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Pay Attention: If You Want to Save Your Butts!

June 13th, 2017 by





By Anna Von Reitz

Apparently a lot of people didn’t notice or didn’t pay attention or didn’t know what it meant when I told everyone that I had established a Private Indemnity Bond at the U.S. Treasury covering every state of the Union—- but that is critical information to have branded on your foreheads in the days to come.

The UNITED STATES, INC. is in liquidation. The Bankruptcy Trustees are going to try to liquidate, sell, tax, or otherwise raise funds off of all the franchises of the UNITED STATES, INC. This includes the STATE OF MINNESOTA and CRAWFORD COUNTY, MINNESOTA, and JOHN MICHAEL DOE, too.

When your land deeds and car titles and mortgages are all in the NAME OF a UNITED STATES franchise, what do you think is going to happen? You are going to be “assumed to be a surety” and “collateral” for the debts of all these fictitious entities, and the secondary creditors—- banks and foreign investors— are going to be howling for your blood and for the auctioning off of your assets to pay the bills of the UNITED STATES.

Get it? This is a repeat of what FDR did back in the 1930’s only worse. This time the rotten bastards want it all. They want the copyright to your name, they want your DNA, they want your body, your house, your business, your land—- anything that is “assumed” to belong to the JOHN MICHAEL DOE version of your NAME. See “Power to Sell — The Latest Land Grab“.

If you are like most people, you had no idea that any such secretive claim against you or your assets existed and unless you have been reading the news posted here, this is going to catch you blind-sided. You are not going to know what to do and you are not going to have anything in place to defend yourself— UNLESS— you remember that you and your property are indemnified against loss.

How, why, by whom? By me and by my team because we were awake and got things in place for you. Just as neighbors, we did all the work so that at this crucial moment in history, you could remember in which state you were born and write the following:

“Held under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US Montana” —-or the same numbers and whatever your birth state is, on your land deeds, vehicle titles, or any other property assets they come after and try to seize.

AMRI00001 RA393427640US Alaska
AMRI00001 RA393427640US Alabama
AMRI00001 RA393427640US Arkansas…..

This is your “Home Free” Card, your indemnity policy, your means to rebut all and any claims that come addressed against actual assets held in the ALL CAPITAL LETTERS NAMES.

Please do all that you can to help and inform your friends and neighbors and countrymen. I have given specific instructions for those facing sudden huge “tax” bills, and “Notices of Power to Sell” and similar demands being made against their homes and land holdings in the article called: “Power to Sell” — The Latest Land Grab.

P.S. — Use the Private Indemnity Bond to Protect Your Bank Accounts and IRA’s and 401K’s, too. Inform the banks and IRA / 401K managers via Registered Mail that your accounts are private accounts and are held under Private Registered Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 RA393427640US – Your Home State.

See this article and over 600 others on Anna’s website here:



You don’t get old by being stupid.

June 12th, 2017 by














1 – Never be arrogant.


2 – Don’t waste ammunition.


3 – Whiskey makes you think you’re smarter than you are.


4 – Always make sure you know who has the power.


5 – Don’t mess with old people; they didn’t get old by being stupid.


Revised Bolshevikism Within America Part 1

June 10th, 2017 by


Jun 10, 2017 Read More Articles by Joe Kress

For way too long, America and its people have been lulled into what can only be described as avoidance of reality. We have permitted greed, complacency and utopia to flourish gratis a succession of self-serving federal autocrats and foreign influences to grasp power and controls of our currency that permitted special interests to bribe our congress.  We the public are complicit because we agreed to go along with a system that promises free booty at no cost since the time of the creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  It authorized a machine to print out unsecured interest-bearing notes. It authorized a corrupted banking clique within congress, who formulated the idea that the Federal Treasury would issue bonds to guarantee the notes, and permitted congress the ability to pass bills so that the U.S. treasury picks up the tab. Today, the Ponzi game has accumulated a deficit of $20 trillion dollars that will take centuries to reimburse all those bond-holders and their governments throughout the world both finances, principal and accumulated interest.

Worse than even these figures, the Trump Administration wishes to use the age old pump priming con adding more than three to seven additional trillions of dollars to support cleaning out the swamp, building a fence on our southern border, lower taxes, increase wages and eventually repaying the debt. Trumps vision was meant to entice American business located overseas to move their production and construct new facilities here in the United States.  The Trump dream is utopian at best and so he is now back-tracking and modifying his plan as fast as possible.  President Trump places his trust in his Goldman Sachs cabinet and his dream plan will land up in the hands of the international banking industry dedicated to a cashless society where ATMs don’t issue cash but credits or debit transfers to a cashless, computerized, digitized account.  The result is the central bankers are to be totally in control of the money system both here in the USA as well as throughout the Western World.   The power of the money changers will be enhanced when the money system is incorporated under the new world order centered at The Hague.   Lord Rothschild, in the 18th Century loaned money to the kings to pay for their wars.  He made the loans to both sides of the conflicts.  He stated that “He who controls the king’s purse controls the king.” The poison leaves the fangs of the snake once it bites – the entire body politic dies a slow agonizing death, first within the Washington establishment then the states then the counties and on to cities simultaneously encouraged within the blinded general public.

The contemporary American citizens signed on to real problems as the U.S entangled itself within Europe’s factions, the Orient, the Middle East, the Far East followed by disastrous mistakes; horrendous blunders in leadership which weakened the U.S. on a precipitous route never intended by our forefathers.  One could state with confidence that with very few exceptions the leadership capitulated to a confederacy of dunces and brigands that began shortly after the ink dried on the inspired, brilliant legacy of the U.S. Constitution.  It was endorsed by highly-educated, knowledgeable, brave men who desired to lift the yoke of taxation and forced subjugation of the colonies by the King of England.  They fought and died along with their families and lost homes and wealth in the battles.

When a true genius appears in the world can he be recognized and once suspected, we may know by the confederacy against him or her.   Was Washington a genius or was it Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson, Al Gore or is it Donald Trump; was Napoleon a genius, Hitler, Stalin, Lord Rothschild or not any of them?  Some of them were so smart that they should have been executed but saved by luck.  A few are revered in history books, but most were disasters to the world.  Helen Keller, the blind deaf and dumb woman who overcame her disabilities is recognized for her intellect and may be the true genius.

Today, Americans tired of two world wars and by a string of non-declared wars and unwarranted losses; wars never meant to be won. Few within the general public’s psyche were aware that our nation is governed by an elite class, within the two-party system… loyal only to themselves. The final folly is when our nation became subservient to a tiny country located in the Middle East.  George Washington, in his final farewell speech, warned against favorites and counseled to treat all nations with equanimity.

All but two-percent of the major media and financial systems are either owned or wed to an ancient heritage, a tribe of people of Turk-Finish race who migrated to Russia’s Ukraine about 100 years after the death of Christ. Much later, a leader by the name of Bulan, an early chieftain emerged between 700 AD and 1000 AD.  He converted 4,000 men from his entire tribe to rudimentary Talmudic Judaism to avoid the Pope’s Eastern Catholic and Greek Orthodox religious beliefs and the early Tsarists’ influence and Mohammed’s emerging Muslim laws and their Caliphate that would impose Islam on his followers.  He decided that all males in the tribe be circumcised and acknowledge Judaism.  A successor to Bulan, bore the Hebrew name Obadiah. He was first to cause serious efforts to further the Jewish Talmudic religion.  He invited Jewish rabbis of high intellect to settle into his dominions; rewarded them royally and founded synagogues and schools.  After Obadiah, a long line of Jewish “Chagan” began the legacy of what were called the Khazars.

The fundamental law of their state was decreed where only Jewish rulers were permitted to ascend the throne. The Great Khazar Kingdom lasted about 500 years.  Toward the end of the 14th century, the Khazars were Defeated in battle by Varangins (Russians).

The Khazars’ tribe once defeated, finally settled near Kiev in the Crimea.  It was never a pleasant association because Russians were exposed to the now conquered Khazars known for unethical behavior, financial and commercial cheating.  They were rebellious refusing to be assimilated as a part of the Russian populace.  They, of course, should not be confused with accepted Biblical Hebrews, who traditionally following Mosaic Law and who staunchly believe in the Torah, the first five books of the Pentateuch in the Bible.

The historical lineages of the Khazars called Ashkenazi are in the 21st century acknowledged as the major, most powerful segment of American and Israel’s Jewry.  Israel’s leadership is mainly secular within the Knesset led by its present Ashkenazi Prime Minister Netanyahu.

As mentioned above, the Khazars were rebellious because of their unfavorable traditions under Tsarist rule and were finally settled in Russia’s eastern border.   Peter the Great in the midst of the 17th century exposed Russia to western European progress and opened the door to European inventions. He created then rudimentary Russian modernism, followed on by Catherine the Great who found the mainly isolationist Khazars as unacceptable within the emerging European influence of developing Russia.  She imposed the Pale of Settlements which confined the Khazars, known as Ashkenazi Jews to limited areas within Russia’s Crimea near Kiev.

In the waning years of the nineteenth century, 1881, Tsar Alexander II, opened the door for Russia’s Khazars, to the modern world and eliminated serfdom. Alexander II’s son, Nicholas II, permitted the Ashkenazi Jews to settle anywhere in all of Russia, then in Europe and America. He allowed them to hold positions in Russia’s government.  Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England, referred to Tsar Alexander 2nd, who was assassinated in 1881, as the most benevolent prince that ever ruled over Russia.”

It is doubtful that the British Prime Minister within Victoria’s reign envisioned within a few short years, in the first decades of the 20th century, that the Russian Monarchy, Russian farmers in the Ukraine and millions of Christian citizens, (named the goyium meaning cattle), would be slaughtered, imprisoned and controlled through a revolution where Bolsheviks, Mensheviks and Stalin controlled Russia as a Communist state and at every level the leadership was of Khazar ancestry.  Disraeli, no doubt at the time, because of his position and geopolitical knowledge of Russian politics was even then aware of the Russian Khazars’ singular purpose that was bent on eventually overthrowing the hated Royalty of the Russian empire.

Conversion of France to a Godless Society and the launching of the French Revolution

 Before 1777 , Adam Weishaupt a professor of Cannon Law at a Jesuit university in Ingolstadt Bavaria, formulated and executed his concept composed of what he named Illuminism or enlightenment. His first followers were student Illumines claiming to be enlightened and superior to others. Weishaupt’s movement was centered under the rule of King Fredrick the Great of Prussia who later expelled the Illumines and Illuminism which threatened his regency.  Subsequently, they found a home within French Masonry of France and from there motivated the Jacobins to foster the most radical part of the revolution headed by Robespierre’s madness to overthrow the French monarchy and launch the key revolutionary factor of the reign of terror within the French Revolution. At the Congress of Willhelmsbad, in 1782, the Illuminati merged with the Masons in nothing less than a metamorphosis of Masonry’s traditional role as tradesmen to the role of sophisticates with a different agenda than the old constructive arts of the craft.  The Lodge of the Grand Orient, a product of the French Revolution, still celebrates the glorious decapitation of the royal couple and the slaughter that followed.

At the pinnacle of the revolution the Illumines, Weishaupt’s well indoctrinated surrogates demonstrated the evil of its founder.  The anti-religious, violent, ruthless, savage, bestial transformation of the French populace took hold and France was consumed in terror.  Weishaupt’s “Dictionary of Secret Oaths, incantations, and recruiting methods of surveillance, intimidation found in Illuminism were not coincidently adopted later by the Mensheviks, Bolsheviks and the Communist Party. Atheism verses enlightened secularism became a euphemism for elimination of religions and God; made abortion as not criminal; marriage no longer a sacrament; atheism became the religion of the state itself, a substitute for ethics convulsed into the KGB-like enforcement of injustice; gulags; legal murder became emblems of autocratic rule

© 2017 Joe Kress – All Rights Reserved

Joe Kress
Author Email: jkress@sc.rr.com

The “Curmudgeon,” Joseph H. Kress, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) obtain a B.S. in Business Administration, with a major in economics and minor in accounting. He served in England and Viet Nam where he received the Bronze Star during the TET Offensive, then he was appointed Chief of Supply for two state-side assignments; the DOD’s Defense Disposal Agency where he was chief of disposal operations for all of Southeast Asia, based at CINCPAC Headquarters in Hawaii. He retired from Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio as chief of supply with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the age of 52. He resides in Summerville, S.C. Since leaving the military, he was involved in political campaigns, writing articles for the local papers. E-mail: jkress@sc.rr.com
Author Email: jkress@sc.rr.com



June 9th, 2017 by


Good morning fellow prisoners

Olddog is taking a few days off as I complete the construction of my new pistol – rifle range located just 1 mile from home on seventy acres of pasture and woods. As some of you already know, I have been trying to comprehend how Americans have become so unaware of their imprisonment for over ten years and still it amazes’ me that so few give a damn as long as they have their sources of entertainment.

In the beginning of my presence on the internet I started two different sites named

In Pursuit of Freedom and OLDDOGS LETTERS ,

but never attempted to create a following as my lack of credentials have always intimidated me into accepting lesser methods of accomplishing my goals. The one thing that has always confused me is, how is it possible that so many millions of intelligent people cannot see what the Government is doing to them? Confounded by that seemingly impossible tragedy I started A Nation Beguiled.Com and proceeded to distribute the works of some of the best authors who had the credentials and skills I do not have. So, I am republishing the info on those two sites to have yet another source of exposure to information that may help someone understand what happened to their freedom. May you all become enraged at what was done to you, and pass this info to everyone you know.



Some very personal opinions about our Government and my fellow citizens.

About Me


Just an old man that wants to help build a free country for my children, and their children, to love like I do. –OLDDOG

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Real Satire

After profound analysis I’ve decided that our retired Republican Socialist actually want a police state; to gain protection from the working class Democrats that want five hundred channels of [PROFESSIONAL ? ] wrestling and NASCAR on the cable, beer, porn, easy sex and two weeks a year at Disney World. They don’t read much, largely because of honest inability, and count on their fingers, up to maybe six. They’d be perfectly happy to have storm troopers on every corner, as Uzis and flack jackets lend drama to lives that don’t have any intellectual pursuits.

This deplorable situation is the result of a government controlled education that brain drains our citizens before they reach puberty, and destroys interest in any higher thoughts than self gratification, and media addiction.

If any of you can still remember 300 word letters to the Editor; I was infuriated when they cut them to 200, as it is a severe handicap for a government educated person to express a proposition without using body language or audible grunts. The dull and ignorant have rights too, and deserve to be heard (from)! However, the word YUHNO they invented has never been assigned a correct spelling, so, I guess it’s immaterial.


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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Intellectual capitulation

Those who believe the U.S. Constitution is still the supreme law of the land are just as delusional as those who believe America has free and honest markets.

The Constitution is selectively enforced by government corporations, acting in obedience to the international bankers, just as our founding fathers predicted.

Our present concern is for getting arrested for not obeying all the un-constitutional laws being passed by a rogue Congress, preserving the ability to earn a living, and stopping the transformation to a Global Electronic Currency, and Global Government.

American’s are totally beguiled by THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which is a Washington D.C. Corporation acting as elected politicians, with the sole objective of draining America of its natural resources, devaluing its currency through the excessive accumulation of national, and personal debt, and indoctrinating each generation into a dependency on the government to solve their problems, and take care of them.

As each generation of indoctrinated children mature, and each generation of self reliant individuals die off, America becomes a nation of intellectual cowards who obediently accept economic slavery.

Communitarianism then becomes America’s GOD, technology will no longer be needed to update character databases, and personal freedom will no longer be desired.


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Friday, November 28, 2008


SCHOOL — 1958 vs. 2008


Jack goes quail hunting before school,

pulls into school parking lot with shotgun in gun rack.

1958 – Vice Principal comes over, looks at Jack’s shotgun,

goes to his car and gets his shotgun to show Jack.

2008 – School goes into lock down, FBI called, Jack hauled off to jail

and never sees his truck or gun again. Counselors called in

for traumatized students and teachers.


Johnny and Mark get into a fistfight after school.

1958 – Crowd gathers. Mark wins.

Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up buddies.

2008 – Police called, SWAT team arrives, arrests Johnny and Mark.

Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Johnny started it


Jeffrey won’t be still in class, disrupts other students.

1958 – Jeffrey sent to office and given a good paddling by the Principal.

Returns to class, sits still and does not disrupt class again.

2008 – Jeffrey given huge doses of Ritalin. Becomes a zombie.

Tested for ADD. School gets extra money from state

because Jeffrey has a disability.


Billy breaks a window in his neighbor’s car

and his Dad gives him a whipping with his belt.

1958 – Billy is more careful next time, grows up normal,

goes to college, and becomes a successful businessman.

2008 – Billy’s dad is arrested for child abuse.

Billy removed to foster care and joins a gang.

State psychologist tells Billy’s sister that she remembers

being abused herself and their dad goes to prison.

Billy’s mom has affair with psychologist.




Mark gets a headache and takes some aspirin to school.

1958 – Mark shares aspirin with Principal out on the smoking dock.

2008 – Police called, Mark expelled from school for drug violations.

Car searched for drugs and weapons.


Pedro fails high school English.

1958 – Pedro goes to summer school, passes English and goes to college.

2008 – Pedro’s cause is taken up by state.

Newspaper articles appear nationally

explaining that teaching English as a requirement for graduation is racist.

ACLU files class action lawsuit against state school system

and Pedro’s English teacher. English banned from core curriculum.

Pedro given diploma anyway but ends up

mowing lawns for a living because he cannot speak English.


Johnny takes apart leftover firecrackers from 4th of July,

puts them in a model airplane paint bottle, blows up a red ant bed.

1958 – Ants die.

2008- BATF, Home land Security, FBI called.

Johnny charged with domestic terrorism, FBI investigates parents,

siblings removed from home, computers confiscated,

Johnny’s Dad goes on a terror watch list

and is never allowed to fly again.


Johnny falls while running during recess and scrapes his knee.

He is found crying by his teacher, Mary. Mary hugs him to comfort him.

1958 – In a short time, Johnny feels better and goes on playing.

2008 – Mary is accused of being a sexual predator and loses her job.

She faces 3 years in State Prison.

Johnny undergoes 5 years of therapy.


If you think the above scenarios are a funny exaggeration, it’s probably because you have had your head up your ass for many years now, and the lack of oxygen has affected your brain!

If these scenarios are politically and socially acceptable in America, then piss on American’s



Notice to Congress The Days of Legalizing Theft Are Over

June 7th, 2017 by


CONGRESSFrom the writings of Anna von Reitz. Big Lake Alaska  September 2014

The most recent round of fraud began on March 28, 1861.  That was the day the Congress of the united States of America adjourned for lack of quorum and never reconvened.  Ever since, “Congress” has functioned in one of three roles—(1) as a corporate Board of Directors for private, mostly foreign-owned and deceptively named governmental services corporations operated by banking cartels (the Federal Reserve running the “United States of America, Inc.” and the IMF running the “UNITED STATES”) or (2) the government of a legislative democracy calling itself the United States of America (Minor)—American “states” more often thought of as federal territories and possessions—Guam, Puerto Rico, etc., or (3) operating as a plenary oligarchy ruling the Washington DC Municipal Government.

All this time that you thought the members of Congress were representing you and your interests, they’ve been representing other interests entirely.  That explains a lot, doesn’t it? 

On March 6, 1933 the “President” of the “United States of America, Inc.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt attended a Conference of Governors meeting.  These “Governors” were all “State” franchise managers of the United States of America, Inc., exactly like local franchise owners of Burger King or Sears.  They got together and pledged the assets of their customers—their employers—the American states and people——as “sureties” for their private corporate debts.  And then they bankrupted the “United States of America” and all the “State” franchises.

The “federal” States that were created by the 14th Amendment of their private for-profit corporation’s look-alike, sound-alike “constitution” published as the “Constitution of the United States of America” are not the same as the actual States of the Union, nor are their “State” citizens the same as American State Citizens, nor are their “US citizens” the same as Citizens of the united States, but they pretended that they were and the banks gleefully agreed. To secure the debt owed by the “United States of America, Inc.” the banks established maritime salvage liens against every parcel of land, every business, every man, woman, and child in America, and continued to operate their doppelganger corporation under Chapter 11 Reorganization. They laid claim to your “good faith and credit” —stole your credit cards— and your identity as an American State Citizen, and they never bothered to tell the victim.  

They also had you declared legally dead and probated your estate and issued bonds based on the value of your labor and private property. Just look at “your” Birth Certificate—signed by the County Registrar, an officer of the probate court, issued in the NAME of a “dead person”—you, numbered as a bond and issued on bond paper.  At the same time, they converted all your private bank accounts to the ownership of the ESTATE trust they created “in your name” and moved the ESTATE offshore to Puerto Rico where you and your assets supposedly came under the foreign maritime jurisdiction of the United States of America (Minor).  Look at the NAME on “your” bank account checks.  Look at the signature line under a high powered magnifier.  The IMF claims that it owns all your bank accounts.  It claims that your ESTATE was “abandoned”, and now all the spoils belong to the bank.  They are pressing “Congress” to pass “laws” to allow them to seize all American bank accounts—your savings, your retirement accounts, your checking accounts, everything.  We’ve seen Dodd-Frank.  Now we are seeing “bail-in” proposals. The Big Banks want “Congress” to front for their greed and criminality—again.

This is all fiduciary trust fraud and fiduciary trust fraud has no statute of limitations. 1862 or 1933 or 2014—it makes no difference.  We suggest that members of Congress assume their public offices acting under full 100% individual commercial liability —or be ousted and tried as criminals. Next, we suggest that they honor their contract with America and issue debt-free public money— real American Dollars. Next, liquidate all the “too big to fail” banks, tear up the corporate charters these entities have violated, seize back our purloined assets, and shut them all down. Meanwhile, the market for financial services will open up for banks operated under actual state charters.

This thing you have thought of as your government is nothing but a multi-national conglomerate run criminally amok. The real government of this country is vested in each of you. You all hold more civil authority on the land than the entire federal government.  Deal with the “FEDERAL RESERVE” and “IMF” and “CONGRESS” the same way you would deal with “TARGET” or “WALMART” or “ARBY’S” if they grossly endangered, cheated, enslaved, and defrauded you.   Keep calm and get even.  You all know what to do. 

You have the guaranteed Universal Right of Self-Declaration provided by United Nations Conventions, plus the protections of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  You have the Geneva Conventions and the Lieber Code.  You have the preserved right to Common Law, guaranteed by Uniform Commercial Code 1-308 and recourse guaranteed by 1-103.6, which includes the right not to be bound by any contract that is unilateral, inequitable, involuntary, undisclosed, tainted by fraud, not in-kind, entered in your behalf by others merely claiming to represent you, or deemed to exist as the result of receiving a compelled benefit or fruit of monopoly inducement.  You have the absolute right to Expatriate from their maritime jurisdiction.

Do so.

When 400 million Americans stand up and clean house, the world will listen and hear the roar.

Find more articles from Anna here:  http://annavonreitz.com/


U. S. Trade Rep. Wants Your Input About NAFTA Negotiations

June 6th, 2017 by




By  Chris Stevens

You have until June 12th to post your online comments to the U.S. Trade Representative on the NAFTA negotiations.

Millions of Americans voted for Trump to “rip up those trade deals.” He said NAFTA is “the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere, but certainly ever signed in this country.”

But U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer, a member of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), along with other globalists in and out of the administration, have convinced Trump to renegotiate instead of withdraw. They are making a mad dash to stampede America into expanding NAFTA.

If you think NAFTA is bad now, it’s going to get a whole lot worse if we don’t stop the globalists from turning it into a North American Union!

In USTR Lighthizer’s May 18th letter to Congress triggering a 90-consultation between the administration, Congress and the American people, he said, “[O]ur aim is that NAFTA be modernized to include new provisions…. Moreover, establishing effective implementation and aggressive enforcement … should be improved….” [Emphasis added.] In his letter he outlined goals for a supersized NAFTA that sound very similar to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the European Union (EU), and the North American Union (NAU).

What would result from his stated goals?

  • Further suppressed wages and leveling of Mexican, Canadian, and U.S. economies
  • Unelected foreign bureaucrats regulating businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Expanded and “aggressive enforcement” of bureaucratic environmental and business regulations
  • Merger of police and military for North America

For additional details and background information, read The New American online article,

U.S. Trade Representative Seeks to Expand and Empower NAFTA,” along with the related articles beneath it.

Long-term goals of the globalists, as outlined by the Council on Foreign Relations, include amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders between Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. They want to repeal and replace our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights with an unelected, unaccountable supranational bureaucracy.

The same piecemeal approach is how they have been building the EU into a socialist super-state. The UK rejected this destructive agenda and voted last year to get out.

Negotiations with Mexico and Canada can begin as early as August. They are looking forward to the further redistribution of American wealth that will result from expanding NAFTA.

We must alert the American people in order to create a tsunami of public pressure to stop the North American Union by getting US out of NAFTA. You can help by forwarding this action alert to your email list.

The USTR has published in the Federal Register the obligatory request for public comments about his NAFTA negotiation plans. He’s only giving the public until June 12th to comment and he makes it clear he intends to modernize and expand NAFTA. He frames the issue, not by asking whether or not America thinks NAFTA should be expanded, but only how it should be expanded over numerous areas of policy.

This is unacceptable, unconstitutional and it is destructive to the U.S. economy to continue merging us with Mexico and Canada. If asked, how many Americans would want to surrender U.S. sovereignty to a supranational bureaucracy?

Please tell the USTR what you think of his NAFTA negotiations.

You can do so online by clicking this link until June 12th. Tips for effective comments can be

found here. Comments will be open to public inspection. As always, please be respectful, professional, and factual.

A public hearing will be held on June 27th in Washington, DC. Persons wishing to testify orally at the hearing must provide written notification of their intention by June 12th. More details can be found here.

Don’t stop there! Trump should fire the globalists in his administration who are pushing him to ignore his constituents and betray his campaign promises. Then he should work with Congress to Get US Out! of NAFTA and disentangle us from all of its tentacles.

Call on Congress & President Trump to Get US Out! of NAFTA
•    President Trump: 202-456-1111
•    Representative: 202-225-3121
•    Senators: 202-224-3121
•    Send emails to all of the above


Its Spring Look at the Garden….

June 5th, 2017 by





SPRINGBy Anna Von Reitz

When you look outside your window at the magnificent Creation beyond, what do you see?

Just one kind of flower?

Just one kind of tree?

One species of insect?

How many kinds of fish in the sea?

Our Creator loves diversity. He loves all the differences.

Isn’t it silly to suppose that He values a violet less than a rose?

What is this craziness that people have, when they think and apparently believe, that one man is less than another because his skin is black?

Or think that a woman is less than man?

Or that the old are not as good as the young?

Sometimes I look at my garden with all its different living plants, all their flowers and fruits and forms, and I see my Father’s hand in them and know how He must delight in creating all these different variations.

I think about how they serve so many different purposes, too: to feed us, to delight our senses, to heal us from our ills, to fill our world with color and texture and fresh clean air.

If God were stingy or stodgy or lacking in imagination, why not just plug in a single big grey and black air conditioner and call it good?

Even the common grass beneath your feet is a miracle.

And even the grass you cannot create.

Love the Creator. Learn what He teaches. If you have eyes and ears and heart, then open them up.

Take joy in all your kinds and all your nations, in your rich palette of colors and forms, in your multiplicity of gifts and talents, in your own special, one-of-a-kind self, a creation both like and unlike any other.

Let gratitude and wonder overwhelm your soul and think: there are billions upon billions of stars in the sky and not one of them the same as any other….

See this article and over 600 others on Anna’s website here:


Olddogs Comments!

I remember when most people lived and believed under a supreme creator and those who did not were shunned by the majority. Jesus Christ was always there to comfort the sick and needy and no one ever heard of Allah. Now we have Gods for every brain fart and every brain fart is protected by our government. You do not have to be a genius to figure out governments are the inventors of diversity and that dear reader is how America became an apostate country. Gods are as common as weeds and flowers. 


Christians Who Hate

June 3rd, 2017 by



ChristiansBy Anna Von Reitz

I have received a lot of backlash from my article explaining that “Christian” Kings hired Jews to practice usury against Christians to make a buck.  Even faced with the present government and its activities, there are some  who want to argue the point and can’t believe that their kings and queens would do any such nasty, dishonorable, small-minded, money-grubbing thing—-even though these are the ancestors of the same people who have stolen your identity, transformed “you” into a commodity to be traded like pounds of butter, and taken the profit of it for themselves.

Anyone who looks into the history of usury for the past thousand years will have no trouble unearthing the unsavory facts about both the Church and the State gleefully employing and yes, coercing Jews, to commit usury against Christians for profit.

There have also been numerous people on my website and sending me emails making hate-filled statements against Muslims and the Koran. 

I have friends who are linguists.  My own Aunt was a linguist who spoke seven languages fluently and wrote five of them just as fluently.  The linguists among us long ago noted a very curious thing.  The same thing that went on with the Roman Catholic Church and the use of Latin so that average people couldn’t read the Bible for themselves, has gone on with the language of the Prophet and the Koran. 

Most Muslims are not able to read what the Prophet actually wrote because they are not taught to read, and among those who do read a very, very few can actually read the language of the Prophet. Thus, they rely on hearsay from their Holy Men, most of whom can’t read the actual words of the Prophet, either.  So the blind lead the blind.

Instead, everyone relies on word-of-mouth translations learned by rote.  Anyone who has ever played the game “Telephone” knows what to expect, even when people try their best to remember everything and keep it exact.  Their own thoughts, ignorance, emotion, and assumptions color their transmission.  

It turns out that when the Prophet’s words are read in his language, they often say something different or even the exact opposite, of what is being taught in the mosques.  HIs actual words have been corrupted.  Profaned.  Betrayed.  Misunderstood.  Lied about.  Politicized. And the people — even the religious teachers — are kept so ignorant they don’t know and can’t correct their errors.

Is this beginning to sound familiar? 

The Satanists have done the same thing to the Muslims as they did to the Christians, and have given us all another oxymoron—- holy war— to contemplate.

Hello?  You think this is coincidence? 

The actual words of the Prophet are gentle and kind, not at all the hate-filled rantings you hear coming out of the mouths of those who claim to “represent” him. 

So there’s another clue for you as to what is going on here and who is behind it.

Where else have you seen this kind of substitution go on?  Substitution of “things”— corporate franchises— for living men?  Substitution for actual shareholders by “undeclared foreign agents” claiming to “represent” them?   Substitution of “civil rights”  or “human rights” for “natural and unalienable rights”?  Substitution of State Citizenship for State of Citizenship?   

Even the word “trust” is a twisted abomination, meaning one thing in popular English vernacular, and having a completely different meaning in the original language.  The root word “trucido” in Latin means to kill, to slaughter mercilessly, murder. 

The Muslims are being tricked with half-truths and sly, politically motivated interpretations of the Prophet’s words the same way that we Christians have been duped and kept ignorant and led around by our noses and deceived by people we trusted. 

The Satanic Perps are even doing it the same way, using the same tools, the same old time-worn methods—- dumb the victims down and keep them ignorant, divide them according to race or religion or any other difference, feed them all sorts of lies and scare them silly, weigh them down with superstitions and rules that God never gave to Man….  

It’s all the same old crap. 

The Muslims are just a little bit behind the curve and are going through what we have already experienced.  That being true, we should be able to recognize it when someone else is being manipulated the same way we were.  And we shouldn’t blame the victims.  We should blame the Satanists that have infiltrated Islam just as they have infiltrated Christianity and Judaism, to the same vile ends, for the same ugly purposes, and even using the same means, the same lies, and the same fears.  

We, the living people, are in a spiritual war. Our battle commander is the Holy Spirit.  Our weapons in this “war” are discernment, courage, humility, gratitude, generosity, mercy, love, faith, truth, justice, and peace.  It is only with these weapons that any of us can win.

Christians should know this, should teach it, and should be prepared for the assault — but on all sides I hear professing Christians spewing hate and flooding the airwaves with fear.  Did Yeshuah allow hate and fear to overcome Him?  Is that what He taught us?  Really?  Just roll over and wallow in it? 

Do you all think that the command to “love your enemy” was a typographical error?

I began my life as a mathematician.  Here is a simple little set of equations I want you to observe, knowing that they are part of the fabric and foundation of the Universe we are all part of and live in:

This means that if you add negative things to negative things all you get are bigger more dangerous and uglier negative things.

This means that if you add positive things to negative things in equal measure, they cancel each other out and there is no net change.

This means that if you add positive things to positive things you build up a whole full measure of positive things that yield more positive results.

Okay, folks?  You won’t believe Yeshuah?  You won’t believe me?  How about you believe the simple mathematics in front of your face?

When you return evil for evil, all you do is create a bigger mound of evil.

When you return good for evil, you cancel it out.

When you return good for good, you create Heaven on Earth.

If we want to win the spiritual war that threatens all Mankind, we must defeat evil by eradicating it from our own hearts and minds and replacing it with good. Yes, as a very practical matter, we have to return good for evil and encourage others to do the same by our example.

This is especially important for those who call themselves “Christians”.  

Much has been given to you and for you, and much is expected of you in return. You can’t claim ignorance. You know the math.

Every time I hear a “Christian” blaming and whining and gossiping and being petty and ignorant and fearful and talking hatefully about other people, I cringe.

I am not some namby-pamby Ivory Tower kind of woman.  I shoveled cow manure as a child.  I know what hard physical work is. I know what poverty is, and sickness, and misery and loss. I guess you can tell that I have a temper and can get angry enough to speak my mind. 

So it isn’t because I am so sensitive and delicate that I can’t bear to hear a swear word or so nice that I have unrealistic expectations—but when you call yourself a “Christian” you owe a debt to someone very special. So either try your best to live up to it, please, or admit that you are not a Christian.  You just say you are.

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How the Powers That Be Maintain the Deep State – An Interview With Mike Lofgren

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Deep StateBy Leslie Thatcher,

The US Capitol building. “Membership in the deep state in Congress boils down to the leadership and a handful of Defense and Intelligence Committee members,” says Mike Lofgren. (Photo: Brian Hoffsis / Flickr)

Retired congressional staffer Mike Lofgren illuminates the shadowy influencers behind US politics in his incriminating new book, The Deep State. Explore in detail the involvement of Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the military-industrial complex in the decisions that will shape the future of the United States. Get a copy of this book by making a donation to Truthout today!

In The Deep State, author Mike Lofgren, whose 2011 commentary, “Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult,” remains the most-read article at Truthout.org, connects the dots between apparently disparate aspects of our current dystopia. “The deep state,” argues Lofgren is “the red thread” linking the “ideological syndrome” of McMansions; DC’s culture of careerist strivers; the financialization, deindustrialization and ultimate mutation of the US economy into “a casino with a tilted wheel”; the burgeoning of government secrecy even as individual privacy has been demolished; the consistency and persistence of unpopular policies regardless of which party wins elections; militarized foreign policy, “defense” and “security” establishments that thrive on failure and enjoy essentially unlimited funding whatever nostrums about the national debt and the necessity for austerity are being peddled for every other function of government; the prevalence of incompetence and ineptitude in government response to crises; unequal justice, including impunity for the wealthy and corporations, a corrupt Supreme Court and a strikingly punitive criminal legal system for ordinary people; legislative gridlock; perpetual war; political extremism and other ruinous epiphenomena.

Lofgren agreed to speak with retired Truthout editor Leslie Thatcher about his new book on January 27. The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Leslie Thatcher: Thanks so much, Mike, for talking with Truthout. First off, what do you want readers to know about your new book? Why should they read it?

Mike Lofgren: I think they should read it because we get a lot of pseudo-information from corporate media that focuses very intently on the horse race between the two parties to the exclusion of more fundamental issues. Meanwhile, regardless of who is elected, government policy regarding issues like economic regulation or national security doesn’t change very much. I wasn’t totally satisfied that my first book, The Party Is Over: How Republicans Went Crazy, Democrats Became Useless, and the Middle Class Got Shafted, answered the question, “What is it that happened to the US in the last 30 to 40 years such that both parties seem to enact the same policies on big things like militarism, Wall Street, or trade?” While there are considerable differences between the parties on cultural and identity issues, there is very little difference in the big money issues, which is what a certain class of people who run the country are really interested in and that is what I try to explain.

You describe the “deep state” as the iceberg beneath the visible tip of the official US government “that is theoretically controllable via elections.” How does it function and what are its main components?

It’s a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry effectively able to govern the US without reference to the consent of the governed. Its nodes are the national security agencies of government, Treasury, the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] court (whose dealings are so mysterious not even most members of Congress know what the court is doing).

Deep StateMike Lofgren. (Photo: Alisa Lofgren)Most congress-people just vote according to what their party leadership tells them. Membership in the deep state in Congress boils down to the leadership and a handful of Defense and Intelligence Committee members. The private part of the deep state is the military-industrial complex Eisenhower warned about in 1961. There is also Wall Street and its symbiotic relationship with the Treasury and its regulatory agencies, like the SEC [Security and Exchange Commission]. People like Hank Paulson, who worked for [George W.] Bush, or Tim Geithner, who worked for Obama, are essentially interchangeable: Their worldview is much the same despite being of different political parties.

And then, of course, you have Silicon Valley – necessary for the technology which totally enables the NSA [National Security Agency] (which informants have told me couldn’t do its job without that technology). Silicon Valley is also significant as an enormous center of new wealth. You also see their self-glorifying statements about being innovative disruptors. They certainly are disrupting the economy. There is little evidence that technology will do anything in a macroeconomic sense other than concentrating wealth even further so that we’re left with CEOs on top and everyone else in the gig economy, like contractors for Uber.

How did you personally become aware of the deep state and what is the explanatory power of its existence for understanding current affairs?

I became aware that there were forces at work in the period between 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq that were bigger than the government and were operating on their own compass heading. We have a supposedly free press, but when you saw people like Phil Donahue and Ashley Banfield fired or demoted for being critical of invasion, you have to wonder. I’m pretty sure nobody in the White House picked up the phone and asked somebody at NBC to fire those folks, but the NBC executives were sufficiently conditioned to perform a service to the government by firing those folks and creating the propaganda for the war.

In the correspondence leading up to this interview, you mentioned “developments in the past six months that have surprised even me, and not in a good way.” Can you briefly outline what these are and their pertinence to The Deep State‘s premise?

I should correct that: They’ve surprised me in a mixed way. Certainly, six months ago I would not have imagined Donald Trump had as much staying power as he’s demonstrated. Trump in many ways represents the culmination of the deep state. He’s a plutocrat who’s used the laws, such as business bankruptcy procedures, for his own gain and yet in a way he is frightening people in the deep state because he is so far out, that he’s upsetting their business model. The standard model is for billionaires to dictate the candidates’ positions on free trade, austerity etc. On the upside: He is scaring the daylights out of members of the deep state. On the downside: He’s moving away from the current model of corporate oligarchy with a façade of free elections. Instead, he’s using all the populist themes developed by the Republican Party in the past to keep their base happy, but he’s actually making promises to act on them and moving towards out-and-out fascism.

On the other hand, you have the [Bernie] Sanders campaign also scaring the daylights out of Democrats. He doesn’t have to go to David Geffen’s house or to Wall Street with his hat in his hand or fundraise among the glitterati. The last time I looked, his average donation was reported as less than $30. That upsets the whole notion of fundraising described by a New York Times report that half of all political donations came from just 158 families. Unfortunately, that’s the business model we’ve got post Citizens United. The Democrat pooh-bahs are clearly upset and Michael Bloomberg has said he would jump into the race only if Sanders won in the Democratic primaries: that tells me who his friend is and who his enemy is.

Obama appeared to have a similar fundraising model, but it was clear he was bought off in summer 2008 when he voted in favor of the FISA Amendments Act [a bill to indemnify the telecommunications companies over participation in illegal surveillance] that he previously had said he would filibuster. By then he had already taken on John Brennan as a foreign policy adviser. The extraordinary loyalty and indulgence Obama has shown Brennan was demonstrated in his waiting until it was politically possible to get Brennan appointed CIA director, after which he then promptly embarrassed Obama with the scandal of spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee as they were writing a report on CIA torture. Although he made all kinds of bombastic statements about expecting an apology from the committee chair, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Brennan ended up apologizing instead to Senator Feinstein. Yet Obama sticks by him.

You trace the transformation of Washington, DC, and the explosion of the deep state to the 1970s, the Powell Memo and the explosion of tax-exempt foundations and its origins to the secret development of the A-bomb. A recent National Review article uses the term, “Government of, by, and for Special Interests,” and ascribes that to progressive politics and the New Deal. Are these views reconcilable?

Well, their view is certainly not my view. Enough people know that something is wrong, even if they can’t put their finger on exactly what it is or how it works, so the editors at the National Review have had to craft a counternarrative to muddy the waters; that’s all it is. For crying out loud, William Buckley Jr. came out of the CIA; I wouldn’t be surprised if he were part of Operation Mockingbird. Time-Life and other media outlets were on the payroll of the CIA during the 1950s. Their role was to reflect the CIA’s point of view. Buckley, after graduating from Yale, a favorite recruitment center for CIA, went into the CIA, but only for two years. Why? [CIA director Allen] Dulles would have gravitated to him because he was a Yale man and because his father was rich. It seems very possible that Dulles, or some other CIA executive, told Buckley he could do more for the cause by creating a conservative front group to push the CIA’s Cold War line and to denigrate the isolationist posture of conservatives like Sen. Robert Taft.

One of the inflection points you mention in the development of the deep state was the fall of the Berlin Wall. How did “the end of history” connect to the present dystopia?

Instinctively, you would have thought the end of the Cold War meant we could demobilize and become a normal country again, but apparently the Cold War had gone on so long and created so many institutions and so much infrastructure with no other purpose than the creation of new threats. The powers that be essentially directed the same Cold War state into the post-Cold War world. What I saw from my perch in Congress was that defense procurement continued exactly as before. They continued to buy expensive weapon systems designed to fight the Soviet Union.

I also think there was a psychological angle: Once we had defeated the Soviet Union and there was no alternative system to compete with, we could unleash unencumbered laissez-faire policies, what Naomi Klein calls the shock doctrine.

And you’ve seen where that’s led in Hungary. People deprived of any reasonable alternative have opted for fascism, just as they did in the 1930s.

I think you saw the same thing to an even greater extent in Russia. After the 1990s orgy of asset stripping, the Russian people were so disgusted they accepted a strongman like Putin who could at least keep the oligarchs from challenging the state.

In your book and elsewhere, you refer to the historical precedents similar to the conjuncture in the United States you describe in The Deep State – the French Third Republic, the ancient régime, the Hapsburgs, the Romanovs, ancient Rome, the USSR. You have emphasized that it is most important to consider how the United States arrived at its specific present circumstances, but is there one particular historical instance you would consider most salient?

Not really: History does not repeat itself. These are simply analogies. But a good analogy that is also relatively recent and deals with another state with an overdeveloped military-industrial complex is that of the USSR. There, in spite of all the propaganda organs, people simply gave up believing in the system. The development of US demographics – and particularly the new study of excess middle-aged white mortality – primarily due to alcoholism, drug abuse and suicide – which heightens the USSR analogy.

How does the deep state survive and even thrive in spite of its obvious failures from the war on drugs to the “war on terror,” from economic to political and social justice?

Well, although it doesn’t do much to help the res publica or the economy as a whole, it does help certain people. This circumstance creates a kind of perverse Darwinism in the short and medium term, so that harmful traits are the ones that are selected for. And most people simply don’t look at the long-term results of their actions, but mirror the typical corporate executive whose timeline is the next quarter’s results and how they will impact the price of the stocks he owns.

What is the position of finance in the deep state? What does it mean to “fight for an open economic system?”

A macro explanation of the trade deals of the last 25 years – NAFTA, CAFTA etc. and now the TPP [Trans-Pacific Partnership] – is to forget about tariff schedules and what textiles cost. These agreements are a bargain between the United States and other countries whereby the US gives privileged access to US markets in exchange for submission on foreign and economic policy. The powers that be are perfectly happy to destroy the economic seed corn in the USA in exchange for temporary dominance abroad. They’re willing to sacrifice Detroit for the UAE [United Arab Emirates].

As a congressional staffer, I presume you interacted regularly with people you would now consider operatives of the deep state. What can you tell us about them as people? What motivates them? What immunizes them so thoroughly from democratic concerns?

I think it’s hard to improve on Upton Sinclair’s dictum, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” I think they’re all about the logic that if it pays for their kids’ cornflakes and their scholarship fund, they will do it without their conscience bothering them too much.

So you don’t see them as malevolent?

Oh no, it’s much more banal than that.

Like Hannah Arendt on Eichmann?

Exactly, the banality of evil.

You mention the outsourcing of congressional staffing to ALEC [American Legislative Exchange Council] post-Gingrich in the book. Let’s take one concrete instance of US legislation – the 342-page USA Patriot Act of 2001, initially introduced by the Bush administration less than a week after September 11. Can you explain a little how the deep state would have been involved in its drafting and enactment and how it continues to serve the deep state’s – rather than Americans’ – interests? Also, what were your own thoughts at that time?

We can assume that all those provisions that didn’t quite get into all the crime and intelligence bills introduced earlier just sat on a shelf somewhere in the Justice Department and were dusted off. The Patriot Act was drafted by the government in an executive agency. Now what we have 15 years later is pretty much ALEC-template bills in statehouses – and even on Capitol Hill, legislative drafts originate with the tech industry or K Street so congressional staffers don’t have to worry their pretty little heads about drafting legislation.

You have elsewhere described the inequality of the US criminal legal system and the flat-out “corruption” of the Roberts court. Would your proposals to abolish corporate personhood and get money out of politics be adequate to remedy these abuses?

No single nostrum will be a miraculous panacea. But getting money out of politics is the precondition for anything else, including abolishing corporate personhood, enforcing anti-trust law and reforming health care. You have to align politicians’ incentives with the public interest rather than the interests of political donors.

Your second recommendation for downsizing or dismantling the deep state is to “sensibly redeploy and downsize the military and intelligence complex.” Andrew Bacevich – whom you cite extensively in your book – recently argued that there is no effective civilian control of the Pentagon. How then can we mobilize its downsizing, let alone the reallocation of resources to domestic infrastructure?

Congress doesn’t really attempt to exercise control. Getting money out of politics is also the first step in exercising civilian control of the military, because otherwise the donor base in the military-industrial complex has too much influence on policy.

With the deep state in control, have our elected government organs become purely ceremonial or do elections still make a difference?

There is a symbiotic relationship between the deep state and surface democracy. And the type of person who holds office does matter on the margins. Individual decisions do make a difference. The incentive structures for all concerned tend to be shared in a certain fashion because of careerist best interests. I’m not pointing to some massive conspiracy. All of this is going on in the light of day. Everyone knows who the Koch brothers are, General Dynamics etc. It’s just that most people do not see how it all works as a system and how we’ve been conditioned to look at it.

You advocate reform of US immigration policy …

This is impossible to effect at present … I’m a little different from most people I know in that I am appalled by what Trump says, but I also do not agree with unlimited immigration. Corporations love H-1B visas. Importing temporary labor is analogous to hiring strikebreakers during the coal strikes 100 years ago. Unlimited supply of labor undermines unions and wages. This is not to condemn the people seeking the jobs, just as the strikebreakers 100 years ago were desperate to support their families, but the H-1B visa system has become perverse – a form of corporate-sponsored human trafficking.

But when the US has, by Washington Consensus programs and trade treaties, destroyed livelihoods in neighboring countries or, by its militarized foreign policy and/or support for rapacious dictatorships, destroyed physical security for populations in targeted countries, don’t we have some responsibility toward those so displaced?

Oh, it’s our fault to a significant degree. Ever since 1954 and the overthrow of Arbenz in Guatemala, we’ve been destabilizing Latin America. Of course, their population wants to come here. I argue for a different foreign policy, but we are where we are and the problem started decades ago. You can’t ask a worker in Toledo or Detroit or Flint to make sacrifices for the greater good of humanity when people in Palo Alto and Wall Street are not willing to give up anything.

With – as you note – the United States living off its principal and saddled with a deeply entrenched, incompetent and unaccountable management, how can we respond to a true existential crisis such as anthropogenic climate disruption?

It’s difficult to do anything that matters, especially with respect to a perceived longer-term problem, because we’ve adopted the corporate model for government as [Gov.] Rick Snyder did in Michigan. People are paid to look to the short term. Campaigns that are financed by rich donors tend to condition politicians to think short term.

You’ve been very careful to distinguish the deep state from an active, conscious conspiracy, but is it possible or likely in your view that some of its operatives have been involved in, for lack of a better word, plots to dismantle democracy?

They wouldn’t put it that way. They think they’re legitimately working on political issues. But how it impacts the public is another matter. What the governor of Michigan did was a conspiracy against democracy. He needed to appoint emergency managers with autocratic powers because he needed to undo municipal government and carry out his pro-corporate agenda. His emergency manager plan was rejected in a public referendum, so the Republican-controlled legislature attached the proposal as a rider to an appropriations bill. Therefore it was no longer subject to referendum. Rick Snyder and his cronies are hamstringing the ability of local governments to respond to democratic concerns and consciously doing so in order to pay for the tax cuts they gave to corporations. It was a conscious effort to undo democracy in Michigan, and it ended up poisoning children. What happened was nothing more than racketeering, in my judgment.

You periodically excoriate the US public in the book for failures of good citizenship, but you finish by suggesting that if we “disenthrall ourselves,” our ability to live sensibly and peacefully in the world as it is will ensue. How do you suggest those already disenthralled – in which I would include most Truthout readers – proceed?

Most Truthout readers are not the majority in this country. It’s partly a media problem. Forty years ago, commercial media was dominated by 50 to 60 companies. Now it’s half a dozen. There’s been this tremendous concentration in corporate media and those companies left are not interested in telling the public long, complex stories about where taxpayer money goes. What they do give the public is Kim Kardashian. It’s not that the American people aren’t bright enough to understand, but many of them don’t have the time to consult alternative media and they’ve been subject to a powerful conditioning program the last few decades. There have been cases in the past when uneducated people – farmers, coal miners in the early 1900s – clearly understood the essential economic relationships at work in the country, and significant reforms like wage and hour laws, prohibitions of child labor and collective bargaining resulted. We did it before and we can do it again. That gives me hope for the future.

Copyright, Truthout. May not be reprinted without permission.

Leslie Thatcher

Leslie Thatcher was formerly Truthout’s content relations editor. She contributes French translations and author interviews.

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Deep State

Key Information! Everyone Read This

June 1st, 2017 by


InformationBy Anna Von Reitz

Lately, the alternative news world has been awash with talk about “Human Rights” and “Natural Law” and quite a number of people have been misled about this and are parroting it as the Next Great Thing.  In fact, it is old as the hills and nothing you want to be involved in, much less subjected to.  Let me explain…..and bear with me. 

Bankers and lawyers don’t like the Ten Commandments, the Bible, or the Land Law that goes with it.  They may individually subscribe to Christianity, Judaism, or Islam — all of which are supposed to function under the Law of Moses — but for very practical reasons they want to waffle and weasel around the requirements of Land Law when it comes to business dealings.

Land Law doesn’t allow binding contracts.  It respects the Law of Free Will.  It forbids usury and insurance.  And it is frustratingly local and subjective in nature.

That, in a nutshell, is what has driven the wholesale shift into Admiralty/Maritime Law.

The bankers and lawyers and their servants, the politicians, want binding contracts that can be insured and guaranteed, they want profit on whatever risk is left, they don’t give a crap about free will and they want something that is “standardized” to work with as a form of law so that they don’t have to cope with any irritating local laws or restrictions when it comes to administering the courts—-and shoving all this down your throat.

And so, that is what has come to be in this country, despite the fact that virtually all the men responsible for this travesty know full-well that the American people are owed not only Land Law but the Law of the Land, and even though at least 90% of them confess belief in Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. 

It appears that our hypocrisy knows no end.

Land Law functions on covenants, like marriage, and good faith agreements—neither of which are contracts. 

Covenants are of a sacred nature, because they are entered into with God as a Witness and Party to the agreement.  It becomes a sacred matter as a result and no man may change or abrogate or interfere with it as a result.  Covenants are binding for that reason, but they are not contracts.

Good faith agreements are exactly as they say— agreements made between men, either verbally or most often in writing, which may bear an appearance similar to contracts, but they are only subject to “good faith performance”.

Jeremiah as in “Book of Jeremiah” is very instructive on this point in two respects. As the prophet laments, it is not given to man to know or control even one step.  We don’t know and can’t guarantee what happens to us or around us for the next ten minutes, much less the next thirty years, so it is apparent that we cannot reliably make contracts promising future repayments or performance of service, either. 

Jeremiah, the prophet, also does something peculiar that sheds more light on the topic.  He buys a plot of land that he has good cause to think that he will never be able to enjoy in his lifetime. This is instructive, too, because it highlights the “faith” part of “good faith agreements”. 

Good faith agreements rely upon our will and good intent to carry through and do whatever it is we agree to do, perform whatever service we agree to perform, and to do so without fail to the extent that we are able.  It also implies our faith that God will allow us to carry through on our good intentions, subject to His Will.  That in turn implies that we can’t make Good Faith Agreements to do things that are immoral or unlawful or just plain bad.

These “moral entanglements” are bad enough, but it is the “to the extent that we are able” portion of Good Faith Agreements that hangs up the bankers and lawyers to a point of apoplexy.  

They don’t want to accept the limits of human abilities and the unknowns and variables of all our lives, even though they know full-well that these are the conditions we actually live under.  They most certainly don’t want to rely on the honesty and good faith of their customers and neighbors and they don’t want to admit that we all need the support of what our Forefathers called “Divine Providence” to make good on our agreements.  That makes things too uncertain.  Too variable.  Too….well, dependent on luck, faith, good weather, God, and other things that lawyers and bankers and politicians can’t control.

Worst of all, in this shifting, changeable, stubbornly willful world of external realities, Land Law doesn’t allow usury or insurance.

Usury is the profit made off of lending. Jews are forbidden from making profit from lending to another Jew, but not from lending to Christians, Buddhists, and so on. The same basic kinds of considerations extend in Sharia Law. You can cheat an infidel if you want to, but not another Muslim.  Actual, sincere, observing Christians can’t practice usury at all against anyone.  We are not only called upon to lend freely and without profit to ourselves for doing so, but to give freely with no thought of return.

So that is why certain “Christian” kings during the Dark Ages and Middle Ages forced Jews into the banking business, to do the dirty-work of usury for them against their own Christian subjects.  Got that?  “Christian” kings can’t profit from lending money to other Christians or anyone else, but Jews can lend the King’s money to anyone but another Jew and profit from the transaction and divvy up the proceeds with the King. No problem.

The Jews didn’t get into the banking business because they wanted to practice usury.  They got into the banking business because the so-called “Christian” Monarchs of feudal Europe wanted to profit from usury and needed agents to do their dirty work.  These Kings and Queens didn’t want their only hands dirtied with usury — though they wanted the profits— and they didn’t want to be besmirched with the gambling aspects of insurance schemes, but they wanted to be insured….

So all these people running around blaming Jewish and Muslim bankers for the situation need to look deeper and higher, and realize that it is their own “Christian” leaders and politicians who have failed them.  If the so-called Christian Monarchs and politicians were actually acting as Christians and according to the standards established by Jesus, none of these evils would exist. 

All Christian banks would function as non-profit institutions and Good Faith Agreements would be the only rule.  Insurance wouldn’t even be necessary. 

When disaster struck, the worldwide Christian community would pull together to repair the damage and make good the losses for free.  And because there would be no usury allowed, only service fees, banks would be capitalized by governments and by donations from philanthropists who were willing to accept the risks of lending in good faith with no profit to themselves.

This change, in turn, would bring back morality and nobility to Mankind, and a sense of community and “joint venture” — where each man and each woman would feel the desire to succeed, to hold their head up high and contribute to the best of their ability — and when they were defeated in that effort by time or fate, would equally feel no shame about turning to everyone else and saying, “Please help me!  My daughter is sick…. I need a car so I can join a car pool to get to work…..an early frost wiped out my crops in the field…..a wildfire burned down my home…..”

And as for the Jews and the Muslims? 

If Christians actually lived up to being Christians, the Jews and Muslims would quickly observe the health and love of the Christian community, the good service and kindness given to everyone—including Jews and Muslims—–and they would think: well, I can practice usury against people of other faiths, but there isn’t much market for it and I don’t feel good about it. It’s dirty somehow.  Not worthy of my soul’s highest calling…. I want to be free and big enough in my soul to lend without profit and give without taking back…..

Land Law is an attempt to bring these three great faith communities together under a common standard that all can use and thrive under.  Land Law is the only truly fair, truthful, and realistic form of Law that there is, other than the Law of Heaven.  Yet, for six generations, our governments have avoided and weaseled around using Land Law.

How have they done that?  By impersonation.

The corporations providing us with government services have arbitrarily given us a “PERSON” so that we can operate in commerce (business conducted between incorporated entities) as their very own franchises and share our profits with them as taxes and mortgages and licenses and fees in exchange for the “privilege” of being able to borrow money at interest, obtain insurance policies to cover our risks, and secure bankruptcy protection under their limited liability provisions.  Also in “exchange”— though we are never told any of this — we become subject to them and obligated to obey their every law and statute. 

Which points up the tip of the iceberg.

Maritime and Admiralty Law deals exclusively with unincorporated businesses known as “Persons” operating in international trade and with “PERSONS” which are incorporated businesses operating in international commerce.  There isn’t a single provision anywhere in Maritime or Admiralty Law for any judge in that entire system to address a living man or woman.  That’s why the perpetrators and proponents of Maritime and Admiralty Law have to distribute all these “Persons” and “PERSONS” named after us, and get us to accept them and assume that they are our responsibility.

They literally cannot address a living man or woman as a living man or woman, because living people don’t exist in their court system.  That’s why they get so testy when you show up claiming to be a living man or woman and talking about the “Constitution” which has nothing to do with them.  What they call —when forced to do so— “private natural persons” — are not subject to their jurisdiction and, what really frosts their cake, neither are the assets of private, natural persons. 

The Territorial United States shanghaied the lawful Trade Names of Americans and arbitrarily redefined them all as Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts.  This happened under FDR in the single biggest act of treason, unlawful conversion, Breach of Trust, and brute criminality in human history. 

In a twinkling, with nobody’s understanding or consent, the Trade Name of “John Henry Markham” a farmer from Purdy, Ohio, was magically redefined as a “vessel” in the Queen’s Merchant Marine Service also, by coincidence of course, named “John Henry Markham” — and what happened to the living man? 

He was also redefined as an unpaid volunteer Warrant Officer known as a “Withholding Agent” responsible for paying all the upkeep on “John Henry Markham” and collecting taxes from “John Henry Markham”. 

Besides giving the rats a claim on all of the “John Henry Markham” assets, including his name, body, copyrights, home, and land, this action by FDR subjected “John Henry Markham” to the statutory law of the Territorial United States.

FDR had absolutely no authority to do any of this, granted or otherwise; apologists have tried to excuse him and the Democratic Party and the King of England by pleading “emergency powers”—- but in fact there are no provisions for the existence of any emergency powers then or now, and it just comes down to Breach of Trust, embezzlement, betrayal, and treason.

A few years later, the Territorial United States allowed the Municipal United States to similarly impersonate the living people and states of the union, to create “Municipal franchises” operating as “JOHN HENRY MARKHAM” and now, most recently, “JOHN H. MARKHAM”.  These various incorporated entities can represent almost anything— Cestui Que Vie trusts, construction trusts, cooperatives, LLC’s, or Mr. Obama’s favorite, public transmitting utilities. 

The important take home point is that these “NAMES” are all being used to impersonate you.  They are reducing you to a Territorial “Person” or a Municipal “PERSON” both of which are subject to foreign statutory law and which operate in international jurisdiction and neither of which are owed any protected status or constitutional guarantees at all.  These “persons” are all operated under the Law of the Sea, not the Law of the Land. 

Not being alive, these “persons” are not subject to the uncertainties of life. Known as “legal fictions” they only exist by a form of mutual consent akin to the suspension of belief required by Walt Disney animations. Also unlike you, these “persons” can enter into binding contracts, unilateral contracts, implied contracts, commercial contracts, maritime contracts, admiralty contracts galore— which is what the lawyers like, because contracts generate controversies like cats generate kittens.  There is far more work and finagling available under Maritime and Admiralty Law and less risk of hanging, so attorneys love it.

Unlike you “artificial persons” can be guaranteed and insured and licensed and bonded— which is what the bankers and risk managers like.  They can also be subjected to usury and taxation, which both the bankers and the politicians want. Such persons can be murdered, raped, robbed, defrauded, keel-hauled, kidnapped, press-ganged, and tortured without mercy—-and all without accountability—and they routinely are subjected to such gross mistreatment.

Last but not least, the laws governing such “persons” can be standardized and made into a Uniform Code, so that the corporate tribunals responsible for administering such persons don’t have to know any actual law at all.  The vermin responsible can hire executive managers, teach them their own statutory law and code, and live totally outside the Public Law in a virtual kingdom created of pirates, for pirates and by pirates.  This all enables a “judge” in their system to move from one state or county or even country to another, stealing homes and picking pockets as he goes, without the bother of learning a whole new system of local law.

Obviously, for many reasons having to do mainly with robbing you senseless and doing it safely and conveniently, criminally inclined interests have removed you from your native birthright political standing as an American owed the Law of the Land, and by force, fraud, and deceit they have entrapped you into “accepting” their gifts of “PERSONS” and have subjected you to their foreign Territorial and Municipal “law”.

They use the process of impersonation to mischaracterize who and what you really are and also use it to hide behind themselves. Behind the mask of “personhood” the perpetrators can seek bankruptcy protection when they get caught poisoning the apple fritters for profit. 

No honest man having good intent and being in his right mind would ever freely choose to operate under the Law of the Sea and that’s why our Forefathers stipulated that we and our states all function under Land Law, and specifically American Common Law. 

This is also why when employees of the foreign Territorial and Municipal governments “come ashore” they are required to observe what they call “The Law of the Land”—- that is, The Constitution, with respect to us and our property interests. 

It is far more convenient and far more profitable for them to “mistake” us as either Territorial “Persons” or Municipal “PERSONS” than it is for them to deal with their obligations owed to the living, breathing people.  So they put on their blinders every day and mount the Bench and act as criminals against us and they pretend that we agreed to this. 

We’ve been trusting and gullible enough to let them get away with all this impersonation Shinola— especially since they have operated under Color of Law, and have pretended to be or to “represent” our lawful government— and have, thus disguised, been able to impose and presume upon us and also to liberally engage in extortionate racketeering against our states and people.

So— bringing it all full circle with regard to “Human Rights” and “Natural Law”….

Look up the legal definition of “human”. 

There you will see that a “human” in legal terminology is not a man or a woman, but an animal or a “monster”. 

So if you allow the vermin to call you a “human” you are admitting to being far less than a man, and owed only such consideration as the King in his Mercy might grant a farmyard animal and such law as the SPCA might lobby for. 

As for “Natural Law” that is another name for “Law of the Jungle” wherein the strong are allowed to mercilessly prey upon the weak and the only the tooth and the claw prevail and only the very fleet-footed escape. 

Gee, we object to being impersonated and treated as incorporated legal fiction entities, so now they offer us the status of animals and monsters as remedy?  We object to the despicable Law of the Sea, so now they offer us “Natural Law” instead?

I have a counter-offer for them: 

We are living people, men and women, and we are owed the American Common Law. 

Please take your Territorial and Municipal “law” along with your “human” rights and your “Natural Law” and shove all these up your butt, sideways, like an insurmountably large suppository. 

Thank you, very much.

See this article and over 600 others on Anna’s website here:



Dear Lucretia Mortgage Relief and The Rest of the Story

May 31st, 2017 by




Mortgage Relief

 By Anna Von Reitz

Dear Lucretia, 

The federal government has claimed that you were a federal government employee throughout your working life, but once you retire, you retire—-and you are owed your pension and your freedom from any further presumption of federal obligation or employment.  

You simply send a letter to the State Secretary of State and inform him or her that you have retired and have returned to your birth right political status as an American state national.  They owe you your retirement just like any other big corporation owes its employee pensions. 

If you are like my Mother and offended that she was ever considered to be—or tricked into serving as—- a federal citizen at all, you can express your ire, too. It’s time these “public servants” got a wake up call.  

If you have children, this is a good time to repent of the mistakes that so many of us where misled or forced to make when we misidentified our children as “US citizens” and unwittingly “enrolled” them as such at the hospital when they were born.  My Mother provided a sworn testament that she recorded in the public record, stating that she had been confused by the similar jargon and that the only “United States” we ever were part of was the fifty states of the Union.  I recommend that all Mothers do this for their children.  I have done it for my son.

If you actually worked for the federal government the portion of your pension that is based on federal employment is taxable, but if like so many of us, you never actually worked for the federal government or only served in the military for a couple years, etc., so that the amount of pension money from actual federal employment is negligible, you are eligible to claim your exemption from federal income taxes.  You send a Letter of Revocation of Election to the Commissioners of both the IRS and the Internal Revenue Service and tell them that you revoke your election to pay federal income taxes beginning with October the first of last year or any prior year you choose.  

Internal Revenue

Office of the Commissioner

Room 3000

1111 Constitution Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20204- 0002

Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service

Department of the Treasury

P.O. Box 480 

Holtsville, New York 11742-0480

If you follow the process I set out for everyone last month in the article called “How to Correct Your Political Status and Why” you are also eligible to claim your exemption from the mortgage that has been placed on your home.  I know this will be hard to grasp, but you the living woman, have never had a mortgage in your life. You have never owed any property taxes, either.  Why? Because you are, as a natural born American, the actual landlord.  

The mortgage is owed by a Municipal United States STATE franchise corporation that is merely named after you or your husband or both.  You have been tricked into paying off ITS mortgage.  If you are now elderly and unable to pay the mortgage because your income is fixed and hasn’t kept pace with inflation, or because of medical bills or other issues, you can force those responsible for entrapping you and misinforming you to pay for both the mortgage and the court case costs. 

Now I want you to follow along very carefully.  You are going to send your IRS Form 56 appointing Mr. Mnuchin your Fiduciary and the copy of your Birth Certificate properly endorsed and “surrendered” to the U.S. Treasury and a letter to Mr. Mnuchin telling him that you are waiving any benefit of the Public Charitable Trust or Limited Liability insurance  and that you are instead operating under Private Indemnity Bond AMRI00001 for your state of the union.  You are going to send this to him via Registered Mail. All this is covered in the article “How to Correct Your Political Status and Why” published April 2017 on my website, www.annavonreitz.com

Go to the Post Office and get a red and white Registered Mail Label and the white service receipt and the instructions you will need to send a letter using Registered Mail.  

Each red and white Registered Mail Label has a unique nine digit number associated with it.  Typically, the whole number will read something like this:  RA 123 456 789 US.   You are going to tell Mr. Mnuchin that you need him to do two things: (1) discharge and settle all debts related to  Social Security Masterfile Account #123-45-6789 (whatever SSN you have) and (2) set up a new Treasury Account using the number of your Registered Mail packet as the account number.  

Now go to a print shop and order yourself a self-inking red ink stamp. 

That stamp needs to read like this: 



     all rights reserved, Without Recourse

Exemption ID: [ fill in your SSN without dashes]

Deposit to US Treasury Charge the same to

YOUR NAME [ written FIRST MIDDLE LAST] and YOUR SSN with dashes

Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 (your birth state like Colorado)

Registered Treasury Acct. #  (your Registered Mail Number)

In the end, it’s going to look like this, only with you own numbers and information filled in: 



     all rights reserved, Without Recourse

Exemption ID: 123456789

Deposit to US Treasury Charge the same to

JOHN MICHAEL DOE 123-45-6789

Private Indemnity Bond # AMRI00001 Idaho

Registered Treasury Acct. # RE 123 453 673 US

You put this stamp on the front and the back of a copy of the docket sheet — the first sheet of every pleading in your foreclosure case that shows the name of the court and the PLAINTIFF and the DEFENDANT and the Court Case Number.  Just put it right in the middle of a copy of the first filing you received. 

Now you are going to sign this stamp block by: Last Name, First Name Middle Name.   Like this: Doe, John Michael on the line above the words “all rights reserved, Without Recourse”. 

Do it both front and back of that first page and send that page back to the Clerk of Court Registered Mail.  

This gives that Clerk all the information that he or she needs to discharge the Bid Bond in that Foreclosure Case and return the property to you and release the case.  Request re-conveyance of the property in a letter addressed to the Clerk at the same time.  They should reply with a one-page Deed of Re-Conveyance that you then take to the Land Recording Office and record. In most cases you will need to wait 30 days and then file a Corrected Deed on the Deed of Re-Conveyance changing the NAME to your Upper and Lower Case Name and making the address an “in care of” address or changing it to a different mailing address entirely.  This will complete the change over of the records. 

If you are African American they may try to challenge this, but you hang tight and claim your Equal Civil Rights guaranteed under Title 42 and the Brother’s Keeper Clause of Title 18 USC 241 and 242 if they do.  

If they continue to give you any trouble, you are going to go to the IRS website at www.irs.gov/forms and you are going to order a Form 1096 and a Form 1099A and a Form 1040 V. 

Form 1096 is a cover letter that just tells the IRS what kind(s) of other forms you are enclosing with it. 

Form 1099A is a triplicate form with three copies each of three little coupon-like forms all attached together. 

Form 1040 V is a single Voucher form and again, it is just a little slip of paper about the size of a check that comes printed on the bottom of its instruction sheet.  You have to cut it free with a pair of scissors. 

Okay, you check off the kinds of forms you are sending on the 1096 cover letter:  1096, 1099, 1040V. 

The 1099A is called “Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property”. 

Now the first piece of property you want to claim is your own trust account. 

The first box on the 1099A asks the LENDER’s name and address.  The LENDER is YOUR NAME, sent in care of your normal mailing address.  LENDER’s ID number is YOUR SSN without dashes.  The BORROWER’s NAME is the Department of the Treasury, 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20220.  The Account Number box is going to be your SSN Without Dashes/Your Registered Treasury Account Number (the Registered Mail Number you used).  Box Number 1 is going to be the File Date (not your actual birthday) found on your Birth Certificate.  The Balance and Fair Market Value are going to be “Unknown”.  Box 5 you leave blank.  Box 6 you write: Assumed Names Related to Trust Account at 31 USC 1321, being claimed per 31 USC 1322 by Beneficiary.   

The second Form 1099A on that sheet of three is where you claim your house back. 

At the top of the form it asks for the name of the LENDER and their address.  The LENDER is YOUR NAME sent in care of your normal mailing address.  LENDER’s ID number is YOUR SSN without dashes.  The BORROWER’s NAME is the name of the bank or mortgage servicing company that is foreclosing on you and their business address.  Under that you will see an “Account Number— write YOUR SSN without any dashes/Your new Registered Treasury Account : RE 123 345 598 US (whatever it turns out to be) and the Borrower’s Account Number— whatever they use to mark the mortgage account in their system when they send bills to you. 

The date of the lender’s acquisition will be the first year of the mortgage.  The balance of principal outstanding will be: “unknown” and so will the “fair market value” .  You will leave Item 5 blank because you don’t know the arrangements made in YOUR behalf.  Item 6 will be the description of the property you are claiming— Lot and Block or Street address, however it appears in the mortgage and foreclosure paperwork.  


You can use the third 1099 A on that sheet to claim back any other property you have a valid interest in.  I’d suggest that you claim the Court Case — again, the LENDER is YOUR NAME, the BORROWER is the Court name and address, the “account” is the Court Case Number, the year is whenever the foreclosure started, the balance and fair market value are unknown, and the description is: “Foreclosure of Property Case and Bid Bond”. 

Basically, any bill that gets sent to LUCRETIA is a bill that you are exempt from having to pay. 

Any bill that you get addressed to LUCRETIA can be discharged using your little stamp and signing it  Last Name, First Middle,—- once you get things straight with the Treasury and reclaim your birthright. 

Now, the IRS is your friend.  They are going to do all the work of researching everything for you and collecting on all that is owed to you.  You are going to pay them for all this service by issuing a 1040 V.  This is the little coupon-like voucher you have to cut off the bottom of the instruction page that comes with it.  It is pretty self-explanatory.  You just use your red stamp on the back of the 1040V and you write: ” Use my pass through account to pay any taxes or charges and to  research claims and perform

 collections” above the stamp information and you sign it as you always do for your stamp, Last Name, First Middle.  

You leave the amount blank because neither you nor the IRS has any idea how much this investigation/prosecution/tax payment is going to cost— and yes, this is like giving them a blank check; however, they are sworn to serve you and your trust and have to account to the Treasury for their charges, so all things considered it is the most expeditious way for everyone to operate right now and in time to save your house if the Court Clerk is either too stubborn or ignorant to do the right thing. 

You fold up your 1096, your three (or more) 1099A Forms, your stamped 1040V, and you send the whole thing in Registered Mail to:  Internal Revenue Service CID  at Post Office Box 192, Covington, Kentucky 41050. 

Now I know it is shocking to think of the IRS as your friend and ally, but that’s the way it is.  And I know this LOOKS like a lot of work and complexity, but it really isn’t.  The forms are simple and worst part is waiting for the IRS to send them.  It takes a week or two sometimes. 

This process and information — both that contained in “How to Correct Your Political Status and Why” and this information that is the follow-up of it, will profoundly change your relationship with the “federal government” and your life.  Some people go hog wild and try to do crazy things that are not allowed and they get into trouble as a result.  I want to caution you against doing anything extravagant or unreasonable or vindictive. 

This is information provided to do justice and nothing else.  It is provided to you as an elderly woman who has been loyal to this country and worked hard all your life to protect you and to save you from losing your home.  This information and the power to discharge debts addressed to YOUR NAME has to be used in Good Faith or you will end up in federal jail.

So what do I mean by Good Faith?  The way you would want to be treated.  Let me give you some examples. 

It is fair for you to discharge a mortgage on your principle dwelling when you need to do so: you are elderly and can’t keep up, you are sick and can’t afford it, your business has failed, you went through an unpleasant divorce…..there are all sorts of valid reasons that you might need to do this, but, you wouldn’t do it just for a lark or go out and buy up ten luxury vacation properties and plead necessity for discharging all of them.  That’s not reasonable or prudent or fair.  That is not “Good Faith”. That is a purposeful manipulation that isn’t allowed and you will get in trouble for it. 

It is fair for you to discharge utility bills that you cannot afford.  Again, you are elderly or sick or just starting out and struggling really hard and for whatever good, decent, actual reason need to “let go of the rope” — use your stamp.  You’ve been a Good Joe and done your part for 79 years.  Nobody has any right to complain if you kick back now and discharge all your utility bills so long as they are public utilities.  In most places that means electrical, water, waste management, and gas.  

Same thing with your car payments, college debts, medical bills, property taxes.  It doesn’t mean that you should run out and buy a Lexus and two Hummers and charge them off against the U.S. Treasury, but if it’s hard for you to pay for your 2015 Chevy that you need to get to work, or too much for your family to pay tuition, or you got hit with a medical bill you just can’t cope with— then by all means, six generations of Americans have suffered so that you could not have to worry about that, so that you could get back on your feet after an illness, a divorce, a business failure, or so many other things that can happen. 

We did not suffer and “loan” our resources so that 79 year old women could be kicked out of their homes by foreign banks and attacked by out of control government agencies.  There’s a line— a fine line—- between what is good and what is bad, what is fair and what is unjust.  Somewhere in our own hearts and minds we know where that line is. Pay attention to it and you will find that friendship and decency still abide, that you are free and you are safe, and that the foreclosures and tax debts and so many other things that have been oppressive weights and worries for you, can go away. 

At your age there are often maintenance issues with a house or car that you need to fix, but you are kept so burdened down with light bills and heat bills and mortgages and whatever else, that you can’t keep your home safe and in repair.  Use your Treasury Account to pay the things that can be paid with that, and use your private money to take care of the rest.  I know seniors who are facing a choice between paying the mortgage or eating.  Charge back the mortgage and buy that organic grapefruit, Lucretia. 

You and your husband and your parents and grandparents all earned it.  There is no reason to feel bad or ashamed or like you are getting an unearned handout.  You are just flipping a switch and learning to operate your own business in a different way and accessing resources you didn’t know you had.

Everyone needs to know that there are those who do have to pay federal taxes and can’t — at this point in their lives — claim their exemption.  Actual federal employees both civilian and military have to pay income taxes, for example.  Black Americans never received their actual state national political status, so their route to freedom and access to their resources is a bit different. Certain other categories of people can’t do this — foreigners seeking political asylum, actual wards of the government such as people who have been permanently hospitalized for mental illness, and other such actual dependents.  

But for most of us, the time has come to become aware of the history and those reliefs and remedies that are available at this time, while we work toward a systemic end to all mortgages worldwide.

See this article and over 600 others on Anna’s website here


Mortgage Relief

Government Financial Tactics, very important thing to comprehend

May 30th, 2017 by


by Walter Burien – CAFR1.com 

Governments who were building up massive cash stashes in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, they needed parking zones for that cash. What governments created to allow for these “Parking zones” was to turn cash stashes into liability zones for self investment. (well set in place, come the 2000’s)



  1. SELF INSURANCE. Create a fund where cash is transferred into a fund designated to pay insurance claims. The traditional coverage was the annual cost for a liability coverage policy from an insurance company. The self-funding fund account now gave the ability for the local government to stash much cash where the “return” from the fund was designated to meet “projected” liability claims to be paid. So if the local government projects liability claims to be paid at say $250,000, then at a projected return of say 5% is used, that means they justify a balance in the fund of $5,000,000.00 (5-million). Now if they use a “projected” return of 2.5%, then a fund balance of $10,000,000.00 (10-million). If they projected claim payments to be $500,000 and return at 2.5%, then a fund balance of $20,000,000.00 or a $20,000,000.00 “Parking Zone” for the cash is created now designated as a liability.


  1. BOND ISSUES. The impression given to the public: Is our local governments stupid taking on more debt? Well, that can be as far from the truth as it gets. If cash is building in that local government, that local government may create a liability for a: Road Project; Recycling Plant; Pension liability, Sports Facility, Parking Building, Water Plant, etc., etc., etc. Well, you have to ask yourself: Who is “Funding” that Bond issue?

If the local government moves the cash from here to there (could be a bank; brokerage; Federal Investment; mutual fund; other enterprise operation owned by that local government or a combination of several) and then uses (directs) that cash to “Fund” their own bond issue, then the “cash” is transformed into a “liability” (repayment of the Bond issue) or a “Parking Zone” for the cash “with interest” building on it.

The public not knowing this technique just looks at their local government as being irresponsible spending fanatics sticking them as taxpayers with more debt when in reality that local government is sticking the taxpayer with paying interest on the “cash” that local government already collected.

Keep in mind the cash disappears from that local government’s operating budget balance sheets and reappears as a debt liability. If the local government moved $80,000,000 (80-million) to fund $80,000,000 (80-million) of their own debt, and in doing so it left their operating budget $25,000,000 (25-million) short, they now come back on the taxpayer saying: “We are $25,000,000 short on our operating budget and need to raise taxes to make up the difference”. In doing so, they are now “sticking” the taxpayer TWICE!

Local governments that do this make the following quote all so true:

TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

Sent FYI and for sharing with your contacts from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1.com  and  TRFA.us

Olddogs Comments!

If America was suddenly overtaken with intelligence, Walter Burien would be our President, Marilyn Barnewall would be our Secretary of State, and Anna Von Reitz would be our Attorney General. Unfortunately, they would probably be murdered within a week because the Banking Cartel would panic. America, as a nation you are the dumbest bunch of self centered idiots ever conceived! One only needs to research the last one hundred years of our import export statics to know how it happened. People who allow the formation of governments to control their lives are stupid, stupid, stupid! If you do not posses the basics instincts to survive and love your family, and be a responsible human being, what good are you?

Financial Tactics

Templar Treaties

May 29th, 2017 by


The Templars

By Anna Von Reitz

The Templars have had a “perpetual” treaty of “peace” and “friendship” and “amity” with us since 1794.  Let’s see…..that’s 223 years.  Are we being unreasonable in our expectation that everyone in your organization should know about this?  And act accordingly?

We have a copy.  The Holy See has a copy.  Her Royal Majesty has a copy.  The Doge of Venice has a copy.  The Grimaldi Family has a copy.  The Prince of Monaco has a copy.  The Liechtensteiners have a copy….. the list goes on.

Yet, despite this, members of the Temple have been rampaging around attacking us and pretending that we are someone — or to be more exact — some “thing” other than ourselves, and they have been using this preposterous presumption as an excuse to attack Treaty Partners to whom they owe perpetual amity and peace. 

Go figure. 

Now, some parties who assume they are being referenced in my note “To the Perpetrators” are bumping around claiming that the Queen is in danger.  What kind of nonsense is that?   

The Templars have not been honoring their treaty obligations in this country and have caused a lot of trouble instead.  The Bad Faith of members toward the American people has resulted in the Queen being in Breach of Trust.

Put bluntly, you are the problem, not us.

If you have ever seen a man trapped by a Chinese Knot, you know that the harder he struggles, the tighter it binds.  The more lies you tell, the harsher the condemnation.  The longer you refuse to abide by your treaty obligations, the worse your punishment will be. 

These Truths are part of the Universal Law set forth by our Creator and are no “laws” of men, therefore they are not subject to amendment or repeal, cannot be changed or reinterpreted or avoided.  And nobody judges you by giving Voice to the Universal Law, because in truth, you have condemned yourselves by what you have done in America on one hand, and by what you have failed to do on the other.

If the Queen is in trouble, it’s because she is in gross Breach of Trust, and if she is in gross Breach of Trust, it is because the members of the Temple Bar have violated their treaty obligations owed to the Americans and have run amok and behaved as lawless brigands on our shores.  

The misrepresentations of those who have owed us Good Faith service have resulted in our states and people being repeatedly victimized as purported sureties in fraudulently created international bankruptcies. These frauds upon the states, the people, and also upon the probate and bankruptcy courts have not been created by the victims of these schemes who clearly did not benefit from them.

All of this has been done by members of the Temple Bar and Inns of Court who have abused their positions of trust and violated the obligations of their long-standing treaties with us.

When the Truth comes, what is false must pass away.  So it is written and so it must be. 

We are not causing any trouble by claiming the land and the labor that is ours by natural right, nor by refusing to be victimized again by those we depended on as Treaty Partners owing us “perpetual friendship”. 

Rather, the trouble is the result of Shysters writing tickets on our credit without our knowledge or permission, and Trustees who have fallen so far down on the job that they must be halfway to China and somewhere near the center of the Earth by now. 


See this article and over 600 others on Anna’s website here:


Olddogs Comments!

There is no excuse for remaining ignorant about the American government coop when all you have to do is read Anna’s site. Start from the beginning and read every article, then tell everyone you know how their government has been hijacked. You do not owe this scumbag corporation anything, period! But you do have to arm yourself with knowledge, otherwise it’s who has the most firepower

The Templars

Islam 1500 year scourge of mankind

May 28th, 2017 by


Ravalli Voice Seventy Second Edition June 2017


Editor’s Introduction
This month our commentary is devoted entirely to the rapidly growing Muslim insurgency. Don’t be deceived by liberal Muslim apologists nor the highly biased US news media. Islam has been a festering problem for the past 1500 years, but in recent times growing from a regional to a global threat to peace.

Islam followed the birth of Christianity by slightly over 600 years. Now considered one of the world’s three great religions, it was founded by the Prophet Muhammad in 610 AD. The three religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three religions are based upon monotheism, meaning belief in only one god. Islam’s god is Allah and Muhammad was his prophet.
Contrary to what some liberal apologists now tell us, the Christian and Muslim gods are not one and the same. Islam’s equivalent of the Christian Bible is the Qur’an, also referred to as the Koran. Islam’s traditional capitol is Mecca, located in present-day Saudi Arabia. At least once in his life, every Muslim is expected to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Islam’s Prophet Muhammad was born in Mecca Arabia in approximately the year 570 AD. He was active as a religious leader from 609 to 632 AD. Muhammad’s father died before he was born, and his mother died when he was about 6-years old. He first married at about 25 years old, to a woman 15 years his senior. By all accounts, it was a happy marriage. In all, Muhammad eventually had 13 wives. Muhammad died at age 62 in 632 AD.

In 610 , Muhammad meditated in a cave on a religious retreat. Some historians suggest that it was a Christian religious retreat because Islam did not yet exist before Muhammad experienced his revelation in the cave. Although Muslims now label such a suggestion blasphemy, they offer no explanation otherwise. Thereafter Muhammad claimed that God’s angel Michael had come to him and ordained him to preach Islamic religious philosophy. Michael certainly would not have advised Muhammad to kill Christians and Jews, but Michael’s imposter Satan would more likelyhave been the culprit.

In 622 AD, Muhammad and most of his followers moved to Medina. There the emerging warrior Muhammad began a series of raids. His first six raids failed, but the seventh raid succeeded. An innocent man was killed in this raid, eventually leading to war between Muhammad’s Muslims and Mecca. It was in Mecca that the Muslim movement also became a political party, a theme central to Islamic philosophy.

For the next ten years, until Muhammad’s death in 632 AD, he and his Muslim followers never ceased fighting. Muhammad’s army fought several key battles against Medina, finally conquering the city in 630 AD. Muhammad led unprovoked attacks against other peoples as well, including a Jewish settlement in Northwestern Arabia.

Shortly after his conquest of Mecca, Muhammad received Surah 9:29, which exhorted Muslims to battle all non-Muslims, including Christians and Jews, until they submit to Islam. Obeying this command to conquer, Muhammad marched his Muslim army against the Christian Byzantine Empire, although the Byzantines had chosen not to resist. Muhammad became ill and died shortly thereafter, allegedly poisoned. It is very obvious that Muhammad was not a man of peace, nor did he preach religious tolerance and compassion, as does Christianity.

While it is in error to maintain as Muslims do, that Muhammad was history’s greatest moral example, and while many critics portray him as history’s worst, Muhammad did have some commendable qualities. Muhammad placed an emphasis on helping orphans and widows, and there were occasions when he exhibited great mercy. He was an ardent monotheist, and despised idolatry. He exhorted his followers to heed God’s prophets, like Noah, Abraham, and Moses. Yet Muslims tend to focus entirely upon the commendable qualities of their prophet, and to completely ignore his less admirable traits and brutal misdeeds.

After leaving Mecca, Muhammad began robbing caravans entirely for profit As a result, greed soon became one of the primary factors in persuading people to convert to Islam. Although patiently enduring persecution in Mecca, Muhammad’s attitude quickly changed when his followers’ numbers grew in Medina. Soon he would tolerate no criticism whatsoever.

Muhammad’s violence was directed toward specific ethnic groups as well. Muhammad once said to his followers, “I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula, and will not leave anyone but Muslims.” When they surrendered, Muhammad confined them in Medina.

There he cut off their heads, some 600 to 700 in all. Every male captive who had reached puberty was executed. Muhammad divided the women, children and property among his men, keeping one-fifth of the spoils for himself.

We may contrast Muhammad’s behavior with the historical Jesus.

Christians believe that Jesus performed miracles, died on the cross and rose from the dead. Documented history confirms all these beliefs. While Christians have nothing to fear from an examination of historical records, history is a huge problem for Islam.

Islamic wars of imperialist conquest have been conducted for almost 1500 years, against hundreds of nations, over millions of square miles ( significantly larger than the British Empire at its peak ).

Islam’s lust for imperialist conquest stretches from southern France to the Philippines, from Austria to Nigeria, and from Central Asia to New Guinea. This is the classic definition of imperialism, “The policy and practice of seeking to dominate the economic and political affairs of weaker nations” For Islam today, its objectives are more specific, having become those to achieve total world dominance, and to eliminate Christianity entirely, for Christian tolerance and compassion are the antitheses of militant Islam.

There are horrendous examples of Islamic intolerance for other religions. Perhaps its worst act in modern times was the Armenian Genocide, extermination of an entire Christian society. This was the Islamic Ottoman government’s systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenian Christians, mostly Ottoman citizens living within the Islamic Ottoman Empire, and its successor state, the Republic of Turkey. This genocide began in April 1915 during the First World War, with the arrest and deportation of approximately 370 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders, the majority of whom were subsequently murdered.

Armenian genocide was implemented in two phases, first the wholesale killing of able-bodied males, followed by deportation of women, children, elderly and the infirm. They were driven on a death march into the harsh Syrian desert, where they were denied food and water until they perished. To this day, Turkey’s Islamic government denies that any of this occurred.

Today, Islam is spreading rapidly through immigration and the misguided tolerance and sympathy for alleged Muslim refugees from African and Middle East conflicts. Militant Muslims have infiltrated the influx of refugees, and now pose a serious threat to domestic stability and peace in western Christian nations.

Today, the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” ( ISIS ) , a Jihadist militant group that follows fundamentalist Wahhabe doctrine of Sunni Islam, is murdering thousands of Christians in western Iraq and Syria. It now boasts 30,000 fighters, and is believed to be active in 18 nations around the world, including several in Africa and also the Philippines.

The high Muslim birthrate also threatens world peace. The average number of children per Muslim family in Mideast countries is presently eight, while Iran’s radical Islamic government recently mandated eleven. In America, the Caucasian birthrate is now below the sustainable minimum, less that two children per family. Obviously, Islam also seeks to overwhelm the West with its burgeoning population.

Islam has also spread to Southeast Asian nations, like Indonesia and the Philippines. Indonesia now contains the largest Muslim population of any country in the world. Its current Muslim population is estimated to be 207 million persons, most of whom represent Sunni Islam.

Approximately 13-percent of the world’s Muslims reside in Indonesia. Today’s 2-billion Muslims make up 28-percent of the world’s population. With their intentionally excessive birth rate, their numbers will exceed 50-percent of the world’s population by the end of the 21st Century. Islam is well on its way to achieve Muhammad’s goal of world domination, unfettered by Christian compassion and morality.
Ravalli Voice

Olddogs Comments!

There is no greater danger to freedom in America than the complacent ignorance of white Christian Americans who attend apostate Churches without knowing it. They have fallen head over heals in love with apostate Pastors preaching LOVE EVERYONE, and do not even know how to spell theology. Even if the reader is an atheist without any real knowledge of the Christian Bible, you should know that evil does exist, and that gives proof that someone or something is and has been promoting it since humanity began. To the Christian, that was when Satan convinced Eve and Adam to eat the Apple and Cain killed Able. Evil has grown exponentially every since. So if the reader wants to ever live in Peace and harmony, some concessions must be made with religious people who know and follow the theology of the Christian Bible, which makes plain as day who to love and who to hate. It is only when one knows and follows the instructions in Scripture that peace has a chance of subduing evil.

So misunderstanding the command to love your enemy, gives your enemy all he needs to eliminate you. In plain English you are committing suicide because the man who follows commands to kill all who believe in a different God has nothing to fear, while you are paralyzed with fear. This lack of common sense seems to have been the result of government controlled education where once again we have a situation where the enemy has been accepted as our friend. Few if any Americans balk at supporting government wars that makes killers out of our Sons and Daughters, nor accept the displacement of Muslims and that is nothing short of suicide.

Folks, take this to the bank; Satan, apostate religions, and governments are your mortal enemies, and evil will never lay down with peace.



The Real Reason Suckerberg Supports A Universal Basic Income

May 27th, 2017 by



By Joe Jarvis

Every generation expands its definition of equality…

Now it’s time for our generation to define a new social contract. We should have a society that measures progress not just by economic metrics like GDP but by how many of us have a role we find meaningful. We should explore ideas like universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.

-Mark Suckerberg, Facebook CEO

Here we go. Get ready for the media to start hammering the basic income meme.

Why is someone worth $62 billion complaining about inequality? Why is the world’s 6th richest man lecturing the public on the wealth gap, and floating ideas like the government spreading OUR wealth around while hoarding his own?

In 2015, Mark Suckerberg claimed he would give his entire fortune away to charity in his lifetime, and promptly formed an LLC for that purpose… as opposed to, you know, a charity. This means that instead of using his own money to help people, he can spend that money on lobbying politicians in Washington to use YOUR money to help people.

See how generous these rich philanthropists are with everyone else’s money?

No, I guess true charity is the responsibility of the rest of us.

Mark Suckerberg could give away hundreds of thousands of free expensive college educations without his net worth dropping 2%. He could provide a $12,000 grant to 1.7 million people if he actually cares about giving them a chance to “try new ideas”, and still have $42 billion left for a rainy day.

If he is so concerned about people having a cushion to fall back on, why not start a charity that gives free room and board to anyone who wants to come and explore their options for meaningful employment, like an internship?

That’s what I would do, literally open the doors to anyone who feels that they have no other options, provide them that safety net, and train them in the meantime based on their desires and pursuits. He could do this. He could empower people with his wealth.

But he doesn’t.

Instead, Suckerberg appeals to a victim mentality:

Today, we have a level of wealth inequality that hurts everyone…

When you don’t have the freedom to take your idea and turn it into a historic enterprise we all lose and today our society is way over indexed on rewarding people when they are successful and we don’t do nearly enough to make sure people can take lots of different shots.

Facebook profits $4 billion per year. Why doesn’t Facebook hand out 200,000 $20,000 grants per year to promising young entrepreneurs who could then solely focus on their business venture, giving them the same opportunity Suckerberg had to create (or steal) Facebook?

Facebook knows its users well–too well you might say. Facebook knows its users so well in fact that the company could provide a free quality online education to every one of its users based on their interests, skills, and desires.

But Mark Suckerberg has other motives.

I have empathy for the poor, for those who truly don’t have an opportunity, and I would sleep easier seeing everyone with a more robust safety net. But what I can’t stand is being lectured by somebody who actually could do something about it, acting helpless without government intervention.

The government has the money to solve poverty. In this quick video, I run through the numbers which make it obvious that the government is the wrong organization to provide that cushion that Suckerberg talks about.



Ignore Suckerberg. Take a Page from 50 Cent

You know who didn’t have a safety net? 50 Cent. I recently read The 50th Law of Power by Robert Green, who details how 50 Cent, orphaned at the age of eight, built himself from literally nothing.

Olddogs Comments!


Why contribute to Suckerbergs BILLIONS?


Cover Stories Are Used To Control Explanations

May 26th, 2017 by


LIES, LIES, LIES.By Paul Craig Roberts

Years ago James Jesus Angleton left me with the impression that when an intelligence agency, such as the CIA, pulls off an assassination, bombing, or any event with which the agency does not wish to be associated, the agency uses the media to control the explanation by quickly putting into place a cover story that, along with several others, has been prepared in advance. I suggested that the new story that “the Saudis did 9/11” was put into play to take the place of the worn and battered first cover story. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/07/20/is-the-saudi-911-story-part-of-the-deception-paul-craig-roberts/

When the Oswald cover story for JFK’s assassination came under heavy suspicion http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/05/24/jfk-100-paul-craig-roberts/, other cover stories appeared in the media. One was that the Mafia killed JFK, because he was having affairs with their molls.

The fact that it made no sense did not stop many from believing it. It did not occur to people more gullible than thoughtful that a gangster would simply get another woman and not take the risk of assassinating the US president over a woman. The last thing the Mafia would want would be for Attorney General Robert Kennedy to bring the law down on the Mafia like a ton of bricks.

Another cover story was that Castro did it. This made even less sense. JFK had nixed the Joint Chiefs/CIA plan to invade Cuba, and he had refused air cover to the CIA’s Bay of Pigs invasion. JFK would certainly not be on Castro’s hit list.

Another cover story was that Lyndon Johnson was behind Kennedy’s assassination. As I wrote, there is no doubt that LBJ covered up the Joint Chiefs/CIA/Secret Service plot against JFK, as any president would have done, because the alternative was to destroy the American people’s confidence in the US military and security agencies. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also covered up the plot, as did the Warren Commission, the media, and the Congress.

The “Johnson did it” story is the most preposterous of all. The Joint Chiefs, CIA, Secret Service, Chief Justice, Congress, and Media are not going to participate in the murder of a President and its cover-up just for the sake of the VP’s personal ambition. The idea that so many strong institutions would permit a VP to murder a President for no reason other than the personal ambition of the VP is beyond absurdity.

Speaking of cover stories, I wonder if that is what we are witnessing in the leaked information to the New York Times about the Manchester Bombing. The only point of the leak is to set the story in place. The British complaints about the leaked information serve to disguise the leak’s purpose.

Setting a story in place early, crowds out other explanations. Remember, the government claims to have had no warning of 9/11 but knew instantly who did it and set the story in place. The same for the Paris events, the Nice event, the Boston Marathon bombing, and I think all the others.

Authorities quickly come up with a story and names of those responsible. The alleged perpetrators or patsies, take your choice, are always dead and, thereby, unable to deny that they did it or say who put them up to it. The only exception that comes to mind is the younger brother who has been associated with the Boston Marathon bombing. Despite two police attempts to shoot him to death, he inconveniently survived, but has never been seen or heard from. As his orchestrated trial, his court appointed attorney confessed for him, and the jury convicted on her confession.

Remember, Oswald was shot dead by Jack Ruby before Oswald was questioned by police. There is no explanation for an armed private citizen being inside the jail with Oswald and positioned to shoot him at close range. Clearly, Oswald was not to be permitted to give his story. And no patsy since has either.

Olddogs Comments!

Brethren I swear to you there is no way to return to something that never existed, and even a monkey should be able to see the tyranny existing in America, and recognize how successful the lies have been over the course of our existence. There is no possible excuse for this ass backward patriotism that deadens your minds. American patriotism is like loving a wife that has been secretly prostituting her/your daughters. The very people you think you are voting into office are murdering your children and prostituting them. Not even the Roman Empire was as putrid as the scum-bags in D.C. It will not be much longer before they bring down the fires of hell on our heads if the people in mass, do not grow a set and rebel. Money is their only God! Most of you do not know what really happened in the beginning of America, and to some extent you are innocent from being lied to, but that is not an excuse because any one with a half ounce of brains should be able to smell the rat. It is the putrid odor of authoritarianism that should have alerted you to the lies and theft of your money and freedom. It is the death of millions of your children that should have alerted you. It is the loss of property rights, the loss of manufacturing jobs, the constant wars, the constant devaluation of your money, the loss of sovereignty of your States, but most of all your personal loss of sovereignty. I could go on and on but I know from personal experience most of you have already stopped reading. Woe to you who support your murderers. You have no excuse when just this one link will educate you on how it all happened and what to do about it.



Our Public Belief System – Really?

May 25th, 2017 by


Read More Articles by Lee Duigon

The Roman Empire didn’t care what your personal religious beliefs were, as long as you publicly worshiped the emperor as a god. Christians couldn’t do this, so they were persecuted.

Here in our own time and place, an employee of the Augusta, Maine, school district was punished recently for telling another employee, in a private conversation, “I will pray for you”. That this was part of a private conversation between two members of the same church cut no ice with school officials.

The employee was “coached,” whatever that means, never to use “phrases that integrate public and private belief systems.”

Does America have a public belief system, like ancient Rome? You’d think the First Amendment to the Constitution, supposedly the law of the land, would forbid it: “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion…” How can one be punished for violating some public belief system that legally cannot exist?

So what is this sacrosanct public belief system? Who established it, how did they do it, and when?

You can search all over the Internet for the answers to those questions and never find them. At last I consulted the American Civil Liberties Union website.

Here the ACLU exhorts you to “become a freedom fighter” and “Take a stand for what you believe in.” Well, that sounds promising—but wait. On the same page, you are also urged to “push back against xenophobia” and “fight relentless attacks on reproductive freedom.” So if you believe in securing America’s borders, or believe that babies should be born instead of killed, I don’t think they want you standing up for those beliefs. If you do, watch out.

This still doesn’t tell us exactly what our public belief system consists of, so I went on to look elsewhere. Maybe some actor could tell us what it is. Being an actor is almost as good as being an ACLU lawyer.

I read an interview with a British actor. His name is not important; let us call his name Legion, because there are so many just like him (Mark 5:9). Asked what makes him angry, he promptly replied, “Religion!” Because, you see, if only there were no religion, the whole world would be a never-ending feast of peace, prosperity, wisdom, and social justice. I don’t think the ACLU or the Augusta school district would argue with that.

One begins to suspect that this public belief system, found not only in America but throughout the Western world, at the very least consists of support for abortion, borderless countries that aren’t really countries anymore but simply multicultural flophouses, and an absence of “religion.” Of course, it would be racist and unforgivably non-multicultural to complain about non-Christian religions, like Islam, so what they really mean when they invoke “separation of church and state” is the dis-establishment of Christianity. Somehow the Constitution’s prohibition of establishment of religion morphs into a requirement to dis-establish Christianity. And they go about it zealously.

As for who put this in place while the rest of us slept, or went about our own business peaceably, obviously it wasn’t Congress. Who needs Congress, when we’ve got leftist judges and lawyers, leftist schools and universities, motor-mouthed actors and celebrities, sneaky little bureaucrats that no one voted for, and a whopping great mass of left-wing nooze media? Any act of Congress would merely be an afterthought, and totally unnecessary.

They won’t throw you into the arena to be eaten by lions or killed by gladiators. Instead, they’ll give you “coaching,” “sensitivity training,” or simply take away your job. Mockery and public vilification are also on the menu. Boil it down to one word—a word that they’re particularly fond of: bullying. That’s what they accuse us of doing whenever we “take a stand for what you believe in.”

What they demand is that *we* take a stand for what *they* believe in. No other stand will be allowed.

Will there ever come a time when we’ve had enough of this, and send these people packing? They told us we couldn’t possibly elect a president, but we did.

Maybe the next impossible thing we do is just around the corner. God grant it be so.

The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded

By John W. Whitehead

 “The citizenry taught to fear and distrust each other and to welcome the metal detectors and pat downs in their schools, bag searches in their train stations, tanks and military weaponry used by their small town police forces, surveillance cameras in their traffic lights, police strip searches on their public roads, unwarranted blood draws at drunk driving checkpoints, whole body scanners in their airports, and government agents monitoring their communications.”


By Olddog

Fifty one years ago I was a card carrying local 395 iron Worker and if I had known then what has become acceptable now in 2017, I would have been locked up for life, because just as sure as “hell is hot” I would have gone berserk and sent a buss load of pussies to hell.

What part of human nature has been forgotten when young men accept pecker lickers as friends and anything goes no matter how debasing it is? Those who have accepted the social changes that self controlled, God-Fearing, men hate are completely stupid if they think this will produce a better society.

As for me and my house we will never befriend or support these social changes, and hell will freeze over before I am strip-searched in public, vote for any scumbag politician, or allow my wife to be treated disrespectfully by some uniformed monkey. As far as I am concerned any and everyone who supports this bastardization of America are in mortal danger when in my presence.

Any and everyone who accepts the present state of affairs does so because they are too chicken-shit to stand up and die if necessary to preserve their freedom. When are you ass-holes going to understand?

we are at war!


Former Colorado Governor Richard D Lamm stood up and gave a stunning speech on how to destroy America.

May 24th, 2017 by


 This speech was in 2003 but applies even more so today.

By eagleye13

Can you see it coming. I especially believe the 1984 excerpt is exactly where we are. We probably should read 1984 again.

We know Dick Lamm as Governor of Colorado. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant. Last week there was an immigration overpopulation conference in Washington, DC, filled to capacity by many of America’s finest minds and leaders. A brilliant college professor by the name of Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, ‘Mexifornia,’ explaining how immigration – both legal and illegal was destroying the entire state of California. He said it would march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream.
Moments later, former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm stood up and gave a stunning speech on how to destroy America.
The audience sat spellbound as he described eight methods for the destruction of the United States . He said, ‘If you believe that America is too smug, too self-satisfied, too rich, then let’s destroy America. It is not that hard to do. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that ‘An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.”
‘Here is how they do it,’ Lamm said:

‘First, to destroy America, turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country… History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar, Seymour Lipset, put it this way: ‘The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy.’ Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, and Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy , if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, Corsicans and Muslims.’
Lamm went on:

‘Second, to destroy America, invent ‘multiculturalism’ and encourage immigrants to maintain their culture. Make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal; that there are no cultural differences. Make it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic dropout rates are due solely to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out of bounds.
‘Third, we could make the United States an ‘Hispanic Quebec ‘ without much effort. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. As Benjamin Schwarz said in the Atlantic Monthly recently: ‘The apparent success of our own multi-ethnic and multicultural experiment might have been achieved not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentric and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.’ Lamm said, ‘I would encourage all immigrants to keep their own language and culture. I would replace the melting pot metaphor with the salad bowl metaphor. It is important to ensure that we have various cultural subgroups living in America enforcing their differences rather than as Americans, emphasizing their similarities.’

‘Fourth, I would make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 50% dropout rate from high school.’

‘My fifth point for destroying America would be to get big foundations and business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the cult of ‘Victimology.’ I would get all minorities to think that their lack of success was the fault of the majority. I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority.’

‘My sixth plan for America’s downfall would include dual citizenship, and promote divided loyalties. I would celebrate diversity over unity. I would stress differences rather than similarities. Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other – that is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precept. People undervalue the unity it takes to keep a nation together. Look at the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that they belonged to the same race; they possessed a common language and literature; and they worshipped the same gods. All Greece took part in the Olympic games. A common enemy, Persia , threatened their liberty. Yet all these bonds were not strong enough to overcome two factors: local patriotism and geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions. Greece fell. ‘E. Pluribus Unum’ — From many, one. In that historical reality, if we put the emphasis on the ‘pluribus’ instead of the ‘Unum,’ we will ‘Balkanize’ America as surely as Kosovo.’

‘Next to last, I would place all subjects off limits. Make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of ‘diversity.’ I would find a word similar to ‘heretic’ in the 16th century – that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ halt discussion and debate. Having made America a bilingual/bicultural country, having established multi-cultum, having the large foundations fund the doctrine of ‘Victimology,’ I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra: That because immigration has been good for America, it must always be good. I would make every individual immigrant symmetric and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them.’
In the last minute of his speech, Governor Lamm wiped his brow. Profound silence followed. Finally he said, ‘Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis’s book ‘Mexifornia.’ His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don’t read that book.’

There was no applause. A chilling fear quietly rose like an ominous cloud above every attendee at the conference. Every American in that room knew that everything Lamm enumerated was proceeding methodically, quietly, darkly, yet pervasively across the United States today. Discussion is being suppressed. Over 100 languages are ripping the foundation of our educational system and national cohesiveness. Even barbaric cultures that practice female genital mutilation are growing as we celebrate ‘diversity.’ American jobs are vanishing into the Third World as corporations create a Third World in America Take note of California and other states. To date, ten million illegal aliens and growing fast. It is reminiscent of George Orwell’s book ‘1984.’ In that story, three slogans are engraved in the Ministry of Truth building: ‘War is peace,’ ‘Freedom is slavery,’ and ‘Ignorance is strength.’

Governor Lamm walked back to his seat. It dawned on everyone at the conference that our nation and the future of this great democracy is deeply in trouble and worsening fast. If we don’t get this immigration monster stoppedwithin three years, it will rage like a California wildfire and destroy everything in its path, especially The American Dream.
If you care for and love our country as much as I do, take the time to pass this on just as I did for you!
NOTHING is going to happen if you don’t!
Except your friends will not have had the chance to pass it on for more to read it!


Time Line of Territorial Fraud

May 23rd, 2017 by




Territorial Fraud



By Anna Von Reitz

1860 – An attorney, Abraham Lincoln, is elected to the limited position of CEO aka President of the United States (Corporation). The last land jurisdiction Congress adjourns sine die. The original Constitution which is a tri-lateral international treaty, national trust indenture, and commercial services contract called “The Constitution for the united States of America” is set-aside.

1861 – An undeclared illegal commercial mercenary conflict begins on our shores. It is never declared as a war by any Congress.

1865 – Southern states in ruins and Northern states are bankrupt. Foreign bankruptcy trustees take over and the “Territorial” Congress acts as a Board of Directors for “The United States of America” (Inc.) An Armistice comes, but no actual Peace Treaty– proving again that the whole “Civil War” was never a war.

1868 – Congress publishes the deceptively similar looking and sounding “Federal” Territorial Constitution called “The Constitution of the United States of America”. This is a corporate charter for a foreign governmental services corporation.

1907 – The United States of America (Inc.) goes bankrupt and claims our land jurisdiction state lands and private lands as surety for their own debts. Nobody is told about this process of taking titles to land under color of law, so nobody can refute it.

1924 – The last actual United States Treasury closes its doors. From now on, we will be in the thrall of foreign central banks and banking cartels.

1932 – A second governmental services corporation dba “the United States of America” (Inc.) goes bankrupt. [Notice the very slight difference between “The” and “the” United States of America, Inc.] FDR claims that all our lawful Trade Names are the names of Foreign Situs Trusts standing as sureties for the debts of the United States of America, Inc. More color of law titles are taken to our labor, our private property assets, our children, and everything else. Again, we are never told about these nefarious claims and have no opportunity to refute them.

1934 – The Gold Reserve Act creates the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” and puts the Secretary of the Treasury [of Puerto Rico] in charge of this gigantic Slush Fund, which is used to buy and sell foreign currency so as to distort and control the world’s money commodity markets. The Federal Reserve becomes a de facto storefront for this illegal activity and the New York Fed becomes the broker for it.

1944-46 – The Municipal United States Treasury is rolled into the International Monetary Fund and takes over as the government of the Territorial United States. The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury becomes the head of the IMF Board of Governors. The Government Accounting Office adopts Dual Accrual Bookkeeping and uses it to hide vast amounts of income in slush funds monitored by the States of States and STATES OF STATES being run as franchises of both the Territorial United States and Municipal United States corporations.

1953 – The bankruptcy of The United States of America [Inc.] settles and the land is released. The vermin lie and say that they don’t know who the land belongs to anymore, and use this as an excuse to roll up all the titles they seized under color of law and deceit and non-disclosure into a giant land trust and make themselves the presumed beneficiaries of it.

1998 – We woke up.

1999 – The bankruptcy of the United States of America [Inc.] settles and the same schtick is played with the gold confiscated from our grandparents and great-grandparents by FDR. The banks who were responsible for the bankruptcy in the first place lied and said that they didn’t know who all that gold belonged to. So they took it on a claim of abandonment.

2001 – The Bush/Vanguard/Saudi/Mossad group stages the Twin Towers attack and destroys billions of financial records and uses the disaster to steal large quantities of physical gold kept in repositories under the WTC.

2008 – Pope Benedict XVI takes action to give Notice to the World and rein in the perpetrators. The Paradigm Project gathers steam to bring foreclosure on the incorporated quasi-governments of the world.

2010 – James Thomas McBride issues The Universal Postal Union Treaty of the Americas, establishing the demand of living people to receive back their assets and denying the fictitious titles taken under color of law to land and given names of living people.

2011 – The Notice Process is completed. All the government services corporations on Earth are given full disclosure and demand and due process; final findings of Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Contract are issued.

2012 – Accelerating effort to locate and claim back assets belonging to the American states and people, including the posting of international notices and liens extracting the living people and their assets from the incorporated government registries.

2013 – 2016 – Ongoing work to claim back and establish clear records of land claims and identities of people from the so-called Civil War onward as a means to establish standing for private administrative and commercial processes to return the assets and establish the American states and people as the Principal Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES and its heirs, successors, and assigns and THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, its heirs, successors and assigns. In 2015, Obama creates millions of bankrupt Puerto Rican public transmitting utilities named after living Americans in a bid to keep the old fraud system going.

2017— Here we are. The new banking system is scheduled to come on line very soon and it promises to be transparent, user friendly, and self-correcting. We shall see. As we write, millions of Americans continue to be harassed and misidentified as either Territorial United States Citizens or Municipal United States CITIZENS and millions are wrongfully incarcerated as part of a vast “Prisons for Profit” Scheme. Despite all this there are signs that the walls are beginning to crack. The attorneys who have been so singularly responsible for all this fraud and legal chicanery are feeling the heat and the people, once awakened, are finding their feet and remembering who they are — and bit by bit and piece by piece and day by day, they are beginning to take action.

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Territorial Fraud

The Real Conspiracy Conspiring to Cast Everything as a Conspiracy Theory

May 22nd, 2017 by


Conspiracy Theoryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPwPoTH7mo4

Everything is a conspiracy, the elite globalists control us all, they will win, and resistance is futile.

Well, in that case, what’s the point of even fighting it? In fact, if all is so hopeless, why even bother pointing out how hopeless it is?

Or could it be–gasp, conspiracy!–that those ultra-pessimists are really themselves the agents of the controlling elite?

The idea is that those in power get people to throw their hands in the air in exasperated surrender by presenting the war as already won. They inject doubt into every movement, technology, and non-government solution so that it seems like all the paths to freedom have already been compromised.

Will Bitcoin save us from the Federal Reserve, or will it enslave us to a new global currency? Are Airbnb and Uber freeing tools to upset entrenched industries or clever marketing ploys to bring more under the control of the corporate elite?

False flag, or terrorist attack? Leaker or double agent? ISIS or CIA studios?

Machiavelli said that a leader is smartest to be feared and loved, but since this is a difficult balance, if he can choose only one, choose fear. The American government easily breaks the population up into segments, each requiring a different tactic to control them.

If you are inclined to mistrust the government, they will present the ultimate omniscient, omnipresent juggernaut that crushes all in its path.

And if you are inclined to seek government solutions to societal problems, they will present a compassionate, progressive voice of the people.

For the ultra-skeptics who correctly identify all government as corrupt and manipulative, the government cooks up a special recipe.

Overload and overwhelm. Make the waters so murky that it is impossible to tell what the truth is. Promote paranoia to the point of paralysis.

Every tool that is released that could move society foward, compete with government, and help make us free is denounced by seeming compatriots as a front for the government to trick you. And some probably are. But they stymie any meaningful action by creating so much doubt that no one knows what is a real boon for freedom and what is a clever trap.

Nothing happens because the community focuses on ferreting our the truth. A feedback loop is created where no progress towards freedom can happen because no one knows which technologies and movements are shills.

One thing is clearly not a conspiracy: the government actively infiltrates online communities to sow distrust and confusion. It is a well-known fact that various governments pay people to go online and influence, manipulate, and disrupt discourse. Documents revealed by Edward Snowden show the government tactics aim:

(1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.

This means not only downplaying real dangers but inventing fake ones. One story comes out about a real conspiracy, and the government releases 100 fake stories, some less extreme than the real story, and others much more extreme.

A clerical error in a government office, or Annunaki brainwave hijacking all the way from Nirubu? I don’t know, but I am going to curl up in a corner and cry myself to sleep.

It actually benefits those in power for segments of the population to think they are all knowing and all controlling: the people who believe this will become discouraged and paranoid. They end up alienating others who start assuming anyone who criticizes the government, is really just crazy.

In fact, the term Conspiracy Theory was coined by the CIA. They started labeling everything a “Conspiracy Theory” whether it was, in fact, true or not. By associating insane bogus stories with real ones, they found an easy way to discredit their detractors in the eyes of the majority of the public. If some people believed the fake stories, all the better. That just contributes to the smoke and mirrors surrounding the actual crimes of the government.

The real conspiracy is that the government conspires to shape the public discourse. The government spends a lot of effort manipulating online discussion and shaping it for their nefarious purposes.

But freedom is in fact winning, and the future will be wonderful. Some people commenting are the manipulators, and others are just exhausted by the overload of negativity.

Keep that in mind and continue fighting for freedom. More of their manipulations are being revealed daily. The truth will come to light.

Until then, stay positive, stay productive, and don’t be dissuaded from taking real steps that protect you from the powers that be, and lead you down the road to liberation.

Conspiracy Theory