… they nonetheless touted both nations as economic success stories….”

In another example of grotesque profiting off massive levels of death, banking cartel members made a fortune on the production of cluster bombs.The Guardian revealed the details:

“The deadly trade in cluster bombs is funded by the world’s biggest banks who have loaned or arranged finance worth $20bn to firms producing the controversial weapons, despite growing international efforts to ban them.

HSBC… has profited more than any other institution from companies that manufacture cluster bombs. The British bank… has earned a total of £657.3m in fees arranging bonds and share offerings for Textron, which makes cluster munitions…. Campaigners maintain the deadly weapons can explode years after combat, killing or maiming innocent people….

Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan and UK-based Barclays Bank are also named among the worst banks [funding the production of cluster bombs]….

Goldman Sachs, the US bank which made £3.19bn proft in just three months, earned $588.82m for bank services and lent $250m to [cluster bomb manufactures] Alliant Techsystems and Textron.”

To sum all of this up, the global banking cartel and private military complex are a runaway virus that demands a permanent state of warfare. They are intrinsically parasitic in nature, they have devolved into a fascist enterprise that survives and profits off of destruction. If they don’t get a war, they will create one in the interest of their own self preservation. As former CIA Station Chief John Stockwell once explained: “Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the US military machine to turn.” This insight can now be extended to the global banking cartel. Enemies are now necessary for the wheels of the global banking cartel to turn.

Under the cover of the “War on Terror” they have launched a massive campaign of violence abroad and have been systematically looting our economy and stripping of us civil liberties at home.

So as the US and global population becomes more radical, and as the environment becomes more hostile, with increasingly limited natural resources, in a desperate attempt to maintain power the global banking cartel will escalate from economic attacks to worldwide military-based assaults. This is the clear path we are on – the road to World War III.

IX: History Repeats Itself

This may very well be a case of history repeating itself. Not to oversimplify an extremely complex situation, but this is all too similar to the origins of World War II. The looting of the masses by an unaccountable Wall Street elite led to the Great Depression and set the conditions for WWII. Desperate and impoverished populations increasingly supported more and more extreme leaders. The conditions are now so ripe for world war that Noam Chomsky has convincingly compared modern-day America to Weimar Germany prior to the outbreak of WWII. Research the history of pre-war societies and you will see for yourself how our current political environment fits historical precedent like a glove.

As mentioned before, the roots of our current crisis can be directly traced back to the aftermath of World War II. In the ruins of WWII grew global institutions like the IMF and World Bank. It also gave us the National Security Act and the CIA. All were central and pivotal in creating the crisis which we are now confronted with.

After analyzing our current crisis and studying well-established historical precedents, one must conclude that creating a world war is the last card the global bankers have left to play, other than conceding power, and history has taught us that the ruling class never concedes power. Of course the one-tenth of one percent of the global population hoarding our wealth could give back a significant amount of the $39 Trillion they looted from us (not counting what they have hidden in offshore accounts). That would certainly go a long way to fixing the crisis they have caused, but again, the ruling class has never conceded power, no matter how excessive and ill-gotten their gains.

So brace yourself… unless we significantly change our present course, we are on the road to World War III.  [END]

What Happens When China Collapses?

November 24th, 2010 by

The Daily Bell


Wednesday, November 24, 2010 – by  Staff Report

China Inflation `Volcano' May Prove Too Hot for Controls After Cash Surge … China's plans to rein in prices include selling state food reserves, stabilizing the cost of natural gas and cracking down on speculation in and hoarding of agricultural products, the State Council said. Standing near his 12-table noodle shop on Beijing's Yonghegong Avenue, owner Liu Heliang says meat and vegetable prices have climbed 10 percent in a year and staff wages are up 40 percent. "I'm struggling to make ends meet with costs going up like this," said Liu, a native of Sichuan province who pays his workers as much as 1,800 yuan ($271) a month, or 88 percent more than the Beijing minimum wage, to serve up a staple Chinese meal. "Raising prices is the only way out," he said, predicting he won't be able to hold out beyond two months. Premier Wen Jiabao's cabinet last week announced it will sell grain, cooking-oil and sugar reserves, ordered an end to tolls on trucks carrying produce and threatened price controls to rein in a 10 percent inflation rate for food. Because the measures would do nothing to counter the 54 percent surge in money supply over the past two years, the risk is they will prove insufficient to cope with the challenge. "They are just not addressing the fundamental problem at all," said Patrick Chovanec, an associate professor at Beijing's Tsinghua University. With the expansion of credit and cash in the economy stemming from China's response to the global crisis, "you're sitting on a volcano," said Chovanec. – Bloomberg

Dominant Social Theme: China needs to work harder to get it right.

Free-Market Analysis: Yesterday we revisited our prognostication of nearly two years ago that the Federal Reserve was on the way out in its current form – given the vituperation increasingly leveled at that institution. An institution like the Fed, set up by the powers-that-be as an instrument of social transformation, probably doesn't stand much of chance over the long-term in this Internet era.

But the Fed is not the only powerful entity where we've taken a stand: There is also China. In fact, we've been harping on China and Chinese inflation for nearly as long as we've been writing about the decline and fall of the Fed. We started writing about China when it occurred to us that a country that keeps growing at 10 or 12 percent PER QUARTER for 20 or 30 years is not a country in the throes of a normal economy. The boom was long in the tooth by then, and the economy was mature enough so the economic activity was likely being manufactured, enhanced if you will by monetary policy. In fact, we assumed the central bank must be printing money as fast as it could, and we haven't seen any reason to revise our judgment.

In this article, we want to speculate on the fallout of Chinese inflation, as China seems to us to be approaching the point where price inflation is going to have a definitive impact on the Chinese boom – puncturing it either through a form of hyperinflation or via price controls, etc. We will also make the case as well that the Western power elite that has been trying to build world government using various crises and fear-based dominant social themes may have over-reached and is in danger of losing control of a situation it developed and initiated but cannot now rein in.

China first. As regards China, there are three scenarios we can see. The first scenario involves what is currently playing out, a situation where Chinese leaders simply don't seem to know what to do to reduce inflation – but continue to try almost anything. Right now, we can see from the article excerpted at the beginning of this analysis that the power-that-be are threatening price controls – a ridiculous solution in our opinion.

Imagine a glut of widgets lowers the price. Now imagine a government setting a higher price for widgets despite the glut. It simply doesn't work. People will figure out ways around the controls and the price will find a natural level no matter government mandates. What CAN happen is that government is so insistent on its price fixing and so aggressive that people are afraid to purchase widgets at all. In this case the government will have successfully controlled the buying and selling of widgets, but only by freezing commerce and chilling the market.

The second scenario involves the continued ascension of price inflation. As we can tell from the article excerpt at the beginning of this analysis, price inflation is already a most frustrating reality in China. We have pointed out in previous articles that either price inflation or a reduction in China's economic growth is quite dangerous for the Chinese Communist Party that has in our estimation little good will to fall back on. The wealthier populace in our view still recalls brutal Chinese privations at the hands of the CCP; the 400 million or so rural Chinese and migrants workers who still have not participated in the boom will blame the government for diminished opportunities.

We find the second scenario fairly compelling. Not only has the CCP been battling inflation for several years (or more) in our view, whatever they are doing has not prevented price inflation from spreading to Hong Kong. Here's an excerpt from a recent article in Business Insider:

Inflation in mainland China is now clearly spilling over into Hong Kong. The special administrative region's prices just jumped by the most in more than two years, driven by the same food price inflation rocking the mainland and shocking the consensus of analysts … Rental rates rose for the 11th month in a row as well, by 0.24% month-on-month. Expect the Chinese government to blame the U.S. in Bernanke while conveniently ignoring the fact that they have voluntarily pegged their currencies to the U.S. dollar, and voluntarily expanded their money supply on the mainland at a far more dramatic pace than even the U.S.

Now an argument can be made that the HKD, being linked to the USD, is being infected by US monetary inflation. But nonetheless the regional proximity of Hong Kong to China certainly makes it vulnerable to the larger monetary trends of its titanic neighbor. In fact, Chinese price inflation will likely have a ripple effect throughout Asia, as countries may print more currency in order to maintain competitive ratios with the yuan.

The third scenario we will present is by far the most controversial. Many who read the alternative 'Net press today are suspicious generally of what is going on in the larger, global economy. These individuals suspect that the West's power elite, an intergenerational group of impossibly wealthy banking families and associates, is determinedly crashing the world's economy in order to drive it towards a kind of New World Order – a single global government with a single central bank and single economy.

The idea of global governance is not merely hypothetical anymore. It has been mentioned by such luminaries as the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. In numerous articles and interviews, Strauss-Kahn has called for greater centralization of the EU and an expanded role for the IMF as a kind of global central-bank-in-waiting. There has been speculation that the IMF wishes to convert its SDRs into a hypothetical world currency called the bancor, backed perhaps by an underlying basked of currencies and commodities.

How does China fit into all this? An economic crack-up in China would likely put paid to any "recovery" the West might hope for over the next few years. It would have a chilling effect on Asia, as well, and leave India and perhaps Brazil as the two engines of the world economy. With the West and Asia suffering twin economic breakdowns it is most doubtful that the outlook for the global economy would be anything other than dire.

Add to this, world forecasts of rapidly rising food costs and one begins to see the outline of significant economic tribulations that will surely include political turmoil and civic unrest. In fact, there is already a good deal of unrest in Europe and we assume that the tribes of Europe will continue to make their feelings known, especially as the European powers-that-be continue to try to implement "austerity" among the Southern PIGS.

There is no doubt that central banking economies crash, and crash regularly. The system is purposefully set up to fail. And there have been plenty of comments by European leader to the effect that they expected an economic downturn that would help solidify the European Union and give it more powers over its member nations. But we have also observed that the downturn was likely worse than the powers-that-be expected and has stressed every coping mechanism of modern Western economies.

It is perfectly possible that Western elites expected and anticipated a global downturn, but what has occurred is off-the-charts in our view and it is not over yet. The central banking system that the elites created 100 years ago has a long ways to go to reflate and a Chinese crash would probably end hopes of a potential reflation anytime soon. In fact, we think reflation is a faint hope anyway. The EU is struggling with a series of PIGS defaults, one larger than the next, and the US is facing an intractable Greater Recession that shows no signs of easing.

All of this, of course, is playing out on the Internet. This is perhaps, from our point of view, the defining (anomalous) factor. We have explained in plenty of articles (and just yesterday again) that the elite did not expect what the World Wide Web has become and was woefully ill equipped to combat it after nearly a century of almost total media domination. Even today Western elites have not been able to control the Internet and the extremely damaging flow of information that has exposed nearly a 100 years of plotting and scheming to create a global government under their control.

There is no doubt that the Chinese "miracle" is going to end badly. We would venture to say that India, anyway, is not far behind China in terms of being unable to control its inflation. The question, we suppose is one of timing. When the Chinese economy crashes, especially if it does so in near term (and granted it could be a kind of slow motion crash) we will see just what effects it will have on the world's economy and especially Europe and America.

If the crash is coupled with rising food prices and a kind of artificially imposed trade war that further freezes goods and services worldwide, then the results could be truly catastrophic for millions, even billions. This is when we will begin to see whether the powers-that-be are truly Machiavellian in terms of their strategies and goals. This is when we will begin to find out if there is a workable plan to introduce a one-world financial system, and even one-world government. China may be the trigger.

The economic system that the elite imposed on the world via central banking was bound to end in the kinds of implosions that we are seeing today – in the US, in Europe and sooner or later in China, India, etc. The wild card, however, is the Internet. We do not believe the power elite had any idea of the amount of antipathy that would be generated by this new communication tool. We believe, in aggregate, it is still in shock.

In past decades, popular rage was always turned against imaginary private sector enemies. Wall Street was blamed for economic disasters, or even the "bankers." But today's finger-pointing includes a primary dominant social theme of the power elite – central banking. Additionally, governments are coming in for their share of the blame.

Conclusion: Governments and central banking are at the center of the mercantilist control that money power has exercised over the West. If these two levers of control are damaged or made inoperable by public outcry, the elite's larger, global goals will likely become even more unfeasible. China may indeed be the trigger, but the truth-telling of the Internet may in the end be what sinks elite's current drive toward world dominance.


November 23rd, 2010 by



By James P. Harvey


I have been studying this problem of loss of liberty in America for over six years now, and I’m no closer to understanding why it is allowed than the day I started. I admit to being uneducated, over seventy years old, and am absolutely convinced that Jesus Christ is God, so all of you self-rightist God hater’s don’t have to read any further. How’s that for being considerate?

Since I’m convinced that God created everything that exists with His WORDS, it stands to reason that WORDS are the most powerful force known to humanity.

(1) So, why don’t the words in the Constitution protect the very reason it was composed? (OR, were we lied too?)

Since it is so evident that the Constitution is nothing but a *^&&%#$ piece of paper. (According to G.W. Bush)!

(2) Why have so many millions of people been willing to die for something they have never read, or if they did, it was with childish presuppositions?

Things just are not adding up! There are too many contradictions! We seem quite willing to send our children all over the world to kill other people’s children for a worthless piece of paper, or a contrived assault on our country, or person, but we are also willing to turn the other cheek when our own government does much worse things to the whole damn country.

(3) Are we a Nation of stupid cowards?

How damn smart do you have to be to understand we have turned into a bunch of weak willed hypocrites for not standing up for ourselves. Why do we keep bending over and taking the crap that has destroyed our liberty, our economy, and our very souls? Is it not obvious that we face a ferocious enemy right here in our own country, and a peaceful solution is not possible? Is it not evident that most people who are involved in this war of words are not willing to jeopardize their property or person, if it comes down to a real fight? Is liberty no longer worth dying for, or is it the loss of a comfortable life that makes cowards out of us?

As I write this the internet is all a-buzz over the scum-bags in the TSA, but those same scum-bags go home safely every night with never a worry for their or their family’s safety. WHY is that? What makes them so fearless? Why are they and their family’s not surrounded by armed guards 24 – 7? Has anyone ever interviewed one of them and asked why they would accept a job as disgusting as feeling up people in public, and not be afraid for their life? After all, if the internet is what the media industry claims it is, making one of those scum-bags life a miserable experience would be really easy. Same goes for all of us gun nuts! If we are the kind of people that kill and maim with the slightest provocation, what’s stopping us from popping a few screeners every week for freedoms sake? Are you beginning to understand why I’m so confused?

A lifetime of propaganda has convinced me that America was the land of the free, and the home of the brave, but all I see is a bunch of damn cowards unwilling to die for their freedom so they can have a job that destroys my freedom to pay for a faster means of transportation. The day some scum-bag screener or jingoistic junky puts his hand on my junk will be our last day!

Diversity is another thing I can’t seem to get a handle on, and I really need a lot of help on this one, because I was taught America was all about UNITY!

Please explain how I can accept a neighbor who believes in totalitarianism, homosexuality, pedophilia, female combat soldiers, lesbianism, and that is a short list of things I will not accept! Do you think I will shake that S.O.Bs. hand at the voting booth and wish him good luck. If you do, you have shit for brains. He is an enemy of everything I believe in, and especially my country.

I didn’t want to write about government controlled education because it always gives me a migraine, but I really need to know how any person with more than two inches between their ears can support the soul, and intellectual destruction, of innocent children, by forcing them to surrender their individualism to some hokey communitarian philosophy. People are born to serve God, not the community, and especially not a diversified and Un-Godly community. Force me to let some scum-bag teacher screw-up my children’s mind, and NEVER expect to sleep peacefully again, although you may sleep a lot longer than you intended!

Please be patient, because I’m really trying to find some common ground so we can live under the same government in peace, if not complete harmony. I understand that “two must be agreed to walk together” so what the hell can you expect from me if we can’t agree? Has it ever interred your little mind that your only choices are to “agree” “separate” or “murder me”? If you are unable to agree, and to cowardly to murder me, then the logical thing to do is separate. People who are intelligent enough to understand all this are called secessionist, and demand their own geography, government, and God. It seems to me this is the best for everyone, with the exception of those scum-bags who insist they are smart enough to be graced with the power to regulate the world. I call them International Bankers, (When I’m being polite,) which is not often anymore because absolutely nothing makes sense.

Let me give a good example. Since we have so much evidence that our government is out of control, and hell bent on forcing us (ECONOMICALLY) to surrender to a global government, and global currency under their complete control, take away our property, make all of our decisions in life, and generally destroy all that is good, why in the hell don’t we rise up as one body and deport the whole damn bunch? Send the scum-bags to China, or better yet, Antarctica.

Then we could start a Real Republican form of government.

Write to: OldDog         wethepeople@anationbeguiled.com

America In the midst of a hostile takeover

November 21st, 2010 by

The PPJ Gazette

Marti Oakley 11 21 10 (c) copyright (c)copyright All Rights Reserved

It appears the American public is finally beginning to wake up.  Many are beginning to look beyond the hyped hysteria of the District of Criminals, the phony political posturing and the all too convenient crisis’s that magically appear just prior to some rights robbing, government expansion piece of legislation being introduced or passed, and see that what is happening is not accidental or incidental, but was all pre-planned.  

We saw this process at work just prior to the first attempt to shove S.510 (the hostile takeover of agriculture) through the Senate.  Magically, mysteriously, out of nowhere……terrorist eggs threatened the entire nation.  Supposedly, had we had S.510 in place this wouldn’t have happened.  Well, of course not. Never mind FDA knew way back last March that a problem had surfaced in Oregon related to the terrorist eggs and, never mind that they had been given new authority over eggs as this manufactured crisis was allowed to reach epic proportions so that it could be used to terrorize the public into submitting to the fake food safety bill just a week before the Hannibal Lechter of the Senate, Harry Reid, brought s.510 that fake food safety bill up for a vote.   

We saw it years earlier with the Patriot Act; a pre-written, ready to go assault on the Constitution just waiting for an event; and shazam! We were hit with the 9/11 event and the Patriot Act was passed a few days later without debate or even having been read by congress. Strange thing about the Patriot Acts: the only people penalized under these acts were…..the American people.   

We saw the same process again with the naked body scanners and the TSA sexual assaults called, “enhanced pat-downs”.  Just before they began installing these scanners the “underwear bomber” somehow got on a plane in Holland (or was it Amsterdam? The Netherlands? Or Mars?). With his tidy whitey’s stuffed full of explosives; boarded a plane headed for Detroit.  This quickly got reassigned a new name in MSM and he became the “Detroit bomber”. (Are you scared yet?) The plane never even took off and somehow, someone with x-ray vision was able to detect the explosives in his jockey’s as he sat in his seat, and….you know the rest of the story. MSM beat us to death with horror stories about the now renamed “Detroit bomber”, as TSA busied them selves with tightening the screws on the naked body scanners in our airports. 

The BP oil spill came along, and of course this was let go until it was a huge environmental disaster.  While the federal government was in full control of the waters this disaster occurred in, the response was a clearly pre-written bill called the ”CLEAR Act”……a federal water, mining, drilling and theft of land act, that would take these activities away from the states, including the revenues generated, and put them all under full control of the Federal government: as owned and operated, by the same.  Supposedly, the only way the federal government can protect us from having an event like this occur again, is if they can steal land, water, mining and drilling in all the states.  I have to wonder why no one stood up and mentioned they had this control over the BP Oil rig, and for some reason were totally unable or unwilling to keep it from happening then; why would an expansion of what is clearly an incompetent conglomeration of federal agencies make things any better?  It won’t. The Clear Act is only intended to facilitate the theft of state rights and property.

The fake flu pandemic last fall was another attempt to terrorize the public into voluntarily taking an untested vaccine, loaded with pathogens, viruses and bacteria and stockpiled at least four years before the fake flu scare surfaced.  After “the pandemic that wasn’t”, and after the pandemic had been thoroughly exposed as a staged event, we got a little insertion in Obamacare to the effect that “vaccines” would be mandatory. It comes as no surprise that not one of those jackass’s in the District of Criminals, ever wondered aloud how it was that a flu vaccine had been stockpiled four years earlier for a strain of flu that hadn’t even surfaced or been identified; a strain that didn’t even exist at the time.

These are just a few examples of how we are set up, terrorized and then subjected to some kind of legislative assault promoted as “keeping us safe, national security or protecting the American people”. 

We need to be very clear about a few things.  Not one of the things mentioned or any of the other numerous assaults on our Constitutional rights, our liberty and freedom, or any of the bills now pending in the House and Senate, or which have passed in the last ten years was intended to do anything except incrementally and systematically reduce us to captives in our own country.  

Each and every bill, law or change to code & title does nothing other than increase and enlarge the power and reach of government while at the same time abrogating our rights and obliterating our Constitution.  No one who has paid any attention to the stage show in the District of Criminals can come away believing that the intentions of these people, is to protect us and make us safe.   They aren’t concerned with our safety; they just threaten us with it if we refuse to comply and submit. And the protection we need is… protection from them.  

As a nation, we are being steadily steered toward a dictatorial government wherein the rights of the people are replaced by “privileges” granted only at the leisure of some bureaucrat and only so long as we pay them a royalty to do so. This did not begin under the

Obama administration; Obama is just in the position of tying up the loose ends on what was begun long ago. 

Currently, it is my belief that as a nation we are in the process of a hostile takeover facilitated by government on behalf of multi-national corporations and world organizations.  At stake is our land, water, food, communications and even the air we breathe.  We have no representation in the District of Criminals; these individuals have sold themselves off to these same hostile entities and are unwilling to act on our behalf.  

The question is: How far will we let this go before we stand up?


November 21st, 2010 by




By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.

November 21, 2010



Since its inception this nation has survived a calamitous civil war, two ominous world wars, the dust bowl, the grinding poverty of a fateful depression, and a series of grievous recessions. The truth is that this Commonwealth survived these events only by the moral fiber of its people, by an unyielding belief in free enterprise, by the individual selflessness that prevailed through perversity, by the industriousness of the people, and – most importantly – by a sustaining and unshakeable belief in the Supreme Being of the Universe in whom the people placed their faith and their earthly and eternal destinies.

Over the course of time the vagaries of successive generations has undergone a metamorphic transition, the previously described sterling character of the people has been replaced with a new morality, ethical codes have changed, and the bounds of propriety have disappeared. Old generations have been replaced with a new generation of doped up, immersed in dumbness, indolent creatures of little initiative, malformed character, and no faith. A generation acclimated to lives of luxury and decadence, indoctrinated in Godless socialism, nurtured in greed and avarice, and grounded in selfishness. All of this is not happenstance, but was rather engineered by the conscienceless elite, illuminati if you will, in an incremental and cunningly patient quest for a one-world arrangement of demonic design.

So skilled in deception were these agents of the dark domain that even the elect were deceived into believing that such changes were normal and acceptable, that they were cyclical events that always presage a return to normalcy, integrity, and resurgent moral soundness. This was, they said, inevitable. The cold, hard, dank truth is that there will be no return to wholeness or wholesomeness. This nation is treading a treacherous seamless linear plain that will inevitably lead to its total destruction.


“Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.” -Isaiah 10:1-2

Much has been made recently of the venality and corruptness of government on all levels. One has to wonder what the catalyst was for such seemingly sudden introspection given the fact that government corruption in these United States has been prevalent and systemic for half a century and longer. I note that just lately the sheep are becoming increasingly restive about the tyrannical machinations of the Transportation Safety Administration and that agency’s intrusion upon the intimate privacy of those who avail themselves of air travel. There seems to be in addition to a prevailing governmental tyranny an increasing voyeuristic predisposition among the personnel of that agency that manifests itself in the fondling of the person, the groping of the genitals, and the glimpsing of the nakedness of hapless passengers. When queried about these aberrational excesses Home Land Security Director, Janet Napolitano said if the public does not like it too bad, they should not fly. I think that she is right; if the flying public would absolutely quit this mode of transportation you can bet that there would be a swift solution to the incursions upon the privacy of those who fly.

Such intrusions and invasions upon intimate and supposedly inviolate privacies are predicated upon – as they always are when the government perpetrates dictatorial excesses – an entirely subjective government position on what is necessary to ensure the public safety. It is in fact about power over individual prerogatives and a mechanism that the various levels of government in this nation have used to effectively subvert and avert the Constitutional guarantees of protection against the nullification of individual rights.

How is it when governments entrap the public with a virtual minefield of traffic light cameras, altered signal light timings, embedded speed strips, mandatory seat belt use and the host of other cute gimmicks that are used to empty the pockets of hapless victims to the tune of millions of dollars that it always about safety?

If such inventiveness in regard to justification fails there is always the law, have you noticed dear reader that whenever government officials are queried in regard to these tyrannical encroachments they will respond with, “It’s the law?” How providential for these that such incursion upon Constitutional rights can be written into the law. The people in this nation have had this corrupted rule of law theme pounded into them ad nauseam.

The rule of law , which was intended by the founders to be connoted upon the Constitution, is now what some activist judge says it is, what some legislative body decrees it to be, and what thousands of unelected unrighteous bureaucrats set out in administrative rulings. The law has, in this nation, has become a tool to enhance unfettered totalitarian rule over the people and as an instrument to enable the curtailment of individual rights.


Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish. -Psalms 146:3-5

In a previous piece I wrote that this nation is soon to go to its grave in the most ignoble collapse since the Roman Empire breathed its last, and that the unwitting instrument of its now inevitable death is the Republican Party. As the nation treads a tortuous path to the end the people cast about wildly for a savior among men. They switch their allegiance from one party to another in desperate hope for deliverance from what they now perceive as an inevitable crash and burn scenario.

During the last few decades the Democrat Party has demonstrated that it is a party of moral weakness, corruption, and social perversion. It is the Democrats who celebrate and endorse communist ideology, and it was the Democrats that initiated the now prevalent internal loathing of the foundations and wonderments of the Republic. This would, on the surface, seem to be a logical argument in favor of the opposition Republican Party, but for the Democrats to have achieved such monumental success in bastardizing and corrupting this nation it was necessary that they have the aid and support of an enabler, and that enabler was the Republican Party.

The Democrats have achieved nearly every inimical social perversion that they have pursued, and they achieved the same by the acquiescence of Republicans who kissed the behinds of their political enemies of the Democrat Party and fawned all over them to the point of embarrassment.

Under that rogue George W. Bush the Republican Party handed the Democrats the biggest political endowment in history, thirty million illiterate aliens who were trained like chimpanzees to pull the lever for Democrats. They may be illiterate but they understood quite clearly that it was Democrats who were willing to bankrupt the nation to provide them with the necessities of life, such as food, schooling, lodging and medical care. The complaisance of the Republican Party in this loose border chicanery and the illegal immigration fiasco was shameful, and remains shameful to this day.

There will be those who write to complain that I have laid the putrid state of the nation solely at the feet of the Republicans, and that by doing so I have been too hard on the darlings. Someone should be hard on them they have frittered away every opportunity to coral the unconstitutional excesses of the Democrats and move this country back to constitutional governance. They have completely alienated the conservative base of their party and taken to their bosom socialistic causes once thought to be the sole province of liberal Democrats.

If the people are waiting for the Republicans to pull them out of the current slide into oblivion they are going to have a long wait, it isn’t going to happen.


Recently a local jeweler, whom I respect, lamented that the spectacular rise in the price of gold was ruinous to his business and seriously jeopardizing his livelihood. He stated that the price of a modest gold ring had appreciated nearly two hundred percent in a relatively short time, thus placing it out of the reach of the middle-income earners of modest means who comprise the majority of his customers. This precipitous rise in the price of precious metals portends financial ruin for him and those like him.

Not concerned about jewelers and the sellers of luxury items, you say. How about your local bakers, butchers, food merchants, hardware merchants, dry goods sellers, and appliance and automobile dealers? Thanks to the Federal Reserve and its weak-minded chairman, Ben Bernanke, along with the Obama Administration’s dim-witted treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, and the fat-cat speculators in commodities and durable goods all of the aforementioned main street dealers in goods and services are in serious jeopardy. The price of gold is simply a leading indicator of a precipitous decline of the dollar in value and purchasing power. Who wants to invest in the future by hoarding bank notes or dollar-bound equivalents of no intrinsic value? Gold they believe is the way to go.

If you have visited the local food merchants lately you will have picked up on the subtle indicators which signal that we are headed for an economic crisis. Even huge chains such as Wal-Mart are having trouble maintaining a perpetual inventory. This can only mean that such interruptions in the flow of commodities and goods are the result of shortages of supply and a vicious international competition for supplies on hands.

In order to cope with the rising costs of materials and the declining value of the dollar the manufacturers of processed foods and periphery grocery items are resorting to chicanery and deceitful pricing practices in regard to their products. Toilet paper and other paper items are shrinking in width, length, and thickness in an attempt to obfuscate price increases. Deceptive innovative packaging that contains smaller quantities at the same price, and inventive pricing gimmicks do not fool discerning customers. The handwriting is on the wall, the dollar is crashing and inflation is on the march.

All of this means that you dear reader may all too soon find yourself in circumstances similar to the Biblical Lazarus and Rich man didacticism delivered by Jesus. If, or when, the complete economic collapse comes you may find yourselves under rich men’s tables begging for scraps. Whether or not they favor you with a tidbit from their ill-gotten largesse will depend entirely upon your slavering acquiescence to their control over your lives and circumstances.

One final thought here before I move on. For those who are hoarding gold and laughing up their sleeves, I hearken them back to the days of the great depression when that old socialist despot Franklin Delano Roosevelt reorganized the banks, confiscated the gold in the hands of the citizens, and devalued the dollar. This was government theft of a monumental dimension and would most certainly be repeated by the despots who rule over us these days.

They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity. -Ezekiel 7:19


Biblical prophecy warns that in the last days – these times – there will be a turn to preponderant immorality of a bestial nature, and that the people will give themselves up to perversions precisely such as those that were pursued and acted on in Sodom and Gomorrah and their surrounding environs. Scripture makes clear that these perversions were taught by demons and that these very despicable and filthy practices will be institutionalized by governing authority and endorsed and sanctified by an apostate church in the latter days.

No one can deny that in this nation and in these days that these predictions have come to pass. Sodomy is pursued with militant aggressiveness. Activist judges – many of them sodomites – unfettered by ethics, scruples, morality or the Constitution are by-passing the people and legislative prerogatives with judicial decrees that are rapidly institutionalizing sodomy.

A majority of the denominational churches now condone, support, and encourage sodomy and the co-occurring spin off of same sex marriage, this even to the point of ordaining sodomite pastors and uniting same sex couples in marriage. That they would pervert the sacrament of marriage and deny the authority of God’s word thusly speaks to the depth of apostasy to which they have descended. Those that use Jesus, the very author of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, as justification for their despicable and impious religious dictums in regard to sodomy have reserved unto themselves the punishment of eternal fire.

”Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.” -Jude 1:11

© 2010 – Jim R. Schwiesow – All Rights Reserved

Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.

E-Mail: jimr@orangecitycomm.net  

Web-Site: www.sheriffjimonline.com


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State National

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This information was provided by Wikipedia until for some unknown reason it was deleted.  The entry explains (and confirms Rod Class research) how our country was transformed from a Constitutional Republic of independent states into a federal corporation.


State National

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Foundational Principles


The premise for the State National is inherent to the Law of Nations and the Principles of Natural Law. Emerich de Vattel noted that every nation that governs itself, under what form so-ever, without dependence on any foreign power, is a sovereign state, its rights are naturally the same as those of any other state. Such are the moral persons who live together in a natural society, subject to the law of nations. To give a nation a right to make an immediate figure in this grand society, it is sufficient that it be really sovereign and independent, that is, that it govern itself by its own authority and laws.[1] The members of a nation carry a nationality of a state/nation, which is considered the international, or external, recognition of a citizen—i.e., the political office or status—as to his or her having belonging to a nation. The country of which they are members are considered to be the state,[2] which refers to estate, or status or condition of the society and its dominion. The lawful dominion of a nation would be considered legitiums principatus (the legitimate owner or principal), from the Latin.



The Law of Nations recognizes that several sovereign and independent states may unite themselves together by a perpetual confederacy, without ceasing to be, each individually, a perfect state. They will together constitute a federal republic: their joint deliberations will not impair the sovereignty of each member, though they may, in certain respects, put some restraint on the exercise of it, in virtue of voluntary engagements. A person, i.e., a citizen—thepolitical status, does not cease to be free and independent, when he is obliged to fulfill engagements which he has voluntarily contracted.[3]


The United States of America



The United States of America is considered a federal republic under the Law of Nations. In essence, the nature of the Constitution for the United States of America is grounded in private international law, which is the nature of a treatyor an international agreement between nations. From its inception, the federal government of the United States of America was created to function as aconstitutionally limited federation state. In practical sense, this contracted state is fundamentally an agent for several states of the American union. Accordingly, the original federal government—i.e., the United States—did not have nationals of its own. Hence, in strict sense, a federation state is neither a country nor a nation but is simply a contractually created entity functioning as a corporate agent in certain capacities for the benefit of its creator(s). Due to the international nature of its existence, the United States appears to be a country and a nation but only in its external sense in regard to constitutionally specified relations it maintains with other nations or federation states. In such regard, Justice Marshall of the Supreme Court of the United States had noted that:

  • “The United States of America are a corporation endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive property.” [4]

Thus, the make-up of this of federal republic system, known as the United States of America, is a corporation—under the principles of a corporate body politic, over being a nation/state or government—in regard to the principles of being a government body politic.[5] The latter body politic conforms to the principles of the Law of Nations and the Principles of Natural Law in regard to a people.



As to the principles of the Law of Nations, the State National is to be considered an inherent status that is attached to each state/nation in the Union.[6] Prior to the War Between the States and its Reconstruction Acts and Reconstruction Amendments, there was absence of a status entitled “citizen and/or national of the United States” as defined by statute. Generally, before that time, a citizen of the United States meant that such people were a citizen and national of one of the countries within the federal republic known as the United States of America.[7] In adopting the principles of the Law of Nations and the natural law which is attached to it, the American system of law reflected in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Edition, denotes that country means “the state of which one is a member.” The reference further goes on to illustrate the rules of jus sanguinis and jus soli by setting forth that “Every man’s country is in general the state in which he happens to have been born.”Such reference denotes the nationality of the child being dependent on the condition of the father in regard to the nationality of his father.



On July 9, 1868 it is chronicled that the United States implemented the Fourteenth Amendment creating and defining for the first time in American history the person known as a citizen of the United States:

  • “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

Prior to the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, and embodied in theTenth Article in Amendment, the federal government (specifically Congress) could not interfere with the people (representatives) of the American republics/countries. After its implementation,[8] men and women are considered to have dual citizenship, United States citizenship as a primary citizenship, and state citizenship (de facto) as a secondary citizenship. Due to the fact that the United States is a corporate body and not a bona fide nation under the Law of Nations and the Principles of Natural Law, this new status creates the legal entity known as citizen of the United States.[9]

Now, in further exploration of the language found in the Fourteenth Amendment:

  • “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States…”

The wording of privileges and immunities upon citizens of the United States of the Fourteenth Amendment differs from the privileges and immunities clause in the body of the Constitution. Consequently citizens of the United States are legally not entitled to constitutionally enumerated rights due to the fact that they have been voluntarily relinquished. This is a critical element in the distinction between anational of one of the several states and a citizen and national of the United States. The latter which maintains privileges and immunitiesthat are granted, and therefore by definition can be revoked, while the former maintains rights and immunities that are unalienable, and wherefore protected by the Constitution for the United States of America. Therefore, back in reference to the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, it is also of importance that subjugation to jurisdiction is voluntarily and accomplished through the acceptance of benefit through contracte.g., registering to vote and voting, running for any elected office, working for state or federal government, joining the armed forces, registering a child’s birth by certificate, and obtaining a Social Security Number (which includes maintaining bank accounts and credit cards with such number), licenses, welfare and food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc. It can therefore be concluded that individuals who accept these benefits are by default—as evidenced by their overt actions—are acting in rebellion[10] against the system of government provided under natural law.

The question as to why American nationality was introduced and aggressively promoted by certain factions over state nationality after the War deserves consideration:

  • In the years immediately preceding the War Between the States, Northern countries held significant economic advantages while Southern countries possessed superior agricultural land and productivity output by virtue of their larger, low cost, slave population. Historians and scholars opine, therefore, that economic opportunity may have motivated a Northern invasion of the Southern countries (there is no evidence suggesting Southern countries invaded Northern countries and only the opposite has ever been established).
  • Other researchers prefer the argument that Northern countries fought to end slavery. Unfortunately, slavery was common in the North, just not as economically viable as in the agricultural South. In fact the border states remained slave states after the war had ceased. Notwithstanding that the settled research and chronology of fact establishes that the slavery issue was introduced in to the political discourse nearing the end of the war, and subsequently not a justification for it.
  • Lastly, a popular theory for explaining the war rests with the study of Southern countries secession from the Union. However, the original constitutional government for the United States was a voluntary creation of the several states and contractually provides for peaceful secession.

Given the disparity of thought for war justification and general lack of consensus for its implementation, it is practical to look at the issue from the top down instead of the bottom up.

  • Bottom up: conditions in an otherwise civilized coalition of independent countries deteriorated in to an aggressive invasion, total war and the deaths of millions.
  • Top down: there was a post-war desired outcome so the specific reasons for invasion, battles and war are of secondary, and debatable, importance.

Judging by the punitive nature of congressional acts commonly referred to as Reconstruction Law and Reconstruction Amendments enacted pursuant to the War (punitive in the sense of deteriorating individual liberties, restrictions upon individuals, and congressional jurisdiction over formerly free men), it is conceivable that much was pre-written before the war including pre-planned objectives. Evidence of this can be no clearer than the “conversion” from state nationals—with their unalienable rights (as protected by the Constitution)—into the de facto citizens of the United States—with their privileges and immunities (as established herein)—within the Fourteenth Amendment. Moreover, it should be noted that the usurpation of the lawful governmental system of natural law is found in state constitutions where primary allegiance to the United States is mandatory.[11]



The term State National—in reference to the American union of states—is used to describe the status of a man or a woman who formally rejects the federal citizenship of the United States, its benefits and disabilities and required political allegiance. Such people assume the rightful status of a national of their nation (commonly referred to asstate in American vernacular) of domicile. Such people have been politically disenfranchised[12] and wherefore maintain their peaceful existence in private societies. The operative distinction is that of nationality by lawful right (de jure) verses nationality of fact (de facto) voluntarily accepted in a political contract. There are relatively few de jure nationals in America due to the fact that most Americans have opted to be citizens and nationals of the United States and contract into its privileges, immunities, and liabilities; by operation of law, such people are considered to be in rebellion and are legal entities over being men and women under the principles of natural law.



Nationality is a guaranteed natural right by virtue of International lawand the Law of Nations. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Edition, defines nationality as:

  • “The state of a person in relation to the nation in which he was born. A man retains his nationality of origin during his minority, but, as in the case of his domicile of origin, he may change his nationality upon attaining full age; he cannot, however, renounce his allegiance without permission of the government.”

It is understandable, therefore, that the United States Congress had to make the new federal nationality and citizenship a voluntary political choice in order not to infringe upon the natural rights of men and women and consequently in 1868 enacted Public Law 15 United States Statutes at Large, Chapter 249, Pages 223-224 (image herein noted). Interestingly, this declaration by Congress was put in place the day before implementation of the Fourteenth Amendment; therefore providing Congress effective cover respecting the guaranteed right of nationality on the eve of the introduction of ITS own brand of corporatebased citizenship and nationality as regulated by the Law of Persons.[13]By the language noted in the Preamble of this Act, it is obvious that the intent of Congress was to strip the allegiance of the citizens/nationals of the several states by preying on their ignorance via operation of law: the 14th Amendment.

The State National in America today understands the nature of events culminating in hundreds of millions of men and women for over 140 years volunteering for citizenship status in a de facto governmental system, and in rebellion against their de jure political rights and lawful system of law. A practical historic reference can be found in history inRoman Civil Law. The poignant, yet unfortunate, irony of the matter is conscientious small-government groups whose quest for freedom, liberty and justice is hampered by their own voluntary insertion in to thede facto body politic wherein they themselves are prima facie insurgentsin rebellion of the de jure bodies politic who can assure and protect the very liberties they seek.



Notwithstanding its successful procurement of citizens by virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment, the federal government continues to recognize the State National status.[14] Title 8 of the United States Code (USC) codifies the constitutionally recognized status under “Aliens and Nationality”, which is quasi-public law.[15] The definitions of of Title 8 (Chapter 12, Section 1101) defines a “national” as a person owing permanent allegiance to a state;[16] and further goes on to define that an “alien” is any person not a citizen or national of the United States,[17]which establishes that one is foreign to the political system (under the Fourteenth Amendment).[18] Furthermore, the U.S. Government Printing Office lists the distinct nationalities of the states in Chapter 5.22-5.23 on page 93: Nationalities, etc. Chapter 5.23 shows forms to be used for nouns and adjectives denoting the nationalities of the several states of the Union:[19]

  • “In designating the natives of the States, the following forms will be used: Alabamian, Alaskan, Arizonan, Arkansan, Californian,” and so on.

In contrast to the de jure nationality, the de facto nationality can be found at Title 8 USC §1101(a)(22) – the term “national of the United States” means: (A) a citizen of the United States, or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States. Accordingly, such references establish the distinctions between a State National and a national of the United States within Title 8 of the United States Code.



Finally we are to consider the concepts of genocide and of cultural genocide representing the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. Although it cannot be contested that national, political and cultural groups formerly known as nationals of the several states have been systematically exterminated (or nearly), one should independently research the political climate in the District of Columbia (1850-1860) to fully understand the federal government’s appetite for consolidation of power, control over its creator(s) and their resources, and the surreptitious influence thereupon by a stealthy influential nonAmerican force.





  • In reference to the use of “perpetual” in regard to a federal republic by Vattel, the word had this meaning: PERPETUAL. That which is to last without limitation as to time; as, a perpetual statute, which is one without limit as to time, although not expressed to be so (Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856). Wherefore, in law it does not mean forever, per se, but means without a specified end to the relationship of the union of nations.
  • It should be noted that prior to the 14th Amendment, the term “alien” meant a person that was not a citizen/national of one of the several states in reference to the federal system. The term in question has appeared in state constitutions (Wisconsin, Bill of Rights, Article I, §15) for property ownership, but was never defined to have meaning in regard to each state being foreign to each other, i.e., someone being an alien from another state in the Union.


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SILVER AT $400.00 ???

November 19th, 2010 by




With Comex increasing margin requirements for a second time so quickly, King World News interviewed James Turk today from Spain. 

Turk commented, “This may explain why Comex is raising margins a second time so quickly, they aim to put more pressure on the buyers.  Obviously the Comex is trying to put more pressure on market participants by forcing them to liquidate their longs.”

“Eric, here we are at $25.50 which is the price that was identified by your London source last week.  So they painted the tape, but the Comex open interest shows that they haven’t driven out any buyers which is very surprising.  Normally you would expect to see some longs liquidating on any pullback like the one that we have seen over the past few days, but that hasn’t happened this time around.

The buying pressure in the physical market remains, we are starting to see the industrial buyers coming back in to secure supply.  My guess Eric is that the industrial users will be there on any price dip like we have had at present.  Up to this point we haven’t seen the boomerang effect that I have been anticipating but I am still expecting a sharp snap back in prices.

As we pointed out in the piece which had Mark Lundeen’s illustration in it, gold is dramatically undervalued and this can only result in much, much higher prices over time.  I would just add that I expect the gold/silver ratio to decline over time to under 20 to 1, so silver will be exploding along with the price of gold.

As you know Eric I have been projecting gold to hit $8,000 by 2013 to 2015, so that would equate to silver hitting $400, and that is well within the realm of possibility as silver reverts back to its historical mean.”

This is what happens in bull markets, prices climb to levels that previously seemed unimaginable.



James Turk – Kamikaze Attacks in the Silver Market

With gold and silver in retreat, King World News interviewed James Turk out of Spain. When asked about silver specifically James said,

“They are not dislodging physical silver by running the paper market down. In fact the silver market is getting tighter and tighter. That’s why I am perplexed at why they are trying to run this paper market lower. If they want to get physical silver they are going to have to take the price higher, not lower.”

“I’ve not seen this kind of tightness in the silver market before and you know that I have been talking about how tight the physical market has been these past few months.”

James, is this sort of like the kamikazes flying into aircraft carriers at the end of the war?

“That’s it exactly.  There is no other logical answer.  What we’re seeing now is exactly what your source out of London said would happen and where the source said the Asians would be aggressively buying.  It’s actually sort of good to have the script ahead of time from your London source. 

Maybe what we are seeing here is the silver shorts trying to make a few bucks in the paper market by dislodging the weak longs.  Liquidity is at its lowest point of the week late on Friday.

From all indications there is going to be a major boomerang effect, and everybody who has been scrambling in the physical market is going to become even more aggressive trying to find and then buy physical metal at these low prices. 

So the shorts who are selling here are playing with fire because if they are called on to deliver, they are going to have a herculean task trying to find physical metal.

Regarding gold, the important thing to remember is that we are still in an uptrend.  The 21 day moving average has not been broken and gold is resting back at key support in the $1,360’s.  The same thing applies for silver, the 21 day moving average is at $25 so it is still above strong support.”

Well there you have it, James Turk has tremendous connections in the physical market and it is extremely tight.


James Turk – Delta-Hedging to Cause

Gold Price to Explode


With gold and silver taking off to the upside, King World News interviewed James Turk today out of Spain.  Turk commented, “What we are seeing right now is the breaking apart of the gold cartel.  They are losing control of the market just like they did back in the late 1960’s when gold began trading above $35 in the cash market in London, even though the price was still officially fixed at $35.  The market was simply saying, we just don’t believe this $35 price anymore.”

 “The same principle applies today.  The same group that is trying to hold the price down is being overrun just like they were in the late 1960’s.   Normally you would expect the gold market to fade into next week’s options expiry.  The fact that we are so strong today is an indication that the shorts are being overwhelmed and I am looking for higher prices as a result.

This could be explosive over the next few days if the shorts have to start buying because of delta-hedging on the calls that they have written.  In other words, the more the price of gold rises, the more they have to buy.  This can be a vicious cycle that feeds upon itself causing prices to explode.

I like Pierre Lassonde’s observation in his new audio interview on King World News that gold is going significantly higher because of all of the money printing around the globe.  Eric, Pierre is laying out the big picture as to why gold is going much higher in the years ahead.

Silver is up a dollar from yesterday which is a good indication that this market is different from what we have seen all decade long.  It’s like we discussed the other day, lower prices just increase the demand for physical silver.  The amazing thing is that we are seeing this even in the paper market.  Open interest on the Comex is growing, so if any longs were shaken out, new buyers came in to replace them.  What that does is put the silver shorts in an impossible position because now they are trapped short.”

What Turk is saying is the the gold cartel is on the verge of suffering a major defeat in the gold war.  With regards to silver, let’s just say they have been defeated and are now in the process of a full retreat.



To hear Pierre Lassonde’s latest interview



Eric King


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Silver Still the Investment Of A Lifetime

November 18th, 2010 by


By Giordano Bruno

Neithercorp Press – 11/12/2010

Silver is the common man’s currency. It always has been, and it always will be. While gold holds its place in history as the great stabilizer of economies and the shield against hyperinflation, its shine and its safety should not distract us from its brother, silver, whose uses are numerous and whose value is often more attainable for those seeking a solid investment outside of precarious paper securities.

Gold’s unprecedented upsurge in price the past year alone is now becoming the stuff of legend, and it is also something we at Neithercorp have been predicting for a while now:



The mainstream media attacks on precious metals were so extreme last year that they began to border on the bizarre. The “cult of fiat” was relentless in their attempts to slander gold investors and it seemed as though no matter how well the yellow stuff did, or how dismal the dollar’s performance was, they would never get tired of the disinformation game. Fast forward a year later, however, and they have been utterly silenced. What a difference twelve short months can make…

As I write this, gold is holding after a spectacular drive at around $1390, which is in line with my prediction of $1350 to $1450 by winter 2010, and on track to meet my prediction of $1500 by the beginning of next year. We’ll have to wait and see, but what seemed absolutely out of reach during this summer is now looking rather simple to achieve today. Of course, silver has been a bit harder to put a finger on, and there are many unfortunate reasons for this.

The silver market was wholly dominated for at least two decades by only a few corporate banks, but primarily through the infamous JP Morgan and the HSBC. Using coordinated naked short selling and massive amounts of capital, they have been able to knock silver down every time its value fell below a certain ratio to gold; usually 60:1. Only recently has that ratio moved slightly closer to the true wealth of silver. The historical average ranges between 16-33 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold.

These banks have also been issuing paper silver securities, usually in the form of ETF’s, which have no REAL silver backing them. These securities give investors the illusion that there is too much silver on the market, and not enough buyers. This causes devaluation in the metal.

Gold has suffered from the same manipulation in the past, but the silver market is even more tightly controlled, at least, until this year…

In November of 2009, a metals trader in London by the name of Andrew Maguire contacted the CFTC with inside information that JP Morgan Chase Bank was deliberately interfering with the silver market on an enormous scale. He not only told the CFTC how the bankers were doing it, he PREDICTED when they would do it again! Maguire gave two days advanced warning that JP Morgan would attack silver on Feb 5, 2010. The market played out exactly as he said it would:


The bankers were now caught red handed. The market could only go up from there….

Indeed, silver is now holding at around $27 an ounce, up from less than $10 an ounce two years ago, closing in on a 300% gain. If you bought silver in 2008 as I did, then you’ve made out incredibly well in a very minimal time span. But what about people who were afraid to dive into the market back then, or who just weren’t aware of silver as an investment at all? Have they missed out? Is the $30 mark as good as it gets? I believe that silver still has a long way to go before it peaks, and room yet for millions of new buyers who are in need of a safe haven against the imploding dollar but don’t have the finances to purchase gold. Here’s why…

Bank Fraud Exposure Hitting Mainstream

The Andrew Maguire incident was just the beginning and the event acted as a springboard. Both JP Morgan and HSBC are now under investigation for silver manipulation pending a lawsuit filed in New York. The suit accuses the banks of using their 85% commercial net short position in the silver market to control its value on the COMEX:

CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton has announced his belief that there is, in fact, manipulation of the silver market. In his statement he said:

“I believe that there have been repeated attempts to influence prices in the silver markets. There have been fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control that price. Based on what I have been told by members of the public, and reviewed in publicly available documents, I believe violations to the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) have taken place in silver markets and that any such violation of the law in this regard should be prosecuted.”

This is an extremely rare admission by the CFTC, which has for many years ignored all complaints and evidence pointing to bank interference in precious metals.

The Department of Justice has also launched a parallel probe into criminal wrongdoing on the part of JP Morgan (though I doubt much good will come out of the DOJ):

The bottom line is that the corruption in silver trade has been brought into the light of day, which means banks will have to, at the very least, back away from their activities to a point, which will allow PM’s to grow according to free market fundamentals, instead of global banking whims. This explains why silver has jumped to $27 an ounce so quickly, but it also signals the possibility of even greater gains in the near future, especially in light of QE2 and the weakening dollar.

Silver Supply Declining

Just as with gold, silver availability, from mining to inventories, is in decline. This would not be so much of a catalyst if demand remained at levels similar to a decade ago. That is not the case. Demand is skyrocketing.

In June, the U.S. Mint announced it had run out of silver bullion blanks for the production of coins like the American Eagle:


While COMEX silver inventories continue to decline because of constant customer withdrawals of physical bullion:

Mining in many areas is also beginning to fall, including in Peru, a major source of metals like copper, gold, and, of course, silver:

On top of all this, silver is used in the making of many industrial and consumer products, including electronics, photography, batteries, and engine components. This puts an extra strain on silver supplies that is not felt as prominently with gold. Meaning, the ability of silver to outperform gold in terms of demand and investment potential is very high.

Dollar On Its Last Leg

The private Federal Reserve has been injecting fiat into our financial system for quite some time. The acceleration in 2008 heralded a new stage, however, in the devaluation of the dollar. Contrary to popular belief, the bailouts and quantitative easing implemented that year never actually ended. The bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for instance, have continued non-stop every quarter since the mortgage crisis unfolded. Without a full audit of the Fed’s accounts, there is no way of telling how much money has been created out of thin air. We do know that it is enough to drive foreign investors and central banks out of the dollar and into gold and silver en masse:

The announcement of QE2 has compounded the precious metals issue (not because the Fed is creating more fiat, they were already doing that unhindered). No, it is because the Fed signaled to the world OPENLY that they were about to deliberately devalue the Greenback, instead of just doing it under the radar. They erased any delusions left in the investment world had that they would try to protect the stability of our currency. As a result, the dollar index has dropped like a rock into the recesses of some distant Grand Canyon, while PM’s have spiked.

As gold climbs into the $1500 range, the effect on silver will be evident. Gold will be less and less attainable by average people with lower incomes, but these same people will still be exposed to dollar devaluation, and the need for a hedge against inflation; enter silver.

I believe silver will become the single most important investment of our age, filling the void in the wage gap gold leaves behind. As gold shoots into the stratosphere, it will be silver that people turn to most for smaller investment needs, which means much higher demand and much greater returns for those who are smart enough to buy now. $27 an ounce is incredibly affordable, especially when considering that the metal has the potential to reach $75-$100 an ounce in the next two years (and that is a conservative estimate).

There is little doubt that the dollar plunge will continue to drive people towards PM’s. While Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner have both made claims pre-G20 that QE2 is not a move to devalue, the rest of the world is unconvinced. Reuters recently called the meeting in Seoul, Korea “G19 plus 1”, as foreign nations become infuriated with the Federal Reserve’s actions:


Even Alan Greenspan has come out in opposition to QE2, saying it is a dangerous act of devaluation:


Now, why is Greenspan of all people suddenly coming out against blasting the financial system with fiat? It’s hard to say. We have written here often at Neithercorp about the deliberate destabilization of the American economy in order to remove the dollar as the world reserve currency and replace it with the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (the SDR). We have also written about the possibility that the IMF will attempt to insinuate itself into the U.S. system as a “savior”, implementing supranational control over our fiscal infrastructure, just as it is trying to do in Ireland today:

It is perhaps possible that the Fed itself (the institution, not the people who run it) may one day be offered up to Americans as a sacrificial proxy to be torn down as the lone culprit of global collapse, only to then be replaced with the IMF (which is worse, because they don’t even live in this country). In any case, the dollar is going for a ride into the backwaters of historical infamy, and it will take us all with it if we do not protect ourselves from its demise. Gold, and most especially silver, give us the power to do this.

The Return Of Real Money

While many people in the Liberty Movement are preparing diligently for the inevitable dollar plunge, some have still not delved into the world of PM’s, either because they are afraid it will be too complicated, or because they feel it is unnecessary. Obviously, survival goods are absolutely imperative, along with a solid plan for keeping one’s self and his family safe. However, the need for an alternative economic outlet to take the place of the failing dollar should not be overlooked, even by the average prepper. A system of barter is a tremendous starting point for such an alternative, but eventually, expanded trade also requires some form of currency. Preferably, one based on a tangible commodity that can’t be recreated to infinity. Precious metals have fulfilled this role for thousands of years, outliving every fiat currency ever printed. Of these metals, silver was always the one most commonly used.

Beans and bullets aside, Americans need a way to protect their savings from what is coming, as well as a way to support a replacement market outside of elitist control. There is a reason why central banks across the globe are stocking up on PM’s; because they know full well that the dollar’s days are numbered, and they plan to capitalize on its death. If the banks are allowed to dominate the supply of PM’s, simply because only a few people had the good sense to stock them while they were readily available, then our options for a free economy grow that much slimmer.

There will always be dips, corrections, and fluctuations in metals, and this should not deter us psychologically from their ultimate benefits. Every citizen of this country can and should purchase at least some insurance against hyperinflation and monetary catastrophe, and the most affordable insurance with the greatest potential today is physical silver, bar none.

You can contact Giordano Bruno atgiordano@neithercorp.us

The Purpose Behind The Engineered Economic Collapse

November 17th, 2010 by


 Neithercorp Press – 08/17/2010

By Giordano Bruno


  1. The economy is too complex to be controlled by just a handful of people…
  2. Yes, international banks triggered the meltdown, but the “greed of Capitalism” is truly to blame (i.e. Its all the Republican Party’s fault)…
  3. Global banks would never engineer the collapse of the U.S. economy or the Dollar. It makes them too much money…
  4. China would never dump U.S. Treasuries because it would hurt them as much as it hurts us…
  5. Sure, bankers took advantage, but it’s really the American people’s fault for getting suckered…
  6. Ok, maybe the banks are causing a collapse, but to say the government is helping them is just crazy conspiracy theory…


“From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” — Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913

Everyone loves money. Even people like myself who abhors the abuse of money and commerce, who understand the fraudulent nature of the system we live in, still work hard and save so that we might attain a sense of stability within that system. Many people see money as a focal point to their existence. But is it really money that they are after, or is it something else entirely? In truth, money represents ‘security’ in the minds of the masses. Money affords us the ability to survive, and the more of it we have, the safer we all feel. Because we subconsciously associate the extension of our very life with the variable health of the economic structure in which we live, we tend to become unwitting devotees to its continued existence, even if it is corrupt and condemned to failure. We gullibly deny the system or the currency that supports it is doomed to the contrary of all evidence because, even though it has beaten us bloody, we have never known anything else.

In light of this entrenched way of perceiving things, especially in the U.S., it is difficult enough to convince some people that the economy is in fact not providing the security they desire, but is actually destroying their future completely. To explain to them that this is deliberate, that the economy is designed to self-destruct, that is another prospect altogether.

Many people hit a proverbial wall on this issue because they simply cannot fathom that certain groups of men (globalists and central bankers) view money and economy in completely different terms than they do. The average American lives within a tiny box when it comes to the mechanics and motivations of finance. They think that their monetary desires and drives are exactly the same as a globalist’s. But, what they don’t realize is that the box they think in was BUILT by globalists. This is why the actions of big banks and the decisions of our mostly corporate establishment run government seem so insane in the face of common sense. We try to rationalize their behavior as “idiocy”, but the reality is that their goals are highly deliberate and so far outside what we have been taught to expect that some of us lack a point of reference. If you cannot see the endgame, you will not understand the steps taken to reach it until it is too late.

In the past we have covered numerous instances in which global bankers have admitted to fraud on a massive scale, fraud which is now crushing our already fragile economy. We have covered the private Federal Reserve and how it knowingly facilitated the creation of the housing bubble, as well as how it is now inflating a Treasury bubble which is soon to implode. We have covered Goldman Sachs and its efforts to promote and sell toxic derivatives all over the world while at the same time betting against those derivatives on the open market. We have covered the manipulation of gold and silver markets by companies like JP Morgan, which have recently been exposed by whistleblowers and GATA investigations. And, most importantly, we have executed in-depth analysis on the growing weakness of the U.S. dollar in preparation for severe currency devaluation. These revelations raise questions, which is natural, but they also elicit misconceptions and reckless knee-jerk reactions, especially when broaching the fact that the illegal strategies of international banks are part of a greater agenda.

Below, we will examine some of the most common narrow minded responses to the issue of engineered economic collapse, as well as why people think the way they do when the “semi-sacred” subject of money is involved…

1. The economy is too complex to be controlled by just a handful of people…

This response often comes from people who make presumptions on economics, rather than actually educating themselves on how the system works. From the outside looking in, the world of finance appears chaotic; a mixture of mathematical and legal standards swirling in a void of mass psychology. Many Americans are either frightened off by the seemingly complicated field of study, or they find it rather boring and not worth their time. This, however, does not stop them from assuming that they know how money works.

The problem is that just because a person participates in his economy daily, it does not mean he has any understanding of how it operates. Many watch television on a daily basis, but few have any idea how the picture actually gets onto the screen, or how to fix a television once it is broken. Sadly, our egocentric culture has led a substantial portion of the public to imagine that they are experts on EVERYTHING, and thus, true researchers in the fields of economics and globalism get reactions like the one above constantly.

At bottom, once all the quasi-technical biz-babble used by mainstream talking heads is removed from the equation, economics is rather simple. Supply and Demand will always be at the center of any and every economy, regardless of the political atmosphere it exists in. These two fundamental factors can be manipulated to a point, by the creation of artificial supply, or the conjuring of false demand. This is achieved in many ways by global bankers, but primarily through domination of the issuance of currency, the ability to change interest rates at will, as well as the ability to inject or remove incredible sums of money from any market.

A perfect example is the suppression of silver prices by JP Morgan:


Gold and silver represent competing currencies to the fiat dollars created by the Federal Reserve, and suppressing the value of these commodities helps to ensure that the public will never see them as a viable alternative to paper assets. JP Morgan, who along with other international banks has the ability to throw around massive quantities of capital wherever they please, suppresses the value of physical silver by issuing paper securities for silver that doesn’t actually exist (creating an artificially high supply), and naked short selling silver markets to drive them lower (creating the false impression of low demand).

Another good example of economic manipulation is the private Federal Reserve’s strategy during the 90’s under Alan Greenspan to artificially lower interest rates, allowing banks to issue credit at historical levels for over a decade. Linked below is an article from Ron Paul’s ‘Texas Straight Talk’ dated March, 2007, before the housing market even began its full swan-dive. In it, he discusses the Federal Reserve’s direct role in the creation of the housing bubble:


Men like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, and many others were able to predict long before hand that the Federal Reserve’s actions were creating an explosive mortgage and credit bubble, yet, we are supposed to believe that the Federal Reserve had “no idea” that their actions would result in a debt implosion?

Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Commissioner of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under the first Bush Administration stated conversely that the mortgage bubble was absolutely not an accident, and that she had witnessed outright and deliberate fraud on the part of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve Bank in creating the bubble. The fact that disturbed her most, however, was her discovery that only a small handful of international banks were responsible for the perpetuation of toxic mortgage debt, not just in America, but around the world:


Goldman Sachs (one of the primary globalist banks involved in the igniting of the debt crisis) was caught red-handed selling toxic derivatives to investors and governments all over the planet while at the same time betting against those derivatives on the market. Goldman even bet against mortgage securities the bank itself created!


This is sort of similar to a car maker selling vehicles without brake lines, then placing bets that their clients will crash and burn. Essentially, it is blatant and sociopathic fraud! Goldman’s actions directly contributed to credit collapses in numerous countries, including Greece, and here in the U.S.

The idea that global banks can turn the economy on and off like a light switch may be a stretch, but the vast majority of evidence shows that they do have the ability to shift the direction of markets to a point, as well as the ability to spur the growth of bubbles that eventually lead to recessions, depressions, and beyond. In fact, if one examines the U.S. economy from the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, they would find that the past century has been nothing but a series of engineered equity bubbles designed to slowly hobble, but not completely cripple, our financial system and our currency, at least, until recently. Like a steam locomotive on a collision course with a bottomless canyon, globalist banks can slow or speed up the pace of our descent, but the final destination never changes.

Now that we have established that market collapses can be created by a small handful of bankers and done knowingly, lets move on to the next most common sheeple-like talking point.

2. Yes, international banks triggered the meltdown, but the “greed of Capitalism” is truly to blame (i.e. Its all the Republican Party’s fault)…

First off, if you’re parroting the fiscal debate points of two dimensional socialist gatekeepers like Michael Moore, then you’re already hopelessly lost in the mind warping hedge maze of the false left/right paradigm. You should stay as far away as possible from adult conversions on economics, especially if you plan on associating the “greed” of capitalism and corporatism with the Republican Party alone.

News Flash! Barack Obama received far more in corporate campaign donations (including donations from BP and Exxon) than McCain did. Both Bush Jr. and Obama increased government spending to record levels meaning Neo-Conservatives are in no way “conservative” (as a true Republican is supposed to be). Obama has consistently surrounded himself with banksters and corporate lobbyists, including various hobgoblins from the bowels of Goldman Sachs. BOTH major parties are owned and operated by global banks. This is a cold hard undeniable truth of our political system. There is no way around it. Learn it, accept it as reality, and stop trying to blame one side or the other for problems that both sides created! If you cannot do this, your view of our cultural state of affairs will always be horribly skewed and your insights on our social problems will be utterly worthless.

While wannabe socialists desperately clamor to point fingers at the free market ideology as the cause of all our ills, the fact is that none of us have ever lived in a truly free market system. Since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all markets and even our own currency have become more and more vulnerable to manipulation by the banking elite. We have lived our entire lives in a rigged market, not a free market. To blame the very concept of Capitalism for our current dire circumstances is not only naïve, it is dangerous. Globalists would like nothing better than to promote the illusion that “too much freedom” led us to this disaster, and that severe controls must be put into place to ensure that it “never happens again”.

3. Global banks would never engineer the collapse of the U.S. economy or the Dollar. It makes them too much money…

This often heard song and dance ties in with the number two comment above. Again, the assumption is that the globalists only do what they do out of an “uncontrollable greed for money”. This perpetuates a couple fallacies. First, it encourages the false belief that the end concern for the Elite is the accumulation of riches. Central bankers have the ability to PRINT all the money they want from thin air! Remember, the Federal Reserve has never been subjected to a full audit, meaning they could easily create billions if not trillions without any oversight whatsoever. Greed for money, to them, is surely an absurd notion. What they do want, more than anything else, is social power. They want control over every living human being without question. All other concerns are secondary.

The next fallacy underlying the above argument is the conjecture that the U.S. economy is somehow indispensable to global banks. This is simply not so. Where we see the economy as an extension of our culture and ourselves, the Elites see financial systems as mere tools in the pursuit of a greater goal: World Government. Imagine you are building a house. Once your saw has fulfilled its intended role of cutting the wood, do you cling to it, or do you throw it aside and pick up a hammer? This is how globalists look at financial systems. They are perfectly willing to cast off the U.S. economy like a snake shedding skin if it brings them closer to attaining their ultimate aim.

The same goes for the Dollar. The Greenback may be the premier world reserve currency now, but that can and likely will change very quickly over the next couple years. The Dollar is a device that has outlived its usefulness as far as global bankers are concerned. The IMF has on several occasions made it clear that they eventually intend for the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) to replace the Dollar as the world reserve currency, and they have openly admitted that it will one day be established as a global currency. IMF press releases make this development sound far off and away, but SDR accumulations by countries around the world have risen dramatically in the past year. This along with other factors we will cover (namely China’s preparations to dump their U.S. T-bond holdings) show that IMF actions indicate they are preparing for a collapse of the Dollar now!

4. China would never dump U.S. Treasuries because it would hurt them as much as it hurts us…

The theory that China is somehow fused to the U.S. in a kind of symbiotic seesaw relationship that can never be broken is so ingrained among mainstream American financial analysts it simply will not die, regardless of how much contradictory evidence you show them. It really is like a mental disease which causes MSM pundits to go into involuntary Tourettic convulsions every time you mention the words “Treasury bond dump”. America and China are not conjoined twins, and one can survive without the other. We have covered the China issue over and over again, and I will not rehash all that evidence here. To lay it out simply: China has re-engineered its economy towards consumption and importation rather than relying on exports. The IMF has talked about this on many occasions with apparent excitement:


China has also finalized the ASEAN trading bloc which has combined export markets at least equal to that of the U.S. Meaning, China already has another place to send its exports besides America.

Most importantly, China must increase their currency’s value if their new consumer based system is to survive. Allowing the Yuan to rise sharply in value will revitalize the buying power of the Chinese populace making greater consumption possible. Indeed, China MUST dump their Treasury holdings and pump up the Yuan if they are to hold their economy together. And, the Federal Reserve has given China every reason to turn its back on Treasuries through never ending liquidity injections. This is not to say that a U.S. collapse will not affect them, it would negatively affect the entire world. However, China has positioned itself to survive, and perhaps even thrive with their economic expansions into Africa, and their new financial agreements with Germany.

Finally, the Chinese have been very forthcoming over the past week about plans to drop Treasuries. China has dumped over 7.7% of their U.S. T-Bond holdings since January, including the biggest T-bond dump on record this month. They have openly admitted to a plan to diversify away from the Dollar:


I’m always fascinated by those economists who vehemently deny China will ever turn away from the U.S. Dollar while they are doing so right in plain view. Are MSM analysts simply crazy? I don’t know, but it would explain a lot…

5. Sure, bankers took advantage, but it’s really the American people’s fault for getting suckered…

Yes, a sizable portion of the American public can be gut wrenchingly stupid. It hurts my head and my feelings to see people act so idiotic, it really does. The problem with this argument though is that when it is taken too far it becomes an attempt to divert blame away from the criminals and place it on the victims. If you knowingly leave your front door unlocked in a bad neighborhood and you find your home ransacked the next day, then you are partly responsible. But, we cannot forget that the neighborhood is “bad” in the first place because of the criminals, not the people who don’t lock their doors.

Just because global banks can sucker the public doesn’t mean they should, or that they cannot be judged for it. The crime ultimately rests on those men who made the conscious effort to destroy this country, and the blame rests with them as well. I see the attempt to parlay the economic collapse into the lap of the American people very often lately, especially from bankers who now claim that it’s the American public’s fault entirely. Why? Because they will not spend more, they will not take on more debt, they will not take on more risk, and they will not believe hard enough in the recovery that never was. Imagine a serial rapist behind a podium admonishing women for carrying pepper spray. It’s eerily similar…

6. Ok, maybe the banks are causing a collapse, but to say the government is helping them is just crazy conspiracy theory…

Why is it that the Federal Reserve has never been fully audited? Why is it that when Ron Paul tried to pass HR 1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Bill, it was muddled in committees and then eventually derailed? Why is it that banks like Goldman Sachs have been caught, yes caught, setting the stage for an economic implosion in this country, yet no government indictments have been formed to criminally prosecute them? Why are these men still roaming free like locusts to continue pillaging at will? Are we supposed to feel lucky that we get table scraps like Bernie Madoff behind bars while the Federal Reserve commits Ponzi fraud on a scale that dwarfs his?

Our government, both major parties, is owned lock stock and barrel. This is why there are no satisfactory answers for the questions posed above. Elements of the U.S. Government including almost every president since 1912 have not only turned a blind eye to Globalist activities, they have offered their full support to the bankers.

Nixon removed the Dollar from the gold standard in 1971 giving the Fed free reign to print as much fiat as they wished without limitations. In 1980 the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act was passed placing all banks essentially under the rules of the Federal Reserve. The Glass-Steagall Act which kept investment banks and depository banks separate was repealed under a Republican majority in the Senate, and then finalized by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1999. 30 years ago, banks that held your home mortgage were for the most part required to keep that mortgage until it was finally paid. But, a series of government decisions spanning that period and influenced by global banks allowed for the “securitization” of mortgages, leading to the creation of “derivatives”, which were then used by corporate mobsters like Goldman Sachs to destroy our financial system. Last, but certainly not least, both the Bush and Obama Administrations pressured Congress into passing highly unpopular bailout legislation which basically rewarded the same banks that created the credit crisis with trillions in taxpayer dollars (yes, the bailouts are now actually in the trillions, not billions). This led to the coining of the term “too big to fail” (or “too big to jail”). Our Government has been nothing but complicit in the banker takeover of this country. To debate otherwise is to invite embarrassment.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of government involvement in the collapse of our economy. Cases like the Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980’s led to serious prosecutions and jail time for more than 1100 criminal bankers, but this only caused the government to respond by changing investigation rules to make it even more difficult to catch the high level fraudsters in the act! Linked below is an interview between Max Keiser and bank regulator Prof. William K Black who outlines our government’s complicity in the breakdown of the country it is mandated to protect:


Elites destroy cultures to make way for new philosophies; their philosophies. Its not so much “conspiracy theory” as it is a widely admitted methodology. Corporate globalists believe in global government on their terms and they barely try to hide it. If someone thinks this sounds “fantastical” then they haven’t been paying the slightest attention. When one understands how Elites view economy, and realizes their primary motivations, the fact that they purposely triggered a collapse is perfectly logical. Nothing besides all out war inspires more fear and desperation in a society than a financial upheaval. Such elements on a mass scale allow changes in our collective psychology that were never possible before. Most people tend to falter under such an overwhelming threat and turn towards any authority (or fake authority) to save them from harm. Some people scoff at this idea, but it is likely they have never actually been in the wake of a real national catastrophe before. Men, especially those who know little of themselves, can change quickly in the face of calamity. The Elites recognize this, engineer tragedy, then waltz into the aftermath to merrily lord over the rubble.

Will their plan work? I think not, but I’m an optimist (no, really). The pursuit of total control and total power seems rather infantile to me, be it on an impressively psychotic level. Although, if we are made to forget who the real enemy is, then I think they do have a chance at success. That is how they have remained successful to this point. Only now does the average man have such immense knowledge at his fingertips, the knowledge to bring down a line despots and tyrants that have reigned for centuries. If only the average man was not so easily deterred by WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Distraction). The Elites will likely ignite some wars, tempt us into in-fighting, and fabricate enemies like Al Qaeda out of the ether. As the slogan goes, “Order Out Of Chaos”. Whatever happens, our eyes must remain fixed on the root of the problem; the bankers, and nothing else.

Globalists are not invincible, they are not untouchable, they are not even all that brilliant. They are human, and they have made many mistakes. The engineering of an economic meltdown really changes nothing. Hired thugs, useful idiots, corrupt officials, even hyperinflation, all tiny obstacles when considering the world we could have if the Elites were finally made to face the reckoning they deserve. Americans once took on the greatest empire on Earth. We once took a feared king to task. Are a bunch of frothing corporate bankers really so daunting? All that is needed is a principled movement with the will to see justice done, and I believe we have that already.

You can contact Giordano Bruno at: giordano@neithercorp.us

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