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01 27 18 This is the last post on this site

Saturday, January 27th, 2018 by

ANOTHER NEW DEVELOPMENT: My long established email address olddog@anationbeguiled.com and wethepeople@anationbeguiled.com is part of Hostgator’s contract with me and will become extinct when the site is taken down, but olddog@morrisbb.net will survive this change, so please delete olddog@anationbeguiled.com and wethepeople@anationbeguiled.com and replace them with
>>> olddog@morrisbb.net <<<

ATTENTION: A new development has occurred for new  subscribers.  You can currently now subscribe to my WordPress site by clicking the olddog logo on either site.

I cannot express my appreciation for your continued patronage all these years and I promise to continue on my WordPress site until we have made America what we were promised it would be. Due to MailChimp’s new format that I could not comprehend, I was ready to give it all up, but one of my long time associates responded to my plea for help and recommended her web developer which turned out to be a God Send. She is far above anyone I have ever met when it comes to solving web problems and if you ever need help, please do not hesitate to ask me to forward your request to her. Just please use the format below.

I need Help

Your Name

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And I will forward it to her immediately as she has requested I not publish her personal info on the web.

Below is the new format being used on my WordPress site.

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The Mad Are In Charge Of The Swamp


The traditions, laws and inheritance of Western culture evolved over 802 years and resulted in enormous achievements in science, medicine, literature, poetry and philosophy when, in 1215 A.D., the  Magna Carta set the standards of law we enjoy today; but now, unhappily, we experience a process of decay of  standards ie; morals, religious and loyalty to our flag. What once was a nation  based on the brilliance of our forefather’s  written Constitution and laws to enforce the bill of rights the system of justice is now slowly being corrupted.

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