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Tyranny of the Perpetual Child

October 31st, 2017 by


Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

I want what I want and I want it now!

When we are children, we only know what we want. And we only know that we want it now. As we grow up, we begin to realize that we cannot always have what we want when we want it. That is, until now.

Charlotte Iserbyt’ s book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” states:

“The billions of dollars being spent by the federal government to destroy educational freedom must be halted, and that can only be done by getting American legislators to understand that the American people want to remain a free people, in charge of their own lives and the education of their children.”

I contend that the legislatures understand this, have understood it for years, but also understand that a free populace is a dangerous one, and their best interests are served by manipulating that populace to serve them. Freedom be damned. People that only know the gratification of immediate wants and desires with no long-term goals are people that can be controlled by the perceived ability to obtain whatever shiny object they desire at the moment. And public education is one of the main tools put in place to achieve that state of deliberate short-sightedness.

Do you really think that those who have been brought up in the public school system and have promoted themselves to a position of power and influence over others will somehow shed the years of indoctrination they have undergone on the road to being a narcissistic puppet just because they have achieved prominence? Does a leopard become a vegetarian because he is now king of the leopards? And the irony is, they think they are in control.

Public School System Behavior Modification

Education is defined as:

“The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.” (Dictionary.com)

What we are seeing now is not so much education, but behavior modification, as Charlotte Iserbyt states:

“In 1973 I started the long journey into becoming a “resister,” placing the first incriminating piece of paper in my “education” files. That first piece of paper was a purple ditto sheet entitled “All About Me,” next to which was a smiley face. It was an open-ended questionnaire beginning with: “My name is _____.” My son brought it home from public school in fourth grade. The questions were highly personal; so much so that they encouraged my son to lie, since he didn’t want to “spill the beans” about his mother, father and brother. The purpose of such a questionnaire was to find out the student’s state of mind, how he felt, what he liked and disliked, and what his values were. With this knowledge it would be easier for the government school to modify his values and behavior at will—without, of course, the student’s knowledge or parents’ consent.” (Charlotte Iserbyt)

Modify the behavior of an individual to think only of him/herself, and you have created the perpetual child. A stunted personality without the ability to think beyond his/her immediate wants and desires. The consummate narcissist.

The Me Me Me Generation

According to Time Magazine,

“The incidence of narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times as high for people in their 20s as for the generation that’s now 65 or older, according to the National Institutes of Health; 58% more college students scored higher on a narcissism scale in 2009 than in 1982. Millennials got so many participation trophies growing up that a recent study showed that 40% believe they should be promoted every two years, regardless of performance.”

What do these statistics mean for future generations? That the public school system is working. Not as we have been programmed to think it should, but how it was designed to work. It means that we will see an increase in the amount of narcissistic individuals whose only interest is in self-gratification, no matter the cost to others. People who will jump at the chance to climb over anyone in their way in order to fulfill their desires.

Mediocrity is Excellence

Doublespeak is a “language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words.” When we equate simply being able to pass or fail a course with our ability to excel at understanding the subject matter, this is doublespeak.

“A pass/fail system is different from the current A, B, C, D, F grading system in that there is no scale of performance in the pass/fail scenario. You either made it or you didn’t.” (Vanadia)

A through D is the same. No incentive to excel. Just a minimal understanding of the class material is the same as an exceptional understanding. Just enough to pass. Barely. And you are an excellent student. No measure of intelligence, just lump everyone into the same mold. What does this say to the ones who really are exceptional? It says that true excellence does not count in today’s world. It says that no matter how hard you work or how much you excel at your studies, you are no better off than those who simply cannot find their toes on a good day and/or don’t really care to. It relays the message “why try?” It removes the incentive to learn. The incentive to be the best you can be. The incentive to grow. And the resentment builds.

On the other end of the spectrum, those who fly through the educational process with barely a passing grade, whose mediocrity is deemed excellence, are on the path to narcissism.

“The following parenting behaviors may result in a child becoming a narcissist in adulthood:

  • Permissive parents who give excessive praise to the child, thus fostering an unrealistic view of themselves
  • Overindulgence and spoiling by parents
  • Failing to impose adequate discipline
  • Idealization of the child

A child who is spoiled or idealized will grow into an adult who expects this pattern to continue.” (Winning Teams)

Yes, the quoted article states “parenting” behaviors. But hasn’t the public school system basically taken on the role of parenting? Starting at 2.5 years old in pre-school, our children see more of their teachers and after-school caregivers than they do of their parents.

Example Full-Day Pre-K Schedule

  • 7:50-8:10 Arrival
  • 8:10-8:15 Morning Announcements
  • 8:15-8:25 Calendar Math
  • 8:25-8:40 Morning Message
  • 8:55-10:20 Reading Workshop (includes read aloud, mini-lesson, independent reading, share, independent practice/small groups)
  • 10:20-10:30 Bathroom break and prepare for lunch
  • 10:30-11:00 Lunch
  • 11:00-11:50 Gym/Recess
  • 11:50-12:15 Math Workshop (includes read aloud, mini-lesson, independent practice/small groups)
  • 12:15-12:45 Math Centers
  • 12:45-1:45 Writing Workshop
  • 1:45-1:55 Snack
  • 1:55-2:55 Learning Centers
  • 2:55-3:10 Clean up and prepare for dismissal

(Pre-K Pages)

So, let’s connect the dots. Children are basically raised by the public school system, and if that system is designed to equate mediocrity with excellence, doesn’t that fit the criteria of “parenting behaviors may result in a child becoming a narcissist in adulthood?”

But there is another factor to weigh in on, and that is the increasing use of technology to do our thinking for us. The electronic babysitter.

Electronic Lobotomies

Not everyone is subject to the public school system. There are those who understand what is going on and choose another route. They realize that excellence is a worthy goal, and that keeping ones head buried in the newest shiny toy is not the answer to real success. In fact, excessive use of things such as tablets and smartphones can have a negative effect on development.

“When very small children get hooked on tablets and smartphones, says Dr. Aric Sigman, an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine, they can unintentionally cause permanent damage to their still-developing brains. Too much screen time too soon, he says, “is the very thing impeding the development of the abilities that parents are so eager to foster through the tablets. The ability to focus, to concentrate, to lend attention, to sense other people’s attitudes and communicate with them, to build a large vocabulary—all those abilities are harmed.” (Psychology Today)

You see it around you every day. Large groups of people with their faces buried in their cell phones, never bothering to look up and speak to the person right next to them. Playing endless games, having remote relationships so that they can be ended without effort or emotional expense – just the touch of the delete key and poof! gone.

And it is getting worse by the minute.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against technology. It is a useful tool. But is the tool now becoming the master?

“The chief technology officer of eBay sends his children to a nine-classroom school here. So do employees of Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard.

But the school’s chief teaching tools are anything but high-tech: pens and paper, knitting needles and, occasionally, mud. Not a computer to be found. No screens at all. They are not allowed in the classroom, and the school even frowns on their use at home.

Schools nationwide have rushed to supply their classrooms with computers, and many policy makers say it is foolish to do otherwise. But the contrarian point of view can be found at the epicenter of the tech economy, where some parents and educators have a message: computers and schools don’t mix.

This is the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, one of around 160 Waldorf schools in the country that subscribe to a teaching philosophy focused on physical activity and learning through creative, hands-on tasks. Those who endorse this approach say computers inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans.” (New York Times)

In other words, those who invented most of the technological applications we use today understand that if they are used incessantly, can lead to the inhibition of creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans. They know that there is a difference between mediocrity and excellence. They choose excellence. Simply pass/fail and keeping one’s head buried in the newest IPad is not good enough for them, and it shouldn’t be good enough for us.

 The Bottom Line

Our public school system is calling mediocrity excellence, and our society is paying the ultimate price. It is cranking out a nation of immature individuals who will eventually be the perpetual child tyrants leading this country. We turn our children over to electronic babysitters that actually inhibit the qualities inherent in excellence, and can’t wait to be manipulated by those who say they have our best interests at heart, who are merely in it for the almighty dollar. In fact, we stand in line and beg for their newest toy.


Olddogs Comments


Land of the free and home of the brave? You decide.

But how can you, if you are not prepared?

Believe me I truly appreciate all of you who read the articles I have chosen, but please keep in mined that the knowledge you obtain here is not just for you alone. We who have obtained the knowledge that our system of government is as deadly as any poison absolutely must pass this info on. Believe me this has been an embarrassing struggle for me because of my lack of an advanced education and only by persistence have I discovered the truth. It is your duty to put your fears behind you and participate in spreading what you learn here. Knowledge that stays in your head is like money in your pocket that never buys anything.


The Great Fraud in 25 Words Or Less

October 30th, 2017 by


By Anna Von Reitz

The Great Fraud is a process designed to strip living men of their identity and assets in order to benefit corporations.

Soulless faceless corporations are lined up all over the world feeding off the living people like vampires. 

They are using patents, trademarks, and stolen copyrights to do it. 

So that is why we lay claim to the harmful copyrights, patents, and trademarks in the name of the actual government of this country— to not only bring collateral to provide relief to the people harmed, but to shut down the fraud process itself. Two birds with one stone. 





Anna’s recent actions have pushed the power’s that be as far as they are going to accept and common sense dictates she should have some heavy duty security around her constantly. At this time she and her family need experienced hard core protectors. Although she may not like this idea, it is only common sense that the atrocities the scumbags have committed are their death warrant, and this woman and her husband and who knows how many others have earned the love and respect of every American, so how about all you folks doing some brain storming and see if there is some way we can protect them. I am calling on every one that has read her work to show their respect for her very life because she has done more for our freedom than any human being in our history.

I know the oath keepers send security details out for certain situations and if they turn out to be what they claim to be, maybe their members could supply enough guards to keep her safe.

Take this to the bank folks, it’s only a matter of time until the Bankers and their scumbags have her killed, and they have no worries about paying for it. If they can murder a United States President and get away with it, what chance does a woman have of surviving? Since I have no personal relationship with Anna, someone like Paul Stramer may want to spearhead this project, and if not surely there is someone who has the experience and assets to keep her safe. Personally I am surprised they have let her live this long, because you can only shake a hornets nest so much before they take you down, and she has just about turned it inside out. Please consider the enormity of her accomplishments, her years of work and the unbelievable intellect this crusader has demonstrated.

There may not be another person like her on the whole damn planet! Surely we have enough people who are capable and prepared to protect her. After all, who do you think is going to organize our new governments??? Do you really believe those jerks now in each governor’s office are going to bend over and surrender?

 For those who can…..



From Marilyn Barnewall

 An old man, a boy and a donkey were going to town. The boy rode on the donkey, and the old man walked.

 As they went along they passed some people who remarked, “What a shame, the old man is walking, the boy is riding.”

The man and boy thought maybe the critics were right, so they changed positions.

Later they passed some people who remarked, “What a shame, he makes that little boy walk.”

So they decided they’d both walk.

Soon they passed some more people who remarked, “They’re really stupid to walk when they have a decent donkey to ride.”

So they both decided to ride the donkey.

They passed some people who shamed them by saying, “How awful to put such a load on a poor donkey.”

The boy and the man figured they were probably right, so they decided to carry the donkey. As they crossed the bridge, they lost their grip on the donkey; the donkey fell into the river and drowned

The moral of the story: If you try to please everyone, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye.




Dear Supreme World Settlement Commander

October 29th, 2017 by


By Anna Von Reitz

By addressing these issues to your attention we do not subject ourselves nor our country.  Please bear in mind that we can prove every fact and hear counsel regarding every concern:


  1. The so-called American Civil War was never declared and never ended by a formal Peace Treaty of any kind.  As a result, it must be considered an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores. 


  1. The so-called American Civil War commenced in April 1861 as the result of actions by Abraham Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, who was precluded from holding any public office in our government as of 1819.  


  1. It follows that Lincoln’s actions had nothing to do with us. 


  1. Lincoln either: (a) unlawfully occupied the Office of the President of the United States of America under conditions of deceit, or (b) Lincoln occupied the similarly named Office of President of the United States and in either case, Lincoln violated our trust and committed constructive fraud and made war on our shores in violation of our actual Constitution which provides only for mutual defense of our geographically defined states.  


  1. This Breach of Trust and fraud by an officer of HRM Victoria counts as one of the greatest crimes in history and it has continued to plague and confuse this nation and the world ever since. 


  1. At the end of the war the perpetrators of these crimes pretended to abolish slavery, while in fact enshrining slavery as a permanent part their government. Please observe Amendments 13 and 14 made to their deceptively named corporate constitution published in 1868 as the Constitution of the United States of America.   By allowing enslavement of whomever they defined as criminals they allowed slavery to continue in fact and have allowed it to expand exponentially worldwide.  


  1. In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office and worked another calumny upon the American states and people, making false and undisclosed claims against them and their assets and miss-characterizing them as aliens in their own country and as “US citizens”.  These attempts to solidifying British usurpation simply led to more fraud and more crime against the American states and people. 


  1. And now we come to 2017, and the same crowd of blackguards hope to confuse the American states and people with the “United States” and their criminal corporations which have run rampant over us and over many other nations, murdering and pillaging as they went.  


  1. The perpetrators of these crimes salted away their ill-gotten gains in accounts named after us.  They did this for two reasons.  If they got caught, they could claim that they were faithful servants and they did it all for us.  Secondly, they did this to implicate us in their crimes; in fact, we were kept ignorant and never told about all the slush funds, trust funds, life insurance policies, and other remunerations purportedly being set aside for us.  


  1. It was always their intention–clearly evident now— to seek bankruptcy protection for their lawless corporations and to blame us for their spending and criminality, and then, to come back in and claim our land and our assets as “abandoned property”— as they did with the gold that Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated from the American states and people.


  1. We have hard evidence in the public record of a vast, worldwide fraud scheme. 


  1. The self-evident purpose of this fraud scheme is to defraud and miss-characterize living people so as to strip them of their assets and material rights and deliver the benefits of this process to corporations —- mainly to banks, but also to governmental services such as the US NAVY and agencies such as BATFE and IRS.  


Now, for our questions. 

1.Can a circumstance that begins with Breach of Trust and fraud and undeclared war and which proceeds with deceit and false claims ever since, be upheld as anything but more fraud, null and void from its beginning?  

2. Can employees who have received their paychecks from our pockets for 150 years continue to mount an illegal insurrection against us and claim that we are their sureties against debt—and all without our knowing consent?    

3. Can dead legal fictions be permitted to defraud, mis-characterize, rob, and murder living men?  

4. We have suffered the longest and worst of this situation and our country and our countrymen have suffered endless predatory actions, deceits, racketeering, coercion, kidnapping, military tribunals acting under color of law as civilian courts, impersonation, press-ganging, unlawful conversion of our assets, inland piracy, and every kind of fraud—all washed down to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy.  We claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of these verminous commercial corporations and we bring proof and cause against them. 

5. As the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors we have mandated an end to the entire system of debt slavery worldwide and required the creation of a system based on credit instead.  We have also required the conversion of the central banks to a Universal B Corporation charter, so that they are compelled to benefit rather than destroy humanity.  And last, but not least, we have required the chastisement and re-education of the Bar Associations and their members to make these lawless purveyors of law compliant with the actual Public Law. 

6. We have imposed an International Commercial Obligation Lien on the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association, their insurers, secondary liability holders, and expediters in the amount of $279 trillion actual dollars.  This is a realistic but only partial assessment of the damage these organizations have done to the American states and people and to other innocent Third Parties doing business in this country.  We have exercised the lien against the offending trademarks and patents which the guilty parties have used to orchestrate and automate their crimes, thus seeking to address the crime in practical terms while recouping the losses that the victims are owed.  

We would ask for your support and understanding and prompt action to indeed bring settlement of the criminality and injustices of the past. 


See this article and over 700 others on Anna’s website here:



46,000 Arrests

October 28th, 2017 by


By Anna Von Reitz

Remember how I told you how I looked up the IRS Master Files attached to my NAME and my husband’s NAME back in 1998 under a Freedom of Information Act request?  And that I also had to request a Code Book because the files were all encoded and we had to decipher what they said?

By diligent application we discovered (much to our astonishment) that I was running a rum distillery in Barbados and my husband was selling guns in South America, at the same time that we were sitting at home in Big Lake, Alaska. WTH…?   Doppelgangers, indeed. 

At the time, we were just astonished and perplexed, as any innocent American might be.  Can you put yourself in our position?  

I did what?  I was where?  

Why would “the government” go to all the trouble to set up a completely false narrative about who we were and what we were doing?  And why gun running and rum production of all things?  Why was this all in code?  And why was the IRS keeping a pack of lies on record under our NAMES?  

Obviously, ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER was purportedly a rum distilling Mama in the Caribbean, and JAMES CLINTON BELCHER was selling automatic weapons to foreign governments in South America—- and all the while, we were sitting at our kitchen table in Alaska reading this with our eyebrows twisted together, wondering what dim, ugly fairytale this whole “story line” came from——and why? 

The easy explanation lies in the fact that the Internal Revenue Service was never given any enforcement capacity and had no contract with the actual Congress, but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms is a different story— please note that both rum distilling and gun sales in foreign countries fall under BATF scrutiny and enforcement power.  

So, presto, change-o, take an artist and his wife living in rural Alaska, transform them into dangerous criminals engaged in international commerce, bring forward a completely false record “compiled” by credible government bureaucrats over years of time—- and suddenly, you have an excuse to arrest and prosecute and otherwise harm and harass innocent people to your heart’s content.  

We were all set up and “framed” as criminals with malice aforethought, to expedite any prosecution or complaint the rats might have against us. 

Ever wonder what the FBI was doing at Ruby Ridge, shooting an unarmed woman and her babe in arms?  And a little boy and his dog?  And getting away with it? 

Ever wonder what Janet Reno and the thugs at the BATF were doing using napalm and tanks against peaceful people living in apartment complexes? 

Well, now you know.  And it is all nothing but foreign corporate criminality and fraud and violence against Americans. 

Make no mistake, these people have been The Enemy all along, and most of them haven’t even known it.  The information was all kept “compartmentalized” so that one hand didn’t know what the other was doing, so that the most horrific results could be put in motion by just a handful of madmen at the top.  

Each step was legal and limited, so that people responsible for taking that step thought nothing about it.  It was within their job description.  They trusted their superiors.  They moved Shipment A to Point B.  They recorded document L-42-L21443.  They collected their paycheck, went home, went to bed, thought nothing of it.  Why should they?  

They hadn’t done anything bad — that they knew of.  

For all they knew, JAMES really was a gun runner in South America and ANNA was the manager of a rum distillery in Barbados.  Ho-hum.  Duly noted.  Filed. Archived.  

And now the news comes that 46,000 members of the US military, both US Navy and US Army personnel, have been arrested.  Why?  For using “criminal codes” in a computerized weapons system testing program against civilian targets— American civilians.  

Well, we know where those “codes” came from, don’t we?  They are part of the “Master File System”— the same one that deliberately mis-identified what appeared to be ME as a rum distiller and which mis-identified JAMES as an arms dealer. 

Who knows?  Maybe “RANDY WEAVER” was listed as a dangerous dealer in Far Eastern narcotics?  And his wife, standing in the door of their cabin with her baby in arms?  Well, she might have been listed as a – the operator of a whiskey distillery in Kansas.  

Just like 95% of us are listed in their “official” records as unclaimed babies, fatherless waifs, donated to the tender mercies of the STATES OF STATES.  Go ahead, tell your Mom and Dad that you were born out of wedlock and they didn’t really bust their humps to feed you and raise you.  Oh, and by the way, they obviously have loose morals and are irresponsible deadbeats and addicts and drunks, bringing a child into the world and leaving him dependent on the STATE, INC.  What other explanation is there? 

Maybe the truth? 

I bet that when an investigation worth its salt gets going, it will be found that all the people killed at the Branch Davidian Compound had sordid anti-American criminal histories a yard long — even the little two-year olds the heartless insane bastards incinerated. 

It’s in a “government” record, right?  It must be true, right?  

One can easily imagine men in suits and dark glasses presenting their official Master File evidence to judges and the judges nodding sagely and then shaking their heads and signing the execution orders while muttering, “Known criminals, no doubt.” and going home to a good dinner in their Mercedes.  

Really makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?  Knowing that Janet Reno is still walking around and breathing easy?  And the people who gave her the orders, too?  

On the surface at least, it appears that they should all be rounded up and hung— but who knows how much any of them really knew, either?  It’s certainly a question that should be asked, preferably at Gitmo, in the Hole.   

Nothing about these “federal” government operations have been true or right in a very long time— 1863, to be precise.  In fact, the “government” isn’t even the government.  It’s just a bankrupt, incompetent foreign governmental services corporation gone bad and left operating on our shores like a runaway train. 

Yes, the vaunted “US” federal government is a corporate cesspool, a gross international disgrace— not for the Americans who have been the victims, but for the British Government, the French Government, the Holy See, and the United Nations, which are all technically responsible for this Mess and which have all been complicit in this nightmare of lies, violence, and greed. 

So, why are 46,000 members of “our”— I use that word lightly— military forces under arrest tonight?  

Because various United Nations treaties mandate that if certain kinds of warfare technologies, including weather modification weapons (see the ENMOD Treaty), are to be tested, they can only be tested against domestic targets. 

That means that they can only shoot up “US citizens” with experimental drugs, hurl hurricanes at “US citizens” and yes, use advanced resonance frequency weapons — torture weapons — against “US citizens”.  

They have to leave the rest of us alone, but you see, we Americans have almost all been deliberately and fraudulently mis-identified as “US citizens”, and an entire false dossier has been compiled against each one of us, which enables these fiends to order clueless subordinates to do incredibly criminal things to innocent people. 

Now that I finally have your attention— listen up.  

It is imperative that the criminals responsible be identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of natural and international law.  

It is imperative that our lawful government get on its feet and walk, in full restoration, no later than June 1, 2018.  

It is imperative that you all get off your duffs and start banging your dishes on the floor like angry dogs and demanding that your “NAMES” are removed from any fake foreign bank and government records suggesting that you are “US citizens”, including all the various Master Files that have been developed by the various agencies— DHS, Social Security, FEMA, and all the rest.

Call up the members of “Congress” who have betrayed your trust and who are responsible for all of this.  Pigeon-hole them and make their ears bleed with your complaints.  Make the issues very, very plain.  

And then, do what I did— fire them.  Officially.  Tell the “Congressional Delegation” for the foreign corporation operating as a “State of State” in a Registered Mail letter, explicitly—- “You do not represent me and don’t you dare to presume, claim, or allege anything about me or my assets or my political status ever again.”

Members of the military and federal civilian services —take note— you belong to The United State of America (unincorporated), not the UNITED STATES, INC. or any other foreign corporation. 

You are part of the American Armed Forces.  Not the “US” Armed Forces—- unless you are in the Puerto Rican Navy or part of the Home Guard on Guam or the Washington DC Metropolitan Police. 

And if you have any problems, refer the JAG Officers to me.  I won’t have any problem describing this situation to them in words they can fully, completely, and honorably understand.  

Members of the general public, Ma and Pa — you are non-citizen nationals of The United States of America (unincorporated) and the sovereign land jurisdiction state where you were born. You are nothing and nobody else, not involved in commerce, not involved in drugs, arms, alcohol, or fire works production or sale of any kind —–and you are the landlords.  

You don’t owe any rent to anyone.   You don’t “reside” here. You live here.

Say it, know it, make it stick.  Shove it down the throat of anyone who says otherwise.  Spit.  Go ahead.  This whole situation deserves it. 


See this article and over 700 others on Anna’s website here:



Any one reading this article who doubts what Anna has researched and written here who is ranting that she is some kind of criminal and should be hung out to dry for her conclusions had better back off and consider just how many real Americans would die a horrible death to protect her. And by God that includes me, because those of you who need proof that water is wet are two damn stupid and brain washed to be allowed to exercise your freedom of speech.

Estate Claim Letter – Notice of Beneficiaries

October 27th, 2017 by

July 11, 2016

His Holiness Francis

00120 Vatican City State, EUROPE

Most Beloved Francis,

We write to you today regarding settlement of all debts owed to the True God, to the actual Universal Church, to us, our family, our countrymen and to all people of this world. It has been three years since you issued your Motu Proprio.


It is written that when what is true comes, what is false must pass away. It is also written that Satan is “the Father of All Lies” so that there can be no doubt where lies come from and the ultimate fate of those falsehoods. It is also written that Yeshuah will come again and at the same time, He promises that he is with us always. The meaning of this is now clear. He never left. He lives in us. He is here and now it is time for the Kingdom of Lies and the Rulership of Satan to end. We are among those appointed to destroy by our lineage foretold and written on the altar of the Church Inviolable. Now we must draw your attention to some facts plainly stated in the Bible.


  1. Peter, that is, Faith in Forgiveness, is the cornerstone of the Church Yeshuah founded, yet Peter is the precisely the stone rejected by the builders of the church that arose from the Council of Nicea. Peter was never the Bishop of Rome.


  1. Paul was the Apostle to the Romans and Founder of the Roman Church. Thus, Paul, not Peter, is the Founder of all that you cherish and the Bishop of Rome that you follow, but you cannot have it both ways. No man can have two Masters. This is the central problem and dilemma of the Church, the Lie at the Foundation that must be addressed. To correct this you must take Peter, Faith in Forgiveness, into your heart.


  1. Judas betrayed Yeshuah in one way and Peter betrayed him in another. Both men were guilty, and of the two, Peter most of all —- for Judas only offered up the body, but Peter’s sin struck at heart and mind as well. How is it then that Judas despaired, went out and hanged himself, yet Peter who bore the more heinous sin wept and rose up to glory? Peter who loved Yeshuah had faith in Him; he knew that the love and wisdom of Yeshuah would not fail. Peter knew he could be and would be forgiven even the greatest of sins. Thus he was able to rise up and do great things despite the enormity of his own sin.


  1. We encourage you to take Peter’s lesson into your heart today as you face the enormity of the Church’s betrayal, not just of the body of Our Lord, but of His mind and spirit as well. Let Peter be your cornerstone at last. Let Faith in Forgiveness guide you to choose life and glory for the Church, instead of despair and an ignoble end.


  1. You must lay aside all claim that authority passed from Peter to the Vicar of Rome. The Vicar of Rome is the Vicar of Rome. All pretense otherwise must be set aside, for that is the basis upon which so many other lies and sins recline.


  1. We must also admit that Pope Innocent III was possessed by the Spirit of Falsehood and ego. His works and his ways must come to an end both within and outside the Church. He dishonored the peace of God and instead of loving Our Father set himself up to reign as a False God and False Steward and he taught his successors to deal likewise in iniquity, cruelty and blasphemy.


  1. The Church has become wealthy and unimaginably powerful and has not only fornicated with the kings of the Earth, but given birth to them, and they have committed many atrocities in the name of God, heaping blasphemy upon blasphemy. The Church so adulterated and those Monarchs thus promoted have usurped and misled Mankind into gross suffering, unnecessary peril and divine reckoning.


  1. We won’t enumerate even a very short list of the past sins of the Roman Church, but we assure you that they are all these things are fully known in great detail and will not be forgiven if they are not confessed and repented.


  1. The Kingdom of Lies which has thus been founded amounts to a Principality of the Dead— a realm of incorporated legal fictions and personas — and what are these but more lies? It is therefore clear that the Church of Rome has colluded in this with the Father of All Lies and has grown rich and powerful because of it.


  1. Even as the Church of Rome’s wealth and power has grown and the reach of its administration extended into every aspect of our lives, its spirit and connection to the Lord of Life has declined, until now it stands on Death’s Doorway.


  1. This Kingdom of Lies has been administered through a system of interlocking trust directorates all tied directly or indirectly to your office. Let us examine the actual meaning of “trust” applied by your “trustees”— Ancient Latin: “trucido”: to kill cruelly, massacre, slaughter, butcher, slay.


  1. Thus, through their offices, these trustees have slain the innocent by identity theft and fraud and sought to mis-characterize and misrepresent the victims who are actually heirs of the Kingdom as things— legal fictions arbitrarily defined as debtors and as slaves.


  1. The mechanism of this genocide on paper is simple enough. The instigators introduced and used a corrupted form of Latin known as “DOG-LATIN’ to name living people in agreements transferring property and other documents written in English, German, and other descriptive languages. The innocent saw what appeared to be their name in the context of the surrounding English text and did not recognize it for what it was: sign language used to mischaracterize them as things—corporations– not people.


  1. Combining two dissimilar languages in one document , one of those languages being corrupt and not identified as a separate language at all, renders all contracts, all legal documents that have employed“DOG-LATIN” as part of an English, German, or other text, invalid, null and void ab initio. No such combined jurisdiction can exist.


  1. Let us provide an example so that everyone can be educated in this matter. In Ancient Latin a name would be written: ANNA-MARIA-RIEZINGER. In “DOG-LATIN” it would be written: ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER without hyphens connecting the words. This construction creates a full stop between each word, so that it is rendered: ANNA. MARIA. RIEZINGER. This is clearly nonsense and not a name at all, but a disconnected and un-related series of names. It is gibberish.


  1. Thus we fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 27 and 28 and break all contracts with the dead incorporated persons created by this fraudulent conveyance and all the associated infamous practices that have served to defraud and enslave the living people are likewise overthrown.


  1. While pretending to be the Shepherds of God, it is apparent that the Church administrative hierarchy has instead been intent upon the raping and pillaging of God’s Lambs and has placed false claims against their bodies and souls.


  1. An examination of the various constitutional documents creating all the secular governments in the world shows that with the exception of the original Constitution for the united States of America which is written entirely in English, every similar agreement is tainted with “DOG-LATIN” and is invalidated by its use. The only country on Earth having a valid agreement with Rome is ours, and every attempt has been made to misrepresent and mis-characterize and usurp this one, too.


  1. The motive for all this wrong-doing is rooted in the promotion of an ancient and venal pagan religion based on idolatry and requiring the worship of the graven images known as money. One of your offices, that of Pontiff, is especially charged within this religion to serve as the bridge between the living who have been forced to depend upon this evil system as a means of exchange and trade, and the dead corporations operating as banks and governmental services corporations that feed upon it. In other words, the Office of Pontiff is singularly responsible for banking and what goes on in the world because of it.


  1. The arbitrary nature of the fiat currencies which use engraved images on pieces of paper is now all too clear and so a retreat to gold and silver idols has commenced. It cannot be long before everyone notices that this, too, is arbitrary and fraudulent. Gold and silver don’t really represent beans and rice. It is an illusion similar to representative government. Please note, Francis, that gold is not actually transformed by magic into soybeans, self-governance is not the same as governance by proxy, and except in the wishful thinking of the Satanists among us, Communion wine is not the same as blood.


  1. To the extent that we must have some means to trade goods and labor the world is again forced to use gold and silver for a time as a form of Lesser Evil, but we clearly see that the world banking system is another institutionalized fraud scheme wagered against the overall good of mankind, a system designed to defraud, enslave, and steal from vast numbers of people for the benefit of a tiny elite that has glutted itself on the blood and labor of the innocent, just as in the days of Pharaoh.


  1. All home mortgages issued in the United States are based on constructive fraud. The fraud begins when the banks advertise Home Loans. People assume that this is a solicitation for the banks to loan them money to buy homes, but in fact, it is a solicitation to have people loan their homes as collateral for the banks. The banks misrepresent Security Notes subject to Article 9 of the UCC as Promissory Notes subject to Article 3. They never transfer title to any REMIC organization. They never pay any transfer taxes. They are operating in open fraud to the detriment of over six million American families each year.


  1. The Roman Pontiff has allowed this legal chicanery, false advertising, and the false claims against the assets of the living people that result. So let’s be blunt–the Vatican owns the UCC and is responsible for its misuse. The Curia is responsible for the existence of all these corporations. By Maxim of Law, we are responsible for what we create, and the Holy See has spawned all this — idolatry, lawlessness, fraud and swindling on a scale not seen since Babylon. It’s well and truly beyond the rational time to repent and take meaningful action against the lawyers and the banks, not merely a slap on the hands and not just a hand-washing attempt to avoid culpability. You are under demand to put a stop to it.


  1. The former Popes, the British Crown, and the French Rothschilds have all conspired to make this entire world into a slave market where people and their assets are bought and sold like cattle. In America, people are bonded without any knowing consent before they are out of the cradle, and these bonds representing assets that belong uniquely and only to them are offered for sale to investors who participate in this unlawful and unholy trade without even recognizing it for what it is. The profits are siphoned off by the Roman Church and the British Crown and the French Central Bank owned by Rothschild.


  1. The slave bonds known as CUSIP Bonds are created and then traded through the Bank of New York and the DTC/DTTC. The profit is funneled to CEDES and then to the Vatican Bank where this blood money is laundered and sent back to the Bank of Canada where the Queen and the Crown take their cut, before sending on the rest back to the Bank of New York which funds all levels of the federal government including the “federated States” and the “federated Counties”. Let’s make it perfectly clear that none of these activities have anything whatsoever to do with us. None of these “States of States” or “Counties of Counties” are ours. Our assets are not being wagered and these “things” — these legal “persons” —that have been created in our names written in “DOG-LATIN” are merely more lies being told to us and about us. And once again, it is time for this to stop. We are assets of the land, not the sea. Our nativity must be recorded, not registered. We are people, not persons.


  1. As noted, the only constitution that is grammatically and jurisdictionally correct is the American Constitution written over 200 years ago and that communication is still binding upon Rome and England, as are all the treaties which led up to it plus the Treaty of Ghent issued in 1814. None of the other countries have a Constitution that is enforceable, so it is up to us to clean up this filthy mess and hold Rome and the British Monarch to account for it. The gross mis-administration and criminal trespasses that we and the other nations have suffered must come to an end without further obfuscation or delay.


  1. As affirmed by the Alaska State Superior Court operated under Article X of the only actual Constitution by birthright Americans, there are still fifty states upon the land operated by living people who are proven heirs and beneficiaries and they have come forward to claim their estates in their own behalf and that of all the other American people, too.


  1. Galling as it may be to generations of Church leaders and European Monarchs who have deeply compromised their honor and betrayed our trust—the agreement stands and you are on the receiving end of it. The Good Faith agreements made by the Americans have been honored by the Americans. It is now upon your Honor and the Honor of the British Monarch to repent and reflect on the many debts that are owed to the Americans, Canadians, Australians and others.


  1. Our government is not in any “interregnum” as a result of our international Laundry Service changing hands. We are still here, operating our actual and organic states as we always have.


  1. Our government does not need any “postliminium” rights, as our government has not been overcome in war or any other struggle. We have merely been set upon by criminals and pirates that have been allowed to prey upon us by unfaithful, incompetent, dishonest and fully culpable trustees—both Popes and Monarchs. The world can read our standing agreement with Rome and with the British Monarch and see what it shall see: if you dishonor your agreement with the American States, you dishonor it in front of the entire world. If you attack the Americans or meddle in our affairs or do anything but clean up your joint operations on our soil and give us good faith service from now on, it will be clearly seen by the entire world who is responsible for the chaos and violence and who has done or failed to do what is right in the sight of the one True God.


  1. In 1822 while under full international treaty and Concord, while acting as our trustees in the jurisdiction of the air and the jurisdiction of the sea respectively —and enjoying all the powers and benefits thereof—the then-Pope and the British Monarch signed the Treaty of Verona and agreed to undermine our lawful government which is of the people, by the people, and for the people —– not of the person, by the person, or for the person— and set upon the current course of infamy.


  1. The American treaties require that all of us who are living people claiming our birthright as American State Nationals are recognized to be sovereigns equal to the king of England or France when standing upon our land, and we are further guaranteed safe passage and protection and friendship in perpetuity when we or our vessels in trade or commerce traverse the international jurisdiction of the sea. This, summed up from the treaty obligations of Rome and England, is what we are owed and what we have always been owed and which we claim.


  1. We declare that no noble ends are served by evil means and no excuse exists for the history leading to this circumstance. Murdering, raping, pillaging, evicting, cheating, slandering, mis-characterizing, thieving, enslaving and press-ganging for Christ is not a tenable position to be in, no matter what extenuating circumstance may be offered for it.


  1. Those Satanists who have operated within the Roman Church and excused their activities and presence as a necessary duty to teach the difference between good and evil have served no such purpose at all: we are all perfectly able to tell the difference between good and evil and also have the ability to recognize evil disguised as good. This is self-evident from the presentment before you.


  1. We declare that the Law of Noah was overcome by Moses who parted the Red Sea and the Law of Moses was overcome by Yeshuah who parted the veil between life and death and the Law of Yeshuah stands. It is past time to stop living in the past which like all lies and incorporations is dead. We are all the inheritors of one precious living moment and it is called now. Let us take action now against these evils because there is no other time or place.


  1. The perversion of our perception of time and cutting of the day into hours is yet another swindle and attack against our wholeness, our good, and our minds. We are taught to think in terms of past, present, and future but not to recognize the essential and important point: time does not really exist. It is just a perceptual construct based upon our senses and experiences. What we perceive as past is, from a different perspective, very much alive. What we perceived as the future and not yet born is, from a different perspective, already dead and gone. The only true time is now, the present moment, in which our consciousness dwells.


  1. All representations of time, therefore, that are not the present and eternal now—are in essence lies and labels attached to fictitious clockworks arbitrarily established and arbitrarily applied. There is no special truth or honor or accuracy attributable to any of these systems used to catalogue events and whatever ownership interest there may be in creating and making practical use of these systems is only a liability—-because once again, we are dealing with fictions—lies. It must be recognized that all agreements are in fact concluded now and are in affect now and only exist now. Any description of time discussed as 1822, 1868, etc., is to be understood in terms of this truth and only as a convention familiar to you to promote your understanding of events.


  1. In 1868 the Roman Catholic Church and its British affiliates took advantage of the chaos created by the Civil War, and began a campaign of fraud and deception by incorporating “The United States of America” and pawning this privately owned corporation off as the restored lawful government. It was in fact just a deceptively named governmental services corporation operated by the Holy See and what would later become the Vatican Bank. No peace treaty ending the Civil War was ever signed, which the Holy See and Britain have used as an excuse to abuse Americans and keep the United States at war in international venues ever since. Both the Holy See and Britain’s Monarchy have both promoted war for profit at American expense and in betrayal of our trust to the detriment of the whole world for over a 150 years. This great sin, great fraud, and great betrayal of trust now stands before all nations. Let it be firmly understood that America was the victim and that the corporations that have done this have preyed upon us as they have preyed upon the entire world.


  1. Following the Second World War the same players did the same thing, and spawned a new governmental services corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES (INC.), only this time they opened up the game to the French Rothschilds, too. The then-Pope, FDR, and the Crown agents had bankrupted the “United States of America, Incorporated” in 1933 and promoted the Great Fraud by creating millions of Foreign Situs Trusts merely named after living Americans and using these deceptively named apparitions to lay false claims against our property both public and private. By 1944, the guilty parties were busily using the bankrupted pass through corporation calling itself the United States of America (Inc.) to siphon off the wealth of America and place false claims against the assets of the American People—the same innocent Allies and “friends in perpetuity” that they were all obligated under trust indentures, international treaties, and commercial contracts to serve.


  1. Now all the Higher Contracting Powers are scurrying around trying to do the same thing again—bankrupt the UNITED STATES (INC,) and assert a false claim that we are all standing good for it, so that their chosen bankruptcy trustees can come ashore and begin a new round of pillaging. It isn’t going to work. We can see through all the various false claims and mechanisms, the fraudulent bankruptcies, the creation of new public transmitting utilities named after us in more “DOG-LATIN”, the generation skipping trusts designed to deny us any benefit in our own lifetimes and to steal our grandfather’s estates as abandoned property. We know it all, see it all, and we are not amused, Francis. We are laughing at General Dunford and the Neu Republique. We already chose new international representatives from among the federal corporations and the Neu Republique isn’t in the running. The United Nations Security Council, the Queen, and your Office have been fully informed and so has Jacob Rothschild. We will not be playing that game anymore. The Bank of International Settlements has been directed to settle the American accounts, discharge any National Debt and get on with making settlement for all that we are owed—and no, we won’t be requiring any loans of our own assets back to us at interest anymore.


  1. By 1908, the then-Roman Pontiff and the British Monarch tightened their grip and prepared for more fun and games —pillaging and stealing from Americans they were under trust indenture, commercial contract and every requirement of decency and honor to protect. They set up the FBI, and then the private European-controlled central bank known as the Federal Reserve System in 1913, and right after that, the private Internal Revenue Service—- the updated version of the Inquisition, which just like the confessions and payments of tithes required by the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 are supposedly “voluntary” and collected on April 15th. Every bit of it, including this connection of the Inquisition with the Internal Revenue Service is known.


  1. The income tax which was the object of the Internal Revenue Service’s mission began as “Peter’s Pence” —-a crusade tax which the kings of France and Britain first levied on their subjects in 1166 and 1188 and which was used to finance World War I, World War II, and the endless conflicts before, after, and in between. In America during World War II this was touted as a Victory Tax that was supposed to automatically sunset when the armed conflict ended, but lacking any specific ending date, the Internal Revenue Service just kept on strong-arming and extorting and collecting and filing bogus charges against the hapless Americans year after year. Hundreds of thousands of Americans then as now are rotting in federal jails for the crime of not paying taxes they never owed. For this crime alone, the Vatican Treasury deserves to be liquidated.


  1. Apparently anything including flatulent cows are to be taxed and used to justify the imposition of new taxes on the poor and the working people of this and every other nation. The Holy See and the British Monarch just don’t seem to know when to leave well-enough alone or how to pay their own bills for all the destruction their policies have caused the environment and the all the misery and death they have inflicted on innocent people. Neither does the United States Congress —the Board of Directors of the French IMF sponsored shell corporations that have been here on our soil pretending to be our government since 1944. We are sick of it, Francis, full up to the gills, and you had better believe that we do know and can prove every nasty little bit of this sick and vermin-infested history.


  1. Bear in mind, as you must, that all of this mechanism designed for fraud and racketeering and war profiteering was and is owned by the Roman Pontiff: the private Federal Reserve owned and operated by the Pope, wrote the amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act in 1917 to include the trusting American people among the “Enemies” and mandated that they be licensed to conduct trade—one of their most basic natural rights was licensed as a criminal activity subject to government regulation by the foreign private Federal Reserve Banks. This was done to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy, to save the bacon of England and France and Rome in World War I, and then just left on the books and never corrected. It’s going to get corrected now, Francis, one way or another.


  1. The American People were lied to and told that their government required them to obtain a Social Security Number and a pension account and that they needed to establish this in order to have a job in their own country and to fund old age pensions in their declining years. This forced application under conditions of deceit and misinformation in fact set up a bank account in the Federal Reserve System under their name written in “DOG-LATIN” for the Roman Pontiff and the British Monarch to plunder at will, and reduced the hard-working American people— your Allies, friends, supporters, and by the millions, your parishioners—-to the status of slaves and at least on paper rendered all their possessions as chattel subject to the will of the Pope and the British Monarch. Nice of you guys. This very neatly shows up what the Vatican and the British Crown and the French Government have done while pretending to be our friends and Allies and acting in the role of our international trustees and service providers.


  1. In 1921 the phony corporate “Congress” abdicated its duty to control the money and turned it over to the Holy See’s Federal Reserve System to be the Fiscal Agent of the United States Treasury, which promptly ceased to exist in 1924, taking vast amounts of American wealth with it. That didn’t stop the Holy See and the Crown Agents from pretending that the United States Treasury still existed. They just renamed their own shill companies after it, in a dizzying array of permutations: The United States Treasury, the Treasury of the United States, the United States Treasury Department, the U.S. Treasury, the Department of the Treasury—-take your pick, Francis. After that, you can kindly deduce that we are not playing this game anymore.


  1. There is one actual American corporation still standing and it is called the united States of America. The word “united” is just a descriptive adjective. The word “United” is not part of our Trade Name and never was. The States of America are sovereign states, not incorporated “States of States”. Our states are the ones that do all the incorporating, not the incorporated franchises thereof. Everyone, worldwide, really needs to get this straight: America = States of America. United States = Our Hired Help. United States of America = Their Hired Help.


  1. Every Act passed by this phony corporate Congress since 1868 applies only to the federal corporation and its actual employees. Each and every “Act” –as in play performance— passed by these Jokers has to be approved by you or your delegated minions —the so-called Lord High Chancellors in Equity—otherwise known as the Cardinal Bishops parading around in every Archdiocese. It is all made explicit in Elements of Ecclesiastical Law published in 1894. Every statute authorized by these criminals is canon law—and your direct responsibility. This includes the income tax and the legalization of abortion and gay marriage and the so-called Affordable Health Care Act, Patriot Act, and so much more. We suggest that you make good use of your red ink pen, but that is not really our business, is it? We’ve agreed to let you conduct your business and you’ve agreed to let us conduct ours, and so that’s the way it is—or at least should be— if we can just address this continuing matter of mischaracterizing Americans as US citizens and your States of States trying to glom onto property and assets that in fact belong to our states and to us.


  1. All the men and women parading around here in black robes pretending to be American judges are nothing whatsoever but private Bill Collectors of the Vatican and British Crown and French Central Bank—which is busily trying to palm its debts off onto us and enforce them as our debts by fronting the Neu Republique—-and some of them are priests of Cybele, otherwise known as Ashtoreth, the Mother of Harlots and the Great Abomination. These pagan priests have had a special relationship with the Roman Pontiff since the Second Century BC and they are still here, promoting every kind of evil, fraud and deceit. They’ve run their course here, Francis. Tell them to vacate our courthouses, and never again seek to confuse anyone here about anything.


  1. The Council of Trent is what Americans have been forced to live under and nearly all of us have been commandeered at birth, mischaracterized in violation of the Geneva Conventions as Foundlings and capitulated as slaves—- and according to you and Queen Bess, we are all what is called United States Citizens—- but it is left unstated which United States? The sick, vile, venal, depraved, constantly bankrupted, violent, and disgusting Empire of Lies that the Pontiff and the Monarchs rule over, or the United States we are owed by you and Elizabeth II? We need to get this straightened out, Francis, and right about now. “Feed my sheep,” He said. That doesn’t translate as “Rape and kill them because they are stupid.” It doesn’t translate as, “Dumb them down some more so that they can’t even read English, much less read Latin.” And then use that same ignorance as your excuse to enslave and steal from them.


  1. There has been a great deal of identity theft and deliberate constructive fraud based on deceptively similar names going on and not just with things like the United States Treasury Department that doesn’t exist or the three different versions of Internal Revenue Service with three different Commissioners at their respective heads. According to the Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, we are “the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States”—- not the “inhabitants” — not British Subjects merely here to provide governmental services. Yet, via deceit, false registrations, and every kind of deliberate confusion including the use of “DOG-LATIN” we have been misidentified as British Subjects, mere “residents” of our own country, taxed as foreigners, mischaracterized as corporations, robbed, murdered, jailed, and treated as anything and everything but what we are. You and Elizabeth II and the Rothschild bankers are responsible for this —even though it got started a long time ago, it has come down to you; it is up to you to do the decent things required by the Law of Yeshuah to end it and to admit that both the Law of Noah and the Law of Moses are at an end, rendered obsolete and meaningless by the Law of Love. We are not obligated to obey the 80,000,000 statutes standing on the books of the truly Evil Empire, and we are here to tell you that we are not.


  1. It was 2008 when we brought this situation to the attention of Benedict XVI and he promised to end it. Eight long years have passed. When I contacted the Archbishop here and asked for his help in observing and ending the foreclosure fraud in his role as Lord High Chancellor in Equity— not a word was heard. Not a peep. Not a centime was dropped in our collection plate. After three certified letters in the name of and under the orders of Pope Benedict, no change was made. No effort was made to stop the probate fraud. Nothing was done to recognize and expedite the re-conveyance of property back to the Americans it belongs to. If anything, the rush to grab up more property and harm more Americans was accelerated. The man that Benedict entrusted with the Seal of St. Peter was arrested and railroaded on bogus charges and is sitting in a federal prison—-and here you are, Francis, allowing all this to go on? These persons work for you. They act at your command. They are dependent on your payroll. Re-convey all the property back to the Americans to whom it belongs as of 2008 when our claim was made. There may be reasons but there are never excuses for letting this go on another day.


  1. We have waited while those directly involved in the administration of this giant manure pile have entertained us with False Flags and threats and tried to issue mandates disarming us and have assembled commercial mercenary armies on our soil, operating under color of law as the new FBI, DOJ, BLM, DHS, FEMA, BATF, etc., bankrupted more versions of United States and United States of America, and continued to prosecute false claims against us and our property assets via private corporate tribunals that don’t have any valid jurisdiction related to us. Look at the situation with LaVoy Finicum, an American rancher murdered by the FBI at the behest of the BLM which was engaged in a shady deal trying to sell the Russians our Uranium. Read our lips, Francis. This isn’t going to fly. Everyone on Earth can and will recognize at last what the “United States” is and that it is not “America”—-and then, inevitably, the Americans will rise up on one side and the rest of the world will rise up on the other, and anyone left promoting this criminality will be alone and in the middle, hated by both sides. Ever heard the saying— “between a rock and a hard place”? That’s where the Church of Rome and the Inner City of London and Jacob Rothschild and all the other Party Hearties who have promoted and condoned this outrageous fraud are sitting. Therefore, make haste and agree with your brother. Return the purloined property interests owed to the Americans and their lawful government. We remind you that fraud vitiates everything, even the most solemn contracts, and that this entire circumstance was created by the most venal kind of fraud and sophistry: identity theft.
  1. You must admit that the United States doesn’t have the beginning of a just claim to one cubic centimeter of the Oregon State owed to the people of this nation, and that the United States and its hired agencies are actually under contract to serve us. Admit that LaVoy Finicum was murdered and those with him placed under false arrest by people whose equipment and paychecks were paid for with his labor. Order the release of all Americans being held in federal prisons. We are fed up to overflowing with empty promises of meaningful action to correct Vatican operations on our soil. We are sick of your Lord High Chancellors in Equity stealing everything but the bathroom faucets from us and then sanctimoniously reminding us about the needs of The Poor— while they are themselves refusing to make corrections participating in the eviction of the poor from their homes and ensuring continued widespread unemployment.


  1. The criminal abuse and mismanagement of the United States and the deception and horrible abuse of the innocent American people and their states on the land for 150 years has led to America being hated and feared around the world through no fault of its own; we have been deceived, used, misled, betrayed by men— Popes and Monarchs— who literally owe us their lives, their security, their wealth, their positions of honor, and instead of saying, “Thank you!” several of those perpetrators responsible have indulged in plots to kill their creditors. For this, they deserve universal condemnation. In the Pontiff’s system of things, it is your right and responsibility to liquidate corporations that have operated as crime syndicates. We can imagine no greater crime than to defraud people so as to amass odious debts against them and their estates, and then use that same debt as an excuse to attack those who are in fact the Priority Creditors.


  1. The only states the Vatican owns are states of mind, legal fictions created from lies, formed from empty air by the Father of All Lies. The living people are owed the actual land and the sea and the air. Not one iota of it belongs to any-thing. We are here to remind you that the True Lord created Man and that we are people, not persons. Our grandfather’s estates are now ours. There can be no claim of abandonment. Our states, actual geographically defined states on the land, are owed freedom and the security of their borders and support for their lawful governments and generosity toward their people. All these inequities must be balanced, all these injustices righted.
  2. So, Francis, let our people go. Let the Americans go in peace and return to their own rightful political status and restore their own lawful government. Meddle with us no more and forbid the British and the French and other subject nations from interfering. Expedite the Exodus. Release every bit of American soil and every asset of our country which has been held under false pretenses and subjected to false claims. Thumb your nose at Satan, for his time has come.  If you do what is right in the sight of the True God, and even now seek His Kingdom and repent what has gone on here, your mercy will merit mercy in return.  A great and final Passover is in preparation. In a single night those who refuse to repent and who refuse to give mercy will be removed from our sight. They will be gone as if they never were, together with all their evil works. They will be gone and they will not be remembered.  So the joy of those who have suffered will be complete and there will be no cause to mourn or think of what might have been or yearn after those who are gone. Even the grief of any loss will be spared the Blessed, who will not think of evil or feel fear or remember losses anymore. Thus will the Will of the King of Kings be executed and against this just correction no man or nation of men can stand. He will not kill five hundred million and ruin the land for the sins of 500. He will not burn in anger against those who cannot understand.  None of the unjust claims and contracts and lies of Satan will bear fruit. Even now they are passing, broken before you, like chaff blowing away in the wind, like shadows disappearing into light. Do not fear their passing or seek to hold onto them. The living cannot be conjoined with the dead.

A copy of our decision regarding the status of the American estates is attached. There are indeed more than enough living men who are verified as the progeny owed this country to reclaim each and every nation-state. America is not abandoned and not subject to the claims of Secondary Creditors.

Please inform the United Nations, the Bank of International Settlements, the President of the United States, the Joint Chiefs, and all the others who need to know. The Vatican and its franchises must disgorge all the titles to American property which it has been holding under false pretenses and profiting from. All our property including the copyright to our given name, our birth certificates, our baptismal records, our land deeds and records, mining claims and patents, trademarks, signatures, powers of attorney,automobiles and other private property must be re-conveyed and returned to us free and clear.

No individual action or separate claim can be required to effectuate these remedies: all Americans and the American States must be made whole. The Burden of Proof of natural United States Citizenship or voluntary status as a citizen of the United States must be assumed by the perpetrators of this fraud against us. Our nature as living men and women and our birthright political status must be honored.  All American homes foreclosed upon since 2008 must be returned to their lawful owners and/or all equity owed, all losses, inconveniences, costs, and damages paid up.

Any collateral damages, forced sales, attorney fees, property losses or debts incurred as a result of fraud and false presumption upon Americans must also be repaid and made good.  All seizures of private property, evictions, acts of extortion, and racketeering against American State Nationals mistaken-on-purpose as United States Citizens or citizens of the United States must stop.

All American State Nationals including all unincorporated business employers must be released from any presumed obligation to collect or pay income taxes. The consequences of incorporating any business entity must be clearly stated and fully disclosed.

All military and administrative tribunals operated by the United States or any federated State of State or County of County must clearly and fairly describe their jurisdiction and exactly who or what clientele they serve. These same courts which have been used to harm must now be used to heal.  All court cases, all court orders, all land deeds, titles, contracts, warranties, patents and agreements of any kind utilizing or referencing “DOG-LATIN” must be held null and void, reversed, and to the extent possible, remedied.

All Americans merely presumed to be United States citizens and being held in federal custody for non- violent crimes must be immediately released. All others must have their cases promptly reviewed and prepared for release to the custody of the actual American States and Counties.  Assets, rents, interest owed, fees, profits, and escrows owed to the American people and the American states must be returned to them via their sovereign American States and Nations Bank and individual State Banks.

When all our property is returned and released to us free and clear and the beneficial interest we are owed is returned to us and to our states on the land, we will consider this probate of our earthly estate done and closed.

Until it is, the entire Holy See is subject to our lien and our complaint is firmly lodged with the Universal Court and in Heaven Unseen.



Anna Maria and James Clinton

c/o Post Office Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska

Postal Extension 99652


(907) 250-5087

Conference Ends Mountain Moving Begins

October 26th, 2017 by


By Anna Von Reitz

I arrived home to a mountain of mail and the need for many, many donations to fund the private work that we, at The Living Law Firm, are doing– and the costs of travel and lodging and supplies and everything else for our conference these past ten days.  It took three days longer than anticipated, and we all went home with additional homework.  It has been very intense, and very fruitful.  

First, some thoughts about the donations I receive and what strikes me about them: they come from all over, all fifty states.  They come from people of all ethnic and racial and working backgrounds.  They come in small amounts and large.  And they come from all over the world, too.  

It’s stunning when I think about the people who keep us going and make the research and other actions possible.  We are a family scattered from Alaska to Beijing, from Patagonia to Queensland, from New England to Salzburg.  We are all seeing the same things, all waking up at the same time. 

The view, at the very least, is alarming; and that brings me to my second rumination for the night.  

Even though I have been in these trenches for most of my life—- even I am shocked by all the things that have surfaced this past week, and I am left feeling like Moses— “Who?  Me, Lord?  You gotta be kidding…. I stutter!  I stammer!  I can’t possibly do this….” 

The most stunning thing for me is that none of the suffering so many of us endure is necessary.  That is now completely, absolutely clear, obvious, and proven.  

No need for poverty.  No need for war.   No need for debt.  No need for foreclosures. No need for disease.  Not even any need for unhappiness or bad teeth or hunger.  None of it.   You don’t have to be poor or in debt.  You’ve been robbed.  It’s as simple as that.  You don’t have to be unhealthy.  You’ve been poisoned.  Deliberately.  For profit.  You don’t have to be unemployed.  You’ve been hung out to dry, because the Slave masters could force some other poor schmuck in Asia to work for less. 

Not only have you been robbed, you have been robbed in a fully deliberate and intentional way, by an automated and institutionalized process that has been completely described, trademarked, and patented.  Yes, —patented, like a new gizmo for chopping up green beans, only the “material” being worked on is your life, your substance, your life cycle, your energy, your education, everything.  

It is all lined out in excruciating detail, exactly how they process you as raw material being fed into their machine from the moment you are born until the moment you die, and how they benefit themselves from every aspect of everything you need and  everything you do and and everything you achieve at every point in between.  They’ve even set it up to profit themselves from life insurance policies they take out on you and from your estate — perpetually — after you die.  

It is all sitting there, plain to view, on the public records of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  The names of the attorneys.  The names of the companies.  The names of the executives.  The exact dates.  Their own intentions, in their own words.  

Imagine, if you will, someone walking into the United States Patent and Trademark Office with his slick, multi-million dollar patent lawyer at his side, and turning in his paperwork for a machine that makes cigar wrappers out of human skin.  All the steps and mechanisms are fully described— how they will harvest the skin, what new designs they have for the machines they will use, what they will do with the waste products, what unique advantages their invention presents, and blah-blah-blah.  

Apparently, there is nobody at the Patent Office who is bright enough or who cares enough to object and say, hey, wait a minute! You can’t use human skin to wrap cigars!  Instead, these geniuses at the Patent Office just take their kick-backs, apply their stamps, collect their money and look the other way.  

No doubt, with many of these things, the clerks responsible privately thought— this guy is crazy.  This will never work.  It will never be allowed.  But if he wants to spend his money on a patent, who cares, right?  My job isn’t to reason why.  Mine is to approve as many new inventions and designs and processes as possible, and all I really have to check is if they are new and unique enough to be patent-able…..right?  A human skin cigar wrapping device is, after all, pretty unique…. nobody could argue that it isn’t…..stamp!  Patent number 100019289…..  

What if a bunch of log-heads go out and actually build a machine that wraps cigars in human skin?  And what if other crazy, immoral people start buying their product?  

That’s the situation we’ve got here, folks.  

It’s not quite as off-the-wall apparent as my example, because the patents have been broken up into pieces and compartmentalized and buried in legalistic jargon purposefully designed to be dry as a desert (We referred to them as either the “Gobi” class verbiage or the “Sahara” all week as we read through several hundred of these things.) –but they nonetheless connect to build the evil machine, and there is a guiding principle and process that has been used to disguise and orchestrate the piece by piece assembly of it. 

The pieces of the machine that defrauds you and steals your life and your estate and everything you are and everything you can be,  started out as signature brands of clothing and perfume and bicycle designs, mostly from Germany.  It began in 1897 and really got going in earnest just prior to and after the Second World War.  And then the US Navy got involved…. and things slid downhill even faster.  The Navy brought in the big banks and the big banks brought in the lawyers.  

The rest, they say, is history.  Until now. 

For at least fifty years, they’ve had a machine that they all own a part of (so they all have to work together and nobody can go solo and nobody can rat on the others) that sucks babies into one funnel mouth and spits corpse parts out the other, along with lots and lots of juicy taxes and dividends and mortgages and licenses and child labor contracts and bonds of indenture and insurance and every kind of fraud and extortion you can imagine —- and it is all automated. 

All they have to do is misrepresent what they are doing at the hospital when you are born, coerce your trusting, ignorant Mother to sign a piece of paper that looks innocuous enough— and boom, there you go, shove the donated baby on the conveyor belt and let the machine do what it is designed to do—–suck out every asset that child has by inheritance or can earn — and give it to the Slavers who split the profits among themselves and lick their lips for more.  

And who are they?  Our friends at the US Navy yard, especially the Queen’s Merchant Marine Service.  It’s no mistake that “Withholding Agents” are actually Warrant Officers in the Queen’s Merchant Marine Service.  And also our friendly central bankers and the Bar Associations, who are privy to, part of, and right in the middle of the transactions, applications, assignments, stipulations, and grand felony theft that the machine produces like clockwork.  

All they have to do is stand there with their pockets open, and that’s what they do.  This is the genesis of the old mob saying, “It was like taking candy from a baby.” and also the slang of the old Grifters back in the 30’s who called their intended victims “marks”—— trademarks. 

It’s the Big Con.  The Big Game.  The Mother of All Fraud Schemes.  The Great Abomination.  And its right here, right now, at the US Copyright Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office, written in their own words, stamped and dated for everyone to see.  

We’ve been had, by experts.  We’ve been sold down the river by our public employees.  We’ve been so screwed, glued, and tattooed for so long by people and institutions we trusted and we’ve been misled and deliberately confused and left in the dark for so long, we can hardly recognize the fact of who is employing who?  Which end is up?  Which tail is wagging the dog?  

They want us to think that they are our employers and benefactors, that their casino chips are worth real money, that their property descriptions are real land, that their shit doesn’t stink and their gross criminality can just go on forever and nobody else outside their little group of palsies will ever figure it out.  

Ever nailed a skin to a barn door? 

See this article and over 700 others on Anna’s website here:



Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum

October 25th, 2017 by



NOTE: I have run this article through a PDF converter and there may be some errors, so you may want to read it on Anna’s site WITH ART WORK ENCLUDED at the above link.


I, James Clinton, born alive of William de Guilleroi, right-wise king: King of Powys: King of England: King of Normandy: King of Gaul: Head of State for The United States of America, Ninth September 1776: do declare by this flag shown, the United States Civil Peacetime Flag, and by my hand and authority as hereditary Head of State for The United States of America, peace is declared on air and land and sea and this flag is raised:


By my testament are all rights and titles and material interests owed to the American states and people conveyed out of abeyance and returned to the lawful Holders in Due Course still living on the land and soil of their birth and by these signs are all claims of Interregnum and Abandonment silenced. The civil government of The United States of America is restored:

By: James Clinton Belcher                                               Head of State

The United States of America (Unincorporated)

Note: The original PDF is signed James Clinton Belcher  

Proclamation in Addendum:

This Proclamation in Addendum is fully incorporated and made part of the Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum Issued October                                                    2017

Whereas following the undeclared and illegal commercial mercenary conflict known as the American Civil War the responsible generals did not take action to restore the lawful government of the American states and people and instead created a military dictatorship to rule the Territorial United States and the United States Congress did similarly betray our trust and did create a Municipal United States  government as a foreign incorporated city-state oligarchy, and as a result our government has been widely held and believed to be in interregnum, it falls to the Hereditary Head of State responsible for the international jurisdiction held by the unincorporated United States of America to come forward and settle this debate. Be it known that the American states and people have not abandoned our land and our government has not ceased to operate.

Beginning in May of 2015 the Municipal United States parent corporation announced its insolvency and entry into Chapter 7 liquidation. This was followed in 2017 by the similar announcement by the  Territorial United States that it, too, was insolvent  and entering into Chapter  11 reorganization.  This is the third time in a hundred and ten years that these foreign service providers have engaged in this  patented cyclic process of running up odious debts that they will again seek to charge against us and against our assets, leaving us to pay their bills without regard for the limitations of their contract, but this is the first occasion when both parent corporations have proposed to seek bankruptcy protection during the same time period.

If left unopposed, this concerted action by both the Municipal and Territorial United States would have vacated the federal side of the actual Constitution and left our states and people both unprotected and presumed to be the Sureties for these Bad Actors, when in fact we are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and their Priority Creditors.

Therefore, as of November 4, 2015, we acted in our capacity as Head of State for The United States of America (Unincorporated) and re-issued our Sovereign Letters Patent and gave Notice to the responsible Principals of our action. We also formed and published a new Declaration of Joint Sovereignty and partnership with the American Native Nations to fulfill the responsibilities of the federal government. This new arrangement preserves the actual Constitution owed to the American states and people and provides for a lawful and peaceful continuity of government and transition under our stewardship pending the full restoration of the lawful land jurisdiction government of the people, by the people, and for the people of this country.

Notice Regarding Treaties

This Notice Regarding Treaties is fully incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum:

Our agreements and treaties with the Lakota Sioux and Athabascan Tribal Nations are not exclusive and do not preclude participation by other Native American Nations. We wish to make it clear that our goal is to create a unified and peace-oriented international government which serves the needs of all Americans.

We honor all sovereign-level treaties among nations, however, we do not recognize so-called treaties entered into by and between incorporated entities and franchises as actual treaties, though they may be called bank treaties, tax treaties, or trade treaties. No incorporated entity has the power to enact agreements obligating the unincorporated United States of America or any member state thereof.

No legislation engaged in by any incorporated State of State or STATE OF STATE federal franchise organization, whether Territorial or Municipal, is binding upon the unincorporated state nor the living people.

We specifically object to the existence and continuance of tax treaties and false claims related to tax treaties entered into by incorporated and franchised Third Parties deceitfully usurping upon our authority under color of law and we call the Holy See to account for continued mis-administration as of 2015,  seven (7) years after the Holy See in the person of Pope Benedict XVI was visited and agreements severing these practices were secured.


purportedly in our behalf by Douglas W. O’Donnell styling himself as Commissioner, Large Business and International Internal Revenue Service.

The Holy See has been fully informed since 1998 and again in 2008 and now again in 2017 and it has cause to know that there are no competent authorities operating as Third Party corporate franchises acting under our names,  as in: COMPETENT  AUTHORITIES  OF THE  UNITED STATES  OF  AMERICA.

We have authorized no such representation and such authorities do not exist, yet the Holy See persists in its presumption that they do and that these dishonest legal fictions moreover have the right to enter into agreements in our behalf and that we can be obligated by such measures.

It is at best a gross infringement upon our Common Law copyright and a trespass amounting to attempted identity theft and a disingenuous lie on the part of the Holy See and the corporation presenting itself as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to pretend that any such agreement has any bearing on the actual United States of America, our states, or our people.  We object and disallow any such misrepresentation  of our interests, cancel any and all such purported agreements, and also cancel any agency relationship with THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

We realize that the Holy See can move at a truly glacial pace when it comes to correction of its errors, but when a Pope gives his word, we do expect to see appropriate correction in less than twenty (20) years.

International Notice to the Bankruptcy Trustees, Banks, and Interpol Officers, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Principals, and Other Concerned Nations:

This International Notice is fully incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum accompanying our Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum and  in part is intended to give official international Notice to the United Nations organization and the UN Corporation and to the Secretary of the Treasury now acting as Governor of the International Monetary Fund and to the Territorial United States Secretary of State, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Pope Francis, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, President Donald J. Trump, the Central Banks and Bankers, and generally to the incorporated governments of other concerned nations regarding our claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the bankrupted Municipal United States and Territorial United States corporate governments and all their franchises worldwide: we have been the recognized Holders in Due Course since the ninth of September 1776 and all infringements, deceitful pretenders, and bankrupt servants notwithstanding, we remain the Principals, Fiduciaries, and Holders in Due Course of this country’s international jurisdiction without exception.

As such, we are the lawful receivers of the bankrupts and their assets and possess unique standing as their Priority Creditors; we have presented ourselves without representation, without agency, and without hindrance of any former Powers of Attorney that are now uniformly and explicitly cancelled.

Notice of War-Making Powers

This Notice of War-Making Powers is fully incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum: our unincorporated states occupying the soil and land of this country and their elected Fiduciary Deputies assembled as a Continental Congress have the entire and unique responsibility, duty, and authority to declare war and to negotiate peace settlements in behalf of the actual United States of America; however, confusion has arisen as a result of deliberate obfuscation and the use of deceitfully similar names by both the Municipal United States and the Territorial United States.

The Municipal Government is a plenary oligarchy allowed by the original and actual Constitution of this country. As such, the members of the (Municipal) United States Congress may declare and make war in behalf of their city-state which is limited to the ten (10) square miles allotted to it and those who are naturally citizens thereof. False claims of voluntary private contract and attempts to conscript and press- gang all Americans so as to remove them from their natural domicile on the land have been made by this foreign Municipal Government in contravention of international law. Any Declaration of War by this foreign entity must be recognized as a separate act unrelated to the actual United States of America, its states, and its people in general.

The Territorial Government is an inchoate incorporated international conglomerate made up of “states of states” as defined by the Uniform Commercial Code operating within federal districts, both military and postal; this entity has been broadly interpreted as an occupying army in charge of our security during a purported interregnum of the civilian government, but which in fact has been run as a foreign usurper under the oversight of military officers and international trustees during a 150 year-old Reconstruction Period that followed the never-declared mercenary action called the American Civil War.

This preposterous situation has only been continued because the actual states and people were kept carefully uninformed, the better to exercise inappropriate martial law and to create and pillage public trusts. We consider ourselves fully reconstructed after fifteen decades of this merely presumed interregnum and we order the occupying army to stand down and focus on rebuilding America.

This militarized territorial government has operated under Abraham Lincoln’s General Order 100 (The Lieber Code) since 1863, morphing into The Hague Conventions of 1907, and subsequent Hague Conventions since then. The Territorial United States has no actual war-making power of its own affecting us, our people, or our resources; any declaration of war it might make while presuming to act as a proxy for us must be recognized as an illegal commercial mercenary action taken under color of law and any such action it takes in its own behalf must be recognized as pertaining only to the Insular States.

The bad behavior of this conglomerate has nothing to do with the actual American states or people,  except that we have been defrauded, pillaged, robbed, and millions have been murdered by it in the name of national security. While we support our military veterans however misled and abused they have been, the Territorial United States has been a hot bed of international criminality and war-for-profit for generations and a scourge to this country and the world as a whole.

It’s time for the Generals to do what they should have done in 1865: assist in restoring the lawful American government and guaranteeing the unimpaired elections that the states and the people of this country are owed. It is so ordered by the lawful Head of State and any act otherwise shall be recognized internationally as treason against the lawful government of this country.

Notice of Re-Venue and Lawful Conversion of Public Trusts

This Notice is fully incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum:

Insofar as our government has been wrongly presumed to be in an Interregnum and in an abeyance and insomuch as numerous public trusts including individual generation skipping trusts and tax sheltered  trusts and transmitting utilities and cooperatives and labor and construction contracts and lines of business and investment contracts have been entered into via managed ACCOUNTS which appear to be our NAMES and which are operated in the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and under the false presumption of and usurpation of delegated powers never granted to the Territorial or Municipal United States and which would be immediately recognized as gross neglect and Breach of Trust by HRM Elizabeth II and Pope Francis and their respective governments if examined, now therefore we proclaim that all incorporated entities of any form whatsoever being styled as municipal or territorial government franchises, trusts, trademarks, and ACCOUNTS  such as: MARILYN KAYE  MACGRUDER  or  JOHN DOE or any variation, permutation or reordering thereof and meant to represent incorporated entities, franchises of incorporated entities, or chattels or trademarks belonging to incorporated entities created by infringement of Common Law copyrights and natural given tradenames, are seized upon and returned and re-venued and lawfully converted to their natural domicile on the land and soil of each actual state and re- defined as property interests belonging to the unincorporated American states and living people.

These vessels are henceforth to be recognized as peaceful American state vessels engaged in international trade, not commerce, and any presumption otherwise must be proven with the presentation of valid maritime or admiralty contracts executed under the requirements of American Common Law providing  for full disclosure, a meeting of minds, equitable consideration in exchange, in-kind ability to contract, and witnessed wet-ink signatures by two or more properly identified parties to the contract.

We do not generally recognize unilateral contracts, implied contracts, or contracts enforced by any process of assumption or presumption.

All former individual Municipal trusts and transmitting utilities and all former Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts are re-defined, re-venued, and lawfully converted to their natural domicile on the land and soil of the actual unincorporated states and are recognized as lawful Trade Names, lawful assumed names, and as private property under American Common Law Copyright from the moment they are issued regardless of style, permutation, variation, ordering, or disguise. All such trade names and derivative assumed names belonging to the American states and people. They are privately indemnified on air, land, and sea and are owed the Law of the Land and all constitutional protections.

Insomuch as our names and estates have been improperly seized upon in the past and claims that they have been re-birthed as a result of their entry into data bases as part of the digital and quantum age of information sharing and archiving have been made, we each additionally claim possession of all signals, frequencies, sequences, chemical compositions, voice patterns, magnetic spectrum memory, and key resonances unique to each of us and all energetic organs and transfer bodies, portals, epigrams, epigenetic keys, auras, transmissions, transmutations, unique nano-scale identifiers and quantum patterns, templates, and numerical matrices which are our unique private assets, all permanently indemnified, and secured against copying, cloning, infringement, securitization, involuntary transfer, bonding, and non-consensual use. We do not allow these unique electro-magnetic, quantum, and frequency characteristics of living beings to be infringed, trespassed upon, licensed, patented, copyrighted, trademarked, securitized, seized upon, bought, sold, copied, taxed, traded, cloned, transferred or conveyed as commodities or investment property or contracts.

Position Statement of the Paramount Security Interest Holders

This Position Statement of the Paramount Security Interest Holders is fully incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum: We have found in our investigations insurance records, tax records, and patent, trademark, and copyright records giving evidence of a vast institutionalized system of fraud and oppression promoted primarily by members of the American Bar Association, International Bar Association, Wall Street interests— particularly Dunn and Bradstreet, and industrial interests popularly referred to as Defense Contractors.

By means of a largely automated fraud process which can be readily demonstrated these persons and corporate interests have contrived to enslave, bankrupt, and defraud the entire world. They have proposed to keep the living people of this planet as livestock, existing only for their profit and amusement, and being wholly owned as slaves to be expended without mercy or consideration.

To accomplish these ends the criminals responsible have liberally infringed upon our lawful copyrights and licenses and trademarks and patents and sought via deceit and confusion to gain hegemony over the entire world, using first Puerto Rico and later Washington, DC and Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg, especially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as the base of operations for their criminal enterprise.

Instead of protecting the innocent public from these predators the organizations providing military and police services have instead been undermined and misdirected and privatized to serve the private interests of these same perpetrators.

Those entrusted to preserve and guard the principles of law and justice have instead contrived to provide merely an appearance of justice and have dishonorably occupied our courts under false pretenses and have impersonated judges while acting as corporate administrators pillaging public trusts created without the knowledge or permission of the victims of this white collar looting.

The entire vast edifice of the corporate federal government beginning with the House Ways and Means Committee Oversight Subcommittee and ending with the lowliest federated COUNTY sheriff, has failed to perform the first and fundamental responsibility of government: to protect the lives and persons of  those they are supposed to care for and serve.

So now we have exercised our duty as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors to claim the receivership of both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and to settle the bankruptcy of all territorial and municipal franchises worldwide, including that of the Secondary Creditors, the incorporated commercial banks.

As we are in receipt of the entire collective assets and wealth of virtually all incorporated businesses and institutions worldwide, a position which our adversaries and the enemies of all free men hoped to retain for themselves by deceit and omission, we issue the following decrees:

Objections and Cancellations

These objections and cancellations are fully incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum:

All Powers of Attorney and contracts and quasi-contracts presumed to exist or be implied without meeting all seven elements of a valid contract required by American Common Law, are cancelled. This cancellation includes all Powers of Attorney held or presumed to be held over the Names, Persons, trademarks and ACCOUNTS naturally belonging to the American states and people;

  • All living men and women now in possession of their own lawful Trade Names who have been born on the land of the unincorporated states are the recognized attorneys-in-fact and successors of the previous executors and administrators;
  • All implied proxies, representations, and agencies, are cancelled, except that a Public Prosecutor may bring suit for wrongful death, murder, permanent disability and similar causes wherein the injured party is literally unable to bring suit and present their own complaint;
  • All unearned benefits are accepted as gifts and all earned benefits are accepted as private assets; all public insurance benefits are waived in favor of private indemnity unless actual articles of incorporation are procured and presented;
  • All Third Party contracts presumed to exist by implication or implied consent are
  • All hypothecations of contractual debt obligations against assets belonging to Third Parties and imposed by a process of debt assumption and/or the use of deceit of any kind, are
  • In order to correct the public and private records owed to our countrymen we object and take exception to all claims of incompetence or abandonment or abeyance and also take objection and exception to the existence of any lapse or so-called interregnum related to our government and its administration. We rebut all claims of abandonment of our assets: private, personal, public, biological, genetic, cord blood, intellectual, digital, or quantum. We allow no Power of Attorney to make adverse claim against us nor do we allow anyone to assert any agency capacity over our Names/NAMES and other assets;
  • We cancel all usufruct relationships asserted, alleged, or invoked by any foreign corporate agent, by the Municipal United States, the Territorial United States, or any Trustee or franchise or agency thereof with respect to the actual American states and people or any derivative estate, utility, cooperative, LLC, foundation, C-Corp, S-Corp, B-Corp, bank, church, or other legal fictions created or held by foreign governments, franchises, agencies, subcontractors, or individuals;


  • We object to any claim against our identity and hold possession of all names, patents, trademarks, copyrights, public and private records, documents, services, operating companies and terminals, securities, financial records, Master Forms, Master Files, Master Merchant files, records, accounts, Accounts, and ACCOUNTS, all registries, notes, insurances, stocks, bonds, certificates, debentures, trademarks, copyrights and patents in any digital or quantum form whatsoever, that are by genesis, logic, inheritance, tradition, nature and usage —ours. We hold possession of all derivatives of these intellectual and graphic assets including badges, coats of arms, seals, birthmarks, medical records, styles and variations and permutations and orderings of personal names, tradenames, business names, corporations and incorporations and signs and symbols thereof including trademarks and trade dress. We retain all case based reasoning, rules of case based reasoning, kernels, artificial intelligence programs, future forecasting programs, entrainment programs, AI programs, all IP addresses and identities, all franchises, all meters and measuring devices, all discovery claims, all agencies, all emblems and icons that have addressed us or infringed or trespassed upon our names and estates in any way, shape, form, via any medium, resonance, magnetic field or electromagnetic frequency, and all computer-based, data field-based, or description- based technologies employed to intrude upon us;
  • We cancel all patents, copyrights, trademarks, licenses, and contracts that are made to reap financial benefits from inventions, processes, services, and designs which are of an intrinsically harmful or criminal or oppressive nature, which infringe upon unregistered natural common law assets including land jurisdiction trade names in fact or by inclusive reference, which seek to automate crimes such as identity theft, kidnapping, purloining tax exemptions, counterfeiting, human trafficking, protection of gambling, commodity market manipulation, creation of monopoly interests, promotion of fraud— constructive or otherwise, profiteering, unlawful concealment, unlawful conversion of assets and ownership interests, restraint of trade, undisclosed impersonation, and similar activities. We specifically revoke and cancel trademark assignment #900003222 by the US NAVY lodged at the United States Trademark and Patent Office as a direct and deliberate infringement against the name and title of The United States of America (unincorporated) by incorporated entities using deceptively similar names which have been used in the past to promote false claims in commerce, racketeering by assumption and coercion, and confusion of the incorporated doppelganger with the body
  • We object to the present deplorable state of confusion which is the result of corruption rampant within and promoted by the territorial and municipal governments herein described and the abuse of our delegated powers, which has threatened to vacate the actual constitutional contract owed to the American states and people via a deliberate, institutionalized, patented, and cyclical process of unlawful conversion, bankruptcy fraud, hypothecation of odious debt against innocent Third Parties, and retention of assets and service contracts via an unlawful process of implied succession. We have given Due Notice and Due Process regarding this criminality to those Principals responsible, which is our duty, and the burden for allowing this to continue is now quite literally in their
  • We object and take exception to the unlawful and immoral Uniform Transfer to Minors Act engaged in by the legislature of the Territorial State of Delaware and the Delaware Indenture and Trust Agreements (Principal Direct Trust) and the insupportable presumptions being maintained by the foreign municipal chancery court of the STATE OF DELAWARE and all impositions related to these venal acts of legislation anywhere on our soil or with respect to our assets, material rights, and holdings anywhere in the world. These Acts and presumptions promote criminal identity theft, kidnapping, inland piracy, human trafficking, usurpation by a foreign power acting in Breach of Trust, and other activities outside the ordinary course of business and promote a form of genocide and press-ganging on paper not to be condoned by any sane and productive   We  have  outlawed  these and  similar  acts of  repugnant legislation on our shores since 1776 and again in 1865 and again in 1926 and we hereby post International Notice prohibiting their enforcement on our soil or in our purported behalf. We disclaim any and all commercial and/or international trade claims resulting from the existence of this venal and unaffiliated legislation, or any similarly offensive legislation in the inchoate, bankrupt territorial State of Delaware/STATE OF DELAWARE;
  • We invoke the Doctrine of Merger to complete the retirement, collapse, and consolidation of all split titles, public trusts, lines of business, usufructs, insurances, registrations, certifications, and bonding of private assets including labor and the resulting complex automated international trafficking of our names and substance throughout the world by the bankrupt Municipal and Territorial governments and their franchises. We have returned home and proven to be alive; our land and assets immediately vest in us and no bar may be held between us and our estates; we object to any claim otherwise. We require validated and fully disclosed proof of actual voluntary and fully disclosed federal employment and/or fully disclosed and voluntary federal dependent status before any American state national can be exempted or divested even temporarily from their lawful birthright. Acting under our self-authorization, we cancel all public/private keys (PKI’s) held by trustees, especially members of the Bar Associations, and we direct the Secretary of the Treasury, the Secretary of State, and the US Attorney General to unblock our accounts and promptly return our property to our control, unharmed and

We cancel, remove and exorcize the bar and the Bar Associations and their members and all split title, split dollar, and split interest schemes of all kinds and we consolidate and merge all such securities, keys, trusts, titles, registrations, acres, dollars, and interests on our soil and within our land jurisdiction. We reclaim for the land and the soil all natural right and interest in actual assets and merge the titles of all registered vehicles and special purpose and shallow-hulled vessels. All allotment schemes including Reconstruction Era, Black Acre, 1040, Green Acre, 1031, 1041, 1043, Forty Acre, Homestead Liens, Reinsurance schemes, Third Party mortgages, Native Allotment, Railroad Pension Fund, Maritime Pension Fund, Soldiers and Sailors Insurance Fund, Property Tax, Property Description Liens, Transfer Tax, Stamp Tax and International Ad Valorem Tax schemes, residential property and foreign borough property descriptions—all and any allotment-style fraud schemes designed to work by planned default and by claim of incompetence against remedial trusts and insurance policies, all constructive plans, parts, and elements of these known schemes and any other processes predicated on pre-planned default, claims of abandonment, re-insurance, seizure of undisclosed escrows, all commercial processes aimed at re- taking settlements, denial of sovereignty, and subrogation of sovereign states, nations, and people are outlawed for fraud, breach of trust, and bad faith; all stubborn purveyors of this criminality on our shores are to be held fully accountable under international law.

  • We conditionally allow – under our waiver of all unearned benefits, but subject to our claim of all assets including credit owed to us — the return of all purloined tax exemptions and credits, all improperly obtained assets remaining in the Public Charitable Trust (PCT) and all Companies and Credit Unions and Post Offices and Court facilities belonging to us, the return of Social Security funds owed to American workers conscripted under conditions of deceit and deliberate misinformation into federal retirement programs, access to our private family and historic American trust funds and stock portfolio earnings, and also those private legacy trusts managed by American Trustees, the return of American Silver Dollars and Silver Certificates belonging to us, the return of all traditional offices of our states from the United Nations and any other international organizations claiming to have any interest in our internal affairs, the return of all our Public Laws and return of all assets and property naturally belonging to the unincorporated counties and states to the control of the responsible local jural assemblies;


  • We object to and specifically prohibit any assumption of federal contracts or contracting powers by any party attempting to usurp upon or inherit our delegated powers without our fully disclosed, knowing, voluntary, and willing consent, and deny all claims by those seeking to act as a successor to contract via any undisclosed or implied maritime contracting process or similar names deceit. We cancel any such arrangements subscribed to in our behalf and direct that our agreements with the American Native Nations be fully honored;
  • We object to the misapplication of foreign laws, codes, and regulations to our states and our people and the secretive process of press-ganging and conscription that has been employed by the members of the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, the Territorial United States, the Municipal United States and their various franchises and agencies seeking to mischaracterize and subject our states and people, who are in fact their lawful employers. We cancel any directive, code, claim, or corporate policy being exercised on our shores seeking to mischaracterize civilian medical professionals, sheriffs, deputies, clerics, justices of the peace, postal district judges, teachers, and others known to be civilians as a uniformed officers attached to any foreign fleet or military unit and we forbid the forced and undisclosed registration of American babies under pain of death, though simple public recording of the basic information appropriate to the land jurisdiction of this country and its traditions is allowed and encouraged. We do not under any threat or condition give up our children–ever;
  • The United States of America functions explicitly under American Common Law and we object to the imposition of non-applicable charges and false arrests of our people related to corporate policies, thought crimes, regulatory infractions, and similar unauthorized presumptions of jurisdiction under territorial and municipal statutory laws. We cancel all payment or credit issued as payment of court bonds, all charges, all costs of incarceration incurred as the result of deliberate mischaracterization of Americans as Municipal or Territorial United States citizens, and we object to their prosecution under unlawful Bills of Attainder, and we also object to the deplorable promotion of prisons for profit schemes. We order the immediate and permanent release of non-violent American political prisoners who have  been held under known false presumptions and convicted of non-applicable corporate statutory laws and code infractions and we will not continue to pay for their incarceration as any service being provided to us.
  • We are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of those bankrupt organizations representing themselves as the “United States” including their commercial corporations deceptively and variously named including but not limited to the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia, MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, STATE OF NEW COLUMBIA, State of New Columbia, District of Columbia, Washington, DC, Inc., GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, THE UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES, U.S. Corp, US CORP, U.S. CORP, US Corp, their federated STATE and COUNTY franchises, doing business as STATES OF STATES such as STATE OF GEORGIA and COUNTY OF MACON and all individual trusts, transmitting utilities, vehicles, vessels, and assorted legal fictions doing business under accounts appearing as names in the forms JOHN MAYNARD KEYNES and JOHN M. KEYNES and so on, and also all municipal corporations holding charters under these organizations worldwide— and we object to any presumption that we knowingly agreed to participate in or silently condoned this perverse process of enslavement via an automated and deceptive process of undisclosed commercial enfranchisement. As The United States held our delegated authority in breach of trust and misused it to the damage and detriment of our states and people and other innocents around the world, and it is now bankrupt together with its franchises, we seize upon the name, its copyrights and patents, its trademarks, logos, flags, treaties, including those with Morocco, Tunisia, and Uruguay, and however the name United States is styled or represented or permutated or articled or prepositioned in any language, any context or any medium whatsoever, together with all powers delegated and all assets held for us by this legal fiction entity, its heirs, assigns, transferees, successors, trustees, franchises, agents, and employees;
  • We similarly claim and hold accountable all the deceptively named commercial entities which have directly infringed against our copyrights and trade names and trademarks including The United States of America (Inc.), the United States of America (Inc.), UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.), THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.), USA, USA, Inc., U.S.A., and all other forms, varieties, styles, and permutations of deceptively similar names designed to promote fraud and confusion and bring false claims against our assets; we object to these misrepresentations and infringements against our unregistered but firmly recorded copyrights guaranteed as of 9 September 1776 and by the 1790 Copyright Act and all subsequent acts. We possess by right and seize upon and hold all copyrighted works for hire, copyright and intellectual property agreements, legal conveyances of all kinds including conveyances of intellectual property and intellectual property rights, all related assignments, transfers, copyright clearance centers, securities holding companies, intellectual property agreements, copyright records in all forms, all registrations belonging to or pertaining to any form of the name United States of America however styled, however articled or prepositioned or abbreviated, in any medium and any language, contained in any data bases, treaties, forms, records, correspondences, receipts, accounts, Accounts, or ACCOUNTS together with any actual and beneficial interest vested in these records and documents and owed to the actual United States of America, its states, or its
  • Let it be known that The United States of America has never been bankrupt and neither have the united States of America. From 1860 to today, all so-called national bankruptcies established by bank treaties and trade treaties have involved territorial and municipal corporations which have embezzled the value of our labor and natural resources, absconded with our tax exemptions, hypothecated vast amounts of odious debt against our assets without our knowledge or consent and then sought bankruptcy relief for themselves—all the while using similar names deceits to trick the unwary into extending our credit to these foreign interlopers. This is our Notice to the Pope, to HRM Elizabeth II, to the United Nations Security Council, to the World Court, the World Intellectual Properties Organization (WIPO), to the Court of International Trade, to the Office of the Prosecutor at the Hague, and everyone else on this planet that these crimes have been perpetuated against us in gross Breach of Trust and Negligence and we are owed immediate relief. No pretense of debt or lack of credit can be allowed to impede the swift progress of relief owed to people on a worldwide

To that end, we, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors have authorized the conditional release of: (1) Reconciliation Credit equal to the entire World Debt; (2) Atonement Credit in a second equal portion to be made available to unincorporated businesses and people of good character who seek to accomplish positive aims in countries throughout the world; (3) Redemption Credit as a third  equal portion to form a permanent sinking fund against all future debts and defaults.

To qualify for forgiveness and reconciliation of all debts, banks must produce an audited accounting of all the debts they owe and all the debts owed to them, and must accept a new Universal Bank Charter as a Beneficial (B) Corporation.

We object to the existence of mindless for-profit-only enterprises which benefit from public insurance and legal tender laws while preying upon innocent people, flaunting their own lack of accountability, misrepresenting themselves as our agents, and then seeking bankruptcy protection and claiming limited liability of other kinds for themselves at our expense.


  • We acknowledge, accept and lay priority claim to the assets of all the technically bankrupt municipal and territorial government services organizations and the commercial corporations, foundations, co- operatives, and limited liability companies, public utilities, mutual funds, employee pension, and state of state investment funds, holding and book entry companies and corporations, operations companies, terminals, clearing houses, collection agencies, commercial banks, universities, securities exchanges, insurance corporations, commodity and securities markets, defense agencies and subcontractors together with all patents, trademarks, licenses, assignments, accessories, and copyrights which have been used to automate crimes against us and we object to the continued misuse of these processes anywhere in the world for any predatory, criminal or quasi-criminal purpose whatsoever—see related International Financing Statement;
  • We claim all Municipal COURTS, all Municipal COURT Buildings and Administrative Offices, all Municipal COURT Numbers, Cases, Titles, Deeds, Bonds, and Records, including SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA, PIMA COUNTY, No. 20121201 and all like cases by reference, all STATE OF STATE COURTS, all COUNTY COURTS, all records held by these courts, all STATE OF STATE STATUTES, all Territorial Courts, all Territorial Court Numbers, Cases, Bonds, Titles, Deeds, and Records, all Territorial Court Buildings and Administrative Offices, all copyrighted State of State Statutes, all Military, Admiralty, United States and Federal Postal Districts, all Codes belonging to or employed by these Districts, all Military, Admiralty, United States Districts and Federal Postal District COURTS, all Docket and Case Numbers, Cases, Titles, Deeds, Bonds and Records of all Military, Admiralty, United States District, and Federal Postal District COURTS, all corporate agency and administrative tribunals, all bonds, titles, deeds, numbers, cases, and records, all Administrative Codes and Regulations, all Census Data, all Land Recording and County and State Registration Office and Clerical Records. The facilities will enter and remain in the Public Domain under the control of the actual state governments. The  records will be secured and those pertaining to actual municipal and territorial citizens will be returned. We object to the massive mis-application of law and the promotion of injustice which has occurred under color of law in this country and we cancel all contracts, agreements, treaties, and other arrangements with the Bar Associations for cause;
  • We claim for the American states and people all natural tax exemptions, all tax-prepaid cargo and vessel credits owed, all the returns due from all tax shelters and generation skipping trusts and escrows attached to their ACCOUNTS, all unclaimed WWII veteran stock portfolios owed to individual people — the value of which will be returned to survivors or passed on to current day veterans in need if no direct heirs can be found—and we object to the policies and practices of omission and lack of disclosure that have prevented veterans and their survivors and many others from seeking and obtaining compensations during their lifetimes that were set aside for them as relief and remedy. It is an intolerable shame that many veterans have died in poverty when they were owed these funds and were simply never told anything about
  • In concert with the prior objection, we claim all common and preferred stock held in our names and estates, all air bills and bills of lading, all ballots, all proxies, all proxy assigns, proxy conveyances, transfers and conversions, vehicles including proxy vehicles and assigns, special purpose vehicles and special purpose entities, all names, all noms de plume and noms de guerre, our interest in all credit unions, all construction and transfer contracts, all industrial development and reconstruction funds, all mutual funds, all Master Merchant Accounts, all investment contracts and stock portfolios, all leases, all rents, all tax credits, all agricultural investments, all certificates, all beneficial and matured bonds, all beneficial liens, deeds, pooling agreements, enclosures, titles, set-asides, leases, encumbrances, and patents, all child and adult labor contracts, all public investment contracts and associated funds domestic and non-domestic, all fixtures naturally belonging to the American states and people, all public and publicly-held insurance policies, all commodity markets and exchanges, all regulatory agencies, all securities, including mortgages, savings bonds, 1040 bonds, derivatives, Series bonds, residential liens, lines of credit, lines of business, promissory notes, bank notes, certificates of all kinds, maps, charts, books, and works of art in the Public Domain, all public easements including railroad and highway right- of-ways, all land and property seized under claim of Eminent Domain, all Master Form financing statements, assets, property claims, liens, titles, registrations, recordings, deeds and records, all property seized under defaulted foreclosures, all assets and gain obtained as a result of civil asset seizures, all land held under federal management in the western states, all water and mineral resources and rights, including the soil and water conservation districts, inter-tidal zone and assets of the continental shelf extending to our current external sea borders, all sea lanes, all merchant vessels, all assets rightfully belonging to the American Armed Forces, all national, state, and county parks, all mining claims, all designated wetlands, and associated watersheds, regional aquifers and dams, all power generation and transmission utilities, all waste management and recycling corporations, all current inventory of supplies, products, and warehouse stocks held by municipal and territorial corporations, all vehicles and registered modes of transportation, all airfields, runways, terminal facilities, hangars, and associated warehouses, civilian and military docks, harbor facilities, dock warehouses, hospitals, hospices, schools, universities, post offices, post roads, postal warehouses, and postal equipment, records, vehicles, stamps, emblems, cancellation stamps, medallion stamps, notarial offices and equipment, and all property belonging to incorporated churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and religious fellowships– which will all be permitted to return to private non-taxable status without loss– all public buildings and auditoriums, all free trade zones, all radio stations and broadcast facilities, all television stations and broadcast facilities, all incorporated newspapers and magazine and internet communication corporations, all technical support corporations serving the computer, aerospace, transportation, oil transport, refinery, and fuel delivery industries, railroads, defense, health and construction industries, all federally-held agricultural, range, and wild  lands, all food processing and transport facilities, all museums, artifact and art collections, all mines and mining patents, all oil refining facilities, public trails, public libraries, historic sites, national monuments, lakes and freshwater shorelines, non-navigable rivers and streams, all fish and game native to our land, contracts and property and all assets of ours administered by Ginny Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sally Mae and all related programs, all Farm Credit and Federal Home Loan Bank, Housing and Urban Development, Federal Depository Insurance Corporation, National Federal Bank, Trust Co., Landmark Community, Federal Credit Union assets, Farm and Fisheries loans, Small Business Administration loans, accounts and assets, public grants administered by the National Science Foundation and NOAH and other agencies, all records and transactions and accounts administered by MERS, Nationsbank (Bank of America), MERS Corp Holdings, Inc., and all derivatives and subsidiaries, their assigns, successors and affiliates of these organizations and all their records pertaining to Americans and American assets, the records and forms and accounts administered by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Government Accounting Office (GAO), the various permutations of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency/OCC, the records and accounts of the Alien Property Custodian, the Government Land Office, and the Bureau of Land Management, all USDA, Rural Development, and Agricultural and Fisheries Banks accounts, programs, records and assets, all property, offices commissioned  and otherwise,  all assets and outposts of the American Armed Forces, their successors and assigns, and their portions of the US NAVY, United States Navy, USAF, United States Air Force, US ARMY and United States Army, all military posts, all armaments, all docks, all arsenals, all satellites and other space property, all national laboratory assets, all licenses of investment advisors, health care professionals, and others —– all these and more are to be returned to the control of The United States of America, our designated federal service providers, the states and the people to whom they legitimately belong.  We object to any presumption of actual federal material interest or true landlord status with respect to our land and soil — including presumption of ownership by any federated state-of-state or county– apart from a caretaker’s limited proprietary interest in assets that they have been allowed to manage for a time.
  • All businesses which wish to continue to function as corporations may do so under our charter provided that they pay a pro-rated insurance tax to off-set the public cost of indemnifying their operations and allowing for their bankruptcy protection, pay usage taxes for corporate enrichment resulting from the use of public resources and facilities including the use of the highway system for private profit, and accept the fact that they will always be subject to reasonable non-competitive regulation in the public interest to guarantee public safety. Businesses which wish to give up their corporate charters may do so without penalty and be released from corporate taxes and regulation, provided that they are accountable for any harm they cause. For most businesses this amounts to an end of federal income taxes and  reporting requirements, an end to state franchise taxes, an end to invasive regulatory agency oversight— but also an increase in private insurance costs and overall liability. We object to the wholesale forced entry of private businesses and private assets into the realm of commerce which has been contrived under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit by undeclared Foreign Agents employed by the Territorial and Municipal United States and we also object to the heavy penalties and arrests under Bills of Attainder and foreign warrants which are inflicted when the unwary people realize that they have been press-ganged  into the Queen’s Merchant Marine Service and object to this conscription. Neither the Municipal United States nor the Territorial United States have any plausible excuse for this inland piracy, racketeering, and extortionate mischaracterization of the American people and their private businesses and bank accounts as accounts belonging to public trusts or public transmitting utilities or any other form of public legal fiction entity. We cancel all such blanket presumption of enfranchisement, citizenship and taxpayer status now being routinely and universally enforced and attached to bank accounts and banking services, contrary to the truth and to the detriment of people who are actually engaged in private international trade and who never knew that they were being secretively conscripted and mis-identified and mis-characterized as foreign incorporated franchise entities engaged in international
  • We object to the use of personas and so-called strawmen and euphemistically described special purpose vehicles and special purpose entities to substitute for and otherwise represent living people, a practice akin to the employment of poppets used in black magic as a means of transference or as otherwise used as a proxy to convey interests and property beyond the veil when in fact the people owed their estate are very much alive and not disclaiming any part of their heritage; the coerced, non-disclosed, and non-consensual forced participation in such a system of ledger-of-the-hand is a profound violation of religious freedom, a gross presumption, and part of an outlawed system of unavoidable and inexorable debt, when in fact all debts in all jurisdictions have been

These abhorrent practices resulting in a form of institutionalized necromancy and rule by the living dead cannot be tolerated. These practices have never provided anything but a sophisticated vehicle for oppression and theft of life, energy, and assets, a form of death for the many for the self-glorification of a few. We cancel all subscriptions, all alliances, all treaties, all orders, all prescriptions, all titles, all exchanges, all assignments, all commissions, all insurances, all benefits, all enfranchisements, all registrations, all obligations, all agreements, all acquiescence, all natures, names, unearned benefits and gifts seeming to provide any consent or basis whatsoever for any living being born from the soil of any of the American states to be subrogated, redefined, seized upon, exploited, or abused in this manner and we define these practices as crimes of virulent fraud and paper genocide rather than any issue impairing private contracts or violating the right of religious freedom.

These practices have been recently and fully exposed and described by the Ambac Financial Group, Inc. / Ambac Assurance Corporation’s Securities and Exchange Commission 10.1 filings dated July 19, 2017, entered as a Rehabilitation Exit Support Agreement. After years of hearing executive public trust administrators deny the existence of these legal fiction entities plainly appearing on the face of court documents it is refreshing to find that not only are the perpetrators of this system fully cognizant of them, but admitting to their usage in fully described processes and SEC filings involving both senior and common stock securities owed to the American states and people.

These strawmen which are in fact account designations rendered in American Sign Language, also known as Dog Latin, deceptively appear to be the names of the victims styled in all capital letters. These are not names and not truly signs, but are account designations using an alphabetic form to confuse and deliberately misrepresent the nature of the so-called courts and the proceedings taking place in these administrative tribunals.

These quasi-military tribunals had their genesis in the summer of 1865 when ten military districts were formed to cover the eleven ruined Southern states of our Union and the military district commanders were allowed  to pick civilians to run these courts as revenue collectors otherwise known as Carpetbaggers.  The purpose of this was to further plunder the people of any valuable goods and to put a gloss of order and civility over an otherwise infamous practice of illegal mercenary warfare —all carried out on our shores in gross Breach of Trust and commercial service contract by the Grand Army of the Republic, its general staff and the shady European Principals backing their actions.

We object to any continuation of these quasi- military tribunals masquerading as the courts the American states and people are owed, and also object to the continued use of Dog Latin embedded contextually in any English language or foreign language paperwork in a manner calculated to deceive anyone.

In recent days those responsible for these outrages have begun using public transmitting utility debtor account designators that have only a middle initial as an identifier, for example: MARTIN K. FULLER.  If these were names, which they deceptively appear to be, they could not qualify as legal names for lack of specificity. This lack of specificity is being used as another layer of deceit allowing wanton theft and unauthorized redistribution of underlying assets. We object to all such conventions and practices being used to defraud and divest and alienate the living people on our shores from assets that they are naturally heir to and who are owed the full benefit of their life estates and inheritance. We cancel all foreign administrative and agency and municipal contracts related to these accounts which aim at any other result and direct all departments and agencies of the Territorial United States entrusted with the administration of these accounts to expedite return of these private assets to the benefit of the people to whom they are owed.

  • For over a hundred years we have endured a pernicious practice of pretending that we have a normal course of business in this country, when in fact no such normal course of business has existed in all that time. In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act exchanged our silver dollars for paper I.O.U’s. This inequitable theft and the confiscation of privately held American gold by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration count as the single greatest acts of theft in world history. In 1920 the Independent Treasury Act deprived us of our own national treasury and reduced our control over our own money to a mockery. Billions of actual dollars and untold natural resources and labor assets were embezzled from this country under the noses of people pretending to be our representatives. All the transactions and proposed contracts that have been offered to us by the banks and the Bar Associations since 1933 have been couched as fraudulent solicitations addressed to persons, not people. We object to this sophisticated lawlessness on the part of the banks and lawyers and deny all assertions seeking to defend.


Attorneys under actual obligation and oath to the quasi-military tribunals described above in item (26) have deceptively offered their services and used their positions of trust to inflict damage and deceitfully undermine their employers, while in fact serving undisclosed Principals—foreign corporate interests including banks and foreign governments and religious non-profit organizations run amok. The main function of the American Bar Association for the past nine decades has been to set up public trusts named after their victims and then find excuses to plunder those trusts, acting as secretive privateers while appearing to offer Good Faith counsel and licensed professional services.

The professional services the members of the Bar Associations have delivered on our shores are those of foreign privateers: fraud, plundering, pillaging, inland piracy, predation, extortion, human trafficking, kidnapping, enslavement, unlawful conversion and other strong-arm crimes, all under color of law, and until 2013 when Pope Francis finally stopped it, under the protection of foreign Letters of Marque.

A similar role has been played by the banks which have offered home loans and delivered future lease- purchase tenancy agreements under conditions of non-disclosure and usury instead, and by the title companies which have conveniently pretended that everyone in America is simply a resident passing through and/or a citizen obligated to serve either the Territorial or Municipal United States and therefore unable to actually take possession of the land– which pretension and presumption has allowed the title companies to usurp upon the actual landlords and guarantee false titles benefiting their own parent corporations instead.

We object to all these deceitful business practices and acts of destructive fraud on our shores and we hold the Bar Associations and their members accountable for practices detrimental to the lives of the American people and the prosperity of the American states— including deliberate institutionalized attacks on the substance of innocent non-combatant civilians without any due compensation delivered to the control and relief of those harmed, all in violation of international law and treaties the victims are owed.

We have determined an initial estimated calculation of the damages inflicted by the members of the Bar Associations since 1933 and set it at the equivalent of $279 trillion United States dollars rendered in gold, an estimation that the American and International Bar Associations have accepted and which acceptance has cured making it truth and law throughout the realm of international commerce, subject to collection and available as an asset in trade. This is only an initial estimate of damage against private holdings caused by the Bar Associations and their members. It does not include damage  to public assets and it  does not include any additional damages owed to individual estates and it does not go back, as yet, all the way to 1868 which is certainly allowed in the instance of probate fraud.

  • We extend leniency, peace, and forgiveness to all unincorporated governments, to all living people, and our steadfast Goodwill to all those who now recognize their errors and who wish to return to the lawful national land jurisdiction governments that are owed to them. In a sense all decent men who wish to live a peaceful, meaningful, productive life, who wish to be secure in their possession of what they work for and earn and justly inherit, who wish to be free of unreasonable government intrusion into their private lives, and who believe in the sanctity of our universal natural and unalienable rights —- all these people are Americans. The past 150 years have been a nightmare of ever-increasing government expense and control and criminal coercion, and this entire system of debt-based economics has been nothing but another nightmare leading to poverty, hunger, enslavement, ignorance, suffering, manipulation, and nearly constant war, war, war. We do not wish to heap up more misery for ourselves or anyone.

Accordingly, members of the Bar Associations will be eligible for amnesty upon: (1) reasonable proof of good character; (2) completion of a remedial course covering the Public Law, Constitution, American Common Law, American Government, and Public Accounting; (3) submission of an appropriate pro bono plan or other Community Service Plan; (4) a public apology for their part—unwitting or not—in the corruption of the courts and the attacks upon American civilians. Those who wish to continue careers in Admiralty or Maritime courts under conditions of peace will be allowed to do so. Those who wish to start new careers as justices and counselors will be welcome. Anyone else will be shown the door.

Recoupment of the damages that have been wrought upon the American states and people by the Bar Associations will not be mindlessly or cruelly applied to individuals, but will be addressed to the Bar Associations, their employers, underwriters, expediters, and corporate interests responsible for corrupting the courts and benefiting themselves from the proceeds.

Declaration of Land Jurisdiction Government Pre-Eminence

This Declaration is incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. Some people see the return to land-based national governments as a step back into, as Karen Hudes put it, “the Dark Ages”—- a retreat back to narrow visions and oppressive social institutions and robber barons running roughshod over everyone and everything. We have very nearly come to that same end via all the modern conveniences of integrated circuitry and computer systems resulting, again, in Commercial Feudalism. The only difference is that this system of oppression has been promoted by sleek, secretive interlocking trust directorates and patented business processes controlled by trademarks.

Clearly, if the world is going to find a true and lasting way forward, it must come not only with a change of systems– a change in how we view and use money, a change in our political processes and assumptions, a change in the way we do business—but more importantly, a change in ourselves, a change in our thinking, a change in our values and assumptions, which will allow Mankind as a whole to move forward beyond feudalism –beyond the oppression of political gangs and beyond the control of rich  elitists milking the life out of other men in exactly the same fashion as a parasite drains the substance from a host. It matters not what country we come from, what race we come from, what culture we come from—we can all observe the Old Evil with a New Face in our midst—and we all have a vested interest  in putting an end to it.

So to the internationalists and globalists among us who see our return to land jurisdiction government as a step backward, it’s not the jurisdiction of a government that makes anyone backward. It’s what we do with that jurisdiction and that government— whether we use it for peace or for violence, for justice or injustice, for selfishness or sharing. The American Idea that people, even poor people, each have natural and unalienable rights, only lasted for about eighty years before the feudal powers of Europe conspired to act in Breach of Trust and undermine it. In the 150 years since then all the world has managed to do is automate the same old weary enslavement and birth a new brand of the same old nastiness.

We, the actual Americans, are going home and cleaning house. We invite everyone to do the same. We are done with feudalism, come what may. If our belief in individual rights and freedom is naïve, if our trust in goodness is only gullibility, if all our best efforts come to nothing— at least we will have tried something different, a grand experiment to see what Mankind can achieve and what free men and women can be. We object to all interference and attempts to manipulate the results of our experiment.

Declaration Regarding Ad Valorem Taxes and Stamp Duties, Taxes on Share Transfers, Section 75 of the Stamp Duties Consolidation Act of 1999:

This Declaration is incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. We raise the “1” flag before the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Euroclear UK and Ireland, Ltd. and we invoke the principals of Mutual Offset Credit Exchange to cover any and all stamp taxes that may be owed by any American state or American vessel operating in any venue of international trade, commerce, or in any digital or quantum medium, and we establish now an equal and reciprocal tax upon British goods and services and transfers of value to be maintained until a hundred years after the last blood cord heir of Benjamin Belcher is proven to be deceased in fact. There should never be any balance owed in any of these accounts and no excuse for the process of any international warrants related to these territorial taxes.

Declaration Regarding Authorities

This Declaration Regarding Authorities is incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. The United States of America (Unincorporated) holds all powers vested in international jurisdiction by the organic American states and people as of 9th September 1776. It is from this body and body politic that powers in international jurisdiction were delegated to His Royal Majesty, King George III, as a result of settlements reached and memorialized as The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783. The Holder in Due Course of both The Great Seal of The United States of America and The Great Seal of The United States in delegation was Colonel William Belcher, a free sovereign in both England and France, and James Clinton Belcher is his lawful heir.

As the lawful Head of State acting in the international jurisdiction for The United States of America (Unincorporated) James Clinton Belcher is empowered to freely exercise all powers reserved under the Tenth Amendment and to direct all powers delegated to The United States by and through its heirs, assigns, successors, agents, corporate officers and elected officials without reservation.

It is also within the powers of the Head of State to oversee performance of contractual duties by the United States and to take such action as is necessary to preserve the continuity of government and the security of the actual Constitution. To that end and to silence false claims of interregnum and to uphold the principles and aims of the civilian government owed to the states and people of this country, the lawful Head of State has retained the seat of government in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has re-issued timely Sovereign Letters Patent, has arranged for the peaceful transition and re-venue of the government back to the land jurisdiction, has retained the lawful money known as the United States Dollar which is a known unitary measure of fine silver, has established service agreements in accord with the actual Constitution with the American Native Nations to be our new federal service providers, has negotiated and approved a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty allowing all people born on the land to return home, has established two viable international trade banks with more on the way to serve the needs of the American states and people, has launched an American Asset Recovery Program to identify and retrieve American assets that have been scattered and purloined, has established sovereign liens to secure the rights and assets of the American states and people, and has faithfully preserved and advanced and upheld and served the government owed to the American states and people.

Although the existence of an American Head of State has been veiled from the public, it has nonetheless been a reality in the international jurisdiction since the founding of this country, and the provenance of both the Great Seals of The United States of America and The United States are self-evident physical emblems of the Belle Chers, free sovereigns in England since 1087 A.D., free sovereigns in France since the founding of the ancient Kingdoms of Benoic and Gaul. This provision, however distasteful to the egalitarian instinct and tradition of the Belle Cher family, which is to see every man as a king and as a Child of God and every home as a kingdom, was a necessary part of the world government at the time of the Founding of the American Republics.

In the current difficulties occasioned by worldwide criminality and abdication of responsibility, this back- stop hereditary international-level government has continued to function and to provide for the needs of The United States of America, its member states, and its people. We look forward to better days to come for our country and for the world, the entire restoration of the lawful land jurisdiction government that our country and all other countries are owed, and the seating of a competent American Continental Congress.

Declaration Regarding Seizure of Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

This Declaration Regarding Seizure of Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents is fully incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum.

Whereas King George III of England, his heirs, successors, assigns and trustees were entrusted to honorably exercise certain powers in behalf of the unincorporated United States of America, the American states, and the American people, and these powers included powers in commerce allowing the existence of the United States Copyright Office and the United States Trademark and Patent Office, and the issuance of copyrights, trademarks, and patents generally, and these are all delegated powers that have been abused and used to promote crime on our shores and throughout the world, we have seized and placed liens upon a large number of the key offending copyrights, trademarks, and patents. We have also placed a substantive and now cured lien against the key parties responsible for creating and implementing the offending copyrights, trademarks, and patents and for collecting the resulting unjust enrichments—the American and International Bar Associations, their members, underwriters, and expediters.

While it is known that the Bar Associations have acted as bill collectors for Rome since the Second Century BC, and as it is also known that the Office of the Roman Pontiff represents the threshold or bar between the living people and the dead corporations that have been spawned and defined by the Roman Curia, the ways and means of these secular organizations hiding within the Roman Catholic Church have become exceedingly complex and sophisticated. Our research into the matter has shown that the evils and oppressions of modern feudalism have been exercised via infringement of copyrights and the abuse of trademarks and patents and that these evils have been secretively enlarged upon so that they now encompass the entire known world.

The original hub for this crime syndicate was the Middle East, but it has moved steadily westward over time. We have tracked its movement for the past thousand years from Rome to France, from France to England, Ireland, and Scotland circa 1300, to America circa 1700, and now to China. Like a parasite, this secretive organization for which the Bar Associations act as front men and foot soldiers, acts under color of law and by a process of co-opting the national governments and governmental authorities via manipulation of money and credit resources; once established, the parasite quietly eats the substance out of the population via taxations and manipulation of the currency and commodity markets, and then moves on, taking the wealth accumulated on to the next host and using it as the bribe to insinuate into the next target government.  We are seeing that process of re-establishment taking place in China right now.

The oppressions of this system of fraud and its automation pose a catastrophic threat to life and the quality of life on this planet. We must now recognize it for what it is, and put an end to it, and all decent men and women are called upon to join the effort.

The essence of the harm done is identity theft accomplished by infringement against the Common Law copyright of given names, followed by mischaracterization and the practices of impersonation, personage, and barratry. Many forms of more familiar crimes are then also employed to sustain and benefit the overall collection process— keeping double sets of accounts, stealing tax shelters, embezzlement, the creation of monopoly interests, rigging of commodity markets, extortion, war for profit, slavery, kidnapping, human trafficking, child labor, drug running, and more lines of criminal business are established and used to enhance the revenue streams of the masterminds at the top of the pyramid scheme.

What we have done in establishing and publishing these liens and seizures should not be mistaken as any complete remedy, nor should these actions be mistaken as punitive in the ordinary sense of the word. These evils are being visited upon all of us via a complex process that is enforced via the establishment of public trusts, legal tender laws, copyrights, patents, and trademarks, all shepherded by members of the Bar Associations. To put an end to this evil requires that the members of the Bar Associations be discouraged from continuing their perverse activities and that the process itself be up-ended by the seizure, lien, and removal and/or amendment of the false copyrights and harmful patents and trademarks to create a beneficial result in which corporations bear the cost of their own insurance and governments are funded from long term profits, not by plundering public trusts belonging to individual people.

We regret that we have not had the time and the resources to achieve the desired result in a surgical and precise fashion. Rather, we have been obliged to exercise a broad brush and focus on known point  sources and participants, leaving it to individuals to claim amnesty and to take action appropriate to their own circumstance. Many innocent parties and even innocent corporations may be included in the net we have cast, but that cannot be helped at this time; the Greater Good owed to all the Earth demands a halt to these practices and the establishment of corrective oversight.

We highly recommend that members of the Bar Associations voluntarily register as Foreign Agents and stand ready to account for their actions, or tear up their Bar cards and leave these organizations so as to avoid prosecution, confiscation of assets, and/or incarceration for mercenary crimes against humanity.

We are not interested in vengeance. We recognize that many members of the Bar Associations have been totally unaware of these crimes being engineered via copyright infringement, trademarks, and patents, unaware that they were plundering public trusts in the name of corporate greed, and even unaware that they have been trespassing on the land jurisdiction government owed to the people of this country. Indeed, this evil could not exist if it were not hidden from view, hidden from the public, hidden from the American military, and yes, hidden from most of the people who are responsible for the existence,  upkeep, and operation of this vast, interlocking fraud machine.

A process of compartmentalization and a need-to-know mentality has kept the purpose and even the existence of these automated criminal operations obscured. It has even sometimes been protected under the guise of national security, while in fact undermining national security.

The seizure and lien of these many, many patents, trademarks and copyrights, and the lien against the Bar Associations, should not be misconstrued as something to panic over. The sum total of asset value is unaffected. We have the manpower and resources to get to the bottom of this and many of the assets will be released as the investigation continues and the focus narrows. Some banks and brokerages may be placed under new management or liquidated. Some attorneys and bankers may be subject to loss of their assets and some may be jailed. A great many people will need to be questioned and several lines of investigation will need to be pursued.

The operators of this system are relatively few, and even fewer of these actually know that what they are doing is wrong. As a result, the focus must be on educating everyone, on derailing the fraud process and at the same time, providing a monetary and judicial system that works.

We are placing this information and the practical results of our initial investigation firmly in the public view and taking action to secure the most obvious key patents, trademarks, and copyrights that are used to create, control, and direct the flow of ill-gotten gain. A large commercial lien package is being registered with the appropriate international servicers and copies of this publication and the lien package are being distributed via email and registered mail and posted on the worldwide web. The Principals responsible

down to the level of State Secretaries of State and State Attorney Generals are being informed. President Trump, the Joint Chiefs, US Attorney General, and the United Nations Secretary General are also being informed.

We, by our delegation of powers, created the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the United States Copyright Office; we established the copyrights, patents and trademarks for their lawful exercise benefiting inventors and artists and promoting and rewarding creative enterprise. It  was  never  the purpose of these instruments nor our intention in creating them to reward and protect the interests of criminals engaged in creating systems designed to enslave, kidnap, surveil, oppress, murder, defraud or otherwise harm other people and their assets in disrespect of their natural rights and prerogatives. These current unnatural and unlawful practices and their protection via the infringement of Common Law copyrights and the abuse of trademarks and patents was never anticipated.

A further intention of ours in delegating our power and allowing the functions of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the United States Copyright Office and their successors was to protect consumers from flawed, harmful, or unlawful processes and products.

As we created these copyrights, patents, and trademarks via the delegation of our powers we are enabled to restrict, rescind, recapture, seize-upon, amend, distribute, alter, or destroy them at will. Our seizure, receipt, and control of the patents and trademarks and trademark assignments listed as part of our lien process against the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association, their insurers, and their expediters, should not at this time be taken as a Point of Law or accusation of guilt against the patent or trademark owners or assignees per se, but rather as a commercial process intended to stop the mechanized, institutionalized, and protected promotion of the crimes actually resulting from the employment and interaction of these patented and trademarked products and processes, and to also provide for the recoupment of assets owed to The United States of America, the American states, and people worldwide, which have been purloined and embezzled and otherwise employed for the non- consensual benefit of Third Parties.

Declaration Regarding Local Government

This Declaration is incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. Our system of government depends upon delegation of power from the living people to the local government structures which may be described as parishes in Louisiana, townships in Maine, or counties in Montana. All these primary local government structures are of paramount importance in delivery of the services and protections that the people of this country are owed, and also as instruments of the peace and rightful control of resources entrusted to our public elected officials and employees. As such, in our system of governance, local government holds the most power, not the least, and is closest to the inherent power of the people giving rise to all government.

All variations of local land jurisdiction government are unincorporated and stem directly from local jural assemblies formed by the people living within the geographically defined borders of each parish, township, or county. Members of the local jural assemblies are understood to be natives or naturalized members of the assemblies claiming their domicile on the land of the geographically defined state where they live. Those who have attained the age of majority and who are otherwise fit are by definition also members of the state militia and the jury pool. No incorporated entity of any kind or provenance has any power generally over-standing the unincorporated land jurisdiction government within each county and state.

Declaration of Law and Monetary Standards

This Declaration is incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. The Public Law of The United States of America is the American Common Law, not to be confused with or substituted by any other form of common law including British Common Law or Martial Common Law which may in certain circumstances be present but may not be applied generally to the American states or people upon any presumption of dual citizenship and which must be clearly and explicitly disclosed when operating on the land.

Our form of money is the American also known as United States Silver Dollar. It is an established weight measure of a stipulated fine grade of silver. Any and all other asset backed currencies or securities or forms of money translate to our standard for the purposes of exchange.

Declaration Regarding American Armed Forces

This Declaration is incorporated and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum. We object to our Armed Forces being deployed, assigned, or obligated to in any way support or defend criminality of any kind. We release all Americans born on the actual soil of the American states from any and all oaths or other contractual commitments verbal or written that seem to obligate them to obey any immoral or unlawful order in behalf of our government or any government that exists as a result of our delegation of powers.

We have done our duty to report and oppose crime and keep the peace; the further responsibility now lays on the leaders of other world governments, most especially the government of China, which the parasites have targeted as their next victim, and the Generals responsible for the Territorial United States.

Order of the Day

This Order is incorporated into and made part of this Proclamation in Addendum: (1) Return of Reversionary Trust Interest; we are ready to receive the reversionary trust interests owed to us from the United States Attorney General and the State Attorney Generals and Governors and specifically from the Attorney General’s Office of Charitable Trust established in every county and from the Head of the Civil Division Services Office thereof and from all United States Trustees of whatever station and nation who may hold any interest or asset belonging to The United States of America (unincorporated) its member states and people, the prompt and complete and unobstructed return of all assets material and immaterial in any way whatsoever made part of or attached to or derived from our presumed- to-be escheated alien estates and held as credits, escrows, insurances, deeds, titles, lease-repurchase agreements, gifts, generation skipping trusts, unclaimed private and public stock portfolios of both common and preferred stock investments, public trusts, land trusts, mortgages, escrows, rents, leases, derivatives, land descriptions, homesteads, land parcels, rolling stocks, commodities, banks, brokerages, credit unions, harbors, docks, customs houses, post offices, court buildings and annexes, land, soil, improvements, habitations, buildings, installations, factories, mills, utilities, railroads, easements, natural resources, parks and managed land and mineral resources, labor and construction contracts, reversionary trust interests, Master Files, Master Form claims, titles, copyrights, trademarks, patents, Service Marks, warrants, residual estate interests, matured and immature beneficial stocks and bonds, tax exemptions, pre-payments, and tax sheltered funds, pensions, debentures, current bills of lading, offices, records, accounts, lines of business, joint ventures, internally and externally managed investment funds, departments, divisions, municipalities, boroughs,   corporations,   franchises,   subsidiaries,   associates,   accessories,   limited   liability

companies and corporations, agencies, agency contracts, cooperatives, public foundations, public trusts, public utilities including public transmitting utilities, conveyances, all intellectual  property, all licenses, assignments, and intellectual property agreements and assignments, performance bonds, performance contracts, bid bonds, payment bonds except those already in  our possession, insurance certificates, indemnity certificates and receipts, logos, trade names, census and other records and data, sponsors and sponsoring organizations, asset-backed  securities and currencies owed to us, all trade-dress and emblems and seals and accounts rightfully belonging to our offices and courts, all masked works including masked seals, all indemnifications and security interests established by treaty and commercial contract benefiting the American states and people, and all other such accrued inheritances, rents, leases,  promotions, commissions, coupons, warrants, patents, copyrights, trademarks, vouchers, and material and immaterial assets existing in any jurisdiction whatsoever in which these officers and trustees have administered our affairs or consigned our assets since 1851.

We consider validation of federal citizenship to include proof of contract under conditions of full disclosure of all citizenship obligations in the presence of competent Witnesses, proof of life, proof of federal employment including job descriptions, applications, name of supervisor, cancelled payroll checks and similar actual, factual knowing and consensual federal employment or similar proof of fully disclosed, unambiguous, knowing and voluntary federal dependency, plus a signed wet-ink maritime contract expressing an explicit meeting of the minds, equitable consideration, and including a fully defined and enforceable exit clause;

  • Return of Reversionary Trust Interest from the United States Secretary of the Treasury, now Governor of the IMF/International Monetary Fund and associated banks of all the precious metals, trust accounts, escrows, coinage, certificates, and other actual assets, securities, matured bonds, credit and other paper assets rightfully owed to the American states and people, not necessarily by physical delivery but upon a sure and complete accounting due and rendered to the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors along with access to our public and private accounts in order to ensure accurate service and oversight providing reconciliation of records, settlement of accounts, and disbursement of appropriate accessible credit to the accounts owed to the American states and people;
  • Mutual Off-Set Credit Exchange of any and all debts currently existing between our states and other countries;
  • Reconciliation — submission of debts for permanent Forgiveness;
  • Atonement — generation of interest-free loans to unincorporated businesses and people of good character;
  • Redemption— payment of all remaining warrants, stray taxes, and debt defaults;
  • Submission of applications for commercial debt forgiveness;
  • Submission of applications from former (now technically bankrupt) Central Banks for a Universal Charter as a B Corporation, preparatory to re-funding;


  • Issuance of Public-Private Keys (PKIs);
  • Issuance of Credit owed to provide payment of pensions, social security obligations, disability assistance, public assistance, and other obligations of the bankrupt organizations which must be met;
  • Issuance of Credit owed to provide for restoration of our local county jural assemblies and town hall facilities;
  • Issuance of Credit owed to allow the re-vesting and restructuring of county and state government and re-direction/re-tasking of federal agency contractors and international organizations operating on our shores:
    • FBI – investigation and prosecution of interstate commercial crimes, especially interstate banking crimes, securities fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering, human trafficking, and trust violations—these are your duties and they have been sadly neglected;
    • IRS — investigation of misapplied corporate tax shelters and improper transfers of tax benefits and exemptions, reform of the withholding agent system, public education, return of private assets seized under false presumptions;
    • BATF – research and scrub all false dossiers and Master File information, translate the coded files into plain English, be sure that only federal citizens are included in this system, turn over stockpiles of weapons to the local state national guard authorities;
    • Social Security – identify all Americans who have wrongly been conscripted into a federal employee retirement program and separate out their accounts from those of actual federal employees;
    • FEMA – turn over stockpiles of weapons to local state national guard authorities and transition all FEMA resettlement centers to local control, focus on effective disaster preparedness and prompt relief deployment in the event of a disaster;
    • DHS/NSA – stop uniform surveillance activities that include snooping into the private emails and phone calls of average Americans; restrict your activities to foreign agents, federal employees, and those individuals that you have cause to investigate based on factual compelling evidence.
    • CIA – stop the money laundering, human trafficking, black ops in support of illegal activities, foreign interventionism, arms smuggling, false flags, and all related activities. Your job, and it is your only job, is to serve as a faithful watchdog in the international venue, guaranteeing the safety and security of Americans and the American government, and helping to prevent international crime —which does imply not participating in
    • US MARSHALS – you are supposed to be serving as the highest international land jurisdiction peacekeeping officers, protecting our post offices and postal workers and working with the FBI to prevent interstate crime including bank fraud and counterfeiting, human trafficking, transport of illegal substances across state lines, bank robbery, , and with the

Coast Guard to prevent inland piracy, international smuggling, and similar crimes. Do your jobs or lose them.

  • INTERPOL – to the extent that officers like the Secretary of the Treasury and the US Attorney General are allowed on our shores, they need to recall their actual mission of preventing international crime syndicates from trespassing against national governments. This includes the misuse and abuse of international patent processes and data bases to promote  identity theft of entire populations, bank and credit fraud, improper lock-downs of national assets so that the perpetrators can benefit from trading upon assets that don’t belong to them, issuance of falsified passports, and numerous other crimes that are central fixtures of the Great Fraud that has been perpetuated against us and virtually every other country in the world. If Interpol does not wish to be viewed as part of the problem, Interpol needs to take action against these known evils.
  • UN– Little known to average people worldwide, the UN Corporation is not the United Nations organization chartered in 1945. It’s time for that confusion to be cleared up and for UN personnel to vacate our shores. We have enough home-grown mercenaries without importing more.
  • USPS – The United States Postal Service has functioned primarily as a Territorial and Municipal domestic mail service and the responsibilities owed to the actual United States of America have been neglected based on inappropriate presumptions regarding identity, residency, and the reach of federal authority. Correct accordingly and honor the exemptions and postal rates owed to actual states and
  • US ARMY, USAF, US NAVY, PENTAGON – you are on our payroll; act like
  • US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, Pentagon – you are on our payroll; act like

(n)    Census Bureau – The census is supposed to be a head count, not a data mining operation. Restrict your activities accordingly and secure any inappropriate data already  collected to protect the privacy of the people you have presumed upon.

  • SEC – No other federal agency has failed so completely as the SEC, which has been mis-directed in virtually every aspect of its operations. Your job is to make sure that a valid asset and security interest exists, that the actual owners are consensually part of the transaction, and that the securities are properly exchanged. Functioning as a politicized gatekeeper acting in self-interested restraint of trade on one hand and rubber stamping transactions for your buddies with the other hand cannot continue.  Get straight or shut
  • US TREASURY, US DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, UNITED STATES TREASURY, Department of the Treasury, United States Department of the Treasury, and so on – there hasn’t been an actual, factual public entity operating under any of these names since 1924. Instead we have had federal agency contractors such as yourselves, operating as foreign private bill collectors for the Municipal United States and Territorial United States under color of law on our shores. Stop it. There is one actual Treasury Account in this country and it belongs  to us.   Your authority to  collect  bills applies  only to  actual United  States Citizens or citizens of the United States, and instead, you have been roaming about like wolves attacking  and collecting indiscriminately from everyone in sight. This unconscionable racketeering and the false legal presumptions allowing it are at an end. From now on, your job is to return credit and value embezzled from the American states and people. There will be no need in the new paradigm to collect or impose taxes from anyone. Consider any and all enforcement powers resulting from private bank treaties and tax treaties terminated on our shores.
  • USPTO and US Copyright Office – begin immediate review of all patents, tradenames, trademarks, and copyrights that have been used or abused to promote or facilitate crime of any kind. This includes review of process and design patents and trademark assignments. This specifically and especially includes review of patents we have placed liens upon as part of the bankruptcy settlement and damage recoupment process. These patents and trademarks have been selected because they are suspected of being used to promote identity theft, unlawful conversion of assets, inland piracy, kidnapping, human trafficking, unlawful securities trading and transactions, commodity market manipulation, restraint of trade, monopoly inducement, and a host of other crimes that are adversely impacting the entire world population, including
  • DEPARTMENTS— According to recent reports from the United States Congress, there are twelve separate DEPARTMENTS being independently run as subcontractors of the Municipal UNITED STATES, which are being limped along under the pretense that these are separate businesses and not directly subject to the bankruptcy of their parent corporation. As a result, all these DEPARTMENTS are independent private contractors of the Territorial United States, and we might as well call these DEPARTMENTS by private business names— Jeffrey Session’s DOJ Theater Company, for example. These entities have no authority related to the American states or people. They are foreign in every sense of the word and they have been usurping authority under color of law and trespassing upon our shores. We order them to be posted as private contractors, so that Americans can finally see who and what they are dealing with, and not go on assuming that these foreign subcontractors are part of their lawful government.
  • JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF – heirs and successors – much of the misery in this country and throughout the world for the past 150 years has been accomplished as a direct result of the failure of your predecessors to do the right thing. Instead, the Union Generals of the Civil War Era decided to go into business for themselves, to usurp upon the people who employed them, to engaged in war-for-profit and plunder, and to pretend that they were patiently waiting for the return of the civil government while doing in fact everything possible to forestall that possibility. Despite everything, Gentlemen, the American states and people are back and breathing down your necks. It is your duty—morally, legally, contractually, and lawfully— to accept the resumption of civilian land jurisdiction government, to accept the actual Head of State’s declaration of peace, and to –however much you venerate and love the Stars and Stripes – fly the civil peacetime

The flag with vertical stripes shown on the face of the accompanying Declaration of Flag/Conveyance of the Abeyance/End of Presumed Interregnum is the peacetime flag of the

lawful civilian government owed to the American states and people. It has flown for only 20 out of 241 years, largely as a result of interference, meddling, Breach of Trust, and criminality on the part of European interests which have taken full advantage of American gullibility and trust, spilled our blood, and robbed us blind.  They’ve kept us constantly at war.

As you more visibly take up the reins of the Territorial United States, please realize that this is not the government that you are under contract to protect and defend. It’s our government that is owed your loyalty and due diligence. It is also important to realize that although the Territorial United States has come to a well-deserved bankruptcy and has been displaced for cause as our primary service provider; the actual United States of America is still here, still waiting for you to come home, still waiting for you to wake up, and still able to pay the bills.

We support our veterans and will pay their pensions; indeed, we plan to greatly expand the range of services and assistance and support that retired military personnel receive. We also plan to  turn our military – not into a peacetime army, but an army for peace. We will use your vast technological and engineering and strategic deployment skills to bring healing to America and the rest of the world. The time for beating swords into plowshares has come, but that does not mean that you are suddenly on the shelf and obsolete. It means that you will be unleashed and tasked to fight the real enemies of mankind— ignorance, disease, hunger, pollution, and so much more.

If you agree that these are the true and worthy battles that we must face, then take your stand with the American states and people. Help restore Main Street.  Bring back the safe public  parks, the clear rivers, and the happy school yards that at least some of you remember. Build, instead of destroy. Once America is on its way forward, there will be plenty of opportunity to engage the actual enemies beyond our borders—- vast international pollution clean-up projects, exciting deployments of new technologies, water wells to drill, farm fields to rescue and rehabilitate, dams to build, and new horizons of space travel and physics opening up.

Come home. Accept the peace. You will be welcomed and you will be cared for and you will go on to do great things for your homeland and for the world. Guaranteed.

  • The actual United States of America is a peaceful country that hasn’t made war or operated outside its borders in a 150 years. Our sin has been trust and complacency and faith  that common sense and actual self-interest must eventually prevail. The true self-interest of our people and of all people on this planet is peace and prosperity and an end of criminality. There is, after all, no reason to pay for or support any government that doesn’t protect and serve, and which instead acts as a predator and

This is as true in China and Russia and South Africa and Belgium and Lapland and Saudi Arabia as it is here. Among all the other corrections that need to be made, there is no other action more important or more pressing than to re-educate ourselves about the true purpose of government and our own responsibility to govern ourselves. This is the action that we have taken, which we expect all our employees to take, and which we invite all people around the world to engage in.

The evils of Feudalism in the Dark Ages pale in comparison to the threat that automated Commercial Feudalism presents to all life on this planet at the present time. We are doing our part to end it, but reforming the B.E.A.S.T. will require worldwide awareness, devoted action, and far greater vigilance against the creeping dangers of automated feudalism and colonialism seamlessly delivered with a computer date stamp, IP number, and quantum chip. We left feudalism and colonialism behind a long time ago, and we have been loath to come forward and deal with these issues in the Office of Head of State; nonetheless, it is apparent that this had to be done; it is also further proof that those who least desire power exercise it best and that we will all be better off when we realize our limitations and humbly bow our knees — not to each other — but to the True and Living God, instead.

So it is said and so it is done by my hand and seal and under the lawful and honorable peacetime flag of the actual United States and under the authority vested in me as the Hereditary Head of State for The United States of America and Keeper of the Great Seals:

By:  James Clinton                                                                     Head of State The United States of America (Unincorporated)




The Shadow Government Testimony

October 23rd, 2017 by


By Anna Von Reitz

We do affirm that to the best of our knowledge and belief, every word of this testimony is true, correct, and placed upon the public record: 


Everyone is talking about the “Shadow Government” and “Dark Government” and “Shadow Forces”.  Let’s peel off all the cloak and dagger nonsense and shine a bright light and see what is really hiding under the bed and how it got there. 


This all began with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his corporate office as “President” of the United States of America, Inc. 


He bankrupted a territorial corporation that infringed upon our unincorporated Trade Name “United States of America” — simply named itself after our unincorporated land jurisdiction government,  and then created franchises for itself named after our states — “State of Michigan” for example.  The fraud artists even created franchises named after all the living Americans by arbitrarily “redefining” their Trade Names as U.S. Foreign Situs Trusts operated as corporate franchises–and all without consent, disclosure, or equitable consideration, all based on false claims of authority and non-existent battlefields and wars and emergency powers never granted to these charlatans.  


John Maynard Doe = the Given Trade Name of an American baby, but….

John Maynard Doe can also = the name of a Territorial United States Foreign Situs Trust


Which is which?  And who is to know the difference?  It is an obvious constructive fraud based on deceptively similar names. 


FDR just winked and “presumed” that we were all “United States Citizens” and that our Given Trade Names were actually the names of Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts instead.   And on that basis, the Creditors of the United States of America, Inc., were allowed to harass us and bill us for the debts of our house servants. 


[Mr. Obama just pulled the same basic trick.  He created bankrupt PUBLIC TRANSMITTING UTILITIES named after all of you, all using ACCOUNT designations like this:  JOHN Q. PUBLIC.  They are attempting to pull the same scam again, only on a global scale. ] 


And then, by a process of “debt assumption” FDR and his administration and the creditors of their private, mostly foreign-owned corporation, foisted their debts off onto the innocent American public.  


They basically sent out bills addressed to their franchises that appeared to be addressed to the living people of the same name, and those same living people innocently paid all these bills that weren’t actually theirs to pay.  


And the lawyers, who have all taken oaths to “support the bankruptcy”— most of whom don’t even know that the bankruptcy they took an oath to support is long since over, and that a new round of fraud is being booted up— are expediting and enforcing and contributing to this fraud and lawlessness.  


How could such a thing be?  Well, it is rooted in the actions of the present Queen of England’s Father and Uncle, and in FDR’s actions back in the 1930’s.  


In 1935, FDR created The Federal Register Act.  It was codified as Title 3, Section 301, et seq. by Executive Order.  He gave himself the power to create federal agencies, to appoint the heads of those agencies, and to give those agencies the power to tax and regulate federal citizens. This is the Shadow Government.  


As the President of any incorporated entity does not have the power to create law directly affecting or obligating the unincorporated American states or people, we may be sure that these actions by FDR pertained only to the operations of the federal territorial and municipal corporations and their employees –which are now in the process of liquidation and Chapter 11 Reorganization.  Again. 


Next, FDR re-delegated his ability to make federal “laws” known as “statutory regulations” to the agency heads and which is private, corporate, statutory law dreamed up by The National Law Institute.  


Again, under the actual Constitution, re-delegation of delegated authority is a felony-level Breach of Trust, so we may be sure that none of these actions were undertaken with respect to the actual American states and people.  The only ones subject to the rule of the Shadow Government of the Agencies are federal citizens, who are obligated to obey every title and jot, just as they are obligated to pay federal income taxes, are subject to unlawful Bills of Attainder, and all the rest.  


All this goes along uninterrupted as private corporate business affairs that are– at least on paper– not supposed to affect us or our states, unless we volunteer to donate our property to the cause, which of course we never do, but which the corporate franchise managers appear to do “for” us, when they pledge “the good faith and credit” of their “states and the citizenry thereof”. 


Please note the language.  When they talk about “their states” they are talking about the Territorial or Municipal States of States or STATES OF STATES or….. their franchise organizations, and when they talk about the “citizenry thereof” they are talking about their employees and dependents and political asylum seekers, etc., that are obligated to obey their every whim.  Not us. 


But they “presumed” that we would “volunteer” and donate our assets as “sureties” backing their debts, and so, for the next 66 years, via an undisclosed process of odious debt assumption promoted via an equally undisclosed practice of personage against the unwary Americans, we all paid taxes we didn’t owe and mortgages we didn’t owe, and we made to obey foreign statutory laws that actually have nothing to do with us.  


And now they are trying to boot it up on a global scale and pull off the same constructive fraud scheme again.  


In 1999 the old bankruptcy finally settled and our Trade Names, which the Federales falsely claimed were U.S. Foreign Situs Trusts, were released. The formerly and merely “presumed to be” bankrupt entities were set free, albeit, left adrift in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  That’s how your good honest Christian Trade Names came to be converted into the names of “presumed” U.S. Foreign Situs Trusts and  “abandoned” in the foreign jurisdiction of the sea, and this is the reason that Queen Bess called them “disregarded entities”.  


This brings up the issue of the responsibility of the British Monarch for this circumstance, which can only result from Gross Negligence and felony-level Breach of Trust on her part with respect to re-delegation of delegated powers.

At the end of the day, the Stench of all this comes back and lands on the Queen’s lap, because the British Monarchs are obligated to act as our Trustees on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways and none of this chicanery should have ever been allowed.  


No re-delegation allowed to the Congress, either Territorial or Municipal.  No re-delegation allowed to the President.   No re-delegation allowed to the Federal Reserve.  And certainly no re-delegation of our delegated authority to any politically appointed heads of any federal corporation agencies or subcontractors. 


What these fraud artists have justified as merely private business operations of an incorporated entity like any other incorporated entity on the face of the Earth, have in fact been misrepresented as the prerogatives and actions of a sovereign government— a sovereign government which still exists and which holds Queen Elizabeth II responsible for usurping upon the position of the actual American Head of State and for abuse of the Delegated Powers, and for re-delegating powers that are uniquely vouchsafed to the British Monarch— which resulted in the Federal Reserve System, the surreptitious press-ganging of the American People, and the false claims that have been made against us, our labor assets, our natural resources, our copyrights, trademarks, logos, and so much more.  


Now once again the perpetrators have piled up a huge mass of Odious Debt, which they are attempting to palm off on Americans, and claiming that we have “voluntarily” subjected ourselves to their vicious and criminal hegemony.  


They were able to enforce this via constructive fraud and falsification of public records and plain brute force while their corporations were solvent, but now, something new has entered the playing field.  Their operations are under the control of the bankruptcy courts — mostly international banks — and bankruptcy Trustees named by Secondary Creditors.


They have been doing this under the presumption, (again, that word), that the Priority Creditors — the American states and people — are “not represented” and are “Missing, Presumed Dead” in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and all as a result of their criminal fraud.  


The United States District Court for the District of Columbia has been informed of the startling information that the “missing” Americans have not only been found, they are alive and well and back on the land jurisdiction of the United States, and they reclaim their names, their Laws, and their property assets free and clear of any debts accrued “in the absence” by Secondary and merely “presumed” Beneficiaries of their estates.  


Instead of the “Agencies” we are now presented with the ridiculous presumption that we and our actual government are in the thrall of a Bankruptcy Trustees appointment by Secondary Creditors in a bankruptcy in which we are, ourselves, the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors.  


U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin are hereby fully informed that the American states and people are alive and well and that as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors, we own all the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal Corporations and their franchises, including the banks which have been organized under their auspices worldwide, and the Credit Unions which have always been ours. 


This is our enchilada, not yours, not the Queen’s, and the Pope has already admitted that it isn’t his, either. 


(1)  As the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors, it is our determination and edict to the courts in this matter that the so-called “National Debts” are to be first off-set by Mutual Off-Set Credit Exchange, then discharged and forgiven as necessary, and that all assets naturally belonging to the American states and people and similarly all assets naturally belonging to the people of other countries are to be returned to them and their lawful land jurisdiction governments, free and clear of any odious debt.  


(2) It is also our determination and edict in this matter that the United States Marshal’s Service shall be converted back to duty in the international jurisdiction of the land and the U.S. District Courts converted back into Federal Postal District Courts for the resumption of International Trade. 


(3) As we are owed the assets managed by the Federal Reserve and  as all value of the “Petro-dollar” issued by the UNITED STATES since 1971 is based on the value of oil, not gold, any conversion of Federal Reserve Notes into our currency shall be in equivalents to our traditional silver dollar and not attached to any gold standard at all, except in that our silver dollars and paper certificates representing silver dollars may trade against gold in precious metal-backed currency markets of the world. We reserve the copyright and trademarks, logos, flags, currencies, patents, treaties, and all else that is our natural inheritance as the lawful government of the free, sovereign, and independent United States. 


This news deserves to be noted and flashed all around the world, so that nobody is under any false presumption about the status of the American states and people and their continuing claim upon the land, labor, and natural resources of the actual United States, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the fortunes of the foreign “governmental services corporations” which were supposed to merely be here providing these services in Good Faith.  


It should also be noted that silver, not gold, is our precious metal-backed currency standard and has been for over 200 years.  Anyone offering to issue “United States Dollars” as a gold-backed currency is acting in fraud and without the consent of the Paramount Security Interest Holders and is infringing upon our lawful copyrights and trademarks.


We shall leave it to you and to the political appointees responsible for the Agencies of the Shadow Government and the leaders of the American Bar Association and The National Law Institute and President Trump and the Generals acting as Trustees of the bankrupt Territorial corporations, and the Senior Judges at The United States District Court for the District of Columbia, and the Justices of the so-called United States Supreme Court  and the bankruptcy court of Puerto Rico, and the rest of the Party Hearties in the deceptively similarly named “U.S. Congress” to consider whether this present circumstance bears any faint resemblance to “Good Faith” of any kind, and we shall leave it to the Office of the Prosecutor at the World Court and the Grand Juries of the lawful government to consider whether it does not instead reek of self-interested deceit, fraud, felony Breach of Trust, unlawful conversion, breach of our international treaties with the British Monarchs and with the Municipal government of the City of London and the Territorial Government of Westminster, press-ganging, inland piracy, enslavement, forced peonage, conscription under force, racketeering, usurpation against a sovereign government, and a total disrespect by both the governmental services corporations and the purveyors of the “law” and the banks which have colluded with them against their Priority Creditors— for the Public Law, including our international tri-lateral treaties, which have been in place for over 200 years.  


So said, and so made as a record in solemn testimony, by our hands and seals and in our lawful and lawfully copyrighted names, without the Territorial and Municipal United States, under penalty of perjury under the Public Law of the actual United States of America, Unincorporated, to the best of our knowledge and belief this 11th day of September, 2017, and provided to the respective bankruptcy courts, the people of America, and the world at large: 


by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

United States of America, Unincorporated

c/o Box 520994

Big Lake, Alaska 99652

(907) 250-5087



by: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

United States of America, Unincorporated

Our Situation Report

October 22nd, 2017 by



By Anna Von Reitz

Truly understanding where we are requires a knowledge of where we have been in the past— and that is not easy to come by, both because the facts have been obscured by guilty parties and because most people have not been motivated to learn. 


So that we can hit the highlights and get up to speed in the present—-


Part I  — We Begin


  1. The government of this country is vested in its people.  “People” means “militia” in Hebrew.  There is no doubt that the Founders meant for the government to be created and controlled by the same militia men who defended the country then and who defend it now. 


  1. The actual government is an unincorporated business known as a Body Politic. 


  1. The name given to this Body Politic on September 9, 1776, was: The United States of America. 


  1. This is a totally unique unincorporated entity and we hold its Declaration of Independence and its Letters Patent and its sacred name under Common Law Copyright in perpetuity.


  1. The United States of America is not a sovereign nation.  It is a consortium known as a “union” of sovereign nations.


  1. Thus, when you look at this country, what you are actually seeing are fifty smaller countries, each with their own history, their own geographic boundaries, and their own natural government.  In America the words “state” and “nation” are interchangeable.  Thus, the “interstate commerce clause” can also be read as the “international commerce clause” and “Ohio State Bank” can also be read “Ohio National Bank”. 


  1. For their mutual benefit, these independent small countries banded together and formed the union called The United States of America and they delegated their international jurisdiction (also known as “territorial jurisdiction”), both on the land (organized as Federal Postal Districts) and on the sea (organized as US Districts) to it.


  1. The unincorporatedunion of sovereign states called “The United States of America” holds and exercises all their combined international “powers”. 


  1. The United States of America then delegated nineteen of these international powers to the British-backed United States organization, lodged in the District of Columbia.


  1. Neither of these organizations were incorporated originally. Each had its own population and its own geographical territory.  This was the practical result of The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783, which describes the two populations as “the free, sovereign and independent people of the United States” and the “inhabitants” —British citizens— who remained behind after the War of Independence to provide “essential government services”. 


  1. This arrangement resulted in two Constitutions — one in 1787 called “The Constitution for the united States of America” that separated out the international powers of the member states and joined them together under the auspices of The United States of America (unincorporated), and one in 1789 called “The Constitution of the United States of America” which created The United States entity and its government to exercise the nineteen (19) delegated functions. 


Part II  – A House Divided


  1. This unsteady dual sovereignty endured until the so-called American Civil War—- which was never declared as a war by the united States of Americain Congress Assembled, and it was never ended by a peace treaty.  As such, it was and remains an illegal commercial mercenary action on our shores.


  1. Following the end of the armed hostilities, a completely new incorporated entity merely calling itself “The United States of America” (Incorporated) was launched in 1868.  Unlike the actual unincorporated government it was deceptively named after, this was a incorporated entity like any other. The Congress ceased acting in their public office and began functioning as a corporate Board of Directors.


  1. The effect of this was glossed over and subtle and hard for the people to recognize, but it unlawfully converted our unincorporated government into an incorporated one, infringed on our copyrights to do it, and substituted a private, mostly foreign-owned corporation in its place.  This in turn removed the government from the land jurisdiction and dumped it in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 


  1. At first this seemed to have little impact because the “federal government” and its international functions had always been operating in the international jurisdiction anyway.  The switch from public interest to private interest went largely unnoticed, but the pilfering and mischief began— and by 1907, “The United States of America” (Incorporated) was bankrupt. 


  1. Shortly before this, a series of Supreme Court cases known collectively as the “Insular Tariff” cases allowed the incorporated Municipal United States to expand its franchises into the geographically defined states.  So when The United States of America (Incorporated) went bankrupt in 1907, its functions were immediately picked up by yet another version called “the” United States of America (Incorporated).


  1. This second version — another private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation — was bankrupted in its turn, first, internationally, by treaty among the G-5 nations in 1930 at the Geneva Conventions, and then domestically in 1933 by Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


  1. This left us with two bankrupt foreign federal governmental services corporations, one called “The United States of America” (Incorporated) and another called “the United States of America” (Incorporated) and they conveniently named us and our states as the Sureties for their debts—-so that our land was held as collateral for the debts of The United States of America, Inc. until that bankruptcy settled in 1953, and our labor and private property was conscripted and held as collateral for the debts of “the” United States of America, Inc., until that bankruptcy settled in 1999.


Part III – The Filthy Bastards


  1. During the bankruptcy of both of these incorporated entities, more fun and games ensued with new incorporated entities that merely moved into town and “assumed” the vacated service contracts owed to us under the actual Constitution — enter the UNITED STATES (INC) and USA (Inc.).  One, the UNITED STATES (INC.) being a Municipal corporation organized in France and the other, the USA, Inc., being a Territorial corporation organized in Puerto Rico— and both being foreign to us and to our states and having no proper contract or affiliation with us whatsoever.  


  1. In international jurisdiction it is possible to act as a “successor to contract” and to “assume” a contract, so long as nobody objects, and since nobody but the perpetrators of this system knew  what was going on at the time, nobody objected. 


  1. Now, as of May 2015, the UNITED STATES, (INC.) is in Chapter 7 Liquidation and as of this year, 2017, the USA, Inc., is in Chapter 11 Reorganization.


  1. It is the obvious plan of the perpetrators to pull the same tricks again and make the clueless Americans pay for it all. As preparation, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was incorporated under the municipal (city-state) auspices of the United Nations to take over the lucrative governmental services contracts of the bankrupt UNITED STATES (INC.) and a new territorial entity calling itself “Republic United States” has been formed as a Nevada Corporation.  Still more contenders have been formed off-shore, including a new thing out of Costa Rica calling itself “The United States of America” (Inc.—again.) and The Unity States of America (Inc.) and so on.


  1. During this time period, American babies were seized upon as chattel backing the debts of these corporations under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit and deliberately misidentified as the progeny of unwed Mothers surrendered as wards of the incorporated “STATES”. Their worldly goods–the copyrights to their Names, their land, their homes, their bodies, and even their souls– were “securitized” and traded as assets and  were presumed to be “donated” to benefit the incorporated “States of States”, while they themselves were deemed to be paupers and incompetents and slaves owned by these respective commercial corporations.


  1. These gross criminal acts of personage and barratry against innocent civilian populations, fraud and breach of trust with respect to international treaties, violation of commercial contracts, institutionalized identity theft, unlawful conversion, acts of inland piracy against their employers, press-ganging, kidnapping, enslavement and other crimes perpetuated against the American states and people have provided a vast and insurmountable public record of infamy and led to the demand that these corporations be liquidated as crime syndicates operating on our shores. 


  1. We note that these activities continued on despite objection and evidence and regardless of which political party was in power.  They continued even after they were prosecuted and given Notice under international law.  Many of these crimes have been internationally outlawed for centuries and some are capital level war crime offenses.  These crimes have been committed against Americans at home, and at the same time, the same perpetrators have committed these and similar crimes “in our names” while claiming to represent us abroad.


Part IV — We Wake Up and Return Home


  1. In 1998, things conspired so that some Americans woke up.  Commander Russell Gould seized the Title IV Flag abandoned in the wreckage of the bankruptcy settlement of “the United States of America” (Inc.) and re-entered it in the United Nations.  He also re-opened the actual Post Office in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, my husband and I served Notice to the Governors of the “States of States” and the Internal Revenue Service and the Queen and the Pope, objecting to the fraud and criminality and Breach of Trust involved in all of this.


  1. For the next ten years we privately pursued Due Process and continued to give Notice to all parties concerned and conducted the necessary research and discovery to determine and demonstrate both Breach of Trust and violation of Commercial Contract with respect to us and our states of the Union.


  1. In 2008, our complaints were heard by the Vatican Chancery Court and a determination made by Benedict XVI in our favor and efforts to remedy began, including a Final Order defining once and for all the naming conventions and tax statuses of all the “named vessels” involved in this chicanery.


  1. By 2011, we had re-opened our Federal Postal District Courts and began the final series of Due Process presentations throughout the land jurisdiction occupied by our sovereign unincorporated states.


  1. In April 2014, we issued Final Judgment of Breach of Trust and Violation of Commercial Contract. We gave international Notice and Due Process to all Principal Parties and many, many agents and agencies.


  1. On November 4, 2015, we issued new Sovereign Letters Patent, and on November 6, 2015, inclusive Sovereign Letters Patent and  a Joint Declaration of Sovereignty together with the American Athabascan and Lakota Sioux Nations.  By so doing we preserved our actual Constitution and chose new “federal” partners indigenous to this country. This was again given full Due Process and international Notice.


  1. We solicited and processed claimants from all fifty land jurisdiction states competent to inherit the land as heirs and as representatives of the people, jural assembly members, and members of their respective state militias going back before the so-called Civil War and most before the War of Independence. These Americans also signed paperwork making their political status explicit and placed it on the public record, so that there can be no doubt that all fifty land jurisdiction states are occupied and possessed by lawful heirs.


  1. On January 6, 2017, we issued a series of Private Sovereign Indemnity Bonds securing the claims of the American states and people as Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders against the UNITED STATES and all of its various franchises including the STATES OF STATES, and also against the USA, Inc. and its franchises including the States of States.
  2. Also on January 6, 2017, we issued a Payment Bond and lodged it with the Vatican Chancery Court, which is the bank for the Holy See, and redeemed all the Named and NAMED entities worldwide.  


  1. We, the American states and people, are the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders of all Municipal governments and all Territorial governments and all the various corporations formed under the auspices of these governments worldwide.


Part V — A Brief Practical Explanation of the Circumstance


  1. Two dreadful World Wars had left the entire Earth suffering and demolished. In 1945, simply cleaning up the wreckage seemed an insurmountable task and unbearable expense for most of Europe and much of the Far East. 


  1. The U.S. Army never stood down and the American states and people were “presumed upon” and never allowed to return to peacetime status.  Our factories were never re-tooled, our taxes were never relieved, our entire country and its resources were pushed to the uttermost for decades after 1945 to rebuild and finance the rebuilding of the entire world.


  1. This is why we have been worked like animals and enslaved and imposed upon for eighty years– to rebuild after the World Wars.


  1. Now, when it comes time to pay us back, the actual debtors— all the many foreign countries of Europe and around the world, can’t afford to pay us back. The debts are astronomical, in the quadrillions of dollars. 


  1. So all these “incorporated” municipal and territorial franchise governments doing business as, for example, “JAPAN” and “Japan”,  have all quietly, by treaty again, declared bankruptcy to discharge all this accumulated debt.


  1. That is fine enough. We are wise enough to know about blood and turnips. And we didn’t rebuild the world to lord it over our neighbors or destroy it again with another stupid war over money.  However, there are some issues that cannot and won’t be ignored.


  1. The perpetrators of these plans and circumstances set it up so that we have not been represented.  We, the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders have been studiously left in the dark, with the expectation that we would not step forward and tell the world these facts, which would then allow the international banks to act as Secondary Creditors and claim our assets as “abandoned property”.


  1. It isn’t bad enough that everyone involved planned with malice aforethought to borrow all this money and labor and resources from us and then claim bankruptcy, but they further planned to make false claims on abandonment and steal everything that belongs to us naturally, adding an insurmountable insult to already ripened injury.


  1. So as we take our rightful place as the lawful and only true and actual government left standing, and settle our claim as the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders of virtually every government and every incorporated business on this planet, we have this to say—- it’s our right and obligation to do justice and grant mercy, to live up to the best that America can be and turn our backs on what it has been mis-represented to be— but our assets are ours and they are not abandoned.


  1. Finally, we say, this system is at an end. We have published our conditional acceptance and told both THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the Republic United States and all the other wannabe Successors to Contract, thanks but no thanks.  Any services we receive, we receive on a limited and transitional month by month basis and we allow no assumption of contract beyond that.  We have made our arrangements and we are conducting our own business, restoring the lawful government and the Public Law pending action to call a Continental Congress into session.


Part VI – America’s Hereditary Head of State


  1. In 1087 A.D. William of Normandy died and made his senior nobles, relatives of his from Normandy who made the Norman Conquest possible, “free sovereigns in their own right” in England. This is known as The Settlement of the Norman Conquest.  The Belle Chers —Anglicized to “Belcher”– were among those so honored.


  1. A little more than a hundred years later, they were among those who created and enforced the Magna Carta.


  1. By 1609, they were among the first men to enter Boston Harbor and begin building the city.


  1. By 1776, they were lawyers and neighbors of John Adams in Braintree, Massachusetts.


  1. They were also officers in the Continental Army; William Belcher was a Colonel who fought in the Battle of White Plains and other engagements. He was also a free sovereign in England, having Elder Title, and outranking King George.


  1. When The United States of America was formed to hold all the powers of the individual states in international jurisdiction and subsequently to delegate some of those powers to The United States, there had to be a Head of State to hold and exercise the “reserved powers” — those powers in international jurisdiction that were retained by the American states and people and not delegated away.


  1. The Head of State had to be a sovereign in his own right, and hopefully, someone who understood and supported the American vision.  William Belcher was put forward by John Adams as a solution to the problem and his family Coat of Arms was thus employed to create both The Great Seal of the United States of America and The Great Seal of the United States. 


  1. Every American ship and “vessel” in trade or commerce that has set sail on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waters since then has operated under his sovereignty and his seal. 


  1. James Clinton Belcher is the lawful heir and progeny of William Belcher and right-wise enabled to wield The Great Seal in whatever capacity and manner he chooses in international jurisdiction.


  1. Though an artist by trade and fully loathing politics of all kinds, he has stepped forward in this hour of need to exercise those powers vested in him as the lawful Head of State owed to this country and has brought forward the claims of the American states and people as the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders in the worldwide bankruptcy, and he has also provided for their defense against false claims of abandonment, and provided evidence that their land and homes, businesses, and bodies are not chattel and not voluntarily standing as sureties for the debts of the UNITED STATES (INC.) and USA, Inc. which have abused their employers and benefactors, trespassed and infringed upon our copyrights, plundered our national trust, and done so under conditions of fraud and deceit.


  1. By posting the Private Registered Indemnity Bonds covering all the actual states and people and by posting the Payment Bond redeeming all the Names and NAMES of these vessels, we have completed everything necessary to reclaim and release the assets, set aside the debts, and restore lawful government to the entire world. 


  1. We have also rebutted all claims that we voluntarily abandoned, declaimed, or traded away our birthrights for petty considerations.


The governments of the world for the past 150 years have been run as crime syndicates with all the terrible results that we now see, but we have the opportunity as the Priority Creditors and Paramount Security Interest Holders to put an end to the evil that has been and give birth to the good that can be. 

Please share this information far and wide and let it be passed on and passed out and understood by everyone in every corner and nation.


Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State


See this article and over 700 others on Anna’s website here:




October 21st, 2017 by

Yesterday was the 62nd day after surgery and the accident occurred 30 days previously. Yesterday was also my 2nd appointment with my new Doctor and I was expecting him to order a new MRI, but he did not and told me I was progressing normally as the surgery performed usually took five months to heal. To say I was disappointed is an understatement as I am convinced the first operation was inadequate.

So here I am trying to control the tremor in my arm as I type.

Yesterday was also my 77th birthday and its one I will not forget.

The only good news I have this morning is the amount of new subscribers who must be reading my archives because I have only made one new post in all this time. The big surprise is most of them are from Russia.

So thank you fellow Russian patriots as we both know we are all in the same banker’s boat together. The oligarchs have now just about full control of Mother Earths Governments.

I personally believe it would take a hundred million people to revolt and still the outcome would be a horrible waste of life.

The gullible majority who simply will not study the issue and learn they have been beguiled from birth would rather die than give up their falsely claimed benefits, and their love of flags and words.

Patriotism is a two edged sword. The only loyally we are required to keep is to Gods word.

I am going to attempt to post some of the articles I have been saving, but cannot guarantee I can keep it up yet as the pain in my shoulder and tremors in my arm make it an extremely painful task.

God bless all you loyal readers and new subscribers.


A Message for American Bar Association Members

October 4th, 2017 by


By Anna Von Reitz

Since 1868 this country has been criminally mismanaged and misrepresented in gross breach of trust, and in violation of solemn treaties and commercial service contracts.  This has resulted, among other things, in the practice of personage and barratry in American courts and on a worldwide basis.

Personage is essentially a crime of identity theft.  A living man or woman is deliberately presumed to be some form of incorporated entity instead and their lawful Trade Name is trespassed upon and mischaracterized to secure this end.

An example would be a living man named “James Clarence Penny” being deliberately mistaken as a C-Corporation doing business as “JC PENNY”, or a public transmitting utility doing business as “JAMES C. PENNY” or a public estate trust doing business as “JAMES CLARENCE PENNY” or a co-operative doing business as “JAS C. PENNY” and so on and on.

Barratry is the associated crime of bringing charges against living people under the false presumption that they are in fact legal fiction entities.

The American Bar Association has practiced both personage and barratry against the American people since at least 1933.  The Prima Facie evidence for this stands upon the court records of every maritime and admiralty court allowed to dry-dock in this country.

Those entrusted to be the guardians of The Law and the purveyors of Justice have instead acted as the ring-leaders and perpetrators of a vast systemic and syndicated multi-generational crime spree, both here and abroad.

Let us observe that the only possible reason that any sane assemblage of people support the existence of courts and lawyers is to ensure that their physical safety is protected, that their property rights are respected, and that a fair means of peacefully arbitrating disputes is made readily available.

By undermining the Public Law and subverting the Cause of Justice, by openly practicing personage and barratry, by creating and then plundering public trusts and other legal fictions purposefully named after living Americans, the members of the American Bar Association have also undermined their own purported reason to exist and dishonored their profession.

We are in the process of re-venuing the governmental services back to the land jurisdiction states and new federal service providers have been named. We will not be renewing any contract with the American Bar Association or its members, with the result that anyone wishing to retain their Bar Membership will need to decamp and remove themselves from our courthouses and public buildings no later than January 1, 2018.

Those who wish to provide honest service to the American states and people at the County and State level are invited to study American Common Law.  We recommend reading Brent Winter’s book, The Excellence of the Common Law, as a starting point.  Take up the necessary task of repopulating the local and state courts with competent Justices of the Peace.

Those who wish to serve or continue to serve at a federal level will be serving  Federal Postal District Courts and Circuit Courts.  Any need for “US District Courts” will be greatly reduced.

All maritime, admiralty, and ‘special admiralty’ courts are now required to fly the actual Title 4 Flag and may not operate under color of law via the display of National Colors. All civil courts on our soil are required to fly the U.S. Civil Flag and to operate under the provisions and presumptions of the peacetime Public Law.

We recognize that there are many good and well-intentioned lawyers in this country and even a reasonable number of competent and ethical professional attorneys, but in the end — the situation is what it is, and it speaks for itself. Six generations of Americans have been enslaved by commercial corporations operated in Breach of Trust and under color of law.  This outcome would not be possible without the support and knowing consent of a great many lawyers both now and in the past.

James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

The United States of America (Unincorporated)