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The Ballad of Barry……….aka…… Barack Obuma

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 by


  First published in June 2016, ……..PRESENTED again in Lieu of Obuma’s JAN 10th,  Farewell Speech???


America Hello, …..for soon we’ll wave goodbye, I’ll leave your White House tainted with a shame, of which, I shall deny

   Around the world I apologized, for what I know not why, perhaps the “Chip” on shoulder mine, blinded duties and where they lie

   My name is Barry or Barack, please, pick or choose at will, for it matters very little, since the Truth I’ll never spill

    My Social was a number, of one that’s now deceased, my copied Birth Certificate comes from a printer we had leased.

    My origin of Birth may be, from sea to shining sea, or maybe some village small, called  kenya, in Hawaii

     This Fable of who I really am was not BUILT as my Lie, as I said to all , so many times, someone else built that……not I.

      Should my transparency be not clear to you, it means I’m simply Plastic, with vision clear, see through  those Lies, though I’d admit some were fantastic.

    I spoke to you of Hope and Change, but never you’d suspect, that your Constitution was my vengeful Wrath, as it’s meaning I’d Dissect

   Understand my needs required, (No longer as depicted,) a United People in a “United States”, the Constitution is “Evicted”

    I promised all no need to work , your choice is no more Free, for Socialism is the word, someone else will “Pay your Fee”

    I can buy you with my “Things-for-Free”,  Americans are weak that way, promise them some  “Bagged Illusions”, as long as they don’t Pay

    From Fast / Furious, and Wide-Receiver, to Benghazi, IRS , scandals STILL with Hidden Truths, who else could give you less??

     Cooperation , Negotiations, means things must go-my-way, if not I grab my fancy Pen and Executive Orders I write all day.

    I deny the Evil of our enemies ways,  grant them protection to this land, with disregard to America’s people, while I think “I am so Grand” !!

    Some may call me president, but “King Jester” seems my style, For I sell you illusions and empty dreams, and say it with a smile.

    I Thank your Media for their “Love of me”, for they conceal my evil ways, their hard-drives soon to be erased, no one must know what they won’t say

     I want to thank those all around me for defending all those lies, my Friends say, “What difference does it make“, as long as it’s not “US” who has to Die

  I’m working on my Legacy, so serving America’s on “Standby”, I represented 3 branches of government , as Me , Myself, and I.

    My Legacy is wide and sure, for I make it sound So Real, I can’t remember what I did, but will read it all, in my VERY Rich,………Book-Deal !!

Will I see you at My Library, where you can admire, touch, and look, but stay away from my “Shelves of  Deeds”,  for it will be filled with all “FAUX “ Books

    Farewell for now America, for there’s more we need to do, should Hillary take my place,

complete my task, then America’s end is True

 I did my best to tear it down, and make Freedom a “Bad” word, some resisted my “Internal Coup”, 

a Silent Majority wants to be heard.

   Should Americans rise-up, to the Patriot ring of Liberty’s Bell, then Fear consumes my Heart,

my Feet, as I run, I say Farewell…………….Barry / Barack

A view / opinion, by Thomas Pastore / Vietnam Veteran / USMC /  A member of the “Silent Majority”,

asking Uncle Sam’s People to RISE again.






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