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Saturday, October 21st, 2017 by

Yesterday was the 62nd day after surgery and the accident occurred 30 days previously. Yesterday was also my 2nd appointment with my new Doctor and I was expecting him to order a new MRI, but he did not and told me I was progressing normally as the surgery performed usually took five months to heal. To say I was disappointed is an understatement as I am convinced the first operation was inadequate.

So here I am trying to control the tremor in my arm as I type.

Yesterday was also my 77th birthday and its one I will not forget.

The only good news I have this morning is the amount of new subscribers who must be reading my archives because I have only made one new post in all this time. The big surprise is most of them are from Russia.

So thank you fellow Russian patriots as we both know we are all in the same banker’s boat together. The oligarchs have now just about full control of Mother Earths Governments.

I personally believe it would take a hundred million people to revolt and still the outcome would be a horrible waste of life.

The gullible majority who simply will not study the issue and learn they have been beguiled from birth would rather die than give up their falsely claimed benefits, and their love of flags and words.

Patriotism is a two edged sword. The only loyally we are required to keep is to Gods word.

I am going to attempt to post some of the articles I have been saving, but cannot guarantee I can keep it up yet as the pain in my shoulder and tremors in my arm make it an extremely painful task.

God bless all you loyal readers and new subscribers.


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