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Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 by

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By  Olddog

I have been busting my backside for years to provide you with information you absolutely need to know, but now things need to change. I am 77 now and due to the embarrassing lack of communication between my recipients and my inbox, and the idiots at Mail Chimp and the cost of running two sites in time and money, plus the pain and aggravation of my right shoulder surgery I have found a way for us all to compromise.

I can save a hundreds of dollars per year by shutting down my hostgator site and transferring all of the anationbeguiled.com recipients (subscribers) over to the wordpress site. It only cost me thirty dollars per year to keep it add free and they automatically send out a new post notice to the listed recipients. I am not yet sure if they will let me transfer all of the recipients at anationbeguiled.com to the anationbeguiled.wordpress site, but if they will not then you can just go to my wordpress site and sign up like you did on the dot com site. I will give you folks a week to respond and let me know if you will do that, but if wordpress allows me to do a transfer I will do it as soon as possible. I have busted my ass to help you folks understand why our government is such a tyrant, and now, due to your lack of enthusiasm I am going to run this operation with as little expense and work as I can. However, the content flow will go on until I’m belly up in a box. If you want to be slaves to a bunch of despicable liars and thieves that’s your problem.

James P. Harvey




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