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Thursday, January 18th, 2018 by

This is our freedom flag!

The web developer that I have done business with for many years is no longer available. Therefore I am asking everyone who appreciates my efforts to guide you to information that will assist us all in rebuilding the original United States Republic as we have believed it to be all of our lives to go to https://anationbeguiled.wordpress.com and subscribe to that site.

It is easy and safe and will save me a very big hassle. When you do that you will start receiving a new post notice with the articles title. I am going to dismantle Http://anationbeguiled.com as soon as I am sure you folks have had the time to make the transfer. Remember this! If you folks do not prepare your mind with the information that has destroyed our freedom, then you will never place your confidence in the fact that we have no other choice, as this corporate government is our enemy anyway you look at it.

I do not remember any comment I have made that implies I am more intelligent than anyone else, unless you already have a negative opinion of me, so please understand I have acquired enough information to believe everything I post with all my mind and we all stand ready to loose everything we hold dear if we do not continue researching the route to a freedom oriented form of governance which Anna Von Reitz has outlined. You all would do well to go to her site: http://www.annavonreitz.com/ and read every article she has written and buy her two books, as your mind is your only weapon.

It takes courage to be free from tyranny! This corporate monster has control of Banks in just about every country on earth and there is no safe way to relocate your assets to another country and renounce your present citizenship. You will only be safe in the country you have always loved after we rebuild what we were promised. May the Holy Lord of Glory be with you and give you the courage to fight the good fight.

We all owe the men and women who are dead or maimed in corporate wars the government they thought they were protecting!



Put away your emotions and use your brains!

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