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Is an Elite Feudal Society Preordained?

October 31st, 2011 by


The Rothschild’s



Monday, October 31, 2011 – by Staff Report

And in fact, there are a handful of banking families, including the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, who have come to dominate economic and political affairs in the Western world. Unlike aristocrats, capitalists are not tied to a place, or to the maintenance of a place. Capital is disloyal and mobile – it flows to where the most growth can be found, as it flowed from Holland to Britain, then from Britain to the USA, and most recently from everywhere to China. – Richard K. Moore/New Dawn Magazine/Global Research

Dominant Social Theme: The elites are a bunch of corporations and greedy capitalists. What banking families? They're never mentioned in the mainstream media, are they? So how can they exist?

Free-Market Analysis: This is an excellent article in our view, perhaps because we agree with most of it – though at the end of this analysis we will present some important ways in which we DISAGREE.

Nonetheless, it's "our" paradigm in some ways, presented eloquently by Richard K Moore, "an expatriate from Silicon Valley, [who] retired and moved to Ireland in 1994 to begin his 'real work' – trying to understand how the world works, and how we can make it better."

This article of Moore's puts manipulated events like Occupy Wall Street into context. The movement's leaders/nonleaders (as we've been writing) blame today's dysfunctional society mostly on the private market. Oh, they give lip service to other formulations, but basically the problems come from greedy capitalists.

Moore makes the point, as do we, that this is a kind of dominant social theme, an elite promotion. He sees the world as being manipulated by elite banking families (see above excerpt) and like us, he's suspicious of the current attempts by the powers-that-be to salvage the current system. In fact, he's come to the conclusion that the salvage attempts are phony ones.

Why the falsity? Because the Anglosphere power elite wants to create world government and it needs maximum chaos to do so. Of course, this doesn't bode well for the future but it's important to face it unflinchingly. War, depression, famine, plagues – all of these are weapons the elites can use if they can get away with it.

And that's the crux issue. Even now, the elites behind this incipient chaos need to disguise their actions. They need to hide – to present solutions that seem to address the problems they are actually causing with their incessant central banking booms and increasingly depressive busts.

Moore as much as says this. In his view, the solutions are real enough, but they are not intended to work. Merkel's miracles (see other article this issue) are fake ones, designed for mass consumption, along with her public feuds with Sarkozy. They are being promoted simply to ensure that the masses believe "something is being done" despite "enormous pressure."

Well, yes … Something is being done, all right. The bankruptcy of the world is being engineered! Of course, to announce this on mainstream media wouldn't work very well. It needs … context. Here's some more from this extensive article:

A capitalist stirs up a war in order to make profits, and in fact our elite banking families have financed both sides of most military conflicts since at least World War 1. Hence historians have a hard time 'explaining' World War 1 in terms of national motivations and objectives. In pre-capitalist days warfare was like chess, each side trying to win.

Under capitalism warfare is more like a casino, where the players battle it out as long as they can get credit for more chips, and the real winner always turns out to be the house – the bankers who finance the war and decide who will be the last man standing. Not only are wars the most profitable of all capitalist ventures, but by choosing the winners, and managing the reconstruction, the elite banking families are able, over time, to tune the geopolitical configuration to suit their own interests.

Nations and populations are but pawns in their games. Millions die in wars, infrastructures are destroyed, and while the world mourns, the bankers are counting their winnings and making plans for their postwar reconstruction investments. From their position of power, as the financiers of governments, the banking elite have over time perfected their methods of control.

Staying always behind the scenes, they pull the strings controlling the media, the political parties, the intelligence agencies, the stock markets, and the offices of government. And perhaps their greatest lever of power is their control over currencies. By means of their central-bank scam, they engineer boom and bust cycles, and they print money from nothing and then loan it at interest to governments. The power of the elite banking gang (the 'banksters') is both absolute and subtle…

Bottom line, Moore explains in this article's summation: Capitalism is past its "sell date." The elites are getting ready to jettison it for a form of feudalism in which autocratic global bureaucracies, which will take their orders, directly or indirectly, from the bankster clique …

In this new world system there will be no prosperous middle class. Indeed, the new regime will very much resemble the old days of royalty and serfdom (the ancien régime). The banksters are the new royal family, with the whole world as their dominion. The technocrats who run the global bureaucracies, and the mandarins who pose as politicians in the residual nations, are the privileged upper class. The rest of us, the overwhelming majority, will find ourselves in the role of impoverished serfs – if we are lucky enough to be one of the survivors of the collapse process.

OK, so far so good. But now some caveats. Having analyzed the process extensively, Moore, in our view, begins to veer off the tracks with some of his perspectives. He claims that the current resistance movements are genuine. We think they may have been initially but they are in the process of being co-opted.

He also apparently believes in the implacability of a new era. … "Just as capitalism was a new era after aristocracy, and the Dark Ages followed the era of the Roman Empire. Each era has its own structure, its own economics, its own social forms, and its own mythology." And here is perhaps the most interesting paragraph in the entire article:

These things must relate to one another coherently, and their nature follows from the fundamental power relationships and economic circumstances of the system. Whenever there is a change of era, the previous era is always demonized in a new mythology. In the Garden of Eden story the serpent is demonized – a revered symbol inpaganism, the predecessor to monotheism. With the rise of European nation states, the Catholic Church was demonized, and Protestantism introduced. When republics came along, they demonized … monarchs. In the post-2012 world, democracy and national sovereignty will be demonized.

Moore doesn't use our language but here he is actually talking about elite dominant social themes. We analyze them every day and would tend to agree with Moore that the elites are in the process of promoting a new mythology – one that celebrates "scarcity," earth worship, egalitarianism and other forms communitarianism. It is anti-family and anti-individualistic.

In this regime change, ushering in the post-capitalist era, we're seeing a conscious orchestration of economics, politics, geopolitics and mythology – as one coordinated project. A whole new reality is being created, a whole new global culture. When it comes down to it, the ability to transform culture is the ultimate form of power. In only a single generation, a new culture becomes 'the way things are.'

As mentioned above, we think Moore is leaving out certain aspects that ought to be emphasized. First of all, nothing in life is certain, not even directed history. There is plenty of evidence that elite plans have been set back throughout history and that their scenarios have not always operated as advertised.

Second, we think the specifics of his paradigm contain lacunae. He seems to place the modern conspiracy within the past century. There is plenty of evidence it has been ongoing for more like 300 years, ever since the establishment of the Illuminati and the flowering of central banks.

Third, and most importantly, he seems to leave out the role of information technology and the evolution of its historical impact. History, in fact, CAN change. As Moore points out, wars are fought for different reasons today than yesterday. We would argue that history has changed for normal people as well as a result of technology.

Our paradigm is more hopeful than Moore's from what we can tell. (Admittedly, he's written a book on this subject, but in this analysis we're confining our comments to his article.) We believe that Western elites were set back as regards their control of the world because of the advent of the Gutenberg Press.

We believe this is a state of affairs they will have to grapple with again in a different context as a result of the truth-telling of the Internet, which we've taken to calling the Internet Reformation. As people wake up, the elite finds it more and more difficult to implement its world-spanning plans.

Moore seems to see elements of the elite plan as preordained. We're not so sure. He believes that the downward manipulation of the world's economy is planned; we think the elites are performing a balancing act, trying to inject a maximum amount of chaos into the world while maintaining control.

We see many failures in the elite's program. Global warmingpeak oil, central banking, even the establishment of theEuropean Union itself – all of these elite memes and more have come under attack in the Internet era. For Moore, or so it seems, the elite may soon carry all in front of them. Not so fast.

There is also evidence that in the modern era, "history" is the struggle between the elites and their control of economic and political institutions and the masses of people groping their way to understanding the "matrix" as technology evolves and bursts the bonds of elite communications control.

We are fortunate to live in a time when this is taking place and we can appreciate the extent to which the 20th century was controlled via "directed history." The elites are not all-powerful. They took a step back after the advent of the Gutenberg Press and in our view they may yet be in the process of taking a step back now.

Conclusion: The Internet Reformation is a process not an episode.

The Rothschild’s



October 30th, 2011 by

The enemies of truth, freedom, and justice are highly mobilized, well funded, and efficiently organized. 

The institutional structures of power, whether local, national or global, are effective mechanisms through which the ruling groups of society establish and entrench their influence, build consensus among each other, brainwash and expand their control over the masses and society as a whole. Whether they take the form of think tanks, universities, governments, corporations, militaries, intelligence agencies, NGOs, media conglomerates, international organizations, philanthropic foundations, they are institutions of control and conquest. 

Whether that conquest is ideological or physical, the effect is the same: the conquered are oppressed and repressed. 

These institutions are financed through the global banking system of collusion between the private banks and quasi-governmental central banks, who control the money supply and value of the change in your pocket, which are in fact a highly concentrated group of institutions and individuals. Never in all of human history have so few controlled so much on such a global scale, nor have so many had so little on an equally global scale. 

Never before in history have the mechanisms for absolute total global control and oppression been within such close reach. We are seeing the emergence of this 'new society' in which governments are increasingly imperialistic abroad and militaristic at home, as domestic police states are established under the guise of 'homeland security', sold on the pretense of protecting people from terrorists, but in actuality are designed to protect the powerful from the people. 

Increasingly, civil rights and freedoms are being dismantled for the wider populations: countries and peoples all around the world are subjected to bombings, drone attacks from flying killer robots in the sky named "Predators", and high-tech military equipment is designed and used to more effectively kill and conquer poor people all around the globe. 

In the emerging 'homeland security states', technology is being used to spy on people, all internet traffic monitored, phones tapped, cameras recording not only our images, but through biometrics they are categorizing and quantifying our specific individual faces and emotional responses. We are, increasingly, seeing the emergence of a hybrid nightmarish scenario of 'Brave New World' meets '1984.' Technology has largely facilitated the advances in these areas and has, for the first time in all of human history, made possible the notion of a truly global police state.

Yet… there is still hope.

The Technological Revolution has not only facilitated a more rapid and effective apparatus for the institutions of power to exploit in methods of oppression and control, but it has simultaneously facilitated the rapid and effective means through which more people than ever before in human history have access to and empowerment through information and communication on a truly global scale.

As a result of the Internet, the traditional institutions of power have lost their monopoly of control over information and communication.

The very same technological advances that make possible their methods of control and conquest are simultaneously making possible their eventual downfall and failure. While the powerful have the money and are highly centralized, the rest of the world increasingly have the means and remain highly decentralized. And while the powerful are few, the rest are many. The Internet and social media have become effective means through which people are able to empower themselves to struggle against and expose the institutions of power that seek to oppress and control them. Naturally, those same institutions seek to influence – whether overtly or covertly – those very same avenues of social media, they are still effective and available for the struggle for liberation from oppression. 

Here at A NATION BEGUILED, we have been able to harness these new communications technologies BY PROVIDING THE PUBLIC WITH THE VERY BEST AUTHOR’S AND ARTICLES FROM A WIDE VARITY OF SOURCES’. We are committed to providing free and accessible information to the many in order to expose the few. 

Our aim is to struggle against and expose the institutions of power, and to empower the people to take this endeavor into their own hands, digest it and forward it to their friends and family, in an effort to educate the masses of propagandized Americans.


Once one faces their ignorance, humiliation will produce an avenging spirit, and encourage the repressed to fight tyranny with their last breath. Freedom to live our life as we see fit is the last remaining secular principal worth dying for, and no government of any kind should have the power to oppress the people it was designed to protect.


The bottom line of A NATION BEGUILED is to encourage the lesser enabled in America to participate in this information war, and put their lack of intellect and abilities behind them by doing the same thing this old high-school drop out is doing, whether by a web presence , emailing, or both, as I am doing. All you need is a pissed off attitude, a computer, and the ability to discipline yourself to read constantly, and republish common sense articles. Who knows how many no-bodies will evolve into erudite writers.

Erudite: (having or showing great knowledge gained from study and reading.)


As an example of what is possible to do, the majority of this article was taken from an advertisement for GLOBAL RESEARCH, SO, always give credit to whom it is due.

Empower Yourself to Fight the Power


Thank you for supporting Global Research. We encourage our readers to share the articles and spread the word!

Best wishes,

The Global Research Team


Use your noodles poodles, and take the ammo off your fallen comrades to shoot back if you have too. This is not JUST a division of ideology; it is a


May God have mercy on us all!


Break up the Corporations

October 29th, 2011 by




Friday, October 28, 2011 – by Staff Report

The 147 Companies That Control Everything … Visualizing the "super entity." … Three systems theorists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have taken a database listing 37 million companies and investors worldwide and analyzed all 43,060 transnational corporations and share ownerships linking them. They built a model of who owns what and what their revenues are and mapped the whole edifice of economic power. They discovered that global corporate control has a distinct bow-tie shape, with a dominant core of 147 firms radiating out from the middle. Each of these 147 own interlocking stakes of one another and together they control 40% of the wealth in the network. A total of 737 control 80% of it all. – Forbes

Dominant Social Theme: There is no great private conspiracy to run the world. It's just a bunch of corporations. Blame capitalist greed, but don't ever blame the great central banking families. They don't even exist.

Free-Market Analysis: The Internet is aflame with conspiracy theories about a small group of impossibly wealthy central banking families and their enablers and associates. These include corporate, religious, financial and military personnel. Now this same power elite has, in our view, struck back with a meme of its own. Yes, power is centralized, but it's CORPORATE power. Corporations are to blame.

This is, endlessly, a strategy seized from the same weary playbook, offered up over and over again. Occupy Wall Street is mad, in aggregate, at corporations. Washington, DC's Senator Bernie Sanders (see other article this issue) believes there is too much corporate control over the Fed; determined sleuth and master journo Matt Taibbi makesGoldman Sachs the chief culprit and "vampire squid" of corporate malfeasance.

But this is an entirely incorrect reading of the world. There is in our view a cadre of elite central banking families and no matter how much their brain-trust tries to distract us from the truth, it is too late for that. The Internet Reformation gallops on apace, providing truth-telling about the way the world really works.

The Rothschilds, for instance, along with other central banking families evidently and obviously run the BIS and other central banking paraphernalia. The Rothschilds virtually created Israel and built its Knesset and Supreme Court building, with all its Illuminati symbolism.

We are supposed to believe this family and others like them are mere bystanders – puppets of the corporations in which they actually hold massive private interests and actively run? Of course, our paradigm doesn't just include Jewishfamilies. As many have noted (not always kindly) we believe that Jewish banking families are only part of the problem. There is industry and military involvement, too.

We have regularly noted religious involvement in the power elite as well. By religious involvement we mean the Black Church – the Jesuit-influenced movement toward one world government that is clearly part of the Church's current makeup.

The conspiracy to control the world, in fact, is housed in Rome, Israel, Washington, DC and most of all, London's City. Not surprisingly, three of these locations are in areas immune to the larger countries' laws and enforcement thereof. They are indeed a law unto themselves.

You won't find that out from Forbes, however, which has reported (along with the rest of the mainstream media) on aNew Scientist survey of corporate ownership that shows about 150 corporate entities control 40 percent of the world's corporate wealth.

This is, say the paper's authors (according to Forbes), the first map of the structure of global corporate control. Well, whoopee. It may be a map, but in reality it's just another attempt to muddy the issue. It's like proposing that Barack Obama or Angela Merkel or Nikolas Sarkozy are in charge of their respective states. They are not. They're elected, but their orders come from a much higher place. Here's some more from the Forbes article:

Such structures occur commonly in biology, things like fungus, lichen and weeds. Economists say the danger comes when you combine hyperconnection with the concentration of power. The Swiss scientists warn that this can lead to an unstable environment. No Scheisse, Sherlock. But the web of corporate control is not de facto a conspiracy of world domination.

There are many reasons for tightly bundled nodes and connections: anti-takeover strategies, reduction of transaction costs, risk sharing, increasing trust and groups of interest. A few caveats with the data set: It excludes GSEs and privately-held companies and is dominated by banks, institutional investors and mutual funds that don't always have much in the way of control over assets …

A better list would be the actual asset OWNERS, rather than the vendors who manage, house and clear said assets." See the top 50 on the control list at the New Scientist. One of the co-authors, Dr. James Glattfelder, says he will be publishing next week the bigger list of 737 companies that control 80% of the global economy. The 147 are included in that group.

Yes, a better list WOULD be of asset owners. But you won't find one. The founder of the Rothschild dynasty put it into his will – control is to be extended via a network of secretive, private, interlocking trusts. At this point it would take an effort even larger than the present one to figure out what the Rothschilds and other central banking families own – even if you could gain access to the information. And you can't.

Jews do not "run the world" – or certainly not by themselves. The power nexuses include political and industry leaders, military men and even portions of the religious establishment of the Roman Catholic Church. Church leaders, in fact, just proposed a worldwide central bank and global securities tax. Defenders of the Church tell us this is an anomalous event. You think?

We don't buy off on the meme of the evil, Zionist Jew, either. We would tend to categorize this as yet another promotional meme of the elite – that Israeli Zionists runs the world. Those who talk this way are inevitably branded as anti-Semites, their sentiments devalued, their credibility undermined. And that's the plan, isn't it? Impossibly powerful "Jewish" central banking families have ensured the effectiveness of this meme over the past 50 years.

Conclusion: These families hire other Jews the way the Mafia hires Italians. Like to like. There is no difference in the way business is done, however. The same extortion, murder and even mass murder are employed. The difference is that the Mafia is not trying to blame its deeds and misdeeds on corporate malfeasance. It's a dominant social theme … but not one that will stick in this era of Internet truth-telling. Too bad for the big families. Better for us.



First Amendment Last Stand Protest

October 28th, 2011 by

By David A. McElroy

Oct. 26, 2011


I stand with those finding disgust with the socialist elements so obviously instigating the Occupy Wall Street protests erupting across the land. But I must remind those holding traditional American values that we are targeted in media manipulation. Our reaction to both the revolting behavior of leftist demonstrators and the rampant corruption of the corporatist empire is being monitored, maneuvered and measured by unseen hands. Do you understand how you are being led to surrender your God-given rights?
We are fed televised pictures of neo-Nazi skinheads, unkempt longhairs holding placards calling for communism, debauchery and outright criminal behavior. We get reports of protesters spitting on bank tellers, defecating on doorsteps and cop cars, even assaulting people or robbing them. We hear of casual sex and drug dealing by “hippies who haven’t taken a shower in weeks” and slackers in Che Guevara tee-shirts who were bussed in because they had nothing better to do, and have no real focus on why they are protesting. Many came just like the vultures gathering around a carcass, looking for what they can get working the crowds. Gutter level grifters abound, with hands out. Arguments erupt between “non-leaders” about the collection and distribution of charity for protesters. Of course, a bit of police brutality is thrown in the mix. Hapless detainees are maced, and in Oakland, a grenade is lobbed against people giving aid to a man with a skull fracture.
Ah, yes. We are shown the images they want us to see, often scenes that are staged just to disgust us and cause a calculated reaction in middle America. After all, you don’t want to be associated with commie hippies, skinheads and obnoxious panhandlers and drugged-up street people, do you? Those dignified people working on Wall Street are so offended. Aren’t you?
That is how the corporatists want you to respond to the demonstrations. The big banks are growing fat backing socialist programs, and were crucial in funding Marxist Obama’s bid for the presidency. Fat cats don’t want you ever targeting their base of government-chartered fraud and usury, the Federal Reserve Bank. Or the other big banks that are the Fed’s shareholders. By orchestrating an obviously leftist driven riff-raff in the streets of Manhattan and other cities, the socialist agenda of Obama and his bankster patrons was protected in giving public dissent against them a bad flavor to be avoided, condemned. The media has a habit of not showing credible protesters in their public programming.
I read quite a few blogs and reader responses concerning the OWS protests. Often I see folks in patriotic websites responding with glee at hearing protesters being evicted and arrested, maced or beaten with batons by advancing police lines shutting them down. The displeasure with leftists, which I share, motivates them to endorse the cops’ heavy hand. But such should be aware that endorsing the loss of First Amendment rights, including peaceful assembly and free speech, sets the stage for government to deny any opportunity for anyone to protest significantly. (Except, perhaps, for Obama’s socialist union thugs.)
We are seeing rampant corruption everywhere we look. In corporate boardrooms, and all three branches of government. The pirates of Wall Street and the District of Criminals are so brazen now that they don’t even pretend to be honest, representative, or accountable. In a recent court ruling, federal Judge Royce Lamberth responded to attorney Orly Taitz’s suit charging Obama with Social security fraud by saying it did not matter if the president committed fraud, his privacy, as president, trumps all! The Skull and Bones flies from the mast of the US ship of state. Ask the world… or George Bush!
Websites and blogs are being removed from cyberspace, hotels and churches threatened for holding conferences on certain subjects, cameras and cell phones are seized and even destroyed by police fearing evidence against them. People are being jailed on phoney charges with no allowance for a meaningful defense. Defense attorneys are threatened for defending certain people. Remember Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and Edgar Steele. Some people just disappear, die mysteriously, or are ruled to have committed “suicide” in manners that defy evidence. Our rights mean nothing to fascists running the empire. The “Patriot Act”, the “Super Committee” and a continuing stream of outrages prove this! Slavery and extermination are their intentions for us in the New World Order!
In losing rights recognized by the First Amendment, our last stand will be upholding the Second Amendment to resist tyranny from a corrupt government. I am not willing to go to a FEMA camp. Historically, people who go to socialist camps seldom come out alive. Is the right to defend one‘s self not God-given in nature? “What part of ‘infringed’ don’t you understand?” was the Second Amendment question on my old patriot tee-shirt. It is high time we reminded our family, friends, and enemies of this question. And be ready with a well-aimed answer. As Bradlee Dean of the Sons of Liberty asks, “Will it be the Bible or the bayonet?”
We must secede to succeed! Have no king but Jesus! Live free or die trying!



Here we are in the enlightened 21 century, with the majority of the most powerful Nation in existence, intellectually challenged, socialized, brain-washed, and without personal courage. What could be more demoralizing than to hear your long-time friend and neighbor praise the socialist ideology, while tyranny rules in the Nations judiciary, congress, and executive office’s, our manufacturing industry destroyed, our currency devalued, our savings’ confiscated, our Church’s and independent magazines sued by the corporate government in charge, our unalienable right’s, and future security all taken by the international BANKING CARTEL.

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children (America), the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children's children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done." – Ronald Reagan


 “When ignorance reigns in society and disorder in the minds of men, laws are multiplied, legislation is expected to do everything, with each fresh law being a miscalculation, men are continually led to demand from it what can only proceed from themselves, from their own education, abilities, courage, and their own morality.”

 – French jurist M. Dalloy, quoted by Kropotkin, Law and Authority, 1886, p. 1

Please take note of this statement:

God Given or Government Given Rights?

“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain (unalienable) Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” 

Do you believe those famous words from the Declaration of Independence? Do you? It's an important question because in the end so much of our debate about government really does come down to the question over whether our rights are endowed to us by God and government simply acknowledges those rights or whether government actively creates and grants rights. I believe in the former view. In fact, I think it's dangerous to accept that government has the ability to create rights because then they also have the ability to take rights away. That's why this comment by Harry Reid during the Obamacare vote is so disturbing. In comparing Democrats to Republicans he says: “This is the difference between giving people rights and taking them away." SCREW YOU HARRY!

When we chase God out of the public sphere we're just left with Harry Reid and Barack Obama deciding what our rights are. And that's a scary thought. http://www.creativeminorityreport.com/2011/02/god-given-or-government-given-rights.html

Just remember this when your complaining about the scumbags involved with OWS, when you take away their rights, you surrender your own, so instead of complaining about their agenda, GO THERE and support our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS! DOWN WITH THE FED!










October 25th, 2011 by




by Tom DeWeese
October 25, 2011

As Americans become more frightened by the disastrous direction our government is taking, and more frustrated that elected representatives are not listening to them, the demand is growing for drastic action. In recent months the action most heard in state houses across the nation is a rising call for a new Constitutional Convention (Con Con).

Supporters somehow think a Con Con is the solution to saving our Republic. They want to amend the Constitution to force a balance budget. They want to shore up ambiguous language to make the meaning clear. They want to assure there is no doubt what America is and should be. For most pushing such an agenda, their intentions are honest.

Their solution will be a disaster for one simple reason – no one can control a Constitutional Convent. It doesn't matter how well intentioned its purpose. It doesn't matter how well planned. It doesn't matter what the actual resolution says and the people think they are approving. A Con Con has no oversight or rules other than those made by the actual participating delegates themselves. There are no rules for selecting delegates.

Once a ConCon is called for by the legal number of states, as laid out in Article V of the Constitution, It is the duty of Congress to call for one. Period. That's as far as it goes. In this day, when Nancy Pelosi, as Speaker of the House was able to twist enough arms to force through the Health care plan against the wishes of a strong majority of Americas; when the current Congress was able to flimflam the American people into believing it had really cut the budget; when these same people are the ones who will set the rules for a Con Con, from establishing the delegate- selection process, to dictating who will be qualified to be delegates, how on earth can anyone support such a disaster in the making. A Con Con will result in one thing- our precious Constitution laid out on an operating table to be dissected and bludgeoned by Dr. Jekyll.

But still, a growing number of “conservative” leaders across the country and in the media are joining the chorus for the need for a ConCon. Some actually claim that they aren?t calling for an out and out Constitutional Convention, rather for an “Article V Convention. There is no such distinction. To suggest that some other category exists that isn?t as serious or dangerous than a Con Con is simply an untruth.

Here are the facts. The main groups pushing for a Con Con are the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative association of state legislators; and a new group calling itself the 10 Amendments for Freedom, Inc, chaired by William Fruth, President of POLICOM Corporation, which provides independent economics research.

While ALEC is working behind the scenes to build support for a Con Con among state legislators, Fruth and his 10 Amendments for Freedom group has moved into the public eye to sell the Con Con idea to mainstream America. In March, 2010, Fruth kicked off his campaign by mailing out a slick, expensive package to conservative leaders and to over 7,000 state legislators. The package contained a book written by Fruth entitled “10 Amendments for Freedom.”

In the book, Fruth lays out an argument for the need for, not just a balanced budget amendment, but a total package of 10 Amendments to the Constitution including, the balanced budget; repay the national debt in 50; government transparency; line item veto; term limits for Congress; control illegal immigration; English-speaking nation; no foreign law shall bind us; government restraint (preventing the the Federal Government from growth beyond constitutional powers; and finally, an amendment declaring “in God we trust.” Of course, there is no doubt that these amendments have great appeal for most conservatives, answering their growing frustration and fear of government expansion.

Arguing that Congress “will not likely take any action to cause the 10 Amendments for Freedom to become law of the land,” Fruth calls for all ten amendments to be packaged by state legislatures to be passed in a resolution calling for a Constitutional Convention. His package would include specific instructions to Congress as to how the delegates would be selected and outlining rules that would be enforced to assure only the ten amendments would be voted on.

Arguing the advantages of the Con Con, Fruth says, “Can you imagine the excitement in the nation leading up to the Convention? Schools will have to dust off history books which teach how our nation was founded. Many people for the first time will read the Constitution. The issue will be discussed at length, exposing what happened to our country over the years.”

Fruth then scoffs at our fears of a Con Con and efforts to stop it. He says, “Simply, it is not reason” any recommended changes must be approved by three-fourths of the states.

These are the arguments now being presented to every single state legislator and Governor in the nation as Fruth and ALEC put on a full-court-press to call for a Constitutional Convention. While the intention may be an honest desire to reign in the power of government, the fact remains that every one of these arguments for a Con Con is wrong.

The fact is, once 34 states petition Congress to convene a Constitutional Convention, the matter is completely out of the States? hands. There is absolutely no ability to control what the delegates do in the convention. Attempting to instruct delegates to discuss only a specific issue like a balanced budget – or the whole package offered by the 10 Amendments for Freedom group — is absolutely impossible. Instead, once the convention starts, the delegates become super delegates which can take any action they desire concerning the Constitution. In short, at the convention the Constitution can be literally change any section, or even the entire document if they desire.

What proof do I offer? Here are the exact words of Article V of the Constitution: “…on the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, (Congress) shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which…shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States.”

Article V gives absolutely no guidelines as to how it will be run, how delegates can be selected and who can do the selecting. Once the 34 states make the request, the entire matter is in the hands of Congress to decide. It does not matter if the states passed resolutions as Fruth proposes, containing absolute guidelines for delegate selection. The Constitution provides no rules – it is up to Congress to decide how delegates are selected and what qualifications they will have. The guidelines proposed by Fruth carry absolutely no weight in the final process – even if every state passes the exact same resolution including those rules. Again, Article V simply says that when 34 states have called for a Con Con the Congress “shall call a Convention…” Period. And there is more legal proof in support of the argument that delegates are not bound by an instructions or resolutions from the states.

First, of course, is the famous letter written by former Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger to Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum. In the letter Burger writes, “… there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda. Congress might try to limit the convention to one amendment or to one issue, but there is no way to assure that the convention would obey. After a convention is convened, it will be too late to stop the convention if we don’t like its agenda. The meeting in 1787 ignored the limit placed by the confederated Congress…”

And there is more legal documentation proving that Congress or the states can control the agenda of a Con Con. Corpus Jurus Secundum is a compilation of State Supreme Court findings. The following is the collection of findings regarding the unlimited power of the delegates attending a Con Con. (From Corpus Jurus Secundum 16 C.J.S 9) “The members of a Constitutional Convention are the direct representatives of the people (1) and, as such, they may exercise all sovereign powers that are vesting in the people of the state. (2) They derive their powers, not from the legislature, but from the people: (3) And, hence, their power may not in any respect be limited or restrained by the legislature. Under this view, it is a Legislative Body of the Highest Order (4) and may not only frame, but may also enact and promulgate, Constitution. (5). The foot- note numbers after the citation quoted reference the particular cases from which the citations were made. (1) Mississippi (1892) Sproule v Fredericks (11 So. 472); (2) Iowa (1883) Koehler v Hill (14N.W. 738); (3) West Virginia (1873) Loomis v Jackson (6 W. Va. 613); (4) Oklahoma (1907) Frantz v Autry (91 p. 193); (5) Texas (1912) Cox v Robison (150 S.W. 1149).

Clearly, the position put forth by Fruth, and ALEC, that state legislatures can pass a resolution dictating the rules of the Con Con is simply wrong.

Delegate selection is another dangerous trap waiting to spring. Again, Article V provides no guidelines. The process is left for Congress to decide. That means the current Congress could control the entire delegate selection. Under the rules that Congress could set, States may not even be represented. If the states are allowed to choose delegates, then what would be the method? Again, Congress will decide. Will the governor or the state legislature appoint delegates? Or could it be a bicameral panel or blue ribbon commission? Or could it be a plebecite – a vote of the people? If so, then who would be eligible to vote? Would it be all eligible voters? Or taxpayers only? Or would we possibly, in the interest of “enfranchisement,” allow all citizens, and potentially foreign nationals (illegal immigrants) to vote for this “special election?” There are no guidelines and anything is possible.

And what would be the qualifications to be a delegate? Would it be exclusively lawyers? A mix of professionals? So-called “proportional representation” of all special interest groups – NGO?s? Will some be excluded because of “extreme” convictions? Of course, according to the Federal Department of Homeland Security, “extreme convictions” includes those who want to protect the Constitution. So, what will the criteria for eligible delegates be? All of these choices would be made by Congress.

But again, none of that will matter, according to those calling for the Con Con. William Fruth argues that no matter what such a convention does, it still must be ratified by two- thirds of the states, making it very difficult to do bad things against the will of the people. A history lesson is in order.

There has been only one Constitutional Convention in the history of the nation – that was in 1787. At the time, the nation was held together by the Articles of Confederation. The states were having a difficult time performing commerce among themselves. So it was decided to hold a Constitutional Convention to simply discuss how interstate commerce might be better organized. As the delegates were selected, delegations from a majority of states were given specific orders by their states to discuss nothing else beyond the commerce issue.

However, some delegates including James Madison had a very specific agenda planned for the convention and as soon as the delegates arrived at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, they closed and locked the door, pulled down the shades and met in secret for a month. When they were finished, they had created an entirely new nation. We were very lucky that the convention was attended by men like Ben Franklin and George Washington and Madison. They produced the most magnificent document ever devised for the governance of man.

Today, we have entrenched power forces led by the likes of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

And we have notoriously weak leaders like current House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who rarely miss a good compromise to keep the peace. These are the people who will decide the rules for the convention, including delegate selection. Do you trust them to follow the rules dictated by state legislatures? Do you think Pelosi and Reid would pass up an opportunity to set their own rules to guarantee a Constitution to their liking?

And there is more. Concerning the argument that no matter what the delegates produce, the states still must ratify it – thus serving as a safeguard to tomfoolery, consider this fact: The Articles of Confederation required that any changes be ratified by 100% of the states. That was the document that was the law of the land – until something else was put into place. But, when the new Constitution was put to the states for a vote of ratification, suddenly they needed only two thirds to approve it. Why? The fact is, Article V of the new Constitution was used – even before the Constitution which contained it was approved. Now, what do you think Reid and Obama and company would do with that precedent? What if the new document produced by the Con Con said ratification only required a vote of Congress – or of some special commission? The precedent of 1787 says that could happen. So much for protection by the states.

And rather than an excitement in the nation with a rebirth of study of the Constitution, as Furth envisions, there would in fact be a long, hard, ugly and expensive battle over the process, guaranteed to leave the nation split along ideological lines. It?s not difficult to envision civil unrest, riots or even civil war as a result of any re-writing of the current Constitution.

These are the reasons why I, and many others around the nation, adamantly oppose a Constitutional Convention at this time. We fear a Con Con because the subject matter cannot be controlled. And if the worst happens, there is no guarantee that we can stop ratification. There has never been a worse time in the nation?s history to consider changing this grand document. The Con Con delegates could literally put the Constitution on an operating table and use their scalpels to slice it up, creating an entirely new form of government. That new document, as precedence has shown, could be enforced without ratification by the states. Remember, our current Constitution was not ratified by the rules set forth in the Articles of Confederation, but by an Article V that wasn't yet law of the land. Now that the precedence is there, it can happen again. The Pelosi?s of the nation, proven to have the power and the will to twist any issue or initiative as they desire, are rubbing their hands together at the prospectof a Con Con.

No doubt there is great need for several of the amendments Fruth and his group propose. But he seems to ignore the fact that there is a powerful, organized opposition. Again, I call your attention to the continuing battles over Health Care, taxes, illegal immigration and massive government spending. These are child?s play compared to what will happen in a Con Con. Do Americans really want to risk that in these uncertain times? Every freedom-loving American must stand up against this misguided call for a Con Con. Tell your state legislators NO.

© 2011 Tom DeWeese – All Rights Reserved

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1- Tea Party Candidate Warns of UN and Obama's Agenda 21

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.

A native of Ohio, he’s been a candidate for the Ohio Legislature, served as editor of two newspapers, and has owned several businesses since the age of 23. In 1989 Tom led the only privately-funded election-observation team to the Panamanian elections. In 2006 Tom was invited to Cambridge University to debate the issue of the United Nations before the Cambridge Union, a 200 year old debating society. Today he serves as Founder and President of the American Policy Center and editor of The DeWeese Report

For 40 years Tom DeWeese has been a businessman, grassroots activist, writer and publisher. As such, he has always advocated a firm belief in man’s need to keep moving forward while protecting our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights.

The DeWeese Report , 70 Main Street, Suite 23, Warrenton Virginia. (540) 341-8911

E-Mail: admin@americanpolicy.org

E-Mail: ampolicycenter@hotmail.com

Website: www.americanpolicy.org



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By Frosty Wooldridge
October 24, 2011

Suicide of a Superpower, A Book Review, Part 3

In his new book reporting on the imminent decline of America, Suicide of a Superpower, Pat Buchanan wrote a chronology as to how and why America cannot survive another 20 years. If you look around, you can see his descriptions playing out across the country weekly.

In Chapter 7, you can see the growing nightmare of the “Cult of Diversity.” Every day across America, racism rears its ugly head. We read about it in newspapers where racial fights break out in Los Angeles schools. Mexican gangs run blacks out of their turf. We hear about “flash mobs” of blacks in Wisconsin, New York and New Jersey beating up on whites.

Legal suits of racial discrimination fill our courts. We saw the Selma March in the 60s, whites dragging blacks on a rope behind a truck and hundreds if not thousands of black/white confrontations from the inception of this Republic.

In Boulder, Colorado, where I once taught, we see white liberals, which make up 98 percent of the city, sporting bumper stickers that read, “Celebrate Diversity” or “Enjoy Multiculturalism.” But when their schools become overloaded with Mexican children of illegal migrants that clean their houses, Boulderites drive their own kids off to all white private schools. Across the nation, our inner cities seethe with failure, distrust, anger and racial tension.

If we watch the ongoing racial dance in London, Stockholm, Oslo and Paris, we now see another mixture of Middle Eastern immigrants creating a new kind of racism. They prefer to maintain their own enclaves where host country citizens do not dare tread for fear of harm, rape or death.

But today, the United States imports around 3.1 million immigrants and their children annually from disparate countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Mexico, India, Congo and another 100 other third world countries in an effort to “multiculturalize” and “diversify” America’s culture.

In this book, Suicide of a Superpower, Pat Buchanan speaks about the cultural displacement now steaming full speed ahead to reconfigure America into something that has never succeeded in all of humanity—a country where everyone from everywhere creates a polyglot civilization where people mingle with their own, enclave with their own, and avoid assimilation into the host country.

Chapter 7. The Diversity Cult. “The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality,” Wattenberg trilled. (A philosopher who celebrates the loss of a dominant culture in America.)

It’s safe to say he would rejoice in a loss of women’s rights, female genital mutilation, honor killings, arranged marriages, killing of gays, stoning of women, multiple wives and full scale indoctrination of a certain religious text in all schools.

“Yet, one wonders: What kind of man looks with transcendental joy to a day when the people among whom he was raised have become a minority in a nation where the majority rules?” Buchanan said, “Historians will look back in stupor at 20th and 21st century Americans who believed the magnificent republic they inherited would be enriched by bringing in scores of millions from the failed states of the Third World.”

Chapter 8: The Triumph of Tribalism. “We may deny the existence of ethnonationalism, detest it and condemn it. But this creator and destroyer of empires and nations is a force infinitely more powerful than globalism, for it engages the heart. Men will die for it. Religion, race, culture and tribe are the four horsemen of the coming apocalypse.”

In my own world travels, I have witnessed tribalism up close and ugly. It’s biological and it’s powerful and no one can “educate” the masses or the tribes out of it. If you look at Iraq, you see three separate tribes all following Islam, but all killing each other at the drop of an IED. The black and white tribes of American haven’t gotten along for over 400 years of America’s existence, slavery or otherwise.

But of course, it’s the non-mentionable in America.

Chapter 9. The White Party. “Through its support of mass immigration, its paralysis in power to prevent 12-20 million illegal aliens from entering and staying, its failure to address the “anchor-baby” issue, the Republican Party has birthed a new electorate that will send it the way of the Whigs.”

In other words, the Republican Party is finished. As their numbers grow through immigration and welfare, democrats will become the wholesale dominant party in America until everyone’s money runs out by all those who milk the system, i.e., 45.2 million Americans subsisting on food stamps and assisted house, energy, medical care and electricity—will ultimately grow to 90 million and more. All of who work will be paying for all those who choose to live for free forever.

Chapter 10: The Long Retreat. “We borrow from Europe to defend Europe,” said Buchanan. “We borrow from the Gulf States to defend the Gulf States. We borrow from Japan to defend Japan. Is it not a symptom of senility to be borrowing from the world so we can defend the world?”

We stand $14 trillion in debt and Hillary Clinton just promised Libya billions in support. How friggin’ stupid is that?

“Are vital U.S. interests more imperiled by what happens in Iraq where we have 50,000 troops, or Afghanistan where we have 100,000, or South Korea where we have 28,000 — or by what is happening on our border with Mexico?…What does it profit America if we save Anbar and lose Arizona?”

Any fool can see that spending $12 billion every 30 days in Iraq and Afghanistan while our own country falls into bankruptcy has got to be the dumbest stance of the U.S. Government. But then, we have paid for 30,000 troops in South Korea for 50 years and not a whimper out of the American taxpayer public. As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Chapter 11: The Last Chance. “We are trying to create a nation that has never before existed, of all the races, tribes, cultures and creeds of Earth, where all are equal. In this utopian drive for the perfect society of our dreams we are killing the real country we inherited — the best and greatest country on earth.”

Reading Buchanan’s book, I can see from my 65 years of perspective that he’s right on the money that we’re losing our country, culture, language and foundation. We’re being torn apart by our own stupidities. But the young can’t see it and don’t see it because they don’t know what anyone over 50 knows.

In part 4, I will sum up what we face and Buchanan’s solutions. It’s a race to see if we implement them soon enough to recover or at least save what we have left of our Republic—or lose it all together such as you see in France and Great Britain. At some point, we won’t be able to save our Republic, either. Buchanan didn’t mention that we are on course to add 75 million third world immigrants by 2035—a scant 24 years from now. I guarantee you we won’t survive that onslaught from an environmental, religious, educational or economic stand point. A story in the Denver Post this past Sunday showed where the middle class is vanishing.

What’s the mark of a third world country? Answer: high class and low class. No middle class.


1. Immediate moratorium of all immigration into America to save what’s left of our culture, language and success.
2. Immediate mandate of English as the primary language in all media in America.
3. Immediate stopping of all birth right citizenship.
4. Immediate passing and enforcement of E-Verify to guarantee 8 to 10 million new jobs for American citizens.
5. Immediate welfare to workfare programs.
6. Immediate teaching of personal accountability and responsibility in our school systems.
7. Immediate end to our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

© 2011 Frosty Wooldridge – All Rights Reserved


Poor Frosty, he can’t see the ocean for the fog. If he would ever engage with me, I would ask him just how we are going to force a government that owes it’s existence to the International Investment Bankers, to do anything that would go against the Bankers orders. That’s how you wind up dead, and those scumbags are having a ball making more money than we will make in our life time. So, forget about making any changes Frosty, until some other government does a number on the Bankers. Ours is not going to do anything that would pour rain on their party. I have said this so many times I’m getting an echo in my tired old brain.


Look at it this way, you are a soldier, and your officer keeps getting your friends killed. Should you try to force the officer to do anything he will have the MPs throw your ignorant ass in the brigg, or shoot you right there and then. If you take a vote and get everyone’s support to demand another officer, the General will have all of you Court Marshaled, and then killed for mutiny. But just suppose you took the general out, and then the president, who is going to do anything to you now that the top dogs are gone?

Until someone eliminates the global Banking Cartel, nothing is going to change, because that’s where all the money comes from. The power to issue and control Nations currency is an absolute power over the Nations, and you can ask Lincoln and Kennedy if you don’t believe me.

Until the Bankers are in their graves and their money confiscated, there will be no changes in government, other than what the bankers want changed. 



October 23rd, 2011 by

The following is in simple language that Everyone can understand. Not the gibberish that our government keeps telling
People. Please read this carefully and make sure you send this to your friend's. If he is relected, America is toast!


By Wayne Allyn Root , June 6th, 2010

Barack Hussien Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent.
To the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he ' S doing.
He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. Economy to create systemic failure,
Economic crisis and social chaos — thereby destroying capitalism and
Our country from within.
Barack Hussien Obama was my college classmate.

( Columbia University , class of ' 83).
He is a devout Muslim do not be fooled.
Look at his Czars…anti-business..anti- American.
As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Barack Hussien Obama is
Following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbi University ..
They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system
With government spending and entitlement demands.
Add up the clues below. Taken individually they ' re alarming.
Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn
The United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority
That desperately needs government for survival … And can be counted
On to always vote for bigger government.
Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it.
Universal health care . The health care bill had very little to do with health
Care. It had everything to do with unionizing millions of hospital and
Health care workers, as well as adding 15,000 to 20,000 new IRS agents (who will join government employee unions).
Obama doesn ' t care that giving free health care to 30 million Americans
Will add trillions to the national debt.
What he does care about is that it cements the dependence of those 30 million voters to Democrats and big government .
Who but a socialist revolutionary would pass this reckless spending bill
In the middle of a depression?
Cap and trade. Like health care legislation having nothing to do with
Health care, cap and trade has nothing to do with global warming.
It has everything to do with redistribution of income, government control
Of the economy and a criminal payoff to Obama ' S biggest contributors.
Those powerful and wealthy unions and contributors (like GE, which owns
NBC, MSNBC and CNBC) can then be counted on to support everything Obama wants.
They will kick-back hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to
Obama and the Democratic Party to keep them in power.

The bonus is that all the new taxes on Americans with bigger cars,
Bigger homes and businesses helps Obama "spread the wealth around."
Make Puerto Rico a state. Why? Who ' S asking for a 51st state?
Who ' S asking for millions of new welfare recipients and government
Entitlement addicts in the middle of a depression?
Certainly not American taxpayers.

But this has been Barack Hussien Obama ' S plan all along.
His goal is to add two new Democrat senators, five Democrat congressman and a million loyal Democratic voters who are dependent on big government.
Legalize 12 million illegal Mexican immigrants.
Just giving these 12 million potential new citizens free health care alone could overwhelm the system and bankrupt America .
But it adds 12 million reliable new Democrat voters who can be counted
On to support big government.

Add another few trillion dollars in welfare, aid to dependent children,
Food stamps, free medical, education, tax credits for the poor, and
Eventually Social Security .
Stimulus and bailouts. Where did all that money go?
It went to Democrat contributors, organizations (ACORN), and unions — including billions of dollars to save or create jobs of government employees across the country.
It went to save GM and Chrysler so that their employees could
Keep paying union dues.
It went to AIG so that Goldman Sachs could be bailed out
(after giving Obama almost $1 million in contributions).
A staggering $125 billion went to teachers (thereby protecting their union dues).
All those public employees will vote loyally Democrat to protect their
Bloated salaries and pensions that are bankrupting America .
The country goes broke, future generations face a bleak future, but Obama, the Democrat Party, government, and the unions grow more powerful.
The ends justify the means.
Raise taxes on small business owners, high-income earners, and job
Creators. Put the entire burden on only the top 20 percent of taxpayers,
redistribute the income, punish success, and reward those who did
nothing to deserve it (except vote for Obama).
Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes in order to starve the government. Barack Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes to starve his political opposition. With the acts outlined above, Barack Hussien Obama and his regime have created a vast and rapidly expanding constituency of voters dependent on big government; a vast privileged class of public employees who work for big government; and a government dedicated to destroying capitalism and installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system.
Add it up and you ' ve got the perfect Marxist scheme — all devised by
my Columbia University college classmate Barack Hussien Obama
using the Cloward and Piven Plan ..

"Correctly attributed" says snopes!

And here I thought no one could be found that knew him in college! GO FIGURE!



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SELECTIONS BY JACKIE JUNTTI   idzrus@earthlink.net

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  Common Sense I
The Spark For Independence From Great Britain. By Thomas Paine, 1776

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His Classic Critique Distinguishing 'Government' from the 'State'

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How U.S. Revenue Collection Was Turned Inside-Out
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Virginia Constitution Ratification Convention

The Anti-Federalist Papers -1787-1789
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 The Federalist Papers -1787-1789

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The Oath of Office

A Historical Guide to Moral Leadership

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by Red Skelton, January 14, 1969

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The Constitution For The United States

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The Flags of the Several united States

  Lincoln said "Study the Constitution"
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He addressed the problems then that we face today.

  The Tomb of the Unknowns
For The Millions Of Soldiers
In Marked And Unmarked Graves

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Tell them, Because our fathers lied."

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Here is a completed exam in case you need help


Mind Food


Central Banks Collapsing the Financial System

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By Dan Norcini

Many veteran traders like Dan Norcini have never seen this type of trading action in their entire careers.  James Turk has described these seizures in the financial markets as a spinning top which starts to wobble violently before it falls.  These are, however, exactly the types of convulsions you would expect to see as we travel towards the end of the current monetary system. 



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CAFR1 just got approved from YouTube for longer video uploads of over 15 min.

The following CAFR1 YouTube video is a very good information piece to share with all that you know and to post on different websites; chat boards; News Sites; etc.

It is of a presentation given by Walter Burien – CAFR1 at the 2010 Health and Freedom conference held in Ontario California.



Walter Burien speaks to the health and Freedom Conference in California 2010. Government collective wealth by government institutional investment funds held globally. There is no need for taxation if administrative changes are made in government. Global investment return when looked at "collectively" from local and federal government is now greater than all taxation collected.
It is now possible to restructure government to pay for its "general purpose" expenses from investment return.

Mr. Burien suggests the establishment of TRF management accounts to phase out all taxation for the benefit of the people of this country. The city of Mesa, AZ has done this in a partial fashion for over forty years. From between 40% to 65% of their general purpose operating funds are satisfied from investment return and enterprise operations. The city of Mesa has one of the lowest city tax rate in the state of Arizona for this reason. **The City of Mesa Police Department has its own investment fund whereby the investment return subsidizes most of its operating budget.
Mr. Burien notes through the establishment of TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) the extra nine-yards can be set into motion to satisfy 100% of government's general purpose operating expenses and then taxation will NOT be needed and then become a word of the past for our future generations.
The perfect point here is that the entire structure to manage the TRFs and performance records to show the complete validity of this happening is in place today from the managers who currently have managed government's multi-trillion dollar institutional global investment funds which in their collective totals from all sources is standing as of 2007 at approximately 110 trillion dollars.
It is also noted that collective local and federal government's gross income "globally" from all sources: Investment; taxation; and enterprise as of 2007 was 14-trillion-dollars with that amount being about equal to the GDP of the USA…. The reason this is possible is that government is bringing in a substantial portion of its gross income from global investments outside of the USA (ever wonder why job outsourcing and foreign trade has been so aggressive over the last two decades?)

ANS: It is "very" profitable to our own government's "global" institutional investments held across the globe.
On a last and very important note: Government "promotes" debt at the front door and uses their own global investment funds to fund that same debt through the back door creating a holding grounds for their investment capital and a guaranteed rate of return on the same. 
EXAMPLE: US Government may have several investment accounts in China with one having 300-billion dollars available for investment elsewhere. The state of California; NJ; NY; and IL have a bond issue collectively of 250-billion dollars that is now funded "from" that US Government institutional investment account in China. The headlines may read: "250-billion dollars comes from China to fund California; NJ; NY; and IL bond issues, China taking over more of US"  but in reality the back door funding approach by US Government global investment funds was exercised again..  Get it? I hope so..

If a true audit of all US Local and Federal debt was conducted , that audit may just determine that 65% + of that debt held was "self-funded" by collective US government itself…


If you are having a large conference or gathering you wish me to speak at, please contact me and we will see if it can be arranged.

Sent FYI and for your use from,

Walter Burien – CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854


http://CAFR1.com and http://TaxRetirement.com
Any local government can be restructured to meet their annual budget needs "Without" taxes. TRF (Tax Retirement Funds) paying for every City, County, State’s annual budgetary needs!
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Human Resources of The Corporations

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Visit the site and watch the video!


This feat of social engineering was funded by Rockefeller and is responsible for much of the feelings of unempowerment that most people experience today. While the eugenicists (the Rockefellers and others who consider themselves the ‘global elite’) have continuously attempted to blame depression and addiction on faulty ‘genes’, their promotion of Taylor’s “Scientific Management” plays a huge role in creating the demoralized climate we find ourselves combating daily.

Examples of the ‘specialization-control model’ (some refer to as compartmentalization) adopted by The Corporation:

§             Sales people have little factual information about the products they sell

§             Receptionists at doctor’s offices know little about the legal implications of the forms they insist the patient’s sign

§             Public health workers know little about the damaging effects of the vaccines they administer

§             Cell phone sales people have no understanding of the EMR impacts of cell phones on the brain

§             Dentists know little about the devastating toxic effects of the fluoridated water they promote

§             Physicians ask about patient’s family history and ‘bad habits’ while completely ignoring the impact of our jobs (where we spend approximately 2000 hrs per year)  and/or the  toxins that bombard us daily

§             Soldiers know little about the REAL masters they are killing for

Because of the specialized work force The Corporations  have created – to increase their profits and control the workers – many nefarious and destructive actions are inflicted on the unsuspecting by seemingly good people. In fact, if you attempt to educate the ‘specialized’ worker regarding the REAL IMPACT of their actions, they will most likely emphatically deny the facts and quote the faux reasons they have been indoctrinated with to justify their actions. After all, Human Resources are not paid to think and many times are terminated should they ask too many questions about the morality of what they are being paid to do.

This documentary also exposes the very real negative impact that the intentional construction of an extremely competitive society has had on us all.  In fact the concept of “survival of the fittest” didn’t actually come from Darwin. Darwin promoted the concept of “natural selection” which means the most adaptable (cooperative) has the best chance for survival. However, the “competitive” culture that has been engineered helps create future competitors from professional sports and fighters to serve as cannon fodder for the Global Elite. The International Investment Bankers. They alone are at the top of this diabolical scheme, and finance all of the corporations that afflict us. It is time to demand their necks be stretched, and their assets confiscated. END CENTRAL BANKING NOW!   EDITED BY OLDDOG olddog@anationbeguiled.com  http://anationbeguiled.com






Federal Reserve Is Mercantilist – Not Private

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Monday, October 17, 2011 – by Staff Report


Alert: Federal Reserve Tries to Censor Infowars Video … Alex Jones addresses the latest intimidation tactic from the private Federal Reserve bank, whose San Antonio branch has filed a privacy violation with You Tube demanding the removal of a video filmed at the location during an "occupy" rally. Alex tells them cease and desist this action, which violates the First Amendment. Federal Reserve branches across the country have a long history of trying to stifle free speech and press coverage, from fraudulently claiming that filming its buildings is illegal to threatening arrest and more. "I can't take the Bankster Fed pushing people around any more! Now the Fed wants to take down the video where we prove the Federal Reserve is a private bank impersonating a Federal agency. The Fed is the fraud that gives the globalists their power." – PP Forum

Dominant Social Theme: It's a private entity, folks. That's the problem!

Free-Market Analysis: Ellen Brown, Alex Jones and others have done much good work to ensure people know the Fed is "private" not "public" – and the latest action by the Fed in attacking Alex Jones is another indication of the essentially private nature of the US central bank. Here's more from Alex Jones's PP forum:

Federal Reserve Tells YouTube to Take Down Critical Video … We have received a privacy claim by agents of the FED. They are threatening to remove the video and take down the channel within 36 hours if we don't bow down to their demands. Alex is preparing a video response later and will talk about this more on the (Monday Edition) of the Alex Jones Show. Alex is also looking at taking legal action against the Privately owned Federal Reserve for violating his crews first amendment rights when they were shooting film at a world war one memorial back in April 2009.

But despite the OPERATIVE posture of the Fed as a private institution, it is not entirely private. Alex Jones actually comes close to defining the problem in the forum excerpt above when he explains that the Fed is a "private bank impersonating a Federal agency." There is already a word to define this process: Mercantilism.

Ms. Brown – who has been most vocal on this issue – does not use the word "mercantilism." She wants to emphasize the PRIVATE nature of the Fed so as to offer the alternative of "public banking." Public: good. Private: bad.

The Federal Reserve is a MERCANTILIST entity, one that hides behind a government endorsement. It's private but it would not work without the monopoly power provided by the government. That's how mercantilism works. Powerful private interests seek and receive legal approbation for their private activities.

The Fed didn't come into being until Congress passed an act legitimizing it and even today the US Congress is directly and significantly involved in its structure and activities. Congressman Ron Paul, for instance, is conducting an audit as we write.

It is true that the Fed OPERATES as a private entity, but that's different from stating that the Fed is FORMALLY a private entity. It's evidently and obviously not. As the Fed website itself points out: "[T]he Federal Reserve is subject to oversight by Congress, which periodically reviews its activities and can alter its responsibilities by statute."

Ms. Brown's response? In a 2008 article, "Who Owns the Fed?", she focused on the reality of the Fed as opposed to the statutes justifying its existence. From her point of view, the Fed's activities prove that it is private rather than public, as follows:

As we know from watching the business news, 'oversight' basically means that Congress gets to see the results when it's over. The Fed periodically reports to Congress, but the Fed doesn't ask; it tells. The only real leverage Congress has over the Fed is that it "can alter its responsibilities by statute."

It is time for Congress to exercise that leverage and make the Federal Reserve a truly federal agency, acting by and for the people through their elected representatives. If the Fed can demand AIG's stock in return for an $85 billion loan to the mega-insurer, we can demand the Fed's stock in return for the trillion-or-so dollars we'll be advancing to bail out the private banking system from its follies."

If the Fed were actually a federal agency, the government could issue U.S. legal tender directly, avoiding an unnecessary interest-bearing debt to private middlemen who create the money out of thin air themselves. Among other benefits to the taxpayers, a truly "federal" Federal Reserve could lend the full faith and credit of the United States to state and local governments interest-free, cutting the cost of infrastructure in half, restoring the thriving local economies of earlier decades.

One can see the inevitable logic flow from the argument that Ms. Brown has presented. If the Fed is "private" and only nominally public, then it ought to be publicly "perfected" and its attributes and functions fully nationalized.

But there is nothing magical about taking private functions and turning them into public ones. Government is not a magic wand. In fact, in the case of the Fed, it could not pursue its destructive monetary policies without a government mandate. The government's endorsement is part of the problem. But fully federalizing the Fed will only make things worse.

The Fed, like all central banks these days, prints money from nothing. There is no "governor" on how much money the bankers at the Fed authorize – and always central banks print too much, causing first booms and then terrible busts.

Eventually this central banking business cycle bankrupts the communities it serves. It hollows out economies and promotes ruin. That's what's going on now. Some even say it's being done on purpose to promote globalist solutions as a better alternative.

In any event, a PUBLIC central bank would not likely print less money. There is no human being in the world – or committee of human beings – that understands how much money an economy needs. It is impossible. Only private money issued into the economy through the market itself offers a solution.

History shows that in a private economy, gold and silver (or representative equivalents – digital or otherwise) would probably circulate. Too much gold and silver, and mines shut down and people begin to hoard. As the price of gold and silver sinks, mines open back up and people dishoard. Simple.


This is the crux of the matter and neither Ms. Brown nor anyone else knows how to answer it. The Fed, with its government imprimatur, has many public signifiers. It is chartered by the government, enjoys a monopoly from the government, and issues money on behalf of the public – entirely bypassing the marketplace of private money creation.

Calling the Fed a "private bank" is a kind of sub-dominant social theme. The nomenclature takes the emphasis off "mercantilism" and places the blame for what's taken place on the activities of a "private" group of bankers. This suits certain (elite) agendas but it's not accurate.

Conclusion: The monetary debate now raging has been complicated by the refusal to use the correct terms. The term for the Fed is "mercantilist" not "private."


There’s no way in hell we’re making it to Nov 2012

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Here is an intellectually honest trader who was interviewed this morning by the BBC. As much as you may not want to believe it, what this guy says is correct. This iteration of human civilization is approaching an end.

 Here is a piece from ZeroHedge.com  that hopefully will make you all understand, once and for all,  that this is not the 1930's, and that there is absolutely no way in hell that this Republic, or any other country, is going to make it to November 2012. HERE IT IS.




The five largest banks in the U.S. (JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and HSBC) are carrying $238 TRILLION dollars in derivative exposure. JP Morgan alone is carrying $78 TRILLION in derivative exposure BY ITSELF.

Okay, what the hell is derivative exposure? What this is referring to are over-the-counter non-exchange traded forward delivery (or "futures") contracts of various kinds. I am a futures broker, but I only execute futures contracts on the futures exchanges, namely the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the New York Mercantile Exchange.

About ten years ago a new "novelty" emerged in the futures business – the so-called "over-the-counter" contracts. There was a kid in the office I worked in who got wind of this and had all kinds of stars in his eyes about making a killing off of these "OTC" contracts because the brokers' commissions were not a flat fee but a percent of the contract value. Here's the problem with OTC contracts: there is no exchange standing between the buyer and seller as a guarantor.

In my business, when a customer executes a trade on a futures or options contract, it makes no difference who the other guy is on the other side of the trade, be it executed electronically or in the pit. None of us have to worry for a second about the counterparty on our executions because the EXCHANGE ITSELF stands between ALL transactions as the ultimate guarantor. The exchange then enforces the financial requirement rules with the Clearing Houses, the Clearing Houses enforce the financial requirement rules with the brokers, and the brokers enforce the financial requirement rules with the customers. That is the chain of financial responsibility. So, even if a customer bugs out and fails to financially perform on a contract, the contract WILL BE MADE GOOD by extracting the money from the broker, then the Clearing House and finally the Exchange. This massive enforcement buffering is what gives the system integrity.

OTC contracts have no exchange. They are a flipping free-for-all. If someone bugs out on a contract, the poop hits the fan. The counterparty has their pants around their ankles and the broker is caught in the middle. That's why when that kid in my office years ago got all starry-eyed, I thought to myself, "I wouldn't do that OTC crap if you put a gun to my head – no matter what the commissions were. It would be Russian Roulette. Eventually someone would default and it would financially destroy the broker instantly, and perhaps the counterparty as well."

Let's take my business – cattle futures. One contract is 40,000 pounds of live cattle. The spot contract settled at $119.725 per hundred pounds today. So, 40,000 pounds X $1.19725 (shift the decimal) = $47,890 total value of the contract. Since this is an exchange traded instrument, the customer doesn't really don't have to worry about default and can go ahead and book that $47,890 today, and it will be offset at a later time, and the net of the entry and exit will be the P&L. The contract isn't going to default, so the derivative exposure is limited.

Okay. These banks are carrying these OTC futures contracts with NO exchange to guarantee anything. And they are carrying these contracts largely WITH EACH OTHER. So JP Morgan might be the long and Goldman Sachs, or some insolvent bank in Europe is the short on the other side. If these banks default, which is now a mathematical certainty because they are not only insolvent, but insolvent multiple times over and there isn't enough money in the world to bail them out, there is going to be a cascading default on all of these OTC contracts.

Now look at the value and exposure of these OTC derivatives again: the top 5 banks in the US alone have exposure of $238 TRILLION dollars.
The total GDP of the United States is $14.5 Trillion.
The total GDP of China is $6 Trillion.
The total land mass on earth is 36.8 billion acres. If every acre of land on earth was "sold" for $6467 per acre, that would total $238 Trillion.
JP Morgan BY ITSELF has derivative exposure equal to over FIVE TIMES the value of the entire US GDP.

And no, there will not be a 1:1 offsetting in a collapse, because the collapse will be asymmetrical, and the bankrupt party will first pursue FULL payment on its "longs" (think of these as accounts receivables) while its "shorts" (accounts payable) will only pay out 20 cents on the dollar OR LESS. In other words, these entities will tear each other apart in a mad dogfight and this dogfight will take the entire world down with it.


That is what happens when you let a group of criminals run a bureaucracy of affirmative action hires to "audit" the financial industry. Scroll down and read my post titled "There Must Be A Reckoning."

It's over. There is no coming back from this. The only thing that can happen is a total and complete collapse of EVERYTHING we now know, and humanity starts from scratch. And if you think that this collapse is going to play out without one hell of a big hot war, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.


For those of you that cannot add two plus two, the first step in the take over of global banking is the destruction of the existing system. If one plans to monopolize all money transactions in order to control the movement of all currency, and has the ability to print whatever amount they want in circulation, then the first order of business is to self-destruct. Before this is over the whole world will be begging the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to bail the world out with a new global currency.

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."
Thomas Jefferson


T.J. was thinking too small back then, as the big boys had much bigger plans! NO ONE ever considered the Banksters could do this on a global scale simultaneously. All the dominions are now waiting for the first fall.






Protesting Banksters, Foreclosure, and The Mark Of Cain

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By David A. McElroy


Oct. 13, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street protests are enduring and anti-bankster demonstrations are now growing in dozens of other cities across America. Confrontations are erupting and the big corporate media refuses to report many events and messages blasting the corporatists. But some events simply cannot be ignored, like the marchers blockading the Brooklyn Bridge or picketing billionaires’ homes in Manhattan. Clouds of confusion roil around them.
The ruling cabal is desperate to turn the our public opinion to support big banks and the forced collectivist agenda Obama is selling so duplicitously with his touted Tax the Rich rhetoric. There are two sides to every battle, and Satan loves to confuse skirmish lines. Truth is the first casualty in war. Beware the roiling revolutionary clouds of chaos and understand that foreclosure is the path for progressive socialism. The United Nations, in it’s Agenda 21, openly calls for the ELIMINATION OF ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY!
While I am wary of the leftist instigators obvious in these protests, I also know that all of us in the working classes, including the unemployed, disabled, and retired, have good reason to protest, regardless of being labeled Left, Right, or Centrist. The elitists have been pitting the middle classes against the lower ones, blacks against whites against hispanics, etc., to draw attention away from the billionaires’ oppressive regimens. We are admonished against class warfare, but as billionaire Warren Buffet remarked on class warfare, “My side is winning.“ Too many calling themselves middle class are actually lower class types baited to use easy credit to purchase a lifestyle bankrupting them. Let us focus our wrath on the “Captains of Industry” that send hordes of lobbyists and lawyers to Capitol Hill to push their crafty legislation and impose “the best Congress money can buy”. Let’s prosecute greedy bankers who are printing their own money, Federal Reserve Notes, to fraudulently trap us in perpetual debt, and collect multi-million dollar bonuses even upon disastrous balance sheets that are often so fudged over the big brokerage houses and banks don‘t even know what their actual assets are!
Democrat icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt once remarked, “Some of my best friends are communists.” In 1933 he also declared “The Federal Reserve Banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen.” Our friend, Sartre, has a scholarly article entitled “Federal Reserve is a cache of Stolen Assets”, found at his website currently seen at www.batr.org/totalitariancollectivism/100911.html .
How much longer we will be content to be entranced by “infotainment” alerting us to the latest violation of one or more ethics, constitutional or statutory law, our rights, liberties, pockets, and even our bodies? How much longer will we see major criminals be excused as “too big to fail”, or shielded by “Executive Privilege”? When will we, like our angry ancestors in 1776, decide “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” and rise up with clenched fists and fight back to secede from and starve the ungodly tyranny eating out our substance?
Where is Spartacus? Why do we not stand with him in a slave revolt?
We are goaded with Obama’s carrot of “TAX THE RICH”, but if we chase this, we will actually see the successful middle class sorts that have truly worked for a few million dollars getting the big stick, not the billionaires. It would just be yet another case of “bait and switch”. Many upper middle class sorts are truly our friends for freedom who, like the Von Trapp family in The Sound of Music, detest the fascist agenda. The devalued dollar has often conferred “Millionaire” status upon the professional middle class types due to our loss of over 97% of the dollar’s purchasing power since the Federal Reserve Bank charter was granted in 1913. It’s usury, or interest, on the public debt has imposed this devaluation, inflation. Having a million bucks ain’t what it used to be, and shouldn’t be cause for Uncle Sam’s “redistribution of wealth.” Obama’s plan may actually slap the billionaires’ hands (with a wink from them), but it will destroy the upper middle class.
Do recall Communism demands the elimination of the middle class. Vladimir Lenin said “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.” Karl Marx, well funded by bankster Nathan Rothschild, in the Fifth Plank of his Communist Manifesto, advocated “The centralization of wealth in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with an exclusive monopoly.” Usury is the name of the game, plutocrat capitalists impoverishing all working class people with socialist burdens. Bank foreclosure is how the corporatist collective progresses toward a statist New World Order of total control.
That old kindergarten game of “musical chairs” is analogous to the banksters’ theft plan. The game began with all players having a seat when the teacher played the music, and when the prancing music stopped, everyone would take a chair. But before the music stopped, the teacher removed a chair and someone would be out of the game. This would be repeated until all the chairs had been seized by the teacher and all the children were left without a seat. The Federal Reserve progressively seizes our “seats”, our real estate and real goods, by means of controlling the supply of currency to cause bankruptcies each year when we must face the music. The government receives a big loan from the Federal Reserve Bank, which then orders the US Treasury to print Federal Reserve Notes to be put into circulation. But the central bank monopoly does not print the currency to pay the interest on the “money” printed, meaning that each year some people MUST come up short and face bankruptcy, foreclosure, unemployment, hunger, and homelessness. The debt grows each tax year, and the banks will end up owning everything we once had. Of course, so many unemployed “useless eaters”, makes population reduction an issue.
The billionaires, who acquire capital bankrolling socialism, will not complain if they pay a few more million to consolidate their control over the globe as they jet between various corporate board rooms. After all, the central banks are never audited, and they just print the money, or add a few more zeros in a ledger on their computers. Such as George Soros and Maurice Strong are constantly scheming to assert their evil regimes everywhere. They ply government agencies, fund non-government organizations, bankroll provocateurs to orchestrate big public protests to give their corporatist schemes a widely televised patina of democratic legitimacy, or even initiate riots to discredit peaceful demonstrators. Our messages are often stifled, and all our freedoms are being circled up in a closing noose. Even in our homes, “full spectrum surveillance” monitors our every move. Infiltrators subvert our organizations and troll our websites, pretending to represent our interests.
Expect more corporate bankruptcies and mergers as consolidation continues to see small fish swallowed by big fish, or simply left to die high and dry. Bankruptcies on Main Street make a bonanza for Wall Street bankers picking up our pieces for their corporate empires at pennies on the dollar, leaving us destitute, unemployed, and homeless. Obama and Boehner’s “Super Committee” coup has usurped Congress in hijacking the purse strings of the government, imposing taxation without representation. But football games and “American Idol” get much more attention, don’t they?
We have been tempted and defrauded to exchange real goods and real estate for worthless paper. Now the paper is being burned by the banksters, who each, like Al Capone, wanted to be seen as a “legitimate businessman”. We are being liquidated! Recall how former New York Stock Exchange CEO Bernard Madoff was tried and convicted without any court testimony… because he could spill the beans on larger ponzi schemes and outright thefts on Wall Street? Phonetically, Goldman Sachs (Gold Man Sacks) is an appropriate name! Is this the “Golden Rule” Christ spoke of? Of course not! It is time for a jubilee of debt repudiation… the jubilee noted in that verse from Leviticus 25:10, partly inscribed on the Liberty Bell. America’s Spirit of ‘76 railed against the Bank of England’s usury. As long ago as 1694, the Bank of England’s charter declared “The bank hath benefit on the interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing.” A British banker paid Marx to set in motion a plan for the theft of the whole planet. Nathan Rothschild’s checks issued to Marx are in the British Museum. Rothschild also had Marxists in Abraham Lincoln’s administration, financed both the North and the South in the War of Northern Aggression that ended the republic of American states. We are deemed to be chattel under the 14th Amendment. The Bank of England is a major shareholder in the Federal Reserve Bank.
Of course, media darling Herman Cain, the GOP counter to Obama’s race card, says it is our fault, that the unemployed, the poor and homeless, are too lazy and inept, and full of class envy. Cain was chairman of the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, a fact which the corporate media glosses over. Cain’s primary purpose is to foil Ron Paul’s drive to “END THE FED”, without confronting or acknowledging Paul directly and boost Paul’s status as a GOP candidate for POTUS. Cain wants Paul to fade from voters’ view quickly. Cain shills for the “coin of the realm”, a coin by which we pay tribute to “Heads” of capitalism, and end up paying our “Tails” to a corrupt international socialist empire. It is a two-sided monetary version of the Hegelian Dialectic Marx and Lenin promoted, a plan to rob us all and discard us as “useless eaters” with “population control“!
The talking heads on TV say precious little about how the big fat cats exported American industries to slave-labor markets overseas with NAFTA & GATT, leaving us with no jobs and tens of thousands of vacated industrial and commercial buildings. We are excoriated as racist for even mentioning we are being over-run with tens of millions of illegal aliens competing for our scarce jobs and sucking up billions of tax dollars in preferential social service programs. Even creating a casual labor job for yourself is nigh impossible when nobody has any money for other than the barest of necessities.
Cain’s buddies make it impossible to “work hard and get ahead”, or even keep what you have. The work ethic is based on earning your keep, gainful employment. When payment for working is neither gainful nor sufficient for keeping the household, when initiative is punished and the fruits of labor stolen, the working class is reduced to angry slave status. This is the Federal Reserve’s management agenda, and blacks like Obama and Cain are chosen to lead us into slavery much like the British used blacks in rounding up African slave labor to ship abroad. Uncle Tom is alive and well in the land of diversity and multiculturalism. Socialism is slavery and leads to death and destruction, deliberately.
What about the regulatory war on independent sorts like family farmers and ranchers, homesteaders, prospectors, commercial fishermen, truckers, and the self-employed? Or Obamacare’s planned wage-rape of the medical professions? Why are small businesses being crushed with burdens? Why has the EPA declared that hay is a pollutant farmers must contain in special facilities? Why has a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled we have no right to produce or choose the foods we consume? What does Cain say about such issues?
Bankers want low-wage workers, want us “unwashed masses” to be desperate, fearful, cold and hungry, looking to drive us against each other with their meager carrots and big sticks while they speak politely in professional doublespeak. They certainly don’t want us having discretionary funds for political activities, competing investments, or the means to find a life independent of them. They want the desperately poor and homeless obviously miserable, presenting them as an odious example to drive the public scramble to remain employed and financially solvent. Comfort or complacency in poverty would not serve their purpose, and suffering is mandatory in the system of carrots and sticks, as Orwell outlined in his book, 1984. Suffering enforces control and is evidence of repression.
International bankers, like Rothschild and Rockefeller, financed Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Castro, and continue bankrolling socialist coups. Socialism is nothing but the process of foreclosure, be it quick and bloody or “progressive” and “legal”, used to seize assets, or acquire capital, as state or corporate possession of all property is their published goal. Fascist “public/private partnerships” are divesting us of our rights and opportunities in a giant fraud wherein corporate losses and liabilities are socialized upon the public, and profits and privileges are amassed by the oligarchs, the “Captains of Industry” at the helm of a total global tyranny over all peoples, places, and things. Fascism is fraud writ large, and it will progress to communism’s blatant theft, slavery, and murder. You might consider that the nations being attacked by the American military and NATO forces are those who have independent banking systems not giving tribute to Wall Street or “The Crown” banks in London. Are you fooled?
Oligarchs have fooled much of the public by bifurcating the knowledge, understanding, of what is widely promoted as Capitalism. To wit:
1. To the common man, it means open competition in a free market where those who produce better products and services, or deliver comparable goods and services more efficiently at lower prices, will prevail by pleasing their customers. This competition in the marketplace spurs innovation and human progress meeting our needs and desires with honest labor and ingenuity, improving our standards of living. This is healthy for society.
2. To the elite billionaires and trillionaires like the Rothschilds, Windsors, Rockefellers, Gates, Buffet, Soros, etc., free market capitalism is tolerated merely as a test bed where laboring people bear the costs to research, test, and deliver more efficient products and services, including the sciences and technologies forging new tools the elite may choose to control, provide or deny us. They only promote competition in the marketplace to the point when the most efficient means is determined, and then the elite will incorporate it in a monopoly to gain capital for their profit, our loss. Vulture Capitalism forecloses upon our liberties and livelihood, and compels our exchange of real goods and real estate for the debt instruments known as currency, seizes the fruits of our labor with increasing usury, taxation, and fees, binding us in the regulatory slavery of socialist red tape.
How often have you heard a business man say “Never invest your own money, invest the other people’s money.“ Brokers always collect on every transaction, whether stocks go up or down, win or lose. They split the profits and leave little guys with the losses as they guard the “whales” in those Wall Street Casinos. Often we see an illusion of gain in the stock markets, when the activity is merely the elite shifting their money from one pocket to another to bait the “little people” into buying into a moribund situation, wherein the sheep get sheared. Our gains are temporary, theirs are permanent, in that socialist political dance where they lead us two steps forward and one step back just to give us the hope of advancing when we are forced to relinquish ground. Walter Burien, a former Wall Street broker who felt his conscience calling, has exposed the fraud at www.cafr1.com for us.
In frightening us with the specter of Marx’s Communism, we are diverted to what Bill Clinton called “The Third Way”, the Fascist or Corporatist model of Socialism. It really makes no difference whether the socialist regime is hard-core Soviet style state ownership of all property, or the Nazi style of corporatism pretending to be Capitalism we currently suffer. The elite are large in charge in either case, controlling all assets and setting all government agendas, oppressing all people in the Darwinian view that we humans are merely livestock for their amoral use. See that the Communist Manifesto, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and even the Jewish Talmud all promote this evil philosophy. Even if you want to dismiss these treatises as dubious “conspiracy” fodder, you should admit the processes they outline are in progress before our eyes. Lenin was a Jew, and David Ben Gurion cut his political teeth in the Bolshevik Revolution before taking his brand of terror to found Israel in 1948. The history of socialism is deeply rooted in an evil cabalistic Jewish culture permeating world financial houses, our movies, media and the academic institutions. Such as Scofield, and now John Hagee, give it great influence over many Christian institutions. It is feudalism in disguise, demanding servitude and fealty to a tyranny worldwide. Israel is used, as Ben Gurion said at it’s founding, “To advance the cause of International Socialism”. Marxist bankers advance shielded by the shrill cries of “anti-Semitism!” deflecting criticisms of modern Pharisees in currency speculation.
We must secede to succeed! We must have no king but Jesus! Live free or die trying!

When Confidence Leaves The System It Could All Come Apart

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When Confidence Leaves The System It Could All Come Apart
October 12 2011
International Forecaster Weekly



Less to live on for retirees, US unaware of austerity, Fed leader Bernanke doesn't see real inflation, expect big changes in November at the polls, on that downgrade of US Treasury debt, the US could default one day, could the world monetary system fall apart?

The investment world hasn’t been too excited about “operation twist.” After its announcement the S&P fell more than 14% and worldwide stocks fell some 23%. Commodities were smashed, and silver fell 28% and gold 12%. During this process short dated yields on Treasuries fell close to zero and maintained, as long-term yields fell. That means granny and grandpa will have less to live on and pensions won’t attain 7.5% return to reach their retirement goals. The result is a Dow yielding 2.8% and S&P 2.2%, while the 10-year T-note yields 1.9%. It is not surprising that fund and money managers are reaching for high yield quality stocks. This they believe will provide yield and safety, while waiting for the next Fed innovation. A situation such as this has not existed for 53 years since I left counter-intelligence.

Due to problems in Europe we have seen funds move into the US dollar and Treasury securities as the euro falls and trembles. Germany and France as a protective procedure are printing up D-marks and francs, like there may not be a euro in the near future. The US federal government has just spent $900 billion unaware that austerity should be the name of the game. The enabling super-Congress is struggling to cut $1.4 trillion from the budget on a long-term basis and has to do so by late November. In the meantime the President wants to increase current spending by $447 billion to supposedly provide jobs. Still in the cards is Mr. Bernanke, who has told us several times that he may have to ease monetary policy further. Real inflation is 11.4%, but evidentially Mr. Bernanke doesn’t see inflation – or so he says. Yet he knows the inflation he has created since he took over from Alan Greenspan, has offset the deflation emanating from the real estate industry, which is still ongoing.

If you give up liberty for safety you are doomed and that is where the US economy is headed. It will provide retarded growth and persistently high and higher unemployment. The quest for safety in US Treasuries will prove to be a deception, as the economy continues its degenerative process and inflation not only negates the returns but also guarantees 10% losses. As an aside, this process allows the Fed and government to stay in control and forces you to play their game. That is why they continually attack gold, silver and commodities. They want to make them as unattractive as possible, as an alternative safe investment. What the Fed and other central banks won’t admit to you is that the foundation of the current monetary system is crumbling and these are last-ditch moves and all the insiders know this. That is why the looting of the system has risen to a new level and these elitists involved could care less that you know what they are doing.

As a result of what has been going on republicans took the House majority last year and almost won the Senate. There is a present undertow among Americans to have an incumbent massacre in November 2012. They have come to realize everything out of Wall Street, banking and Washington is a lie. Even if passed they do not believe the Obama jobs legislation will accomplish anything. Wall Street and banking run the country and own Congress and it is their policies that are destroying the country.

We also believe much of the public understands what the debt extension bill was all about. The dismemberment of Social Security and Medicare and the imposition of the enabling Super Congress has been created so that the President can become dictator, just as Adolph Hitler did. In addition, Republicans put roadblocks in front of legislation so Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid simply changed the rules. This is what our elected representatives think about rules and the US Constitution. They do whatever they like and get away with it.

Then there was the famous S&P downgrade of US Treasury debt. The excuse for that, which should have been done years ago, was that Congress had not cut the budgets for Social Security and Medicare deeply enough and if cuts were not to their liking then they would lower the rating again. S&P said nothing about the cuts in war spending. In spite of these prognostications over the past two months long dated Treasuries have hit new highs, befuddling most investors. It is probably because of the Fed and its market intervention. Most did not expect manipulation to happen so quickly. Looking at the long bull market in Treasuries, what is going to happen when 10-year T-notes are at 1% or 1-1/2%? Will investors hold Treasuries indefinitely at virtually no return? Then again with inflation at 11.4% that cannot be a very prudent investment.

There is no question Treasuries are now truly in a bubble, but it could remain that way for some time to come. The attraction, of course, is perceived safety, but we do not see it that way at all, because we see lots of continuing problems and eventually a collapsing currency. In time a great deal of wealth will be lost in these securities, that is why we recommend gold and silver coins, bullion and shares – they are a far better alternative solution. We believe someday the US will default and finally people will understand what we were talking about. The call is a simple one, just look at the economic and financial wreckage in America and elsewhere. A real estate industry that has been destroyed, both residential and commercial; trillions of dollars in equity destroyed; bond and stock markets that are priced far beyond reason; unemployment refuses to fall and economies held up by quantitative easing and stimulus perhaps forever. QE 3 has been underway since June using $300 billion in securities rollovers plus swaps. In addition we also see a fiscal deficit of $1.6 to $2 trillion this year. As a result of QE and fiscal debt we could see total debt for both rise from $1.5 to $2 trillion.

Government, the Fed, banking and Wall Street do as they please enriching themselves, as many Americans starve and investors make little or nothing. Another added negative feature that few think of is that the Treasury’s giant demand for funds crowds other borrowers out of the market, putting upward pressure on real interest rates. We already have seen low rated sovereigns and junk bond purchases dry up and their yields rise. Bond issuance has also fallen dramatically as well. Rates in the US are also reflective of the financial disaster that is Europe. Mr. Sarkozy and Mrs. Merkel tell us Europe’s problems will be settled by the end of October, yes and pigs have the ability to fly. On that news we get a major stock market rally, the euro rises and the dollar falls.

That is on the suppressed anticipation of the end of the European financial problems. If that will be so, why are heavily officially gold, silver and commodity prices rising? It is because the flight to quality continues in spite of criminal activity by governments and central banks. These governments all lie about their statistics as a justification, as to what they are doing, but they fool few. Investors and professionals know what they are up too. Some governments have been looting domestic pension plans over the last several years and that trend will accelerate. It is only a matter of time before the US government and its purchased Congress goes after America’s private and public pension plans. You had best get out now while you can. There will be no second opportunities. Once trapped by law you will end up with government promises that have no intention of being fulfilled. Such policies will have a negative affect on stock and bond markers, gold, silver and commodities will rise and the negative pressures will force nationalization or failure of major banks and brokerage houses.

As far as we can determine the bottom in gold and silver began to be set two weeks ago, they have moved upward, but not as quickly as we had anticipated. The Working Group on Financial Markets has been attacking gold and silver still, but not with the firepower that they are capable of. It looks like a delaying action in anticipation of further EU problems and forming an opportunity to accumulate long positions. We, via the COT commercial net short position reduction, see the big banks anticipating a strong upward move in both metals. We see such moves in spite of higher margin requirements by the criminal CME, owner of the Comex. Government participation in manipulation of the dollar as well as gold and silver as usual emanate from the Exchange Stabilization Fund a subsidiary of the Treasury. Such antics killed off a move in gold to $2,200 and silver to test $50.00 again temporarily. We should see the major move in both metals shortly and by the end of February could see $3,000 gold and $65 to $75.00. It depends in part on events and the government participation in the market. Again, due to the speed of the downward move all small and medium players were again wiped out, as the banks earned large profits having rigged the results along with the government. Gold and silver will prevail and achieve much higher prices in spite of government and banking interference.

As the yield on the 10-year T-bill returns to 2.16%, due to the rise in the market, which at least for the time being reflects movement of funds back into the market from bonds and we see pressure on a number of currencies – some of which is uncalled for. Oil finally moved back up over $85.00 and copper got back to $3.38. The gains in CDS, credit default swaps, were large and we believe much overdone. Even US corporations’ bonds were hit, which we found overdone. Traders and investors threw the baby out with the bath water because of the failure of Dexia, a top 25-European bank. Dexia will be split into two banks, one good and one bad. The citizens of Belgium and France will absorb the losses in the bad bank. Taking the Dexia situation into context and moves we see by the German government we expect all European counties to separately defend their own banking systems. Those that cannot do that will slip into insolvency.

In between the US and Europe we have England, which we believe is in worse shape than the US and EU. They just executed $116 billion in additional money and credit to keep their financial system afloat. Bank of England governor Mervyn King says, “this is the most serious financial crisis we have seen, at least since the 1930s if not ever.” The media deliberately ignores England’s problems in favor of European and US problems.

The ECB has $53 billion in new funds with which they purchased collateralized bank loans. What we see is more liquidity and more inflation with dubious collateral. Next we will see recapitalization for which the price will be dear. Watchers see unfolding events, but they do not understand the gravity of the situation. It could be that over the next year the entire world financial system could come apart. We know that the central banks know that throwing money and credit at the problems do not work, and it is doomed to failure. They kick the can down the road as long as they can and then we will have war to distract the public. The war will be blamed for everything just as it has been in the past, only this time too many people understand the scam and it is not going to work. Confidence has left the system and that situation is going to worsen. Few jobs are being created as job demand increases by 250,000 month and only a little over 100,000 are being created. The elitists won’t accept the purge but sooner or later it will be forced upon them. If you think massive amounts of money and credit work, look at the results of more than $20 trillion being shoved into the system over the past three years. All it did was keep the system from collapsing. Once the bogus liquidity stops so does the system. These people are not fooling anyone, even the semi-educated public. That is why your only safe haven is gold and silver related assets.




China’s Hard Landing Looms?

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011 – by Staff Report

China's debt spree returns to haunt … Bail-outs are coming thick and fast in China. In less than a week the authorities have had to step in to prop up the banks, rescue the insolvent railway system and save the near bankrupt city of Wenzhou from a spectacular debt crash … It is proving harder than expected for the central bank to manage a calibrated "soft-landing" after letting rip with credit to counter the Great Recession … The 30pc annual pace of loan growth is unprecedented in any major country in modern history. It is double the pace of America's housing boom and Japan's Nikkei bubble in the late 1980s. It may match US loan growth in the late 1920s. The Communist Party is now struggling to cope with the fall-out.– UK Telegraph/Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Dominant Social Theme: China will be OK. It's a capitalist country now and the miracle of the Invisible Hand will guide it through any rough waters.

Free-Market Analysis: Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is back and swinging for the fences. For two years now (we keep track) we've been writing about the Potemkin Village that is China's supposed "free-market" economy and with increasing stridency we've been sounding the alarm about China's impending downfall. Along the way we've been joined by other voices, none much more insightful and influential in our view than Evans-Pritchard.

He has been traveling in China from what we can tell and his tone has turned even more markedly gloomy as a result, or so it seems. We are not surprised. China is not simply the world's worst economic disaster waiting to happen – the disaster apparently is IN THE PROCESS of happening. Only you won't learn that from the mainstream news media, which is determined to keep China's impending liquidation a "secret" for as long as possible. Here's some more from the article:

On Monday, the state investment fund Central Huijin began buying stakes in China's four top banks to restore confidence and halt the slide in share prices. … [Meanwhile] China's finance ministry is quietly intervening to underwrite China's railway system. This behemoth is drowning with $300bn of debts after breakneck expansion, is in arrears on $25bn of debts to its two largest suppliers and has run out of money to pay workers on the Lanzhou-Chonqing rail project.

The ministry has offered a 50pc tax break on railway debt to be auctioned on Wednesday. This is a signal that Beijing will stand behind the system. It is intended to lure back investors following the high-speed rail crash in July. Meanwhile, Beijing is negotiating a $15bn bail-out for the enterprise hub of Wenzhou south of Shanghai, where panic has set off a credit crunch for small business and builders.

China's press has been riveted by tales of debtors hiding in the hills to evade creditors. Roughly 60pc of the region's loans come from non-bank lending beyond control, some of it Ponzi finance. "It's a tight financial network that interweaves lenders and borrowers collectively, often to their mutual benefit and sometimes to their terrible loss," said Caixin Magazine. "If only a few debt-ridden companies collapse, the financial trouble can ripple through the entire credit-connected community. The domino-effect started to endanger the entire system in July."

Every few days or weeks we check the China "scene" to find out what's going on. It never gets any better; it only gets worse from what we can tell. Thirty years ago, the Chinese began to allow farmers and other trades people to sell their wares in open-markets. Eventually, this sort of capitalism spread upwards. Soon people could "own" real estate and build it as well.

But the real control of China's largest industrial entities seemingly never left the Chinese communist party. In fact, there's plenty of evidence that the larger companies – banks, trading firms, utilities and the like – are controlled behind the scenes to give the look and feel of a kind of capitalism that doesn't actually exist.

The model is much the same in other BRIC countries and throughout South America and many developing countries where the elites own everything that matters while individuals hawk cell phones to each other on the street. Competition is fine so long as it doesn't inconvenienc the ruling classes. John D. Rockefeller used to say that "competition is a sin."

Because there never has been any real capitalism at China's top end, the economy after 30 years of "development" is likely woefully distorted. There are all sorts of explanations advanced for the empty cities, malls and skyscrapers throughout China, but the obvious reason is that China's annual "plans" and "goals" call for a certain amount of growth and the cadres will hit that number even if they have to build an empty city to do it.

The cities are beginning to rot now, or so we've read. Soon, probably, skyscrapers shall start to be dangerous to inhabit. The country's vaunted rail system is subject to continual accidents and generally, throughout China, the quality of the country's 30-year-long building boom is suspect.

Those who continually justify China's industrial excesses point out that the country's apparently shoddy workmanship is a good thing. It allows for the Chinese to create new jobs and new work, as the old infrastructure and unused housing crumbles. This is ludicrous, though. It's a repackaging of the broken-window fallacy.

Those who fancy the Chicoms, infinitely nefarious, have taken to muttering that China has appropriated American dollars and knowhow to build a formidable industrial society and a tremendous, modern infrastructure as well. But, in fact, the infrastructure is suspect and the economy is so distorted and controlled by the Chicoms managed boom that people out of desperation are buying – cash down – apartments in empty cities to hold as "investments."

Anyway, you can't really buy real estate in China, only lease it from the government. There's lots you can't do – or say – in China. Meanwhile … the controlled Western intelligentsia has been using the dysfunctional Chinese model to proselytize for more Western economic interference in the private markets.

The idea is that the Chinese have discovered a better way of doing business – using the state to organize private industry. The same ridiculous notions were floated when Japan was going through the boom part of its boom-bust cycle. The Americans helped Japan build out its "Western style" economy and they've helped with China's as well. In Japan's case, things have not ended well. In China's they likely won't either.

The Chicoms, in fact, have had decades to get this right but they made the mistake of installing the kind of faux-capitalism that Western elites implemented and ran for the past century. It didn't work for the West and it seems to have trapped the Chicoms as well.

Increasingly, the assurances of the Chicom leadership are taking on a hollow ring. Increasingly, they seem desperate to find away out. They've probably run out of chances and they know it. The great leap forward starved millions. And later, Tiananmen Square's violence sealed a social compact in which the Chinese leaders and their billion-plus populace traded political agitation for economic development.

But now that economic development seems suspect. As we've pointed out before, a steep recession – or depression – may well spell the end of Chinese communism, or at least inflict upon it a vast reconfiguration, violent or not. Three strikes and yer out.

And so it falls on the Chicoms to engineer a "soft landing." But there will be no such soft landing most likely, (as there never is) and the sound of a hard one could resonate around the world. The Anglosphere power elite that helped engineer the Chinese industrial "miracle" is surely aware of what may loom in China. If one looks at the world scene with a cynical-enough eye, the future seems to become clearer because of it.

China would be the final nail in the coffin; the subsidence of its economy will surely set off a global, rolling depression of significant breadth and depth. Can it be otherwise? And was thisthe  plan all along? Europe is sinking; America is drowning; soon China may join them. 

A modest if nightmarish scenario 

Suddenly, the world's economy is entirely under water – savings savaged; jobs non-existent; even food and water in short supply for some reason. Now the elites make their solutions known … Buttressed by the roiling populist protests of Occupy Wall Street, supported by Julian Assange's transparency meme, the powers-that-be take advantage of the starvation and chaos facing not just the West, but the world.

With all the persuasive force of the controlled media, they will offer the globe's tortured billions the vision of a compassionate and efficient global government. They campaign for direct democracy to ensure world government is both fair and equitable. 

It will become apparent, eventually, that Assange's WikiLeaks model provides the transparency that is necessary to erect a feasible model of global governance. Handsome Assange himself shall assume a high position in world government (a man other men envy and women hope to marry). Finally, the elites will offer up the IMF's SDRs as the new world currency.

Conclusion: Does all this strike you as far-fetched? Heck, we're just speculatin' …


U. S. v. Jones: Where Privacy Technology and the Constitution Collide

October 11th, 2011 by



By John W. Whitehead

"The privacy and dignity of our citizens [are] being whittled away by sometimes imperceptible steps. Taken individually, each step may be of little consequence. But when viewed as a whole, there begins to emerge a society quite unlike any we have seen–a society in which government may intrude into the secret regions of a [person's] life."–Justice William O. Douglas

Technology, having outstripped our ability as humans to control it, has become our Frankenstein's monster. Delighted with technology's conveniences, its ability to make our lives easier by performing an endless array of tasks faster and more efficiently, we have given it free rein in our lives, with little thought to the legal or moral ramifications of allowing surveillance technology, especially, to uncover nearly every intimate detail of our lives.

Consider how enthusiastically we welcomed Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, which use orbiting satellites to produce accurate and continuous records of their position and of any person or object carrying the devices, into our lives. We've installed this satellite-based technology in everything from our phones to our cars to our pets. Yet by ensuring that we never get lost, never lose our loved ones and never lose our wireless signals, we have also made it possible for the government to never lose sight of us, as well. 

Indeed, as a case before the U.S. Supreme Court makes clear, the government is taking full advantage of this technology to keep tabs on American citizens, and in the process, is not only violating the Fourth Amendment's prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures but is putting an end, once and for all, to any expectation of privacy in public places. Thus, what is at stake in United States v. Jones, a case in which police attached a GPS device to a suspect's vehicle and tracked his movements for over a month without a warrant, is nothing less than the continued vitality of the Fourth Amendment in the modern technological age in which we live.

In September 2005, police placed a GPS device on the undercarriage of Antoine Jones' Jeep while it was parked in a public lot in Maryland. They did so, despite the fact that their original warrant had expired and restricted them to tracking Jones' movements in the District of Columbia. Jones, the co-owner of a nightclub in Washington, DC, was suspected of being part of a cocaine-selling operation. Every day–24 hours a day, seven days a week–for four weeks, the police used the GPS device to track Jones' movements and actions. Based upon the detailed information they were able to obtain about Jones' movements–including a trip to a Maryland stash house in which police reportedly found cocaine, crack and $850,000 in cash–on October 24, 2005, police arrested and charged Jones with conspiring to distribute drugs.

Because the search warrant was invalid (having expired and been used outside the Washington, DC city limits), Jones' attorneys asked the trial court to suppress the evidence uncovered, insisting that the police had acted in violation of the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. The trial court refused, and Jones was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

On appeal to the DC Court of Appeals, the government defended its actions, arguing that because the evidence uncovered as a result of the GPS device involved Jones' movements while he was on public streets, no violation of his privacy had taken place. The appeals court disagreed, ruling that use of the GPS device to track Jones 24 hours a day for four weeks constituted a search in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Writing for the three-judge panel, Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg declared:

We hold the whole of a person's movements over the course of a month is not actually exposed to the public because the likelihood a stranger would observe all those movements is not just remote, it is essentially nil. It is one thing for a passerby to observe or even to follow someone during a single journey as he goes to the market or returns home from work. It is another thing entirely for that stranger to pick up the scent again the next day and the day after that, week in and week out, dogging his prey until he has identified all the places, people, amusements, and chores that make up that person's hitherto private routine… A reasonable person does not expect anyone to monitor and retain a record of every time he drives his car, including his origin, route, destination, and each place he stops and how long he stays there; rather, he expects each of those movements to remain disconnected and anonymous.

"Ginsburg rightly recognized the dangers of such a vast, uninhibited use of GPS technology: "A person who knows all of another's travel can deduce whether he is a weekly churchgoer, a heavy drinker, a regular at the gym, an unfaithful husband, an outpatient receiving medical treatment, an associate of particular individuals or political groups — and not just one such fact about a person, but all such facts."

Asked to rehear the case, the full nine-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit concurred with the three-judge panel's ruling and overturned Jones' conviction. In doing so, the court created a split among the federal courts, namely the Ninth and Seventh Circuits, regarding the warrantless use of tracking devices by police. 

Insisting that GPS devices have become a common tool in crime fighting and that a person traveling on public roads has "no reasonable expectation of privacy" in his movements, the Obama Administration's Department of Justice appealed US v. Jones to the U.S. Supreme Court, which will hear arguments in the case on November 8. The case has generated heated debate regarding where to draw the line when it comes to the collision of privacy, technology, constitutional rights and government surveillance. The arguments on both sides are far-ranging, with law enforcement agencies on one side defending warrantless searches and civil liberties advocates on the other, insisting that if police can stick a GPS on a car, why not on a piece of clothing or everyone's license plate? Among those asking the court to rule against the government's unwarranted use of GPS devices is 90-year-old Roger L. Easton, the principal inventor of the GPS technology.

A study conducted by Roger Clarke, the famed Australian specialist in data surveillance and privacy, indicates that the costs resulting from the erosion of personal privacy are so significant that they essentially threaten the very foundation of a democratic society. Some of the most serious harms include: a prevailing climate of suspicion and adversarial relationships; inequitable application of the law; stultification of originality; weakening of society's moral fiber and cohesion; repressive potential for a totalitarian government; blacklisting; ex-ante discrimination and guilt prediction and inversion of the onus of proof.

The most troubling characteristic of warrantless searches, however, is the extent to which they are capable of serving as the backbone for a totalitarian state. The frightening effects of warrantless surveillance are somewhat blunted insofar as those entrusted with such awesome powers exercise them responsibly; however, establishing secretive, unchecked mechanisms of state monitoring is essentially an invitation to abuse. As every student of American history should be taught, our governmental system of checks and balances was premised on the awareness that trust in the restraint of those in power is not sufficient to protect liberty. Structural restraints and oversights are imperative. If warrantless use of GPS tracking is allowed, an essential structural protection of liberty–judicial oversight–is lost and the privacy of all citizens is threatened.

Moreover, as The Rutherford Institute pointed out in its brief to the Court, among the most significant detrimental effects of covert, warrantless government surveillance is the chilling effect it has on free speech and association and the harm such deprivations of First Amendment rights has on democratic institutions. Indeed, when citizens–especially those espousing unpopular viewpoints–are aware that the intimate details of their personal lives may be pervasively monitored by government, they are less likely to freely express their dissident views.

Obviously, the new era of technology, one that was completely unimaginable to the men who drafted the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, requires an updated legal code to enshrine the right to privacy. The courts, first of all, must interpret the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure as a check against GPS technology as well as future technologies which threaten privacy. Second, Congress should enact a technological Bill of Rights to protect us from the long arm of the surveillance state.

Recently, Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall, who serve on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, suggested that there exists a secret program of spying on American citizens. Concerned about the ability of government agents to track American citizens, specifically with GPS technology, the Senators sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, asking him if government agents are tracking Americans' movements, and if they are, what authority they have to do so. As Wyden noted, "the law is being secretly interpreted by the executive branch."

Unfortunately, the letter was disregarded by the Obama administration. Kathleen Turner, aide to Director Clapper, refused to answer whether the executive branch believes it has the authority to collect geo-location data or disclose the extent of any such tracking. Matthew Olson, leader of the National Counterterrorism Center, gave a slightly less obfuscatory answer to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence saying, "There are certain circumstances where that authority [to track geo-location data in cell phones] may exist."

Senators Wyden and Chaffetz are undeterred, however, and have introduced another bill that would require police to obtain a warrant and prove probable cause before tracking someone via GPS. Senators Franken and Blumenthal have also sponsored legislation to "require companies to get a user's consent before sharing cell phone location information."

New technologies which enable the radical expansion of police surveillance operations require correspondingly robust legal frameworks in order to maintain the scope of freedom from authoritarian oversight envisioned by the Framers. What the Supreme Court–or Congress–
needs to do is establish a clear rule requiring warrants for GPS monitoring. This would provide needed guidance to law enforcement agencies, quell litigation, protect civil liberties including cherished First Amendment rights, and ensure the viability of the Fourth Amendment even at the dawn of a new age of surveillance technology.

A sea change is coming, but the final outcome is still uncertain. Unless we as citizens educate ourselves and others right now, we face the prospect of unprecedented government surveillance and corporate knowledge of personal information, culminating in the death of the Fourth Amendment and the right to privacy.


The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families

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The Federal Reserve Cartel

The Eight Families


The cartel was angry with Schacht, because he had been a left winger (his father worked for Morgan) but he was born in Germany, by accident because his grandmother was sick and his mother went home to be with her. Hjalmar Schacht became the President of the Reichsbank in 1924 (The beginning of the big money actions to ruin Germany's currency). He undertook to save the Mark by himself and then with the help of Hitler. This angered the big banks, because they almost had Germany where they wanted it. They already had Belgium, France, England and the USA. Hjalmar Schacht warned Hitler not to start a war. In his book, "How Democracies Die" he says that the end of democracies have two causes 1. Needles and costly wars 2. Unwillingness to balance the national budget.

I met him briefly in 1962 and read his contemporary works as well as those of his contemporaries. Had he been a Nazi, he would have been tried before the Nuernberg Tribunal, but he was not. Hitler put him in a concentration camp for opposing his Jewish policies and his war. What is shocking is that Hitler was essentially elected by Wallstreet as was FDR. What is even more shocking is that Standard Oil of New Jersey owned the patent for converting coal into gasoline in 1929. Standard Oil then established a fully owned subsidiary Braunkohlbenzine A.G. and Ethyl A.G. for making aviation grade gasoline in 1935. They built three coal to gasoline plants for Germany in 1935. They also shipped 500,000 gallons of aviation fuel to Germany in 1939, just in time for the invasion of Poland and France. I. G. Farben the German cartel which manufactured Prusic Acid (Cyclone B Gas) was American owned. It's major stock holders are Morgan, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Ford and General Electric Corporation. It seems that the war was willfully started by Wallstreet. Why?

Anyhow even Napoleon said "I'm not fighting England; I'm fighting the Banks".




The Federal Reserve Cartel:

The Eight Families

by Dean Henderson                         

Global Research

June 1, 2011

(Part one of a four-part series)

The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths. But their monopoly over the global economy does not end at the edge of the oil patch.

According to company 10K filings to the SEC, the Four Horsemen of Banking are among the top ten stock holders of virtually every Fortune 500 corporation.[1]

So who then are the stockholders in these money centre banks?

This information is guarded much more closely. My queries to bank regulatory agencies regarding stock ownership in the top 25 US bank holding companies were given Freedom of Information Act status, before being denied on “national security” grounds. This is rather ironic, since many of the bank’s stockholders reside in Europe.

One important repository for the wealth of the global oligarchy that owns these bank holding companies is US Trust Corporation – founded in 1853 and now owned by Bank of America. A recent US Trust Corporate Director and Honorary Trustee was Walter Rothschild. Other directors included Daniel Davison of JP Morgan Chase, Richard Tucker of Exxon Mobil, Daniel Roberts of Citigroup and Marshall Schwartz of Morgan Stanley. [2]

J. W. McCallister, an oil industry insider with House of Saud connections, wrote in The Grim Reaper that information he acquired from Saudi bankers cited 80% ownership of the New York Federal Reserve Bank– by far the most powerful Fed branch- by just eight families, four of which reside in the US. They are the Goldman Sachs, Rockefellers, Lehmans and Kuhn Loebs of New York; the Rothschilds of Paris and London; the Warburgs of Hamburg; the Lazards of Paris; and the Israel Moses Seifs of Rome.

CPA Thomas D. Schauf corroborates McCallister’s claims, adding that ten banks control all twelve Federal Reserve Bank branches. He names N.M. Rothschild of London, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, Lehman Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, Israel Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York. Schauf lists William Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff and James Stillman as individuals who own large shares of the Fed. [3] The Schiffs are insiders at Kuhn Loeb. The Stillmans are Citigroup insiders, who married into the Rockefeller clan at the turn of the century.

Eustace Mullins came to the same conclusions in his book The Secrets of the Federal Reserve, in which he displays charts connecting the Fed and its member banks to the families of Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller and the others. [4]

The control that these banking families exert over the global economy cannot be overstated and is quite intentionally shrouded in secrecy. Their corporate media arm is quick to discredit any information exposing this private central banking cartel as “conspiracy theory”. Yet the facts remain.

The House of Morgan

The Federal Reserve Bank was born in 1913, the same year US banking scion J. Pierpont Morgan died and the Rockefeller Foundation was formed. The House of Morgan presided over American finance from the corner of Wall Street and Broad, acting as quasi-US central bank since 1838, when George Peabody founded it in London.

Peabody was a business associate of the Rothschilds. In 1952 Fed researcher Eustace Mullins put forth the supposition that the Morgans were nothing more than Rothschild agents. Mullins wrote that the Rothschilds, “…preferred to operate anonymously in the US behind the facade of J.P. Morgan & Company”. [5]

Author Gabriel Kolko stated, “Morgan’s activities in 1895-1896 in selling US gold bonds in Europe were based on an alliance with the House of Rothschild.” [6]

The Morgan financial octopus wrapped its tentacles quickly around the globe. Morgan Grenfell operated in London. Morgan et Cie ruled Paris. The Rothschild's Lambert cousins set up Drexel & Company in Philadelphia.

The House of Morgan catered to the Astors, DuPonts, Guggenheims, Vanderbilts and Rockefellers. It financed the launch of AT&T, General Motors, General Electric and DuPont. Like the London-based Rothschild and Barings banks, Morgan became part of the power structure in many countries.

By 1890 the House of Morgan was lending to Egypt’s central bank, financing Russian railroads, floating Brazilian provincial government bonds and funding Argentine public works projects. A recession in 1893 enhanced Morgan’s power. That year Morgan saved the US government from a bank panic, forming a syndicate to prop up government reserves with a shipment of $62 million worth of Rothschild gold. [7]

Morgan was the driving force behind Western expansion in the US, financing and controlling West-bound railroads through voting trusts. In 1879 Cornelius Vanderbilt’s Morgan-financed New York Central Railroad gave preferential shipping rates to John D. Rockefeller’s budding Standard Oil monopoly, cementing the Rockefeller/Morgan relationship.

The House of Morgan now fell under Rothschild and Rockefeller family control. A New York Herald headline read, “Railroad Kings Form Gigantic Trust”. J. Pierpont Morgan, who once stated, “Competition is a sin”, now opined gleefully, “Think of it. All competing railroad traffic west of St. Louis placed in the control of about thirty men.”[8]

Morgan and Edward Harriman’s banker Kuhn Loeb held a monopoly over the railroads, while banking dynasties Lehman, Goldman Sachs and Lazard joined the Rockefellers in controlling the US industrial base. [9]

In 1903 Banker’s Trust was set up by the Eight Families. Benjamin Strong of Banker’s Trust was the first Governor of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. The 1913 creation of the Fed fused the power of the Eight Families to the military and diplomatic might of the US government. If their overseas loans went unpaid, the oligarchs could now deploy US Marines to collect the debts. Morgan, Chase and Citibank formed an international lending syndicate.

The House of Morgan was cosy with the British House of Windsor and the Italian House of Savoy. The Kuhn Loebs, Warburgs, Lehmans, Lazards, Israel Moses Seifs and Goldman Sachs also had close ties to European royalty. By 1895 Morgan controlled the flow of gold in and out of the US. The first American wave of mergers was in its infancy and was being promoted by the bankers. In 1897 there were sixty-nine industrial mergers. By 1899 there were twelve-hundred. In 1904 John Moody – founder of Moody’s Investor Services – said it was impossible to talk of Rockefeller and Morgan interests as separate. [10]

Public distrust of the combine spread. Many considered them traitors working for European old money. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Andrew Carnegie’s US Steel and Edward Harriman’s railroads were all financed by banker Jacob Schiff at Kuhn Loeb, who worked closely with the European Rothschilds.

Several Western states banned the bankers. Populist preacher William Jennings Bryan was thrice the Democratic nominee for President from 1896 -1908. The central theme of his anti-imperialist campaign was that America was falling into a trap of “financial servitude to British capital”. Teddy Roosevelt defeated Bryan in 1908, but was forced by this spreading populist wildfire to enact the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. He then went after the Standard Oil Trust.

In 1912 the Pujo hearings were held, addressing concentration of power on Wall Street. That same year Mrs. Edward Harriman sold her substantial shares in New York’s Guaranty Trust Bank to J.P. Morgan, creating Morgan Guaranty Trust. Judge Louis Brandeis convinced President Woodrow Wilson to call for an end to interlocking board directorates. In 1914 the Clayton Anti-Trust Act was passed.

Jack Morgan – J. Pierpont’s son and successor – responded by calling on Morgan clients Remington and Winchester to increase arms production. He argued that the US needed to enter WWI. Goaded by the Carnegie Foundation and other oligarchy fronts, Wilson accommodated. As Charles Tansill wrote in America Goes to War, “Even before the clash of arms, the French firm of Rothschild Freres cabled to Morgan & Company in New York suggesting the flotation of a loan of $100 million, a substantial part of which was to be left in the US to pay for French purchases of American goods.”

The House of Morgan financed half the US war effort, while receiving commissions for lining up contractors like GE, Du Pont, US Steel, Kennecott and ASARCO. All were Morgan clients. Morgan also financed the British Boer War in South Africa and the Franco-Prussian War. The 1919 Paris Peace Conference was presided over by Morgan, which led both German and Allied reconstruction efforts. [11]

In the 1930’s populism resurfaced in America after Goldman Sachs, Lehman Bank and others profited from the Crash of 1929. [12] House Banking Committee Chairman Louis McFadden (D-NY) said of the Great Depression, “It was no accident. It was a carefully contrived occurrence…The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might emerge as rulers of us all”.

Sen. Gerald Nye (D-ND) chaired a munitions investigation in 1936. Nye concluded that the House of Morgan had plunged the US into WWI to protect loans and create a booming arms industry. Nye later produced a document titled The Next War, which cynically referred to “the old goddess of democracy trick”, through which Japan could be used to lure the US into WWII.

In 1937 Interior Secretary Harold Ickes warned of the influence of “America’s 60 Families”. Historian Ferdinand Lundberg later penned a book of the exact same title. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas decried, “Morgan influence…the most pernicious one in industry and finance today.”

Jack Morgan responded by nudging the US towards WWII. Morgan had close relations with the Iwasaki and Dan families – Japan’s two wealthiest clans – who have owned Mitsubishi and Mitsui, respectively, since the companies emerged from 17th Century shogunates. When Japan invaded Manchuria, slaughtering Chinese peasants at Nanking, Morgan downplayed the incident. Morgan also had close relations with Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, while German Nazi Dr. Hjalmer Schacht was a Morgan Bank liaison during WWII. After the war Morgan representatives met with Schacht at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, Switzerland. [13]

The House of Rockefeller

BIS is the most powerful bank in the world, a global central bank for the Eight Families who control the private central banks of almost all Western and developing nations. The first President of BIS was Rockefeller banker Gates McGarrah- an official at Chase Manhattan and the Federal Reserve. McGarrah was the grandfather of former CIA director Richard Helms. The Rockefellers- like the Morgans- had close ties to London. David Icke writes in Children of the Matrix, that the Rockefellers and Morgans were just “gofers” for the European Rothschilds. [14]

BIS is owned by the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Italy, Bank of Canada, Swiss National Bank, Nederlandsche Bank, Bundesbank and Bank of France.

Historian Carroll Quigley wrote in his epic book Tragedy and Hope that BIS was part of a plan, “to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole…to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements.”

The US government had a historical distrust of BIS, lobbying unsuccessfully for its demise at the 1944 post-WWII Bretton Woods Conference. Instead the Eight Families’ power was exacerbated, with the Bretton Woods creation of the IMF and the World Bank. The US Federal Reserve only took shares in BIS in September 1994. [15]

BIS holds at least 10% of monetary reserves for at least 80 of the world’s central banks, the IMF and other multilateral institutions. It serves as financial agent for international agreements, collects information on the global economy and serves as lender of last resort to prevent global financial collapse.

BIS promotes an agenda of monopoly capitalist fascism. It gave a bridge loan to Hungary in the 1990’s to ensure privatization of that country’s economy. It served as conduit for Eight Families funding of Adolf Hitler- led by the Warburg's J. Henry Schroeder and Mendelsohn Bank of Amsterdam. Many researchers assert that BIS is at the nadir of global drug money laundering. 

[16] It is no coincidence that BIS is headquartered in Switzerland, favourite hiding place for the wealth of the global aristocracy and headquarters for the P-2 Italian Freemason’s Alpina Lodge and Nazi International. Other institutions which the Eight Families control include the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Conference and the World Trade Organization.

In 1944 the first World Bank bonds were floated by Morgan Stanley and First Boston. The French Lazard family became more involved in House of Morgan interests. Lazard Freres- France’s biggest investment bank- is owned by the Lazard and David-Weill families- old Genoese banking scions represented by Michelle Davive. A recent Chairman and CEO of Citigroup was Sanford Weill.

In 1968 Morgan Guaranty launched Euro-Clear, a Brussels-based bank clearing system for Eurodollar securities. It was the first such automated endeavour. Some took to calling Euro-Clear “The Beast”. Brussels serves as headquarters for the new European Central Bank and for NATO. In 1973 Morgan officials met secretly in Bermuda to illegally resurrect the old House of Morgan, twenty years before Glass Steagal Act was repealed. Morgan and the Rockefellers provided the financial backing for Merrill Lynch, boosting it into the Big 5 of US investment banking. Merrill is now part of Bank of America.

John D. Rockefeller used his oil wealth to acquire Equitable Trust, which had gobbled up several large banks and corporations by the 1920’s. The Great Depression helped consolidate Rockefeller’s power. His Chase Bank merged with Kuhn Loeb’s Manhattan Bank to form Chase Manhattan, cementing a long-time family relationship. The Kuhn-Loeb’s had financed – along with Rothschilds – Rockefeller's quest to become king of the oil patch. National City Bank of Cleveland provided John D. with the money needed to embark upon his monopolization of the US oil industry. The bank was identified in Congressional hearings as being one of three Rothschild-owned banks in the US during the 1870’s, when Rockefeller first incorporated as Standard Oil of Ohio. [17]

One Rockefeller Standard Oil partner was Edward Harkness, whose family came to control Chemical Bank. Another was James Stillman, whose family controlled Manufacturers Hanover Trust. Both banks have merged under the JP Morgan Chase umbrella. Two of James Stillman’s daughters married two of William Rockefeller’s sons. The two families control a big chunk of Citigroup as well. [18]

In the insurance business, the Rockefellers control Metropolitan Life, Equitable Life, Prudential and New York Life. Rockefeller banks control 25% of all assets of the 50 largest US commercial banks and 30% of all assets of the 50 largest insurance companies. [19] Insurance companies- the first in the US was launched by Freemasons through their Woodman’s of America- play a key role in the Bermuda drug money shuffle.

Companies under Rockefeller control include Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, BP Amoco, Marathon Oil, Freeport McMoran, Quaker Oats, ASARCO, United, Delta, Northwest, ITT, International Harvester, Xerox, Boeing, Westinghouse, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, International Paper, Pfizer, Motorola, Monsanto, Union Carbide and General Foods.

The Rockefeller Foundation has close financial ties to both Ford and Carnegie Foundations. Other family philanthropic endeavours include Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, General Education Board, Rockefeller University and the University of Chicago- which churns out a steady stream of far right economists as apologists for international capital, Bretton Woods was a boon to the Eight Families. The IMF and World Bank were including Milton Friedman.

The family owns 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where the national Christmas tree is lighted every year, and Rockefeller Centre. David Rockefeller was instrumental in the construction of the World Trade Centre towers. The main Rockefeller family home is a hulking complex in upstate New York known as Pocantico Hills. They also own a 32-room 5th Avenue duplex in Manhattan, a mansion in Washington, DC, Monte Sacro Ranch in Venezuela, coffee plantations in Ecuador, several farms in Brazil, an estate at Seal Harbour, Maine and resorts in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. [20]

The Dulles and Rockefeller families are cousins. Allen Dulles created the CIA, assisted the Nazis, covered up the Kennedy hit from his Warren Commission perch and struck a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to create mind-controlled assassins. [21]

Brother John Foster Dulles presided over the phony Goldman Sachs trusts before the 1929 stock market crash and helped his brother overthrow governments in Iran and Guatemala. Both were Skull & Bones, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) insiders and 33rd Degree Masons. [22]

The Rockefellers were instrumental in forming the depopulation-oriented Club of Rome at their family estate in Bellagio, Italy. Their Pocantico Hills estate gave birth to the Trilateral Commission. The family is a major funder of the eugenics movement which spawned Hitler, human cloning and the current DNA obsession in US scientific circles.

John Rockefeller Jr. headed the Population Council until his death. [23] His namesake son is a Senator from West Virginia. Brother Winthrop Rockefeller was Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas and remains the most powerful man in that state. In an October 1975 interview with Playboy magazine, Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller- who was also Governor of New York- articulated his family's patronizing worldview, “I am a great believer in planning- economic, social, political, military, total world planning.”

But of all the Rockefeller brothers, it is Trilateral Commission (TC) founder and Chase Manhattan Chairman David who has spearheaded the family’s fascist agenda on a global scale. He defended the Shah of Iran, the South African apartheid regime and the Chilean Pinochet junta. He was the biggest financier of the CFR, the TC and (during the Vietnam War) the Committee for an Effective and Durable Peace in Asia- a contract bonanza for those who made their living off the conflict.

Nixon asked him to be Secretary of Treasury, but Rockefeller declined the job, knowing his power was much greater at the helm of the Chase. Author Gary Allen writes in The Rockefeller File that in 1973, “David Rockefeller met with twenty-seven heads of state, including the rulers of Russia and Red China.”

Following the 1975 Nugan Hand Bank/CIA coup against Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, his British Crown-appointed successor Malcolm Fraser sped to the US, where he met with President Gerald Ford after conferring with David Rockefeller. [24]


Next Week: Part II: Freemasons & The Bank of the United States



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Dean Henderson is the author of Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network and The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries.

His Left Hook blog is at www.deanhenderson.wordpress.com


Dean Henderson is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by Dean Henderson





John McManus on the John Birch Society What It Stands For and Why Its Been Attacked

October 9th, 2011 by



Sunday, October 09, 2011 – with Anthony Wile


The editors of The Daily Bell are pleased to present an interview with John F. McManus, President of the John Birch Society and publisher of the New American.

Introduction: In 1973, John F. McManus accepted an appointment by Robert Welch, the Society's Founder, as the organization's Director of Public Affairs. He later became its president. In this post, he became and remains the Society's chief media representative throughout the nation. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs. Mr. McManus has written and produced numerous audiovisual programs, including the popular DVD Overview of America, which is a moving tribute about America's US Constitutional roots. He has also written several books including Financial Terrorism (1993), Changing Commands: The Betrayal of America's Military (1995), William F. Buckley, Jr.: Pied Piper for the Establishment (2002), and The Insiders 5th Edition (2004). In addition to being a regular contributor of articles to The New American magazine, he serves as its publisher. He is also publisher of the Society's member-only monthly Bulletin. Mr. McManus was named president of The John Birch Society in 1991. Born in 1935 in Brooklyn, he served on active duty as a lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps for three years. For six years before accepting a staff position with the Society, he was employed as an electronics engineer.

Daily Bell: Thanks for your time. Explain what the John Birch Society is. What is its goal? Where did it get its name?

John McManus: The John Birch Educational organization was formed to preserve the American system, limited government under the US Constitution and independence. It got its name from Captain John Birch, a WWII hero who went to China in 1940 as missionary for his faith, and volunteered for service with the American forces when the war broke out. He actually led Colonel Jimmy Doolittle out of China after Doolittle's famous raid over Tokyo early in 1942, and that's when the American forces discovered him. General Claire Chennault, the head of the famous "Flying Tiger" organization in China, asked him to join their forces and to serve as an intelligence officer out of Chaplin. So he did that and for three years he performed excellent work for them. He should have been given the Congressional Medal of Honor, but he didn't get it. He was murdered ten days after the war ended by Chinese Communists. Robert Welch, the man who founded the John Birch Society, found out about John Birch long before the society was formed, and he wrote a book in 1954 about the life of John Birch, a real American hero. So when the time came Robert Welch formed the educational organization that we are here, he asked the parents if he could use their son's name and they happily said yes and became members right away, right from the beginning. So that's how we became the John Birch Society.

Daily Bell: Why is the society disliked by the mainstream press?

John McManus: Actually, there are two reasons why they don't like us, and the first one is they don't like to be shown as deficient and second is they want to be the leaders of those who are informing the American people. John Birch Society is actually a new medium of information in competition with all of these others. What we say is different than what they say about almost every issue and consequently that's why they don't like us. They'll do whatever they can to make us seem like fools or extreme, or whatever nasty adjective they choose to throw around like candy to children, and that's why we are not liked by the mainstream media. We are, however, quite frequently liked by the local media, newspapers, small town newspapers where our members are busy, and gain a lot of influence but I don't expect to be treated fairly by the New York Times or Time Magazine for a good long while.

Daily Bell: Do insiders exist? Who are they?

John McManus: They certainly do exist and when we say insiders, what we are talking about are people who are leaders, who have drive to bring our country into a one world government and establish world tyranny. The society has always been accused of being anti-communist, which is accurate, and when communism in Russia seemed to implode, there were a few people who said, what will the society do now that communism is dead? The John Birch Society was always opposed to any form of totalitarianism and still believes that the communists who lead Russia are no less determined to build world government. They just don't call themselves communists anymore.

Daily Bell: What do they want? World government? Why?

John McManus: Well, they want world government, the United Nations, which predecessor insiders of this conspiracy helped to bring about. You wonder who some of the people are we call insiders? David RockefellerHenry Kissinger,Zbigniew Brzezinski and Peter J. Peterson – that's a good start.

Daily Bell: Will they be successful? Are they speeding things up?

John McManus: I don't think they'll be successful because I think the American people, especially, will wake up some day and begin to turn things around. Are they speeding this up? Yes, I think they are, and I think they are because they know that the John Birch Society's influence is growing remarkably.

Daily Bell: Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic about the state of the world?

John McManus: I am always an optimist. I think there are more good people than bad. What we have to do is organize the good people. I frequently have said that what we have to do is get good people off the couch and get them to do some heavy reading and get them to do some understanding. Then they can start to spread their own influence. What we tell people is, "You have influence; use it! And use it for something worthwhile." It is certainly worthwhile for people to use their influence to help others to triumph over the terrible education they got in our schools, and to realize the worth of the US Constitution and that it is not being adhered to. If the government of the United States would obey the US Constitution its cost would be 20% and its size would be 20%. That's very simple.

Daily Bell: What brought you to the society? Why have you spent your professional life with it?

John McManus: Well, what brought me to the society is interesting. Back in the early 1960's I was already a conservative and a devotee of William F. Buckley and his National Review Magazine. All of a sudden, John Birch Society was in the headlines everywhere. 'Secret fascists and and anti-Semitic organization was formed and people better watch out for it.' Unfortunately, I bought into that, and finally Buckley came out with an editorial in which he said there were a lot of good people at the Birch Society and what they ought to do is get rid of Robert Welch. It made sense to me because they had painted Welch as a screwball.

I actually wrote a letter to Buckley's magazine that was published, congratulating them for their attack on Robert Welch. And because of that I was contacted by a local member of the Birch Society who asked me a simple question: Are you basing your attitude on what Welch has said or on what others have said of him? I thought that was a good question and a challenge to me so I asked him to show me some stuff the society has said and I began a torturous re-evaluation. I ended up joining the Birch Society and then joining the staff. I have been a staff member of the Birch Society since 1966, giving much of my adult life to it. No regrets whatsoever.

Daily Bell: What is the opinion of the people you work with and those who support the society?

John McManus: The overall philosophy is very much in line with Robert Welch's plan. He said there were problems in the world. One of them was communism, another was collectivism, which you could call socialism, and then he talked about the loss of faith and the rise of the amoral man, people who would do anything, put aside all concepts of right and wrong just to promote themselves. He said those three problems are very, very real, they exist, and somebody has to do something to combat it so I am offering myself as a leader. Eventually I discovered this was the real Robert Welch, decided this man is correct and I want to help, so joined the society. Then he asked me to join the staff. We have about 75 employees and the people who work for the society agree.  If they didn't they wouldn't work for us.

Daily Bell: In the past, the society has been controversial. Was Dwight Eisenhower a communist, for instance? Is that still the position of the society?

John McManus: Well, the position of the society was that Dwight Eisenhower helped various communist victories come about here and there. Whether or not he was an actual communist, somebody else can decide that. I don't know; we don't. Robert Welch wrote a 300-page book about Eisenhower and anybody who has read that book doesn't condemn Robert Welch. He ended up saying, "Why didn't somebody else say this?" So the society's position regarding Eisenhower hasn't changed. It is that he helped bring the world closer to a communist world. They didn't succeed, of course, but it is a good example of the kind of thing that is happening and continues to happen.

I have recently written a 40-page booklet called The John Birch Society: Reality Versus Myth. I have gone into all the charges against the society, one of which, of course, is we claimed Eisenhower, that great American, was a communist. Well, we didn't. We certainly pointed out many of the things that he did, including forced repatriation of several million people back to communist slavery, who didn't want to go, many of them committing suicide on trains they were being herded into. We also pointed out the betrayal of the Hungarian revolution in 1956. Robert Welch published the fact that Fidel Castro was a communist six months before he took control of Cuba, and Eisenhower was president at the time. If Robert Welch knew he was a communist, then the government of the United States did, and the president was deficient in telling everybody that he was a great man, this is good for Cuba and so on.

One of the interesting things about Eisenhower is that he choose for his ghost writer of his own book, Crusade in Europe, a man named Joseph Fels Barnes, who was an actual communist. So choosing to have his book written by a communist – you can imagine the flavoring it was given. There is a lot about Eisenhower that should be known and we don't back away from criticizing Eisenhower as we don't back away from criticizing anybody. To simply go around and say the John Birch Society is screwball because they said Eisenhower is a communist is wrong. It's playing people as fools.

Daily Bell: Further to your book about debunking memes and such, it is said that the Rockefeller family purchased Robert Welch's business or was otherwise involved with him, and that the Society is part of a manufactured Hegelian dialectic? Is this just slander from enemies of the Society?

John McManus: Yes, it is. There was a man years ago named Eustace Mullins who wrote a book, which was actually about the dangers of vaccinations and that was the cause that he had taken up. And in that book, for some strange reason, there were a couple of pages saying that Rockefeller had bought Welch's Oxford Candy Company, Rockefeller financed it and whenever Robert Welch needed money he went to the Rockefeller banks and got money from them and so on. It was all completely false; there was not a shred of evidence to back up any of that stuff. It never happened. And over the years I tracked people who had said that, answered questions from a member who was told that by somebody, etc. It is totally ridiculous.

Daily Bell: Give us some background on the society and Robert W. Welch, Jr., who founded it.

John McManus: Robert Welch was born in North Carolina and was considered a gifted child. He was admitted to the University of North Carolina at the age of 12. In the fall of 1919, he enrolled in Harvard Law School to learn the free enterprise system. By 1922, he had had enough of the school and launched the Oxford Candy Company. In 1926, he invented the Sugar Daddy candy and sales skyrocketed. He left the company he worked so hard to build after a dispute with management and started again. Eventually he ended up working for his brother at the James O. Welch Company in 1935 until he "retired" in 1956 to found The John Birch Society in 1958. He guided JBS through its first three decades until his passing in 1985.

Daily Bell: Has the society evolved its views? How so?

John McManus: Have we evolved? No, we haven't. We have always been opposed to any form of totalitarianism. We've always been in favor of the US Constitution and what those serving our country have taken an oath to support and stand by. We might have had changes in tactics and so forth. We used to carry around heavy 16mm film projectors and we went to film strip projectors and now we are into the Internet, so we have kept pace with technology. You could call that a bit of an evolution but as far as ideological evolution, no, none of it.

Daily Bell: What has been its greatest impact? Wasn't Ronald Reagan influenced by Birch views?

John McManus: No, we don't think that Ronald Reagan ever listened to the Birch Society. We've actually put out quite a bit of information showing that the reputation of Reagan as being a tremendous conservative and so forth isn't merited. Our greatest impact is awakening millions of people, letting them know that the instruction they got in the schools they went to was not good, was not accurate, was not helpful. I can even remember my own schooling – whenever it came around to talking about the US Constitution, it was time to fall asleep.

Daily Bell: Do you believe your organization has been the target of assassinations via plane crashes and the like?

John McManus: When Robert Welch stepped aside in early in 1983, the leader at the society became Congressman Larry McDonald from Georgia – a Democrat, by the way. Six months later Larry McDonald was aboard a Korean airliner on its way to South Korea when the plane was attacked by a soviet fighter plane, and he and 268 other passengers on that plane disappeared. I guess we could say that one of our leaders was a victim of a Soviet attack, but the answers were given by our government as to what really happened to that plane and the people aboard it are totally deficient. We believe the plane landed on Sakhalin Island, and what happened to the people after that we don't know. Nobody from the Soviet Union has ever come out and talked about it. So the answer to the question is yes, in that instance, our leader, the man who was at the time the head of the John Birch Society, US Congressman Larry McDonald, was taken out.

Daily Bell: What kind of impact has the society had in terms of expanding freedom in America and in the world?

John McManus: Protecting the system is something that we have done and is still there. We've got correspondents and some members in other parts of the world where the English language is spoken, as we only deal with the English language. I have been to Australia, I've been to Switzerland and my colleagues have been to France and to other countries in Western Europe where a lot of people do speak English. We tell them what we are doing, and there have been attempts to start their own similar Birch Society but they haven't succeeded very well.  We are certainly grateful that they even tried.

Daily Bell: You seem to be having a significant impact in the 2000s. Has the Internet helped?

John McManus: Yes. We were a little slow to adapt to the use of the Internet but we are into it heavy now. You can go to JBS.org website and see quite a selection of any issue you want or purchase books. The Internet has been very helpful but we also caution people not to believe everything they read on the Internet. It's sometimes used as a disinformation organ and that should be watched.

Daily Bell: Is your membership growing?

John McManus: Yes, it is growing but not as much as we would like. What is growing dramatically is our influence. As you are probably aware, in the US there have been a lot of new organizations that have sprung up – primarily Tea Partyorganizations – but there are second Amendment groups, as well. Some of them are fairly old but lots of new ones, too – followers of Glenn Beck, nullification-now organizations have started, Obamacare nullification and so forth, and we are pleased with that. A lot of the people who get involved begin to ask questions and usually there is a member of the Birch Society who has joined the group along with the other people and they start supplying answers. Because of the Birch Society's influence membership continues to expand. We are being invited to speak in front of these groups – I have done it myself and my colleagues. Most of our speakers' bureau activity has been due to a member getting an audience, selling tickets, etc. There are others, not just members, who are doing this and this is a very good sign.

Daily Bell: You have been accused as a society of being racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic. Why?

John McManus: I have always said how much it bothers me when I hear people saying we are a racist or anti-Semitic organization. It bothers me because it's not true, but it bothers our black and Jewish members even more. And yes, we do have members who are black or Jewish. We don't ask people what their skin color is or what their ethnic background is when they want to join the society. It has been a tactic of the Left, and especially the extreme left, to hurl dirty names and we have been accused of anti-Semitism and racism and it is certainly something we are aware of but it has no substance whatsoever.

Daily Bell: Why is the establishment frightened of you?

John McManus: They are mostly frightened of us because of our potential. If the John Birch Society could start a chapter in every community across the United States there would be a revolutionary change in our country, and the revolution would bring us back to what the founding fathers gave us – limited government under the US Constitution and a morally-based citizenship who does things because they are the right thing to do and not just for self-promotion. The potential of JBS has not been reached, only partially, and the great fear of the insiders and the people who want world government, is that our potential will be reached. That's why they fear us.

Daily Bell: Will you see the end of central banking in your lifetime?

John McManus: I can certainly hope so. I think the American dollar is going down and if it goes down there is going to have to be change. So we have taken some steps in alerting people about what needs to be done. We would like to see an end to the Federal Reserve but not overnight; it would be chaotic if it were done overnight. It has to be done incrementally. We would like to see an end to legal tender laws that say only the US dollar is acceptable as payment for debt. That's a bit of tyranny right in itself. We would like to see private mintage; we would like to see people getting back to using gold and silver. There's a bill in the congress right now to do away with the legal tender law, and we are urging members to understand what it is and why, and get their own congressman interested in it.

Daily Bell: How about the military-industrial complex?

John McManus: There has to be a military-industrial complex; you have to have a strong defense. Of course, if you want to have a strong defense you have to have weaponry, but what we want to see instead of the United States going around the world and policing the world, would be to see the troops brought home from Afghanistan and from Iraq and the Philippines and Japan and South Korea, and a couple of hundred other places American troops have been stationed. Our position regarding the military is that it was formed to protect the lives, liberty and property of the American people – period. That's all. Not to police the world or to force people to adopt our ways. If people want to adopt our ways through persuasion that's one thing, but don't force them. So you have to have a military-industrial complex. It would probably be a lot smaller if our government would get back to what we think the military should be instead of spread out all over the world.

Daily Bell: Is the dollar reserve system dead?

John McManus: Not yet. It's on life support. The destruction of the dollar has been brought about by conspiratorial influences. The Federal Reserve was started in 1913 and was largely the work of Edward Mandell HousePresident Wilson's Chief Advisor, who was a Marxist. He actually wrote a book in which he said he wanted socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx. He had great influence over Wilson, and he had great influence over the people who brought us into the Federal Reserve in 1913. Of course, the Federal Reserve is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto; plank #2 is progressive income tax, #5 is the Federal Reserve, #10 is education for all children in government schools – and I don't have to tell anybody why the government would want the kids in government schools.

Daily Bell: Is the EU dying?

John McManus: It is certainly in trouble. I would like to see it die. We are great believers in sovereignty and independence of nations. We even site the Holy Scripture on the subject. Nationhood began at the tower of Babel when some people tried to build a world government and challenge God. God confused the tongues and people who could speak with each other went over here and formed a nation, and people went to the other side and formed a nation and so forth. Nationhood was founded by God almighty, and therefore it is good. World government, which is the destruction of nationhood, is not good. So we are in favor of that. We believe that the European Union has captured the sovereignty of 27 nations. And the history of how they did it, lying and misleading people along the way as to what their real intentions were, is very serious. Plus, when Gorbachev came out and said that the European Union is the new Soviet, that kind of said a lot.

Daily Bell: Is China beginning to fail?

John McManus: No, I don't think so; I think it's doing quite well. China's now calling the tune in America. We are so heavily indebted to China right now, a trillion dollars or more, and China has said they are going to rethink buying any more United States debt. So if we want China to buy more of our debt, we have to do what China wants done so that China is in the ascendancy and the United States is in the decline. It never had to happen but it has happened, and so when things happen you can bet somebody wanted it to happen.

Daily Bell: Are we headed toward a real worldwide depression? Is it a managed one?

John McManus: Yes to both. I think we are headed to a worldwide depression. I think the dollar is sinking; it's under attack from within, the depression is about to be brought about, absolutely. It's very easy to look at the situation and to say, "Well, a dollar that is as sick as the US dollar is – the government ought to be doing a few things that would help to strengthen it and cease it's decline." I asked a fourth grader recently, "Do you think somebody who is heavily in debt should give away money?" And the fourth grader said, "NO, of course not." Well, we have a foreign aid program, the United States government, that admits to going into debt by a trillion and a half dollars year after year after year, yet gives away money. Ridiculous? Well, it's one way of looking at it but the other way to look at it is it's the deliberate way to destroy the dollar.

Daily Bell: Should people buy gold and silver even at current prices?

John McManus: Why not? If nothing else, gold and silver is a store of value and it might turn out it will be the only thing you can use to engage in commerce. I think the current prices are certainly higher than they were a year or two ago but they are still going higher. But I don't give financial advice. I have people call me up and ask, "What should I do with my portfolio?" I say, "Go get yourself a financial advisor."

Daily Bell: What do Americans have to do to return their country to freedom?

John McManus: They have to wake up and get off the couch and stop watching television. They have to realize that they have lived in the most free society that the world has ever known, and they did nothing at all to earn that. But what they have to do is to pass it on to their children and their grandchildren and for generations who are yet to come. That's what they have to do.

So what do Americans have to do to return their country to freedom? Get involved. Make sure you get involved in something worthwhile. There are organizations that have been formed in our country to lead people down a primrose path. That's a mistaken way to go about it, and we warn people not to get involved in organizations that are counter-productive.

Daily Bell: Are you worried about a military takeover?

John McManus: No. I am worried about a takeover in America that might then be enforced by the military. I don't think that the military takeover would come first.

Daily Bell: Who runs the US? Are the people known to Americans?

John McManus: Well, the insiders, certainly. We target the Council on Foreign Relations, a private organization headquartered in New York City. Each administration for the last several dozen years has reached out to hundreds of Council on Foreign Relations members; many of our presidents past have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Council on Foreign Relations was formed to form world government. It actually was the work of the same man who was influential in forming the Federal Reserve, Edward Mandell House. When the US Senate said no to the League of Nations in 1919, its conferees built the Council on Foreign Relations, and they have developed major influence within the government of the United States, within the media, within the clergy. There are only 4,500 members, but it reads like the Who's Who in America.

Daily Bell: Are Americans apathetic or do they realize the increasing danger they face from their own government?

John McManus: Most of them are apathetic but fewer of them are today. There are a lot of people in this county who are concerned. They realize that indebtedness is a very serious problem. They realize that we shouldn't be a decade in a war in Afghanistan without victory and we shouldn't have gone to war in the first place without the required declaration of war that the US Constitution calls for. They are concerned about the poor education that their children are getting in the schools and so forth. So there are a lot of people who are less apathetic than they used to be and of course, we try to stimulate people to get away from apathy and get involved.

Daily Bell: What is the biggest challenge to freedom today?

John McManus: I think the destruction of the dollar. The dollar destroyed would lead to world currency under theInternational Monetary Fund, The World Bank – something related to the United Nations, to which those two organizations are related. That would be the end of sovereignty, which would be the end of the independence of the United States. There are many ways to destroy our country and the least likely way to invade it with military force. That isn't going to happen but you can destroy the United States economically, and you can destroy it ideologically and I think that is what is going on. So I think the destruction of the dollar is the greatest threat to freedom today and the build-up of the government of the United States and continued subservient nations.

You know, the last time the United States declared war was on December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor. We went to war in Korea under the United Nations. We went to war in Vietnam under NATO, a treaty organization, a United Nations subsidiary. We went to war in Desert Storm, the first attack on Iraq, under a United Nations resolution. We are still there under United Nations resolutions in Iraq, and the leader in Afghanistan is NATO, another United Nations subsidiary. So our military is doing the will of the United Nations and most of the people in the military have absolutely no idea that that is going on. Nor did I when I served as in the United States Marine Corps in the 1950s. I didn't realize it then, but I do now.

Daily Bell: Are the elite banking families and their enablers growing scared?

John McManus: I think they might be. We've got a candidate here named Ron Paul from Texas, who is probably as good a student about the economic side of the treachery going on as anybody, and the treatment he gets by the major media indicates that they are afraid of him. And if they are afraid of him, then they are a little bit scared. They are scared that their Federal Reserve is going to be replaced. They are scared that the constant bailing out of big industry by the Federal Reserve printing more money is going to stop, They are afraid of that. I want to point out, however, that Ron Paul isn't endorsed by JBS.

Daily Bell: They seem to try to run the world through fear-based propaganda. Is this failing?

John McManus: No, it hasn't been failing; I think it's quite accurate; it's been quite effective. I think it's less likely to fail now. See, Robert Welch, who formed the society, always said that the day would come when the situation developed would be so bad and so obviously bad that a lot of people would turn towards something that could right the ship. I think we are getting close to that point. Others have said it came and went, but I don't believe that. I think that the government of the United States is in deep disregard by the American people, and I hate to say it, but I think that's good.

Daily Bell: Is the world running out of oil?

John McManus: No, just the opposite. In fact, Canada and the United States have had some recent new discoveries and developed recent new technology about extracting oil from the ground. The United States could be totally independent of foreign oil in less than ten years if the government would get out of the way. There are tremendous oil reserves in North Dakota, which I think is the same that stretches over into Canada and goes into Montana, called Bakken. New technology for natural gas and petroleum – I have been reading articles just this week about the fact that we can be independent if the government would simply get out of the way. The discoveries that have been found within the borders of the United States are greater than the discoveries north of Alaska. So I don't think we are running out of oil; I think we have too much government.

Daily Bell: Is the world facing disastrous global warming?

John McManus: Oh, no, that's fallacy. There are over 19,000 scientists who signed a statement put together in the state of Oregon and they are combating the propaganda being spread by Al Gore and several others. We might be in a position where the temperature is a little higher several decades ago, which is probably brought about naturally, by sun spots, etc. But to say that the serious condition of global warming is brought about by human activity is completely bonkers – absolutely nuts. Happily, a lot of people have begun to see through this.

Daily Bell: Should people be taxed to create carbon sinks? Should the UN be in charge of such a tax?

John McManus: Of course not. It was proposed at the Copenhagen Environmental meetings a year or two ago. It wasn't just the United States that said no.

Daily Bell: Should the UN exist at all? Why does it exist?

John McManus: It exists as a challenge to independent nationhood. I can certainly see where one nation can have a relationship with others. Some ask, "If we get rid of the United Nations how are we going to know what is going on in other countries?" By golly, we have Ambassadors in every country, why not rely on them? And those Ambassadors are welcome. And the Ambassadors in other nations should know they are there and just there to explain why the US is doing this or that and so forth. World government, to me – I am opposed to it politically, economically and I'm opposed to it religiously.

Daily Bell: How about the World Bank and IMF? What's your opinion on these entities? Are they weaker or stronger in the Internet era?

John McManus: Well, the World Bank and the IMF are both United Nations subsidiaries. The World Bank and the IMF were put together back at the Bretton Woods agreement even before the UN was formed, and the architect of it was a guy named Harry Dexter White, who was a communist. Most of the leaders of those organizations right from the start were communists. That's my opinion about them. The Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland is a fledgling world bank and I think we ought to be careful of it, leery of it. Anything that leads to world government we should be on guard against.

Daily Bell: We like to report on an Internet Reformation similar to the one that occurred after the invention of theGutenberg Press. We expect radical change, possibly in societies around the world. Do you?

John McManus: No, I don't think you are going to have radical changes, but the Internet is a valuable tool, and it's valuable for both sides. As I said before, there's a lot of junk on it but there is also a lot of good on it. The Internet has turned out to be a good thing for us to be able to spread our influence, and to give people the idea that there are alternative points of view. But I don't see it changing societies around. You are talking about changing human nature and I don't think it's going to do that.

Daily Bell: Where do you see the John Birch Society in ten years? What are your biggest challenges today and how are you meeting them?

John McManus: Our biggest challenge is to build our organization, to build a chapter of the society in their community. We say if there are 500 members of the JBS in any congressional district, Congress will elect a US Constitutionalist. It's been done, it's been shown that it will be done and we need to get more people to take on that responsibility. There are people who don't want to get involved – they're too busy, they're trying to make a living, raise their family – but if the nation were attacked militarily they would be willing to volunteer, they would be willing to go and pick up a rifle or whatever. But the nation is being attacked. It's not by a military force but by people from within, who have gained power and lorded over everyone.

Daily Bell: Any other points you want to make?

John McManus: My closing comments are we have a great country here, and the Constitution of the United States has been lauded by many students of freedom. I can point to somebody who studied the US Constitution and said it's one of the greatest pieces of work that was ever put together by the mind of men. It's a document to govern the governor, govern the people. The John Birch Society says, our motto is, less government, more responsibility and with God's help, a better world. Less government? How much less? Get back to the US Constitution and as I said before, if the US Constitution was fully enforced, the government would be 20% its size and 20% it's cost. How about the Ten Commandments? Most of them are being completely ignored or violated, so the combination of the US Constitution to control the government and a freely accepted moral code like the Ten Commandments to govern the people, would, we believe with God's help, bring about a better world.

Daily Bell: Any reading material you want to suggest to people? Websites? Books?

John McManus: Come to JBS.org and you'll see more material than you can believe. I just recently gave a speech in New Jersey, and I had a woman come up to me and say, "I am completely blown away." I asked why. She said, "I taught school for 30 years and am now retired and I always told my students how good the UN was and how bad the JBS was. Now I see I was completely off base. Thank you so much for coming here today. Your speech was wonderful." That kind of thing happens, and if people would give us an honest look at what we say and our history, we will win.

Daily Bell: Thank you for your time. Good luck.

John McManus: Thank you. It's been a pleasure.

We've followed JBS and the New American magazine for decades because the Society and its publications helped pioneer the kind of history that seems plausible to us – directed history – in which a handful of wealthy banking families and enablers ("insiders," in JBS lingo) conspire to create one-world government through a series of false-flag events, wars and political control. As a result, it's come in for its fair share of abuse from both the Left and Right. It's been called anti-Semitic, racist, homophobic – and those are just the polite criticisms.

The Birch Society puts a lot more emphasis on communism than we might, but that's been its hallmark since its inception – and in the mid-20th century the Cold War was a big deal. Regardless of its emphasis on communism (which is only one part of directed history in our view) there's no mistake that the Birch Society and its seminal books have had an impact on several generations offree-market thinkers.

The Society's initial heyday was in the mid-20th century when it was relentlessly attacked, but it has obviously stood the test of time and many of its predictions and points of view have been validated by current events. It's been more accurate than Western mainstream media about underlying socio-political and economic trends, that's for sure.

Nonetheless, perhaps because of its success, the attacks keep coming. And a surprising one came from alternative-journalist Eustace Mullins, a friend of the great poet Ezra Pound, who wrote some of the most scathing and intriguing books about the power elite that you'll ever read. Mullins, in our view, had a habit of making mind-bending assertions that may be valid but are not very provable.

That's apparently because he used a lot of information derived from the circles he ran with and the private conversations he had; logically, he may have had some trouble footnoting such perspectives. It did lead to fairly inflammatory allegations. 

Anyway, we went looking for the allegation by Mullins and found it in a Rense article entitled, "An Afternoon With Eustace Mullins by James Dyer," posted at Rense in 2003. Here's the pertinent text:

JBS was setup by Nelson Rockefeller. I knew two people at the original meeting. They needed a right-wing, anti-communist organization. NR decided that Robert Welch was the man to run JBS, so he arranged for the sale of Welch's Candy Co. (where Robert Welch had been working for his brother John) to Nabisco (which was a Rockefeller controlled company) at a highly inflated price and Welch was given an income to run the John Birch Society.

Revilo Oliver was a good friend of mine and he was one of the founders of the JBS. He and I were sitting in his living room once and he told me that he knew Nelson Rockefeller ran the Birch Society because he had a revolving fund at Chase Manhattan Bank, and whenever Welch needed a quarter million dollars to meet the payroll, he'd go to CMB and withdraw the money.

We thought at the time the allegation was a little "far out" and thus we're happy to have provided Mr. McManus the opportunity to rebut it. It's an especially pertinent issue given that as the Internet Reformation continues to expand, the Hegelian divide-and-conquer tactics of the power elite come under more exposure and sustained attack.

We've been struggling this past week, for instance, to cover what seems to be an obvious attempt by the power elite to infiltrate and influence the sprawling Occupy Wall Street movement – to turn it into a controlled opposition of sorts. In fact, some allege it was founded with this in mind.

Over the next week, we'll try to concentrate on the libertarian elements of movement, as it is a great deal more difficult to maintain a controlled opposition in the 21st century than in the 20th. People know a lot more thanks to the Internet, which has thoroughly exposed the plans for a One World Order for those who care to look and read. Of course, JBS was exposing Western elites in the 20th century, long before the Internet. Historically, its membership has fought for freedom and against what can be called Money Power.

Followup: We went looking for other information regarding Eustace Mullins's statement regarding JBS and Welch. We found this statement from alternative journo Kelliegh Nelson, in an article entitled "The Tea Parties, Part 3," posted August 2011 over at NewsWithViews:

Third and of special importance is a correction that needs to be made from the first article. I don't know of a journalist or a researcher that doesn't make mistakes from time to time, but I pride myself on targeting the truth and on correcting errors. This time, I made an error by believing an old and vicious rumor that I should have checked more thoroughly before I linked to it. The link was in regards to the John Birch Society founder, Robert Welch.

The link stated that Welch's candy company was purchased by a Rockefeller holding at a large sum of money in order that Welch head up the new John Birch Society. Now it is well known that Rockefeller monies have funded other large organizations, but the JBS through Welch's candy company is not one of them. Robert's candy company had failed and he went to work for his brother's candy company until 1956.

I believe it was in 1958 that he started the John Birch Society. It wasn't until the early 60s that James Welch sold his candy company to Nabisco. Whether Nabisco was owned in part or in whole by any Rockefeller entity is of no importance inasmuch as funds from the sale of James' candy company were not instrumental in funding Robert's new Society.


Ok Anthony, you have looked the man in the eye and listened to what he said, but how many other intelligent people have been BEGUILED by a sincere smile and surreptitious word-smithing? Perhaps you might consider inviting Michael Collins Piper, author of “The Judas Goats the enemy within” to a similar interview, and read the book beforehand. I may also add that Eustace Mullins is not the only great author who had problems with documentation, of which there is no more guaranteed authenticity than the spoken word. You would not be the first astute author to be beguiled, and you will not be the last, due to the giant intellects and money power involved with dismantling America. Apparently, it comes down to weighting the volume of evidence by comparison to known events, as nothing in this world seems provable anymore. We are up against the best and brightest liars in history, and we were not there when it happened. So, who is right and who is lying is a judgment call in many cases, and I make my judgments by always being aware of humanities depraved nature. The commies warned us of their methods and now we have to live with it. Whether the JBS is a Zionist front is anyone’s guess, but Piper makes a good presentation, and so did Mullins. Surely, you did not expect Mr. McManus, and the JBS to admit to being a Zionist front for the communist. As I see it, we have only one option to save America, and that is the elimination of the International Bankers control of our currency, and the nationalization of their assets for the benefit of the world. Then we can begin to reconstruct our Republic and make the needed amendments to our Constitution. Ultimately, it is who we know is our enemy, and not who might be an enemy, that we should focus on. You will notice that while I have an occasional difference of opinion with the Daily Bell, I am a loyal re-publisher of your articles at http://anationbeguiled.com ,and http://anationbeguiled.wordpress.com, and I have the highest regard for you and the rest of the staff. Posted in the comments of the daily Bell 10 09 11

In the interest of being fair, here is what happened less than two hours after I wrote the reply above. A link arrived by email to listen to a speech by Catherine Austin Fitts The Looting Of America http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUlQ7vElqqo

After a one hour verbalization of how our own government is self destructing, I notice on the right hand side bar a speech by Robert Welch in 1958, so I watched it, and I recommend everyone reading this to do the same. It is mind blowing to realize he knew so much so far in advance to everyone else. BUT, what does that have to do with where we are today? What did Welch accomplish even with the foreknowledge it was coming? I say again and I’m going to keep saying it over and over, Gear down the federal reserve’s power over our currency, and begin the transition to a gold backed treasury issued dollar, and we will be able to starve the monkey and the tape worm monetary system.

Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America


Both of these videos are well worth your time,

watch them and take notes.


October 9th, 2011 by


R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
contact: becworks@gmail.com

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Disaster Management

This is the first of three articles by John Longenecker on

Disaster Management :
I would suggest you pay heed to items four and five.  These two items will be of extreme importance especially if you have made emergency preparations by storing food and water where others in the neighborhood have not.  If you are apt to help others in a disaster who have failed to prepare for such events you will want to be sure YOU remain in total control of any and all supplies you have stocked.
You may think these are extreme measures but if you have been following what is happening around the world and are aware of the United Nations Agenda 21 you are well aware that a disaster of some sort is very near.


 By John Longenecker
July 22, 2011


Safer Streets 2011: Disaster management: The better preparedness model will be armed

I’m noticing a great many articles appearing which encourage citizen preparedness for widespread emergency. Many of these seminars are well-intentioned, but they are lacking several vital ingredients. Many of these are Physician-led lectures, and they lack the same vital ingredients.

The main thrust of any dependable household preparedness plan will arise from acceptance of the fact that assets will not reach them for days to weeks. Most programs do not mention citizen authority to act in the absence of first responders, that is, in the absence of Police and EMS. Most households do not know the latitude of their own authority and try to noodle out or guess about how to prepare, and noodle it all on the assumption that they are extremely limited.

The fact is that households are not as limited as they assume. Some disaster management seminars for citizens are like violence prevention seminars: they lack vital ingredients.

Disaster preparedness sees three segments: disaster planning, disaster management and disaster recovery. These are managed best by adding several generous helpings of citizen involvement. The problem is that professional plans generally operate on citizen exclusion and obfuscate the value and secrets of citizen authority.

In time of emergency, such as an earthquake, a flood, or a terrorist strike, first responders of Police and EMS are immediately overwhelmed. It will be hours before new shifts and others mustered to duty will show up and be deployed.

The sheer expanse of geography will affect deployment, travel time, search and rescue, and care. These will take more hours to days to reach and triage victims, not to mention treat them and transport them. For days and days spent calling in extra personnel then deploying over large expanses of land, many patients go without. They have to wait.

National Guard, Army, FEMA, insurance underwriters, Red Cross and other non-profits are not first responders, they are secondary. They canvas neighborhoods, leave markers, rescue when necessary, recover when necessary, and generally move people to safety. They have a lot of mobile assets, but they, too, are not on scene as fast as others: you.

Patients do not always have to wait. Citizens do not have to ask permission.

To get out of Preparedness Lite, certain realities must be seen in the public interest because it is in the household interest. One house does it right, other homes do it right, the community is doing it right. Safer homes become safer communities. Safer communities mean survival.

Break your preparedness plan into five categories. Here are a few added suggestions to enrich the lighter seminars and fortify your abilities and goals:

1. Food and water.
2. Energy.
3. Safety
4. Security.
5. Ability to move or help others.

1. Food and water is not to be underestimated. Figure how many persons are in your household, how much they eat and drink in four meals a day, and multiply it by five months. Don’t go with perishable items. Remember how much water is used for laundry and personal hygiene.

Food and water is an essential not only for nutrition and health, but for managing stress. Disaster is not the time to diet, and it is the time to be sure and get the right nutrition including comfort foods to manage stress. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate bars, for instance. Be sure you include favorites in ample supply when you go shopping for your Disaster Planning Pantry.

2. Energy in cooking fuel, energy for both heating and cooling, and electrical energy for portable and fixed lighting. Solar panels are tremendous in recharging batteries to operate AC inverters to run small and even large AC devices. Don’t forget both AM and FM radios on battery and two-way radios for your freedom to move about the neighborhood and stay in touch. Solar panels charge batteries so that your devices can operate at night. Buy enough so that you can operate your devices twenty-four hours a day for at least two days at a time.

3. Safety includes training in First-aid and CPR. Do it. It is also having enough of your medicine regimen to last a reasonable portion of a disaster, which could easily be months and months.
Contact your provider to write you a prescription. Pharmacies and providers are already used to filling prescriptions for patients’ Earthquake Preparedness Kits. Ask about some for you. Some providers urge patients to take smaller dosages when supplies are expected to run out and not be replaced, but it might be better to have the more ample amounts on hand.

Be sure to have some place to store your meds. Some homes have two pantries for that purpose, each with refrigeration that is electric or well insulated. Battery operated coolers can be found and recharged by solar power and can be dependable for Insulin-dependent patients. Some cars have them. You may have to look hard for this device, and if you cannot find one (or if they are sold out) you may have to build one.

You can also ask your provider for alternatives to refrigerated Insulin. A good substitute for Insulin is, in the opinion of some endocrinologists, sulfonylureas which stimulate the pancreas to manufacture more. Ask your provider and mention that you are building your Earthquake Preparedness Kit. The stuff keeps better, it’s easy to take, and rapid-acting. Be sure to have snack on hand.

This is part of the serious-mindedness of preparedness: if you don’t see it, ask for it. If they don’t have it, make it yourself.

So far, all of this is Chapter One stuff. Everybody knows these first ones. Let’s get serious now.

4. Security. Make certain your household can defend itself with lethal force. Remember that the Police are not the only agent of the law, the sovereign citizens being the ultimate legislators. Any person can keep the peace and enforce the law within reason, especially felonies, and self-defense is one of the better established doctrines which citizens have summoned for generations.

This is one of the ingredients missing from Preparedness Lite, being armed for the security of the household and the neighborhood. One does not “Play Cop”; one realizes that cops derive their authority from us to begin with.


A handgun is essential for close quarter use and less conspicuous movement around the neighborhood. I will not say that all laws are suspended and encourage people to willy-nilly break laws, but in time of emergency, latitude and reasonableness under the circumstances reigns for neighborhood safety. Reasonableness is a superb guide under any circumstances.

At other times, a shotgun is better suited than a handgun. There are bazillions of reports where the sound of a well-oiled slide action of a shotgun with the subtle sound of a shell actually being chambered has saved more lives than some might think. Ownership of lethal force kept handy and battery-ready in preparedness is safer than an entire neighborhood being disarmed only to be at the mercy of thugs.

Thugs are not the only denizens to watch out for. Scavengers thrive in time of disaster.

Scavengers are opportunistic predators who simply await disaster. These people are the child abductors, rapists, the sneak-thieves and the molesters who may have no history of crime, but as opportunity appears where chaos serves as cover, scavengers surface in large numbers.

Scavengers are the predators of polymorphic taste for desiring and seizing whatever turns up, be it a child, an old woman, a couple of kids flashing collectors items or a nearby unlocked front door.

Scavengers are the first-timers in time of disaster when no one is looking as much as others are the serial offenders when no one is looking. In time of chaos, they may never be caught or stopped. As I said, they employ chaos and conditions as their cover, and they can be very creative.

These people are added to the population of thugs of property crimes. These are the offenders of person. These scavengers are ordinarily stopped – if they are stopped at all – by general timidity up to now, by societal alertness of others, such as witnesses, Good Samaritans, and by other safeguards. Alertness actually prevents many attacks of opportunity for these first-timers, but make no mistake; these otherwise timid predators are as dangerous as roving packs of dogs, who also emerge in time of disaster; they don’t come out under normal conditions, but with nobody to stop them, they come out to feast.

Another reason to have a gun is for all sorts of dogs now dangerous like never before, both four-legged and two-legged.

These compound the population of dangerous persons and, unlike thugs, are easily overlooked, hard to recognize and in fairly large numbers. Your being armed with a handgun handy and battery-ready can make all the difference in the world.

Anti-freedom personalities believe that they know how much ammunition is too much ammunition. Gun owners know that ammunition availability is never assured, so it is not out of line to have thousands of rounds handy. Thousands of rounds in any household is by no means out of the ordinary any more than having plenty of soft-drinks or fire extinguishers around is. Practice consumes large numbers of ammo, and you never know when your life will depend on having enough over time of doing without police. Consult your gun seller for what is right for you.

To be better prepared for the hazards of a disaster is to be armed. Even when assets do arrive, they may not have lethal force of their own to back up any security for the neighborhood. They may have ammo shortages of their own.

They don’t have to protect people anyway, and millions of gun owner know this. Police have no affirmative duty to protect individuals from the criminal acts of others. For the non-gun owner interested in better preparedness, this means learning how to shoot, selecting a few different weapons, and taking training in personal defense. Thugs, scavengers and packs of wild dogs who are afraid, hungry and vicious are among the worst hazards of a disaster. You will not talk them out of plundering you. Less-then-lethal doesn’t work.

You don’t have to shoot, at least not as a knee-jerk reaction. Self-defense is not about reaction, it is about purposeful response. Often – often enough – this is adequate to discourage predators, but you can’t do that without a gun and you certainly won’t be taken seriously without one. The key is to resolve that you will be armed for the case when you need it to protect yourself and loved ones, and resolve that you will be fully prepared to shoot if you must.

Understand why you are armed: you are alone and without anyone else to protect the community. You are not the self-appointed police of the neighborhood, you and the rest of your neighbors can cooperate in an effective and most practical protection of the neighborhood.

Remember also that – in time of disaster – a simple intention of robbery can suddenly change into an intention of no witnesses. Or an opportunistic rape or beating. It’s all about using chaos as cover, and for the predators who have such a carte blanche, imagination thrives.

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In being armed, the key is not in reading the mind of thugs you may encounter, the key is in writing the mind of thugs. One is not safe in waiting for a predator to divulge his intentions, the key is in notifying him of yours.

The best way is to take training.
Take course.
Take Emergency Medical Technician -1 courses.
Take handgun and shotgun courses.

5. Your ability to move and to help others. Being visibly armed, you may find, is common in time of emergency. You do not want your household to be one which is noticeably not armed. Being armed resonates with other armed families and builds cohesion, which is essential for neighborhood survival by having at least one less hazard. Being armed is not a hazard, it removes a hazard of not being armed and therefore likely prey. Being able to move about the community safely to aid others may make all the difference in their world.

Being armed is just as important a PR move of prevention as it is when the gun is fired in self defense. Lives can be saved and no one needs to be shot if thugs get the picture early on that their crap is futile and a community refuses to be a victim.

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Finally, think of a community fund. Gather every house on the block and see about everyone contributing to what you believe all of you will need as a community asset. Some might like to purchase at least ten walkie-talkies as the very first item. I know of a neighborhood which plans to put up vehicles as end-of-the-street blockers so that outsiders cannot drive in and maraud the neighborhood. They voted on whose cars would be used and who would have the keys so they can be moved. No nice cars on that list. Now, that’s cooperation!

Whatever you do, take it seriously. Assume nothing. Do not guess, learn. Meet, talk, and practice.

Don’t settle for Preparedness Lite. Be armed with knowledge, authority, and lethal force.

You are in control of all three.

Disaster is the worst possible time to exclude yourself from the roster of available resources for survival.

Safer Streets 2011: Disaster management: The better preparedness model will be armed

© 2011 – John Longenecker – All Rights Reserve


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