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By James P. Harvey


I have been studying this problem of loss of liberty in America for over six years now, and I’m no closer to understanding why it is allowed than the day I started. I admit to being uneducated, over seventy years old, and am absolutely convinced that Jesus Christ is God, so all of you self-rightist God hater’s don’t have to read any further. How’s that for being considerate?

Since I’m convinced that God created everything that exists with His WORDS, it stands to reason that WORDS are the most powerful force known to humanity.

(1) So, why don’t the words in the Constitution protect the very reason it was composed? (OR, were we lied too?)

Since it is so evident that the Constitution is nothing but a *^&&%#$ piece of paper. (According to G.W. Bush)!

(2) Why have so many millions of people been willing to die for something they have never read, or if they did, it was with childish presuppositions?

Things just are not adding up! There are too many contradictions! We seem quite willing to send our children all over the world to kill other people’s children for a worthless piece of paper, or a contrived assault on our country, or person, but we are also willing to turn the other cheek when our own government does much worse things to the whole damn country.

(3) Are we a Nation of stupid cowards?

How damn smart do you have to be to understand we have turned into a bunch of weak willed hypocrites for not standing up for ourselves. Why do we keep bending over and taking the crap that has destroyed our liberty, our economy, and our very souls? Is it not obvious that we face a ferocious enemy right here in our own country, and a peaceful solution is not possible? Is it not evident that most people who are involved in this war of words are not willing to jeopardize their property or person, if it comes down to a real fight? Is liberty no longer worth dying for, or is it the loss of a comfortable life that makes cowards out of us?

As I write this the internet is all a-buzz over the scum-bags in the TSA, but those same scum-bags go home safely every night with never a worry for their or their family’s safety. WHY is that? What makes them so fearless? Why are they and their family’s not surrounded by armed guards 24 – 7? Has anyone ever interviewed one of them and asked why they would accept a job as disgusting as feeling up people in public, and not be afraid for their life? After all, if the internet is what the media industry claims it is, making one of those scum-bags life a miserable experience would be really easy. Same goes for all of us gun nuts! If we are the kind of people that kill and maim with the slightest provocation, what’s stopping us from popping a few screeners every week for freedoms sake? Are you beginning to understand why I’m so confused?

A lifetime of propaganda has convinced me that America was the land of the free, and the home of the brave, but all I see is a bunch of damn cowards unwilling to die for their freedom so they can have a job that destroys my freedom to pay for a faster means of transportation. The day some scum-bag screener or jingoistic junky puts his hand on my junk will be our last day!

Diversity is another thing I can’t seem to get a handle on, and I really need a lot of help on this one, because I was taught America was all about UNITY!

Please explain how I can accept a neighbor who believes in totalitarianism, homosexuality, pedophilia, female combat soldiers, lesbianism, and that is a short list of things I will not accept! Do you think I will shake that S.O.Bs. hand at the voting booth and wish him good luck. If you do, you have shit for brains. He is an enemy of everything I believe in, and especially my country.

I didn’t want to write about government controlled education because it always gives me a migraine, but I really need to know how any person with more than two inches between their ears can support the soul, and intellectual destruction, of innocent children, by forcing them to surrender their individualism to some hokey communitarian philosophy. People are born to serve God, not the community, and especially not a diversified and Un-Godly community. Force me to let some scum-bag teacher screw-up my children’s mind, and NEVER expect to sleep peacefully again, although you may sleep a lot longer than you intended!

Please be patient, because I’m really trying to find some common ground so we can live under the same government in peace, if not complete harmony. I understand that “two must be agreed to walk together” so what the hell can you expect from me if we can’t agree? Has it ever interred your little mind that your only choices are to “agree” “separate” or “murder me”? If you are unable to agree, and to cowardly to murder me, then the logical thing to do is separate. People who are intelligent enough to understand all this are called secessionist, and demand their own geography, government, and God. It seems to me this is the best for everyone, with the exception of those scum-bags who insist they are smart enough to be graced with the power to regulate the world. I call them International Bankers, (When I’m being polite,) which is not often anymore because absolutely nothing makes sense.

Let me give a good example. Since we have so much evidence that our government is out of control, and hell bent on forcing us (ECONOMICALLY) to surrender to a global government, and global currency under their complete control, take away our property, make all of our decisions in life, and generally destroy all that is good, why in the hell don’t we rise up as one body and deport the whole damn bunch? Send the scum-bags to China, or better yet, Antarctica.

Then we could start a Real Republican form of government.

Write to: OldDog         wethepeople@anationbeguiled.com

America In the midst of a hostile takeover

November 21st, 2010 by

The PPJ Gazette

Marti Oakley 11 21 10 (c) copyright (c)copyright All Rights Reserved

It appears the American public is finally beginning to wake up.  Many are beginning to look beyond the hyped hysteria of the District of Criminals, the phony political posturing and the all too convenient crisis’s that magically appear just prior to some rights robbing, government expansion piece of legislation being introduced or passed, and see that what is happening is not accidental or incidental, but was all pre-planned.  

We saw this process at work just prior to the first attempt to shove S.510 (the hostile takeover of agriculture) through the Senate.  Magically, mysteriously, out of nowhere……terrorist eggs threatened the entire nation.  Supposedly, had we had S.510 in place this wouldn’t have happened.  Well, of course not. Never mind FDA knew way back last March that a problem had surfaced in Oregon related to the terrorist eggs and, never mind that they had been given new authority over eggs as this manufactured crisis was allowed to reach epic proportions so that it could be used to terrorize the public into submitting to the fake food safety bill just a week before the Hannibal Lechter of the Senate, Harry Reid, brought s.510 that fake food safety bill up for a vote.   

We saw it years earlier with the Patriot Act; a pre-written, ready to go assault on the Constitution just waiting for an event; and shazam! We were hit with the 9/11 event and the Patriot Act was passed a few days later without debate or even having been read by congress. Strange thing about the Patriot Acts: the only people penalized under these acts were…..the American people.   

We saw the same process again with the naked body scanners and the TSA sexual assaults called, “enhanced pat-downs”.  Just before they began installing these scanners the “underwear bomber” somehow got on a plane in Holland (or was it Amsterdam? The Netherlands? Or Mars?). With his tidy whitey’s stuffed full of explosives; boarded a plane headed for Detroit.  This quickly got reassigned a new name in MSM and he became the “Detroit bomber”. (Are you scared yet?) The plane never even took off and somehow, someone with x-ray vision was able to detect the explosives in his jockey’s as he sat in his seat, and….you know the rest of the story. MSM beat us to death with horror stories about the now renamed “Detroit bomber”, as TSA busied them selves with tightening the screws on the naked body scanners in our airports. 

The BP oil spill came along, and of course this was let go until it was a huge environmental disaster.  While the federal government was in full control of the waters this disaster occurred in, the response was a clearly pre-written bill called the ”CLEAR Act”……a federal water, mining, drilling and theft of land act, that would take these activities away from the states, including the revenues generated, and put them all under full control of the Federal government: as owned and operated, by the same.  Supposedly, the only way the federal government can protect us from having an event like this occur again, is if they can steal land, water, mining and drilling in all the states.  I have to wonder why no one stood up and mentioned they had this control over the BP Oil rig, and for some reason were totally unable or unwilling to keep it from happening then; why would an expansion of what is clearly an incompetent conglomeration of federal agencies make things any better?  It won’t. The Clear Act is only intended to facilitate the theft of state rights and property.

The fake flu pandemic last fall was another attempt to terrorize the public into voluntarily taking an untested vaccine, loaded with pathogens, viruses and bacteria and stockpiled at least four years before the fake flu scare surfaced.  After “the pandemic that wasn’t”, and after the pandemic had been thoroughly exposed as a staged event, we got a little insertion in Obamacare to the effect that “vaccines” would be mandatory. It comes as no surprise that not one of those jackass’s in the District of Criminals, ever wondered aloud how it was that a flu vaccine had been stockpiled four years earlier for a strain of flu that hadn’t even surfaced or been identified; a strain that didn’t even exist at the time.

These are just a few examples of how we are set up, terrorized and then subjected to some kind of legislative assault promoted as “keeping us safe, national security or protecting the American people”. 

We need to be very clear about a few things.  Not one of the things mentioned or any of the other numerous assaults on our Constitutional rights, our liberty and freedom, or any of the bills now pending in the House and Senate, or which have passed in the last ten years was intended to do anything except incrementally and systematically reduce us to captives in our own country.  

Each and every bill, law or change to code & title does nothing other than increase and enlarge the power and reach of government while at the same time abrogating our rights and obliterating our Constitution.  No one who has paid any attention to the stage show in the District of Criminals can come away believing that the intentions of these people, is to protect us and make us safe.   They aren’t concerned with our safety; they just threaten us with it if we refuse to comply and submit. And the protection we need is… protection from them.  

As a nation, we are being steadily steered toward a dictatorial government wherein the rights of the people are replaced by “privileges” granted only at the leisure of some bureaucrat and only so long as we pay them a royalty to do so. This did not begin under the

Obama administration; Obama is just in the position of tying up the loose ends on what was begun long ago. 

Currently, it is my belief that as a nation we are in the process of a hostile takeover facilitated by government on behalf of multi-national corporations and world organizations.  At stake is our land, water, food, communications and even the air we breathe.  We have no representation in the District of Criminals; these individuals have sold themselves off to these same hostile entities and are unwilling to act on our behalf.  

The question is: How far will we let this go before we stand up?


November 21st, 2010 by




By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.

November 21, 2010



Since its inception this nation has survived a calamitous civil war, two ominous world wars, the dust bowl, the grinding poverty of a fateful depression, and a series of grievous recessions. The truth is that this Commonwealth survived these events only by the moral fiber of its people, by an unyielding belief in free enterprise, by the individual selflessness that prevailed through perversity, by the industriousness of the people, and – most importantly – by a sustaining and unshakeable belief in the Supreme Being of the Universe in whom the people placed their faith and their earthly and eternal destinies.

Over the course of time the vagaries of successive generations has undergone a metamorphic transition, the previously described sterling character of the people has been replaced with a new morality, ethical codes have changed, and the bounds of propriety have disappeared. Old generations have been replaced with a new generation of doped up, immersed in dumbness, indolent creatures of little initiative, malformed character, and no faith. A generation acclimated to lives of luxury and decadence, indoctrinated in Godless socialism, nurtured in greed and avarice, and grounded in selfishness. All of this is not happenstance, but was rather engineered by the conscienceless elite, illuminati if you will, in an incremental and cunningly patient quest for a one-world arrangement of demonic design.

So skilled in deception were these agents of the dark domain that even the elect were deceived into believing that such changes were normal and acceptable, that they were cyclical events that always presage a return to normalcy, integrity, and resurgent moral soundness. This was, they said, inevitable. The cold, hard, dank truth is that there will be no return to wholeness or wholesomeness. This nation is treading a treacherous seamless linear plain that will inevitably lead to its total destruction.


“Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.” -Isaiah 10:1-2

Much has been made recently of the venality and corruptness of government on all levels. One has to wonder what the catalyst was for such seemingly sudden introspection given the fact that government corruption in these United States has been prevalent and systemic for half a century and longer. I note that just lately the sheep are becoming increasingly restive about the tyrannical machinations of the Transportation Safety Administration and that agency’s intrusion upon the intimate privacy of those who avail themselves of air travel. There seems to be in addition to a prevailing governmental tyranny an increasing voyeuristic predisposition among the personnel of that agency that manifests itself in the fondling of the person, the groping of the genitals, and the glimpsing of the nakedness of hapless passengers. When queried about these aberrational excesses Home Land Security Director, Janet Napolitano said if the public does not like it too bad, they should not fly. I think that she is right; if the flying public would absolutely quit this mode of transportation you can bet that there would be a swift solution to the incursions upon the privacy of those who fly.

Such intrusions and invasions upon intimate and supposedly inviolate privacies are predicated upon – as they always are when the government perpetrates dictatorial excesses – an entirely subjective government position on what is necessary to ensure the public safety. It is in fact about power over individual prerogatives and a mechanism that the various levels of government in this nation have used to effectively subvert and avert the Constitutional guarantees of protection against the nullification of individual rights.

How is it when governments entrap the public with a virtual minefield of traffic light cameras, altered signal light timings, embedded speed strips, mandatory seat belt use and the host of other cute gimmicks that are used to empty the pockets of hapless victims to the tune of millions of dollars that it always about safety?

If such inventiveness in regard to justification fails there is always the law, have you noticed dear reader that whenever government officials are queried in regard to these tyrannical encroachments they will respond with, “It’s the law?” How providential for these that such incursion upon Constitutional rights can be written into the law. The people in this nation have had this corrupted rule of law theme pounded into them ad nauseam.

The rule of law , which was intended by the founders to be connoted upon the Constitution, is now what some activist judge says it is, what some legislative body decrees it to be, and what thousands of unelected unrighteous bureaucrats set out in administrative rulings. The law has, in this nation, has become a tool to enhance unfettered totalitarian rule over the people and as an instrument to enable the curtailment of individual rights.


Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish. -Psalms 146:3-5

In a previous piece I wrote that this nation is soon to go to its grave in the most ignoble collapse since the Roman Empire breathed its last, and that the unwitting instrument of its now inevitable death is the Republican Party. As the nation treads a tortuous path to the end the people cast about wildly for a savior among men. They switch their allegiance from one party to another in desperate hope for deliverance from what they now perceive as an inevitable crash and burn scenario.

During the last few decades the Democrat Party has demonstrated that it is a party of moral weakness, corruption, and social perversion. It is the Democrats who celebrate and endorse communist ideology, and it was the Democrats that initiated the now prevalent internal loathing of the foundations and wonderments of the Republic. This would, on the surface, seem to be a logical argument in favor of the opposition Republican Party, but for the Democrats to have achieved such monumental success in bastardizing and corrupting this nation it was necessary that they have the aid and support of an enabler, and that enabler was the Republican Party.

The Democrats have achieved nearly every inimical social perversion that they have pursued, and they achieved the same by the acquiescence of Republicans who kissed the behinds of their political enemies of the Democrat Party and fawned all over them to the point of embarrassment.

Under that rogue George W. Bush the Republican Party handed the Democrats the biggest political endowment in history, thirty million illiterate aliens who were trained like chimpanzees to pull the lever for Democrats. They may be illiterate but they understood quite clearly that it was Democrats who were willing to bankrupt the nation to provide them with the necessities of life, such as food, schooling, lodging and medical care. The complaisance of the Republican Party in this loose border chicanery and the illegal immigration fiasco was shameful, and remains shameful to this day.

There will be those who write to complain that I have laid the putrid state of the nation solely at the feet of the Republicans, and that by doing so I have been too hard on the darlings. Someone should be hard on them they have frittered away every opportunity to coral the unconstitutional excesses of the Democrats and move this country back to constitutional governance. They have completely alienated the conservative base of their party and taken to their bosom socialistic causes once thought to be the sole province of liberal Democrats.

If the people are waiting for the Republicans to pull them out of the current slide into oblivion they are going to have a long wait, it isn’t going to happen.


Recently a local jeweler, whom I respect, lamented that the spectacular rise in the price of gold was ruinous to his business and seriously jeopardizing his livelihood. He stated that the price of a modest gold ring had appreciated nearly two hundred percent in a relatively short time, thus placing it out of the reach of the middle-income earners of modest means who comprise the majority of his customers. This precipitous rise in the price of precious metals portends financial ruin for him and those like him.

Not concerned about jewelers and the sellers of luxury items, you say. How about your local bakers, butchers, food merchants, hardware merchants, dry goods sellers, and appliance and automobile dealers? Thanks to the Federal Reserve and its weak-minded chairman, Ben Bernanke, along with the Obama Administration’s dim-witted treasury secretary Timothy Geithner, and the fat-cat speculators in commodities and durable goods all of the aforementioned main street dealers in goods and services are in serious jeopardy. The price of gold is simply a leading indicator of a precipitous decline of the dollar in value and purchasing power. Who wants to invest in the future by hoarding bank notes or dollar-bound equivalents of no intrinsic value? Gold they believe is the way to go.

If you have visited the local food merchants lately you will have picked up on the subtle indicators which signal that we are headed for an economic crisis. Even huge chains such as Wal-Mart are having trouble maintaining a perpetual inventory. This can only mean that such interruptions in the flow of commodities and goods are the result of shortages of supply and a vicious international competition for supplies on hands.

In order to cope with the rising costs of materials and the declining value of the dollar the manufacturers of processed foods and periphery grocery items are resorting to chicanery and deceitful pricing practices in regard to their products. Toilet paper and other paper items are shrinking in width, length, and thickness in an attempt to obfuscate price increases. Deceptive innovative packaging that contains smaller quantities at the same price, and inventive pricing gimmicks do not fool discerning customers. The handwriting is on the wall, the dollar is crashing and inflation is on the march.

All of this means that you dear reader may all too soon find yourself in circumstances similar to the Biblical Lazarus and Rich man didacticism delivered by Jesus. If, or when, the complete economic collapse comes you may find yourselves under rich men’s tables begging for scraps. Whether or not they favor you with a tidbit from their ill-gotten largesse will depend entirely upon your slavering acquiescence to their control over your lives and circumstances.

One final thought here before I move on. For those who are hoarding gold and laughing up their sleeves, I hearken them back to the days of the great depression when that old socialist despot Franklin Delano Roosevelt reorganized the banks, confiscated the gold in the hands of the citizens, and devalued the dollar. This was government theft of a monumental dimension and would most certainly be repeated by the despots who rule over us these days.

They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity. -Ezekiel 7:19


Biblical prophecy warns that in the last days – these times – there will be a turn to preponderant immorality of a bestial nature, and that the people will give themselves up to perversions precisely such as those that were pursued and acted on in Sodom and Gomorrah and their surrounding environs. Scripture makes clear that these perversions were taught by demons and that these very despicable and filthy practices will be institutionalized by governing authority and endorsed and sanctified by an apostate church in the latter days.

No one can deny that in this nation and in these days that these predictions have come to pass. Sodomy is pursued with militant aggressiveness. Activist judges – many of them sodomites – unfettered by ethics, scruples, morality or the Constitution are by-passing the people and legislative prerogatives with judicial decrees that are rapidly institutionalizing sodomy.

A majority of the denominational churches now condone, support, and encourage sodomy and the co-occurring spin off of same sex marriage, this even to the point of ordaining sodomite pastors and uniting same sex couples in marriage. That they would pervert the sacrament of marriage and deny the authority of God’s word thusly speaks to the depth of apostasy to which they have descended. Those that use Jesus, the very author of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, as justification for their despicable and impious religious dictums in regard to sodomy have reserved unto themselves the punishment of eternal fire.

”Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core.” -Jude 1:11

© 2010 – Jim R. Schwiesow – All Rights Reserved

Jim Schwiesow is a retired sheriff with 46 years of law enforcement service. He served with the Unites States Army with the occupation forces in post war Berlin, Germany, and has a total of nine years of military service, which includes six years in the U.S. Army Reserve.

His law enforcement service includes: three years in the military police, fifteen years as an Iowa municipal police officer, and twenty-eight years as the duly elected sheriff of Sioux County, Iowa.

Jim has written a number of articles, which have been published in various professional law enforcement journals.

E-Mail: jimr@orangecitycomm.net  

Web-Site: www.sheriffjimonline.com


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State National

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This information was provided by Wikipedia until for some unknown reason it was deleted.  The entry explains (and confirms Rod Class research) how our country was transformed from a Constitutional Republic of independent states into a federal corporation.


State National

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Foundational Principles


The premise for the State National is inherent to the Law of Nations and the Principles of Natural Law. Emerich de Vattel noted that every nation that governs itself, under what form so-ever, without dependence on any foreign power, is a sovereign state, its rights are naturally the same as those of any other state. Such are the moral persons who live together in a natural society, subject to the law of nations. To give a nation a right to make an immediate figure in this grand society, it is sufficient that it be really sovereign and independent, that is, that it govern itself by its own authority and laws.[1] The members of a nation carry a nationality of a state/nation, which is considered the international, or external, recognition of a citizen—i.e., the political office or status—as to his or her having belonging to a nation. The country of which they are members are considered to be the state,[2] which refers to estate, or status or condition of the society and its dominion. The lawful dominion of a nation would be considered legitiums principatus (the legitimate owner or principal), from the Latin.



The Law of Nations recognizes that several sovereign and independent states may unite themselves together by a perpetual confederacy, without ceasing to be, each individually, a perfect state. They will together constitute a federal republic: their joint deliberations will not impair the sovereignty of each member, though they may, in certain respects, put some restraint on the exercise of it, in virtue of voluntary engagements. A person, i.e., a citizen—thepolitical status, does not cease to be free and independent, when he is obliged to fulfill engagements which he has voluntarily contracted.[3]


The United States of America



The United States of America is considered a federal republic under the Law of Nations. In essence, the nature of the Constitution for the United States of America is grounded in private international law, which is the nature of a treatyor an international agreement between nations. From its inception, the federal government of the United States of America was created to function as aconstitutionally limited federation state. In practical sense, this contracted state is fundamentally an agent for several states of the American union. Accordingly, the original federal government—i.e., the United States—did not have nationals of its own. Hence, in strict sense, a federation state is neither a country nor a nation but is simply a contractually created entity functioning as a corporate agent in certain capacities for the benefit of its creator(s). Due to the international nature of its existence, the United States appears to be a country and a nation but only in its external sense in regard to constitutionally specified relations it maintains with other nations or federation states. In such regard, Justice Marshall of the Supreme Court of the United States had noted that:

  • “The United States of America are a corporation endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive property.” [4]

Thus, the make-up of this of federal republic system, known as the United States of America, is a corporation—under the principles of a corporate body politic, over being a nation/state or government—in regard to the principles of being a government body politic.[5] The latter body politic conforms to the principles of the Law of Nations and the Principles of Natural Law in regard to a people.



As to the principles of the Law of Nations, the State National is to be considered an inherent status that is attached to each state/nation in the Union.[6] Prior to the War Between the States and its Reconstruction Acts and Reconstruction Amendments, there was absence of a status entitled “citizen and/or national of the United States” as defined by statute. Generally, before that time, a citizen of the United States meant that such people were a citizen and national of one of the countries within the federal republic known as the United States of America.[7] In adopting the principles of the Law of Nations and the natural law which is attached to it, the American system of law reflected in Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Edition, denotes that country means “the state of which one is a member.” The reference further goes on to illustrate the rules of jus sanguinis and jus soli by setting forth that “Every man’s country is in general the state in which he happens to have been born.”Such reference denotes the nationality of the child being dependent on the condition of the father in regard to the nationality of his father.



On July 9, 1868 it is chronicled that the United States implemented the Fourteenth Amendment creating and defining for the first time in American history the person known as a citizen of the United States:

  • “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

Prior to the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, and embodied in theTenth Article in Amendment, the federal government (specifically Congress) could not interfere with the people (representatives) of the American republics/countries. After its implementation,[8] men and women are considered to have dual citizenship, United States citizenship as a primary citizenship, and state citizenship (de facto) as a secondary citizenship. Due to the fact that the United States is a corporate body and not a bona fide nation under the Law of Nations and the Principles of Natural Law, this new status creates the legal entity known as citizen of the United States.[9]

Now, in further exploration of the language found in the Fourteenth Amendment:

  • “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States…”

The wording of privileges and immunities upon citizens of the United States of the Fourteenth Amendment differs from the privileges and immunities clause in the body of the Constitution. Consequently citizens of the United States are legally not entitled to constitutionally enumerated rights due to the fact that they have been voluntarily relinquished. This is a critical element in the distinction between anational of one of the several states and a citizen and national of the United States. The latter which maintains privileges and immunitiesthat are granted, and therefore by definition can be revoked, while the former maintains rights and immunities that are unalienable, and wherefore protected by the Constitution for the United States of America. Therefore, back in reference to the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, it is also of importance that subjugation to jurisdiction is voluntarily and accomplished through the acceptance of benefit through contracte.g., registering to vote and voting, running for any elected office, working for state or federal government, joining the armed forces, registering a child’s birth by certificate, and obtaining a Social Security Number (which includes maintaining bank accounts and credit cards with such number), licenses, welfare and food stamps, unemployment benefits, etc. It can therefore be concluded that individuals who accept these benefits are by default—as evidenced by their overt actions—are acting in rebellion[10] against the system of government provided under natural law.

The question as to why American nationality was introduced and aggressively promoted by certain factions over state nationality after the War deserves consideration:

  • In the years immediately preceding the War Between the States, Northern countries held significant economic advantages while Southern countries possessed superior agricultural land and productivity output by virtue of their larger, low cost, slave population. Historians and scholars opine, therefore, that economic opportunity may have motivated a Northern invasion of the Southern countries (there is no evidence suggesting Southern countries invaded Northern countries and only the opposite has ever been established).
  • Other researchers prefer the argument that Northern countries fought to end slavery. Unfortunately, slavery was common in the North, just not as economically viable as in the agricultural South. In fact the border states remained slave states after the war had ceased. Notwithstanding that the settled research and chronology of fact establishes that the slavery issue was introduced in to the political discourse nearing the end of the war, and subsequently not a justification for it.
  • Lastly, a popular theory for explaining the war rests with the study of Southern countries secession from the Union. However, the original constitutional government for the United States was a voluntary creation of the several states and contractually provides for peaceful secession.

Given the disparity of thought for war justification and general lack of consensus for its implementation, it is practical to look at the issue from the top down instead of the bottom up.

  • Bottom up: conditions in an otherwise civilized coalition of independent countries deteriorated in to an aggressive invasion, total war and the deaths of millions.
  • Top down: there was a post-war desired outcome so the specific reasons for invasion, battles and war are of secondary, and debatable, importance.

Judging by the punitive nature of congressional acts commonly referred to as Reconstruction Law and Reconstruction Amendments enacted pursuant to the War (punitive in the sense of deteriorating individual liberties, restrictions upon individuals, and congressional jurisdiction over formerly free men), it is conceivable that much was pre-written before the war including pre-planned objectives. Evidence of this can be no clearer than the “conversion” from state nationals—with their unalienable rights (as protected by the Constitution)—into the de facto citizens of the United States—with their privileges and immunities (as established herein)—within the Fourteenth Amendment. Moreover, it should be noted that the usurpation of the lawful governmental system of natural law is found in state constitutions where primary allegiance to the United States is mandatory.[11]



The term State National—in reference to the American union of states—is used to describe the status of a man or a woman who formally rejects the federal citizenship of the United States, its benefits and disabilities and required political allegiance. Such people assume the rightful status of a national of their nation (commonly referred to asstate in American vernacular) of domicile. Such people have been politically disenfranchised[12] and wherefore maintain their peaceful existence in private societies. The operative distinction is that of nationality by lawful right (de jure) verses nationality of fact (de facto) voluntarily accepted in a political contract. There are relatively few de jure nationals in America due to the fact that most Americans have opted to be citizens and nationals of the United States and contract into its privileges, immunities, and liabilities; by operation of law, such people are considered to be in rebellion and are legal entities over being men and women under the principles of natural law.



Nationality is a guaranteed natural right by virtue of International lawand the Law of Nations. Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Edition, defines nationality as:

  • “The state of a person in relation to the nation in which he was born. A man retains his nationality of origin during his minority, but, as in the case of his domicile of origin, he may change his nationality upon attaining full age; he cannot, however, renounce his allegiance without permission of the government.”

It is understandable, therefore, that the United States Congress had to make the new federal nationality and citizenship a voluntary political choice in order not to infringe upon the natural rights of men and women and consequently in 1868 enacted Public Law 15 United States Statutes at Large, Chapter 249, Pages 223-224 (image herein noted). Interestingly, this declaration by Congress was put in place the day before implementation of the Fourteenth Amendment; therefore providing Congress effective cover respecting the guaranteed right of nationality on the eve of the introduction of ITS own brand of corporatebased citizenship and nationality as regulated by the Law of Persons.[13]By the language noted in the Preamble of this Act, it is obvious that the intent of Congress was to strip the allegiance of the citizens/nationals of the several states by preying on their ignorance via operation of law: the 14th Amendment.

The State National in America today understands the nature of events culminating in hundreds of millions of men and women for over 140 years volunteering for citizenship status in a de facto governmental system, and in rebellion against their de jure political rights and lawful system of law. A practical historic reference can be found in history inRoman Civil Law. The poignant, yet unfortunate, irony of the matter is conscientious small-government groups whose quest for freedom, liberty and justice is hampered by their own voluntary insertion in to thede facto body politic wherein they themselves are prima facie insurgentsin rebellion of the de jure bodies politic who can assure and protect the very liberties they seek.



Notwithstanding its successful procurement of citizens by virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment, the federal government continues to recognize the State National status.[14] Title 8 of the United States Code (USC) codifies the constitutionally recognized status under “Aliens and Nationality”, which is quasi-public law.[15] The definitions of of Title 8 (Chapter 12, Section 1101) defines a “national” as a person owing permanent allegiance to a state;[16] and further goes on to define that an “alien” is any person not a citizen or national of the United States,[17]which establishes that one is foreign to the political system (under the Fourteenth Amendment).[18] Furthermore, the U.S. Government Printing Office lists the distinct nationalities of the states in Chapter 5.22-5.23 on page 93: Nationalities, etc. Chapter 5.23 shows forms to be used for nouns and adjectives denoting the nationalities of the several states of the Union:[19]

  • “In designating the natives of the States, the following forms will be used: Alabamian, Alaskan, Arizonan, Arkansan, Californian,” and so on.

In contrast to the de jure nationality, the de facto nationality can be found at Title 8 USC §1101(a)(22) – the term “national of the United States” means: (A) a citizen of the United States, or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States. Accordingly, such references establish the distinctions between a State National and a national of the United States within Title 8 of the United States Code.



Finally we are to consider the concepts of genocide and of cultural genocide representing the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group. Although it cannot be contested that national, political and cultural groups formerly known as nationals of the several states have been systematically exterminated (or nearly), one should independently research the political climate in the District of Columbia (1850-1860) to fully understand the federal government’s appetite for consolidation of power, control over its creator(s) and their resources, and the surreptitious influence thereupon by a stealthy influential nonAmerican force.





  • In reference to the use of “perpetual” in regard to a federal republic by Vattel, the word had this meaning: PERPETUAL. That which is to last without limitation as to time; as, a perpetual statute, which is one without limit as to time, although not expressed to be so (Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856). Wherefore, in law it does not mean forever, per se, but means without a specified end to the relationship of the union of nations.
  • It should be noted that prior to the 14th Amendment, the term “alien” meant a person that was not a citizen/national of one of the several states in reference to the federal system. The term in question has appeared in state constitutions (Wisconsin, Bill of Rights, Article I, §15) for property ownership, but was never defined to have meaning in regard to each state being foreign to each other, i.e., someone being an alien from another state in the Union.


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SILVER AT $400.00 ???

November 19th, 2010 by




With Comex increasing margin requirements for a second time so quickly, King World News interviewed James Turk today from Spain. 

Turk commented, “This may explain why Comex is raising margins a second time so quickly, they aim to put more pressure on the buyers.  Obviously the Comex is trying to put more pressure on market participants by forcing them to liquidate their longs.”

“Eric, here we are at $25.50 which is the price that was identified by your London source last week.  So they painted the tape, but the Comex open interest shows that they haven’t driven out any buyers which is very surprising.  Normally you would expect to see some longs liquidating on any pullback like the one that we have seen over the past few days, but that hasn’t happened this time around.

The buying pressure in the physical market remains, we are starting to see the industrial buyers coming back in to secure supply.  My guess Eric is that the industrial users will be there on any price dip like we have had at present.  Up to this point we haven’t seen the boomerang effect that I have been anticipating but I am still expecting a sharp snap back in prices.

As we pointed out in the piece which had Mark Lundeen’s illustration in it, gold is dramatically undervalued and this can only result in much, much higher prices over time.  I would just add that I expect the gold/silver ratio to decline over time to under 20 to 1, so silver will be exploding along with the price of gold.

As you know Eric I have been projecting gold to hit $8,000 by 2013 to 2015, so that would equate to silver hitting $400, and that is well within the realm of possibility as silver reverts back to its historical mean.”

This is what happens in bull markets, prices climb to levels that previously seemed unimaginable.



James Turk – Kamikaze Attacks in the Silver Market

With gold and silver in retreat, King World News interviewed James Turk out of Spain. When asked about silver specifically James said,

“They are not dislodging physical silver by running the paper market down. In fact the silver market is getting tighter and tighter. That’s why I am perplexed at why they are trying to run this paper market lower. If they want to get physical silver they are going to have to take the price higher, not lower.”

“I’ve not seen this kind of tightness in the silver market before and you know that I have been talking about how tight the physical market has been these past few months.”

James, is this sort of like the kamikazes flying into aircraft carriers at the end of the war?

“That’s it exactly.  There is no other logical answer.  What we’re seeing now is exactly what your source out of London said would happen and where the source said the Asians would be aggressively buying.  It’s actually sort of good to have the script ahead of time from your London source. 

Maybe what we are seeing here is the silver shorts trying to make a few bucks in the paper market by dislodging the weak longs.  Liquidity is at its lowest point of the week late on Friday.

From all indications there is going to be a major boomerang effect, and everybody who has been scrambling in the physical market is going to become even more aggressive trying to find and then buy physical metal at these low prices. 

So the shorts who are selling here are playing with fire because if they are called on to deliver, they are going to have a herculean task trying to find physical metal.

Regarding gold, the important thing to remember is that we are still in an uptrend.  The 21 day moving average has not been broken and gold is resting back at key support in the $1,360’s.  The same thing applies for silver, the 21 day moving average is at $25 so it is still above strong support.”

Well there you have it, James Turk has tremendous connections in the physical market and it is extremely tight.


James Turk – Delta-Hedging to Cause

Gold Price to Explode


With gold and silver taking off to the upside, King World News interviewed James Turk today out of Spain.  Turk commented, “What we are seeing right now is the breaking apart of the gold cartel.  They are losing control of the market just like they did back in the late 1960’s when gold began trading above $35 in the cash market in London, even though the price was still officially fixed at $35.  The market was simply saying, we just don’t believe this $35 price anymore.”

 “The same principle applies today.  The same group that is trying to hold the price down is being overrun just like they were in the late 1960’s.   Normally you would expect the gold market to fade into next week’s options expiry.  The fact that we are so strong today is an indication that the shorts are being overwhelmed and I am looking for higher prices as a result.

This could be explosive over the next few days if the shorts have to start buying because of delta-hedging on the calls that they have written.  In other words, the more the price of gold rises, the more they have to buy.  This can be a vicious cycle that feeds upon itself causing prices to explode.

I like Pierre Lassonde’s observation in his new audio interview on King World News that gold is going significantly higher because of all of the money printing around the globe.  Eric, Pierre is laying out the big picture as to why gold is going much higher in the years ahead.

Silver is up a dollar from yesterday which is a good indication that this market is different from what we have seen all decade long.  It’s like we discussed the other day, lower prices just increase the demand for physical silver.  The amazing thing is that we are seeing this even in the paper market.  Open interest on the Comex is growing, so if any longs were shaken out, new buyers came in to replace them.  What that does is put the silver shorts in an impossible position because now they are trapped short.”

What Turk is saying is the the gold cartel is on the verge of suffering a major defeat in the gold war.  With regards to silver, let’s just say they have been defeated and are now in the process of a full retreat.



To hear Pierre Lassonde’s latest interview



Eric King


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Silver Still the Investment Of A Lifetime

November 18th, 2010 by


By Giordano Bruno

Neithercorp Press – 11/12/2010

Silver is the common man’s currency. It always has been, and it always will be. While gold holds its place in history as the great stabilizer of economies and the shield against hyperinflation, its shine and its safety should not distract us from its brother, silver, whose uses are numerous and whose value is often more attainable for those seeking a solid investment outside of precarious paper securities.

Gold’s unprecedented upsurge in price the past year alone is now becoming the stuff of legend, and it is also something we at Neithercorp have been predicting for a while now:



The mainstream media attacks on precious metals were so extreme last year that they began to border on the bizarre. The “cult of fiat” was relentless in their attempts to slander gold investors and it seemed as though no matter how well the yellow stuff did, or how dismal the dollar’s performance was, they would never get tired of the disinformation game. Fast forward a year later, however, and they have been utterly silenced. What a difference twelve short months can make…

As I write this, gold is holding after a spectacular drive at around $1390, which is in line with my prediction of $1350 to $1450 by winter 2010, and on track to meet my prediction of $1500 by the beginning of next year. We’ll have to wait and see, but what seemed absolutely out of reach during this summer is now looking rather simple to achieve today. Of course, silver has been a bit harder to put a finger on, and there are many unfortunate reasons for this.

The silver market was wholly dominated for at least two decades by only a few corporate banks, but primarily through the infamous JP Morgan and the HSBC. Using coordinated naked short selling and massive amounts of capital, they have been able to knock silver down every time its value fell below a certain ratio to gold; usually 60:1. Only recently has that ratio moved slightly closer to the true wealth of silver. The historical average ranges between 16-33 ounces of silver for every ounce of gold.

These banks have also been issuing paper silver securities, usually in the form of ETF’s, which have no REAL silver backing them. These securities give investors the illusion that there is too much silver on the market, and not enough buyers. This causes devaluation in the metal.

Gold has suffered from the same manipulation in the past, but the silver market is even more tightly controlled, at least, until this year…

In November of 2009, a metals trader in London by the name of Andrew Maguire contacted the CFTC with inside information that JP Morgan Chase Bank was deliberately interfering with the silver market on an enormous scale. He not only told the CFTC how the bankers were doing it, he PREDICTED when they would do it again! Maguire gave two days advanced warning that JP Morgan would attack silver on Feb 5, 2010. The market played out exactly as he said it would:


The bankers were now caught red handed. The market could only go up from there….

Indeed, silver is now holding at around $27 an ounce, up from less than $10 an ounce two years ago, closing in on a 300% gain. If you bought silver in 2008 as I did, then you’ve made out incredibly well in a very minimal time span. But what about people who were afraid to dive into the market back then, or who just weren’t aware of silver as an investment at all? Have they missed out? Is the $30 mark as good as it gets? I believe that silver still has a long way to go before it peaks, and room yet for millions of new buyers who are in need of a safe haven against the imploding dollar but don’t have the finances to purchase gold. Here’s why…

Bank Fraud Exposure Hitting Mainstream

The Andrew Maguire incident was just the beginning and the event acted as a springboard. Both JP Morgan and HSBC are now under investigation for silver manipulation pending a lawsuit filed in New York. The suit accuses the banks of using their 85% commercial net short position in the silver market to control its value on the COMEX:

CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton has announced his belief that there is, in fact, manipulation of the silver market. In his statement he said:

“I believe that there have been repeated attempts to influence prices in the silver markets. There have been fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control that price. Based on what I have been told by members of the public, and reviewed in publicly available documents, I believe violations to the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) have taken place in silver markets and that any such violation of the law in this regard should be prosecuted.”

This is an extremely rare admission by the CFTC, which has for many years ignored all complaints and evidence pointing to bank interference in precious metals.

The Department of Justice has also launched a parallel probe into criminal wrongdoing on the part of JP Morgan (though I doubt much good will come out of the DOJ):

The bottom line is that the corruption in silver trade has been brought into the light of day, which means banks will have to, at the very least, back away from their activities to a point, which will allow PM’s to grow according to free market fundamentals, instead of global banking whims. This explains why silver has jumped to $27 an ounce so quickly, but it also signals the possibility of even greater gains in the near future, especially in light of QE2 and the weakening dollar.

Silver Supply Declining

Just as with gold, silver availability, from mining to inventories, is in decline. This would not be so much of a catalyst if demand remained at levels similar to a decade ago. That is not the case. Demand is skyrocketing.

In June, the U.S. Mint announced it had run out of silver bullion blanks for the production of coins like the American Eagle:


While COMEX silver inventories continue to decline because of constant customer withdrawals of physical bullion:

Mining in many areas is also beginning to fall, including in Peru, a major source of metals like copper, gold, and, of course, silver:

On top of all this, silver is used in the making of many industrial and consumer products, including electronics, photography, batteries, and engine components. This puts an extra strain on silver supplies that is not felt as prominently with gold. Meaning, the ability of silver to outperform gold in terms of demand and investment potential is very high.

Dollar On Its Last Leg

The private Federal Reserve has been injecting fiat into our financial system for quite some time. The acceleration in 2008 heralded a new stage, however, in the devaluation of the dollar. Contrary to popular belief, the bailouts and quantitative easing implemented that year never actually ended. The bailouts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, for instance, have continued non-stop every quarter since the mortgage crisis unfolded. Without a full audit of the Fed’s accounts, there is no way of telling how much money has been created out of thin air. We do know that it is enough to drive foreign investors and central banks out of the dollar and into gold and silver en masse:

The announcement of QE2 has compounded the precious metals issue (not because the Fed is creating more fiat, they were already doing that unhindered). No, it is because the Fed signaled to the world OPENLY that they were about to deliberately devalue the Greenback, instead of just doing it under the radar. They erased any delusions left in the investment world had that they would try to protect the stability of our currency. As a result, the dollar index has dropped like a rock into the recesses of some distant Grand Canyon, while PM’s have spiked.

As gold climbs into the $1500 range, the effect on silver will be evident. Gold will be less and less attainable by average people with lower incomes, but these same people will still be exposed to dollar devaluation, and the need for a hedge against inflation; enter silver.

I believe silver will become the single most important investment of our age, filling the void in the wage gap gold leaves behind. As gold shoots into the stratosphere, it will be silver that people turn to most for smaller investment needs, which means much higher demand and much greater returns for those who are smart enough to buy now. $27 an ounce is incredibly affordable, especially when considering that the metal has the potential to reach $75-$100 an ounce in the next two years (and that is a conservative estimate).

There is little doubt that the dollar plunge will continue to drive people towards PM’s. While Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner have both made claims pre-G20 that QE2 is not a move to devalue, the rest of the world is unconvinced. Reuters recently called the meeting in Seoul, Korea “G19 plus 1”, as foreign nations become infuriated with the Federal Reserve’s actions:


Even Alan Greenspan has come out in opposition to QE2, saying it is a dangerous act of devaluation:


Now, why is Greenspan of all people suddenly coming out against blasting the financial system with fiat? It’s hard to say. We have written here often at Neithercorp about the deliberate destabilization of the American economy in order to remove the dollar as the world reserve currency and replace it with the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (the SDR). We have also written about the possibility that the IMF will attempt to insinuate itself into the U.S. system as a “savior”, implementing supranational control over our fiscal infrastructure, just as it is trying to do in Ireland today:

It is perhaps possible that the Fed itself (the institution, not the people who run it) may one day be offered up to Americans as a sacrificial proxy to be torn down as the lone culprit of global collapse, only to then be replaced with the IMF (which is worse, because they don’t even live in this country). In any case, the dollar is going for a ride into the backwaters of historical infamy, and it will take us all with it if we do not protect ourselves from its demise. Gold, and most especially silver, give us the power to do this.

The Return Of Real Money

While many people in the Liberty Movement are preparing diligently for the inevitable dollar plunge, some have still not delved into the world of PM’s, either because they are afraid it will be too complicated, or because they feel it is unnecessary. Obviously, survival goods are absolutely imperative, along with a solid plan for keeping one’s self and his family safe. However, the need for an alternative economic outlet to take the place of the failing dollar should not be overlooked, even by the average prepper. A system of barter is a tremendous starting point for such an alternative, but eventually, expanded trade also requires some form of currency. Preferably, one based on a tangible commodity that can’t be recreated to infinity. Precious metals have fulfilled this role for thousands of years, outliving every fiat currency ever printed. Of these metals, silver was always the one most commonly used.

Beans and bullets aside, Americans need a way to protect their savings from what is coming, as well as a way to support a replacement market outside of elitist control. There is a reason why central banks across the globe are stocking up on PM’s; because they know full well that the dollar’s days are numbered, and they plan to capitalize on its death. If the banks are allowed to dominate the supply of PM’s, simply because only a few people had the good sense to stock them while they were readily available, then our options for a free economy grow that much slimmer.

There will always be dips, corrections, and fluctuations in metals, and this should not deter us psychologically from their ultimate benefits. Every citizen of this country can and should purchase at least some insurance against hyperinflation and monetary catastrophe, and the most affordable insurance with the greatest potential today is physical silver, bar none.

You can contact Giordano Bruno atgiordano@neithercorp.us

The Purpose Behind The Engineered Economic Collapse

November 17th, 2010 by


 Neithercorp Press – 08/17/2010

By Giordano Bruno


  1. The economy is too complex to be controlled by just a handful of people…
  2. Yes, international banks triggered the meltdown, but the “greed of Capitalism” is truly to blame (i.e. Its all the Republican Party’s fault)…
  3. Global banks would never engineer the collapse of the U.S. economy or the Dollar. It makes them too much money…
  4. China would never dump U.S. Treasuries because it would hurt them as much as it hurts us…
  5. Sure, bankers took advantage, but it’s really the American people’s fault for getting suckered…
  6. Ok, maybe the banks are causing a collapse, but to say the government is helping them is just crazy conspiracy theory…


“From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” — Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913

Everyone loves money. Even people like myself who abhors the abuse of money and commerce, who understand the fraudulent nature of the system we live in, still work hard and save so that we might attain a sense of stability within that system. Many people see money as a focal point to their existence. But is it really money that they are after, or is it something else entirely? In truth, money represents ‘security’ in the minds of the masses. Money affords us the ability to survive, and the more of it we have, the safer we all feel. Because we subconsciously associate the extension of our very life with the variable health of the economic structure in which we live, we tend to become unwitting devotees to its continued existence, even if it is corrupt and condemned to failure. We gullibly deny the system or the currency that supports it is doomed to the contrary of all evidence because, even though it has beaten us bloody, we have never known anything else.

In light of this entrenched way of perceiving things, especially in the U.S., it is difficult enough to convince some people that the economy is in fact not providing the security they desire, but is actually destroying their future completely. To explain to them that this is deliberate, that the economy is designed to self-destruct, that is another prospect altogether.

Many people hit a proverbial wall on this issue because they simply cannot fathom that certain groups of men (globalists and central bankers) view money and economy in completely different terms than they do. The average American lives within a tiny box when it comes to the mechanics and motivations of finance. They think that their monetary desires and drives are exactly the same as a globalist’s. But, what they don’t realize is that the box they think in was BUILT by globalists. This is why the actions of big banks and the decisions of our mostly corporate establishment run government seem so insane in the face of common sense. We try to rationalize their behavior as “idiocy”, but the reality is that their goals are highly deliberate and so far outside what we have been taught to expect that some of us lack a point of reference. If you cannot see the endgame, you will not understand the steps taken to reach it until it is too late.

In the past we have covered numerous instances in which global bankers have admitted to fraud on a massive scale, fraud which is now crushing our already fragile economy. We have covered the private Federal Reserve and how it knowingly facilitated the creation of the housing bubble, as well as how it is now inflating a Treasury bubble which is soon to implode. We have covered Goldman Sachs and its efforts to promote and sell toxic derivatives all over the world while at the same time betting against those derivatives on the open market. We have covered the manipulation of gold and silver markets by companies like JP Morgan, which have recently been exposed by whistleblowers and GATA investigations. And, most importantly, we have executed in-depth analysis on the growing weakness of the U.S. dollar in preparation for severe currency devaluation. These revelations raise questions, which is natural, but they also elicit misconceptions and reckless knee-jerk reactions, especially when broaching the fact that the illegal strategies of international banks are part of a greater agenda.

Below, we will examine some of the most common narrow minded responses to the issue of engineered economic collapse, as well as why people think the way they do when the “semi-sacred” subject of money is involved…

1. The economy is too complex to be controlled by just a handful of people…

This response often comes from people who make presumptions on economics, rather than actually educating themselves on how the system works. From the outside looking in, the world of finance appears chaotic; a mixture of mathematical and legal standards swirling in a void of mass psychology. Many Americans are either frightened off by the seemingly complicated field of study, or they find it rather boring and not worth their time. This, however, does not stop them from assuming that they know how money works.

The problem is that just because a person participates in his economy daily, it does not mean he has any understanding of how it operates. Many watch television on a daily basis, but few have any idea how the picture actually gets onto the screen, or how to fix a television once it is broken. Sadly, our egocentric culture has led a substantial portion of the public to imagine that they are experts on EVERYTHING, and thus, true researchers in the fields of economics and globalism get reactions like the one above constantly.

At bottom, once all the quasi-technical biz-babble used by mainstream talking heads is removed from the equation, economics is rather simple. Supply and Demand will always be at the center of any and every economy, regardless of the political atmosphere it exists in. These two fundamental factors can be manipulated to a point, by the creation of artificial supply, or the conjuring of false demand. This is achieved in many ways by global bankers, but primarily through domination of the issuance of currency, the ability to change interest rates at will, as well as the ability to inject or remove incredible sums of money from any market.

A perfect example is the suppression of silver prices by JP Morgan:


Gold and silver represent competing currencies to the fiat dollars created by the Federal Reserve, and suppressing the value of these commodities helps to ensure that the public will never see them as a viable alternative to paper assets. JP Morgan, who along with other international banks has the ability to throw around massive quantities of capital wherever they please, suppresses the value of physical silver by issuing paper securities for silver that doesn’t actually exist (creating an artificially high supply), and naked short selling silver markets to drive them lower (creating the false impression of low demand).

Another good example of economic manipulation is the private Federal Reserve’s strategy during the 90’s under Alan Greenspan to artificially lower interest rates, allowing banks to issue credit at historical levels for over a decade. Linked below is an article from Ron Paul’s ‘Texas Straight Talk’ dated March, 2007, before the housing market even began its full swan-dive. In it, he discusses the Federal Reserve’s direct role in the creation of the housing bubble:


Men like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, and many others were able to predict long before hand that the Federal Reserve’s actions were creating an explosive mortgage and credit bubble, yet, we are supposed to believe that the Federal Reserve had “no idea” that their actions would result in a debt implosion?

Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Commissioner of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development under the first Bush Administration stated conversely that the mortgage bubble was absolutely not an accident, and that she had witnessed outright and deliberate fraud on the part of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve Bank in creating the bubble. The fact that disturbed her most, however, was her discovery that only a small handful of international banks were responsible for the perpetuation of toxic mortgage debt, not just in America, but around the world:


Goldman Sachs (one of the primary globalist banks involved in the igniting of the debt crisis) was caught red-handed selling toxic derivatives to investors and governments all over the planet while at the same time betting against those derivatives on the market. Goldman even bet against mortgage securities the bank itself created!


This is sort of similar to a car maker selling vehicles without brake lines, then placing bets that their clients will crash and burn. Essentially, it is blatant and sociopathic fraud! Goldman’s actions directly contributed to credit collapses in numerous countries, including Greece, and here in the U.S.

The idea that global banks can turn the economy on and off like a light switch may be a stretch, but the vast majority of evidence shows that they do have the ability to shift the direction of markets to a point, as well as the ability to spur the growth of bubbles that eventually lead to recessions, depressions, and beyond. In fact, if one examines the U.S. economy from the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, they would find that the past century has been nothing but a series of engineered equity bubbles designed to slowly hobble, but not completely cripple, our financial system and our currency, at least, until recently. Like a steam locomotive on a collision course with a bottomless canyon, globalist banks can slow or speed up the pace of our descent, but the final destination never changes.

Now that we have established that market collapses can be created by a small handful of bankers and done knowingly, lets move on to the next most common sheeple-like talking point.

2. Yes, international banks triggered the meltdown, but the “greed of Capitalism” is truly to blame (i.e. Its all the Republican Party’s fault)…

First off, if you’re parroting the fiscal debate points of two dimensional socialist gatekeepers like Michael Moore, then you’re already hopelessly lost in the mind warping hedge maze of the false left/right paradigm. You should stay as far away as possible from adult conversions on economics, especially if you plan on associating the “greed” of capitalism and corporatism with the Republican Party alone.

News Flash! Barack Obama received far more in corporate campaign donations (including donations from BP and Exxon) than McCain did. Both Bush Jr. and Obama increased government spending to record levels meaning Neo-Conservatives are in no way “conservative” (as a true Republican is supposed to be). Obama has consistently surrounded himself with banksters and corporate lobbyists, including various hobgoblins from the bowels of Goldman Sachs. BOTH major parties are owned and operated by global banks. This is a cold hard undeniable truth of our political system. There is no way around it. Learn it, accept it as reality, and stop trying to blame one side or the other for problems that both sides created! If you cannot do this, your view of our cultural state of affairs will always be horribly skewed and your insights on our social problems will be utterly worthless.

While wannabe socialists desperately clamor to point fingers at the free market ideology as the cause of all our ills, the fact is that none of us have ever lived in a truly free market system. Since the inception of the Federal Reserve in 1913, all markets and even our own currency have become more and more vulnerable to manipulation by the banking elite. We have lived our entire lives in a rigged market, not a free market. To blame the very concept of Capitalism for our current dire circumstances is not only naïve, it is dangerous. Globalists would like nothing better than to promote the illusion that “too much freedom” led us to this disaster, and that severe controls must be put into place to ensure that it “never happens again”.

3. Global banks would never engineer the collapse of the U.S. economy or the Dollar. It makes them too much money…

This often heard song and dance ties in with the number two comment above. Again, the assumption is that the globalists only do what they do out of an “uncontrollable greed for money”. This perpetuates a couple fallacies. First, it encourages the false belief that the end concern for the Elite is the accumulation of riches. Central bankers have the ability to PRINT all the money they want from thin air! Remember, the Federal Reserve has never been subjected to a full audit, meaning they could easily create billions if not trillions without any oversight whatsoever. Greed for money, to them, is surely an absurd notion. What they do want, more than anything else, is social power. They want control over every living human being without question. All other concerns are secondary.

The next fallacy underlying the above argument is the conjecture that the U.S. economy is somehow indispensable to global banks. This is simply not so. Where we see the economy as an extension of our culture and ourselves, the Elites see financial systems as mere tools in the pursuit of a greater goal: World Government. Imagine you are building a house. Once your saw has fulfilled its intended role of cutting the wood, do you cling to it, or do you throw it aside and pick up a hammer? This is how globalists look at financial systems. They are perfectly willing to cast off the U.S. economy like a snake shedding skin if it brings them closer to attaining their ultimate aim.

The same goes for the Dollar. The Greenback may be the premier world reserve currency now, but that can and likely will change very quickly over the next couple years. The Dollar is a device that has outlived its usefulness as far as global bankers are concerned. The IMF has on several occasions made it clear that they eventually intend for the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) to replace the Dollar as the world reserve currency, and they have openly admitted that it will one day be established as a global currency. IMF press releases make this development sound far off and away, but SDR accumulations by countries around the world have risen dramatically in the past year. This along with other factors we will cover (namely China’s preparations to dump their U.S. T-bond holdings) show that IMF actions indicate they are preparing for a collapse of the Dollar now!

4. China would never dump U.S. Treasuries because it would hurt them as much as it hurts us…

The theory that China is somehow fused to the U.S. in a kind of symbiotic seesaw relationship that can never be broken is so ingrained among mainstream American financial analysts it simply will not die, regardless of how much contradictory evidence you show them. It really is like a mental disease which causes MSM pundits to go into involuntary Tourettic convulsions every time you mention the words “Treasury bond dump”. America and China are not conjoined twins, and one can survive without the other. We have covered the China issue over and over again, and I will not rehash all that evidence here. To lay it out simply: China has re-engineered its economy towards consumption and importation rather than relying on exports. The IMF has talked about this on many occasions with apparent excitement:


China has also finalized the ASEAN trading bloc which has combined export markets at least equal to that of the U.S. Meaning, China already has another place to send its exports besides America.

Most importantly, China must increase their currency’s value if their new consumer based system is to survive. Allowing the Yuan to rise sharply in value will revitalize the buying power of the Chinese populace making greater consumption possible. Indeed, China MUST dump their Treasury holdings and pump up the Yuan if they are to hold their economy together. And, the Federal Reserve has given China every reason to turn its back on Treasuries through never ending liquidity injections. This is not to say that a U.S. collapse will not affect them, it would negatively affect the entire world. However, China has positioned itself to survive, and perhaps even thrive with their economic expansions into Africa, and their new financial agreements with Germany.

Finally, the Chinese have been very forthcoming over the past week about plans to drop Treasuries. China has dumped over 7.7% of their U.S. T-Bond holdings since January, including the biggest T-bond dump on record this month. They have openly admitted to a plan to diversify away from the Dollar:


I’m always fascinated by those economists who vehemently deny China will ever turn away from the U.S. Dollar while they are doing so right in plain view. Are MSM analysts simply crazy? I don’t know, but it would explain a lot…

5. Sure, bankers took advantage, but it’s really the American people’s fault for getting suckered…

Yes, a sizable portion of the American public can be gut wrenchingly stupid. It hurts my head and my feelings to see people act so idiotic, it really does. The problem with this argument though is that when it is taken too far it becomes an attempt to divert blame away from the criminals and place it on the victims. If you knowingly leave your front door unlocked in a bad neighborhood and you find your home ransacked the next day, then you are partly responsible. But, we cannot forget that the neighborhood is “bad” in the first place because of the criminals, not the people who don’t lock their doors.

Just because global banks can sucker the public doesn’t mean they should, or that they cannot be judged for it. The crime ultimately rests on those men who made the conscious effort to destroy this country, and the blame rests with them as well. I see the attempt to parlay the economic collapse into the lap of the American people very often lately, especially from bankers who now claim that it’s the American public’s fault entirely. Why? Because they will not spend more, they will not take on more debt, they will not take on more risk, and they will not believe hard enough in the recovery that never was. Imagine a serial rapist behind a podium admonishing women for carrying pepper spray. It’s eerily similar…

6. Ok, maybe the banks are causing a collapse, but to say the government is helping them is just crazy conspiracy theory…

Why is it that the Federal Reserve has never been fully audited? Why is it that when Ron Paul tried to pass HR 1207 Federal Reserve Transparency Bill, it was muddled in committees and then eventually derailed? Why is it that banks like Goldman Sachs have been caught, yes caught, setting the stage for an economic implosion in this country, yet no government indictments have been formed to criminally prosecute them? Why are these men still roaming free like locusts to continue pillaging at will? Are we supposed to feel lucky that we get table scraps like Bernie Madoff behind bars while the Federal Reserve commits Ponzi fraud on a scale that dwarfs his?

Our government, both major parties, is owned lock stock and barrel. This is why there are no satisfactory answers for the questions posed above. Elements of the U.S. Government including almost every president since 1912 have not only turned a blind eye to Globalist activities, they have offered their full support to the bankers.

Nixon removed the Dollar from the gold standard in 1971 giving the Fed free reign to print as much fiat as they wished without limitations. In 1980 the Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act was passed placing all banks essentially under the rules of the Federal Reserve. The Glass-Steagall Act which kept investment banks and depository banks separate was repealed under a Republican majority in the Senate, and then finalized by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1999. 30 years ago, banks that held your home mortgage were for the most part required to keep that mortgage until it was finally paid. But, a series of government decisions spanning that period and influenced by global banks allowed for the “securitization” of mortgages, leading to the creation of “derivatives”, which were then used by corporate mobsters like Goldman Sachs to destroy our financial system. Last, but certainly not least, both the Bush and Obama Administrations pressured Congress into passing highly unpopular bailout legislation which basically rewarded the same banks that created the credit crisis with trillions in taxpayer dollars (yes, the bailouts are now actually in the trillions, not billions). This led to the coining of the term “too big to fail” (or “too big to jail”). Our Government has been nothing but complicit in the banker takeover of this country. To debate otherwise is to invite embarrassment.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of government involvement in the collapse of our economy. Cases like the Savings and Loan crisis of the 1980’s led to serious prosecutions and jail time for more than 1100 criminal bankers, but this only caused the government to respond by changing investigation rules to make it even more difficult to catch the high level fraudsters in the act! Linked below is an interview between Max Keiser and bank regulator Prof. William K Black who outlines our government’s complicity in the breakdown of the country it is mandated to protect:


Elites destroy cultures to make way for new philosophies; their philosophies. Its not so much “conspiracy theory” as it is a widely admitted methodology. Corporate globalists believe in global government on their terms and they barely try to hide it. If someone thinks this sounds “fantastical” then they haven’t been paying the slightest attention. When one understands how Elites view economy, and realizes their primary motivations, the fact that they purposely triggered a collapse is perfectly logical. Nothing besides all out war inspires more fear and desperation in a society than a financial upheaval. Such elements on a mass scale allow changes in our collective psychology that were never possible before. Most people tend to falter under such an overwhelming threat and turn towards any authority (or fake authority) to save them from harm. Some people scoff at this idea, but it is likely they have never actually been in the wake of a real national catastrophe before. Men, especially those who know little of themselves, can change quickly in the face of calamity. The Elites recognize this, engineer tragedy, then waltz into the aftermath to merrily lord over the rubble.

Will their plan work? I think not, but I’m an optimist (no, really). The pursuit of total control and total power seems rather infantile to me, be it on an impressively psychotic level. Although, if we are made to forget who the real enemy is, then I think they do have a chance at success. That is how they have remained successful to this point. Only now does the average man have such immense knowledge at his fingertips, the knowledge to bring down a line despots and tyrants that have reigned for centuries. If only the average man was not so easily deterred by WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Distraction). The Elites will likely ignite some wars, tempt us into in-fighting, and fabricate enemies like Al Qaeda out of the ether. As the slogan goes, “Order Out Of Chaos”. Whatever happens, our eyes must remain fixed on the root of the problem; the bankers, and nothing else.

Globalists are not invincible, they are not untouchable, they are not even all that brilliant. They are human, and they have made many mistakes. The engineering of an economic meltdown really changes nothing. Hired thugs, useful idiots, corrupt officials, even hyperinflation, all tiny obstacles when considering the world we could have if the Elites were finally made to face the reckoning they deserve. Americans once took on the greatest empire on Earth. We once took a feared king to task. Are a bunch of frothing corporate bankers really so daunting? All that is needed is a principled movement with the will to see justice done, and I believe we have that already.

You can contact Giordano Bruno at: giordano@neithercorp.us

Quantitative Easing explained

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May we live in Interest (ing) Times

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By Jon Nadler        
Nov 12 2010 8:38AM

The hitherto “easy going” in precious metals got tougher all of a sudden last night as the realization that China’s first baby step on interest rates may soon turn into a full-on march sank in amid speculative players in commodities. The Chinese “strategy” is really quite simple. It is the same one that will sooner or later be resorted to by the ECB and then the US Fed as well. Clearly, markets have grown uber-complacent about the near-zero interest rate environment and have been supporting over-the-top gains in many a commodity up to now.

Not that China finds itself anywhere near nil rates or such, however, the clear and present danger that inflation is posing to the country’s policymakers is apparently taking priority on the ‘to do’ list at this juncture. The precious metals (and most of the commodity complex) fell despite an easing in the US dollar early this morning (to near 78 on the index). Crude oil and copper each lost over 2% during the night.

The pledge made by the G-20 in Seoul to merely “monitor” on-purpose devaluation attempts by particular nations was met with a yawn by currency traders. “Indicative guidelines to be measured” is about as mild a “strategy” statement as can be made, and, albeit the leaders at the summit did acknowledge that imbalances are out there, and that competitive devaluations (aka the ‘race to the bottom’) are more likely to harm everyone than they are to help individual nations over the long-run, this is all they were able to produce in Seoul.

South Korea’s President, perhaps trying to save face for having hosted what is being increasingly perceived as a ‘non-event’ proclaimed that “there has been big progress” made during the Seoul talks however. See you next year, in some other posh location. For, perhaps, more meaningful ‘big progress.’

Some see the Chinese rate hike as a veiled boost to the value of the yuan, while others opine that the greenback is picking up steam on the prospects for an Irish debt default (an event that would certainly not benefit the euro). The euro also has to factor in the potential fallout from the finding this morning that the rate of economic growth in Europe eroded in Q3 due to various emergent austerity programs. German GDP slowed (to 0.7% in Q3) from its previous record pace but is still seen as robust by local economists.

At any rate, -the common news thread says this morning- the Chinese rate-related apprehensions were sufficient to make for a $31 drop in gold during the overnight hours. Thus the yellow metal found itself back to roughly last week’s post-Fed announcement levels. More substantial support for prices may be found nearer to the $1,315.00 value zone, which, if broken, might change the game somewhat.

Other ‘games’ might change as well however, as many other assets have been basking in the post-Fed and Chinese growth hopes. See stock index futures for example; they were sharply lower this morning on the same fears. Commodities in China including copper, zinc, cotton, sugar, rubber, corn and soybean prices fell by the daily limits on concern another rate hike and additional sales from reserves would damp demand.

Silver fared poorly as well, losing $1.1 at one point in the overseas session. Still, such losses in value, coming on the heels of some lofty price achievements hardly appear as the larger (perhaps at least 10%) correction that is still so much overdue and was largely expected to materialize from a simple loss of bullish momentum and certain chart resistance points, as opposed to fears about something that has not yet taken place (Chinese rate hikes) in earnest.

New York spot dealings opened Friday’s session with assorted losses across the price boards. Spot gold bullion traded at $1,384.80 per ounce, down $24.10, as against the small losses in the US dollar on the index. In fact, the predominant selling (see the Kitco Gold Index) would have made for a $28-sized loss in the metal were it not for the USD index slipping lower.

Book-squaring ahead of the weekend and the possibility of an over-the-weekend rate hike by Beijing is certain to add to today’s volatile conditions in a market that was already turning nervous following its most recent, post-Fed, mania-like marathon. Consumer sentiment figures (though to have improved a tad) might only add to the flammable brew.

Silver prices opened with an 82-cent loss (2.9%) as players in that niche skimmed profits off the gaming table and pushed the white metal to an opening quote of $26.88 on the spot bid-side. Platinum shed $48 to start at $1,706.00 the ounce, while palladium fell $19 to open at $692.00 the troy ounce. Another $50 was added to rhodium’s value as that noble metal reached $2,400 on the bid this morning, and was still marching to its own tune.

Meanwhile, ill-informed ‘gurus’ continue to extol the virtues of a return to some kind of full or hybrid type of gold standard, in the wake of recent statement (mostly misinterpreted) by World Bank President Zoellick. Fanning the flames of investors’ hopes with representations that the world is about to make amends with that which it abandoned in the late 60’s, is one thing. Asserting that this WILL happen and that it CAN work, is, unfortunately, quite disingenuous.

Such starry-eyed dreamers will attack anything that does not conform to the strict “Austrian” paradigm and will dismiss anyone who tries to open the eyes of investors to the reality that gold cannot/will not make a comeback in the global currency system, and for good reasons. May we suggest a basic primer on global economics and currency regimes might be in order?

“Mercury poisoning,” is the answer from Barry Ritholtz, the very outspoken CEO and director of equity research at Fusion IQ, when asked where Zoellick’s idea might have come from. Writing about the issue, Marketwatch’s Nick Godt found that Mr. Zoellick’s “suggestion might have served as the perfect idea to, if nothing else, short-circuit the saber-rattling from all sides with a nonsensical idea. The Fed’s easing measures were taken in order to stave off a grave threat of deflation in the U.S., in an economy which is still licking its wounds from the Great Recession.

“The last thing that the world economy needs right now is another source of deflation in a financial crisis,” said Brad DeLong, chair of the political economy department at Berkeley and a former Treasury official in the Clinton administration. “Attaching the world economy’s price level to an anchor that central banks cannot augment at need is another source of deflation — we learned that in the 15 years after World War I,” DeLong wrote on his blog.”

As for what America needs right now, it is apparently a dose of imported austerity (something which has been fashionable from Athens to Paris, of late). At least, that’s the upshot of last week’s turbulent elections, in the opinion of some. Proposals for nearly $4 trillion in spending cuts made by a Presidential commission have now surfaced. Chances of these ideas being implemented (circa 2012) in their current guise? Slim, to none. However, it is a start.

The plan calls for slashing expenditures in hitherto sacrosanct entitlement programs such as Medicare, Social Security, farm subsidies, and such (never mind that more than 50% of the ‘problem’ has its origins in defense spending by the US).Curiously, the applause is missing from the scene. Isn’t this what was wanted by angry voters? Isn’t this what responsible fiscal and monetary policy entails –at least in part?

Have a responsible weekend.

Jon Nadler
Senior Analyst
Kitco Bullion Dealers Montreal


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A cowboy was watching over his herd when a guy driving a BMW drove up. The driver, a well dressed young man, leaned out the window and said, “If I can tell you exactly how many cows and calves you have in your herd, will you give me a calf”?

“Sure.  Why not?” answered the cowboy. 

The yuppie whipped out his laptop, connected it to his cell phone and surfed the Internet. He called up a GPS satellite to get an exact fix on his location, which he then fed to another satellite that scanned the area for an ultra high-resolution photo.

He then exported the photo to an image processing facility in Germany, and within seconds, he received an e-mail confirming that the image had been processed and the data stored.

He then printed a 100 page report and said.

“You have exactly 386 cows and calves."

“That’s right, so I guess you can take one of my calves,” said the cowboy, and looked down with amusement as the yuppie selected one and stuffed it into the trunk of his car.

Then the cowboy said to the young yuppie, “If I can tell you exactly what kind of business you’re in, will you give me back my calf?”

The yuppie said, “OK, why not?”

“You work for the White House,” said the cowboy.

“WOW! That’s correct,” said the yuppie.” But how did you guess?”

“No guess,” said the cowboy.

“You showed up here, even though nobody called you.”

You want to get paid for an answer I already knew and to a question I never asked you.

You used billions of dollars worth of equipment to show me how much smarter you are than I, and you don’t know anything about how working people make a living, or about cow’s and calf’s either.

This is a herd of sheep!

Now give me back my dog!

USDA: No strategic grain reserves… they sold them!

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The PPJ Gazette

USDA: No strategic grain reserves… they sold them!



Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

 A note to readers:  Just today, friends in Newnan Georgia reported that as they did their monthly buying of food, a routine they have had for more than twenty years, they were stopped at the check out and told that they had exceeded the allowed amount of various food staples.  They were not allowed to purchase more than a few weeks worth of supplies. 

It has begun.   Marti

As recently as 2008, the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of the USDA, reported that there was virtually no grain stores left in the US.  Of the 24.1 million bushels in reserve, only 2.7 million bushels remained after the bulk of the grain stores were given for humanitarian relief. While some of the grain may have been used for humanitarian purposes, there is no evidence to support this contention. Furthermore, the use of the term humanitarian does not necessarily mean that the grain wasn’t sold, its just meant to condition public thinking into believing the grain was given away to hungry people.  I would bet that wasn’t the case at all.

There has been no effort by USDA or CCC to re-establish our strategic grain reserves.  The purpose of the CCC is to maintain a balanced supply of food commodities as a strategic backup in case of emergency and is charged with distributing those back up supplies to the population should they be needed. The strategic reserves which had been established as a result of the Great Depression were depleted in the 1980’s and USDA at that time announced it would not re-establish this back up and of course our current bio-tech pandering Ag secretary isn’t about to re-establish them either. 

S.510 would insure the capture of the markets for corporations whose only interest is exporting whatever our land can produce to other nations, for commodities profit.  Nothing will be held back for the US as “free trade” and export will be first and foremost. Instead of focusing on securing a back up supply for the US, the USDA continues to push for ever more exportation of our food supply.  Now why would USDA and congress be promoting export over securing the food supply for the US?  

This “free trade” thing is killing us economically. The cost of free trade needs to be measured not by whether or not a few selected individuals make a ton of money, but, by whether or not the economy is benefited by allowing it to continue.  Free trade has morphed into rape and pillage, leaving economic destruction in its wake and we are about to be left in the dirt and wondering where our next meal is coming from as multi-national corporations line up to seize control of the worlds food supplies. 

Along with this loss of strategic grain reserves, there is no butter, cheese, dry milk or any other food commodity stockpiled for the American people in the event the predicted food crisis occurs.  Nearly one third of all corn crops are now diverted to ethanol production and are not grown for food; this while the coming food crisis begins.

It is our belief that this refusal by USDA and CCC to establish a food store for emergencies goes hand in hand with the intent of S.510, the fake food safety bill. This bill will effectively centralize food production not only geographically, but also in the marketplace by eliminating family and independent producers and centralizing food production in CAFO operations and other concentrated farming applications.

The Farmer Owned Reserve (FOR) is busy promoting the most sensible solution to decentralization of food stores, by advocating that grain be stored on farms; effectively establishing and protecting grain reserves as they would be dispersed all across the country as opposed to deposited in massive and easily targeted grain terminals.  Of course USDA and CCC have their ears plugged on this sensible solution as it limits their control and manipulation of markets and reduces the number and value of contracts they can issue for export; meaning the amount of money that would be generated by contracting with multi-national corporations against the people of the United States would be seriously impaired, reducing the profit margin for USDA on export contracts. This was alluded to in the 2009 National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) report on the wonderful deal grain producers would get if they didn’t store grain on site and instead stored in government owned and controlled facilities.  Far from being a logical and defensive strategy, the intent of NGFA (another USDA owned corporation)was summed up in its final statement on the advantages of government owned facilities:

  • It would better protect CCC’s financial interest, since the value of grain stored at commercial elevators generally is greater than on farm, and is a more “saleable” asset if marketing assistance loan grain is ever forfeited by the producer into CCC’s ownership.

This last statement was in fact the crux of the issue: “forever forfeited by the producer.” Its all about how to seize the supply and who will profit from its sale.  None of this plan for massive grain terminals is about anything other than selling off the crops our farmers produce to the highest bidders while leaving the US in the position of having no strategic stores of grains for emergencies. to get the full effect of the planning that went into the theft of our grain crops, you have to read the full document linked above.

Centralization, one of the key talking points when the USDA and FDA is promoting the overthrow of private domestic agriculture, is supposed to be avoided……there could be some mad man in a cave on the other side of the world just waiting for the chance to tip cows over in Iowa.  Then what? 

These massive terminals that NGFA is promoting would centralize the grain reserves all across the country making them easy targets for terrorists; like the swat teams from USDA and FDA.  They don’t have to really worry about them showing up, these teams will be far too busy conducting police state raids on family and independent farms and ranches. 

We do need to fear terrorists.  You will know them when you see them.  They will be dressed like star wars storm troopers and armed to the teeth with weapons the likes of which even James Bond couldn’t imagine.  They’ll also have the USDA and/or FDA logo on them just so you know who they are. 

As for bio-terrorism……considering we have more than 700 bio-weapons labs cris-crossing the country, its pretty safe to say that should we have a bio weapon attack, it will probably originate from a city near you.

The food system isn’t broken:

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     The food system isn’t broken:

The government just won’t get the hell out of it


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


“Had this bill been about food safety, it would have contained provisions to expand and support family farms and ranches; it would have encouraged the entry into, and support of next generation farmers and ranchers. Instead of shoving Agenda 21 mandates on us  that come with titles such as “Best Farming” Best Land Management” and other idiotic WTO platitudes that are anything but the best practices, this bill would have encouraged gathering of generational knowledge about the land, the animals, crops, harvesting, food storage and preparation”


Why is it, every time the jackasses in the District of Criminals have run some program into the ground, squandered massive amounts of dollars while letting corporations write bills that benefit them and rape and rob the states, they always come out and say; “the system is broken”.  “We’ve got to fix the system, it is broken”.  It’s an emergency!  We have to do something right now!  And that is all quickly followed by one phony “crisis” after another as they try to scare the public into believing the “crisis” just magically and mysteriously appeared.  That’s just how bad the system is broken!  Like the magic egg contamination that just somehow appeared the week before they pushed S.510 the fake food safety bill onto the floor of the Senate.  How damn handy was that?!  Never mind that FDA knew about that way back last March when it was initially detected in Oregon.  A contamination that was allowed to reach epic proportions so that it could be used to scare you into thinking the only thing that could have saved us from these terrorist eggs….was S.510.  

The battle over S.510, The Fake Food Safety bill is not over.  At stake are the severely reduced numbers of family and independent farmers and ranchers who have historically been the backbone of our economy and who produced the safest and most abundant food supply in the world.  If the intent of S.510 was to preserve and protect our agricultural sector, I would support it.  The fact is, it is intended to industrialize agriculture and centralize it in the hands of multi-national corporations.  While USDA and FDA and Homeland Security and a host of other privately owned government corporations, harp about the centralization of the food supply and how this must be avoided, the truth is, they are intending to do just that. 

If this fake food safety bill had actually been written to deal with food safety in the US, it would have been centered on several key issues, none of which are addressed in the bill, and would not be focused on how to criminalize the ownership and control of agricultural property and the products derived from it for family and independent producers here in the US. 

Now then, wouldn’t you have thought that if food safety and the security of the food supply was the true agenda in S.510, there  would have been a concerted effort to restore and replenish back up supplies for the people of the US if this bill truly was about food safety and security?  And who in their right mind, knowing that we have no reserves, throws the door open to exports and encourages the exporting of food products and supplies as preferential to securing the supply here at home? 

What was absent from the bill was any concern for the people of the US as what was conspicuously absent from the bill was any protection of family and independent producers.  In the year 2000, we had more than 8 million farms and ranches and now we have less than 2 million.  Instead of writing a bill that encouraged the re-establishment of our rural communities in support of our family farmers and ranchers, we have a bill that will drive more of them out of business.  The full intent and focus of S.510, the fake food safety bill is centered around trade and exports.  These two things are the crux of the bill. 

This is not and never was about food safety. 

Instead of a bill that encouraged next generation entry into agriculture, we have a bill that is constructed to prevent that very thing from happening; 

S.510 calls for a $500 per year “registration” fee, for those who engage in agriculture.   This registration and accompanying fee come as a result of converting what was your right (to freely engage in trade and conduct lawful business) into a “pay us for the “privilege” for doing what was previously your inalienable right.  

Once Premises ID is applied to property, it can never, ever be removed from the property.  Anyone can register any property at any time; it doesn’t even have to be their property.  With this in mind, we feel it would be in everyone’s best interest to call in and register the property of your legislators.  Also your governor and all state officials whose address you can locate.  Maybe once their property is permanently and eternally encumbered, they might possibly rethink this plan.

This fee is also a tax.  The intent of S.510 is to tax domestic producers, while allowing those countries who import into the US to continue to do so duty free.  China will be allowed to continue to dump shiploads of contaminated products  into US markets, to be co-mingled with the domestic supply, and they will not be penalized, punished or have their imports refused as a result.  

Had this bill been about food safety, it would have contained provisions to expand and support family farms and ranches; it would have encouraged the entry into, and support of next generation farmers and ranchers. Instead of shoving Agenda 21 mandates on us  that come with titles such as “Best Farming” Best Land Management” and other idiotic WTO platitudes that are anything but the best practices, this bill would have encouraged gathering of generational knowledge about the land, the animals, crops, harvesting, food storage and preparation; knowledge gained through centuries of hands on experience and practiced by families and individuals who know through experience how to manage their land and how to produce safe and nutritious food.

It is exactly this knowledge that S.510 along with Codex Alimentarius, the World Trade Organization and the United Nations wants to wipe out and replace with “Best Practices”.

Best practices is nothing more than a reduction of standards and regulations to facilitate and ease the ability of multi-national corporations to gain entry into agriculture and to profit from that entry…even if you starve to death as a result. 

If food safety was the focus of s.510 it would have been strengthening independent agriculture to secure the US food supply and would have severely limited imports. There is no justifiable or rational reason for the US to be importing anything other than what cannot be grown here, such as various tropical fruits.  The idea that we are allowing multiple countries, under the cover and protection of unlawful trade agreements, to dump massive amounts of substandard products into our food supply, uninspected and duty free, is outrageous. 

Food safety or Food theft?

There is nothing in S.510 which could conceivably secure or make safe, the US food supply.  Much of the current version of the bill is nothing more than a reiteration of HACCP, the self-inspection coup that allows corporate producers to inspect themselves and report their results.  It comes as no surprise that they come up virtually clean with every report.  Part of the bill deals with whether or how to implement Codex Alimentarius and ends with the admonition that nothing in the bill can conflict with or obstruct WTO demands or any of the illegal trade agreements entered into over the last twenty years or more. 

Absolutely nothing in S.510 criminalizes or penalizes countries such as China whose laundry list of contaminated food imports reads like the diary of a mad scientist.  In fact, even those countries who import into the US will be allowed to self inspect routinely, and a USDA health inspector would only be allowed access once a year. I don’t suppose USDA would be planning any of their swat team raids on Chinese food producers; they’re saving that for US family and independent producers. And they won’t need any real evidence of any wrongdoing, or problems…..they just need a “reasonable belief”.  Based on what?  The fact that you aren’t a multi-national corporation throwing wads of money at them?

The intent of S.510 is to create an untenable situation for non-corporate producers, saddling them with onerous regulations, requirements, rules, regulations and a complete loss of property rights.   This loss would be accomplished by forcing a mandatory Premises ID program; known to be the conveyance of title and control of personally held property, to the USDA as a trust.  Landowners would be converted to trustees and subject to mandatory guidelines forcing the use of pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides and other toxic chemicals on a scheduled basis; most times these mandatory guidelines for pharmaceuticals have no other purpose than profit. 

After spending weeks with a working group taking the bill apart line by line, backtracking all the changes to code & title, all the redefinitions of terms and words and then tracking down what groups, organizations, and corporations were backing the bill with major amounts of campaign donations to the bills sponsors, it didn’t take a long to deduce that this bill, was in fact, intended to end anything but industrialized corporate agriculture.  All of the contrived statements by politicians to the effect that our food system is “broken”, fail to address the actual reasons it might be in need of repair.  The bill is targeted on domestic family and independent producers as though they were the sole cause of food borne illness, when in fact, they know this is seldom if ever the case.

Then, while carefully avoiding any mention of the horrendous negligence of USDA in its failure to inspect food shipments coming into the country and its failure to even inspect with any regularity domestic corporate processors notorious for being the point from which food contamination most often occurs, proceed to promote the idea that USDA, FDA, HSD, HHS, and whoever else is getting a piece of the pie, should be free from those pesky restrictions such as inalienable rights, or Constitutional protections.

One of the original bills to come out attempting to seize food production and supply was of course HR 875, authored by Rosa DeLauro.  HR 875 called for the creation of a new behemoth agency that would be fully empowered with police state authority, would have prohibited judicial review of any actions taken against domestic farmers and ranchers.  

I find it less than coincidental that Senator Durbin, in his dramatic speech on the floor of the Senate, proposed to Senator Coborn, who objected to S.510, that maybe what was needed was just one big agency to cover everything. Wonder where he came up with that idea?  Just a notion; top of his head suggestion. 

That “one big agency” thing is what they intended to do all along.  This will be the equivalence of Homeland Security for food production.  If that doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what else would.

Fully half of S.510 deals with enforcement; but not for corporations.  This is the laundry list of crimes, fines, penalties, and licensing fees and includes provision for imprisonment…no judicial review of course.  A royalty fee called for under registration will cost each producer a minimum of $500 per year.  This registration is actually your application to enter into the contract with the state as your right to use and enjoy your land in the pursuit of farming or ranching, is converted into a privilege that may be enjoyed only if and when you apply and pay the extortive licensing fee.  Enforcement has nothing to do with food safety, but everything to do with generating revenue for what is, in reality, a privately owned corporation operating under fraud and presenting itself as a public service agency.

Lest you believe the tenets of S.510 are written in stone, the Secretary or Administrator or whatever bogus office or titled person that have their fingers in this pot, are charged with writing the rules and regulations “after the fact”.  In fact, they have a year to decide who they will target, how they will target them.    

This bill is an act of treason against the people of the United States and those who put their names on it as sponsors or authors should be tried and prosecuted for this act of aggression against the states of the Union.

The food production and supply system is broken and the only thing that will fix it is getting the Federal government and all its police state agencies and their corporate buddies out of it.

This week’s PPJ Gazette Jackass Award

Goes to

Mr. McGraw, head of Wisconsin’s Department of agriculture, trade, and consumer protection, or DATCP.

Mr. McGraw wants the residents of wisconsin to register any location in which livestock is kept.

Mr. McGraw has no rational reason for this; he just somehow got into the position of head of the department and the cooperative funding (bribery)  from the USDA just kept rolling in the door!  What’s a guy to do?

“Livestock” includes cattle and other bovine animals, swine, poultry, sheep, goats, horses and other equine animals, farm-raised deer and other cervids, gamebirds including pheasants, quail, wild turkeys, migrating waterfowl, pigeons, and exotic birds raised in captivity, bison, llamas and other camelids, ratites such as emus and ostriches, and fish.

Evidently, this is supposed to ensure that grandma’s pet goldfish doesn’t run amuck and unleash a dreaded disease on the state of Wisconsin. And, if a gaggle of migrating geese takes a dip in your pond before heading south for the winter, be prepared for a knock on the door by the Wisconsin DATCP enforcement division.

Yes, Mr. Mcgraw, for incredibly invasive policies and police-state tactics, you deserve this week’s PPJ Gazette Jackass award!

Courts Helping Banks Screw Over Homeowners

November 11th, 2010 by

Retired judges are rushing through complex cases to speed foreclosures in Florida

  Matt Taibbi

The following is an article from the November 11, 2010 issue of Rolling Stone. This issue is available Friday on newsstands, as well online in Rolling Stone’s digital archive. Click here to subscribe.

 The foreclosure lawyers down in Jacksonville had warned me, but I was skeptical. They told me the state of Florida had created a special super-high-speed housing court with a specific mandate to rubber-stamp the legally dicey foreclosures by corporate mortgage pushers like Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan Chase. This "rocket docket," as it is called in town, is presided over by retired judges who seem to have no clue about the insanely complex financial instruments they are ruling on — securitized mortgages and laby­rinthine derivative deals of a type that didn't even exist when most of them were active members of the bench. Their stated mission isn't to decide right and wrong, but to clear cases and blast human beings out of their homes with ultimate velocity. They certainly have no incentive to penetrate the profound criminal mysteries of the great American mortgage bubble of the 2000s, perhaps the most complex Ponzi scheme in human history — an epic mountain range of corporate fraud in which Wall Street megabanks conspired first to collect huge numbers of subprime mortgages, then to unload them on unsuspecting third parties like pensions, trade unions and insurance companies (and, ultimately, you and me, as taxpayers) in the guise of AAA-rated investments. Selling lead as gold, shit as Chanel No. 5, was the essence of the booming international fraud scheme that created most all of these now-failing home mortgages.

The Real Reason America’s Cities and Towns Are Broke

The rocket docket wasn't created to investigate any of that. It exists to launder the crime and bury the evidence by speeding thousands of fraudulent and predatory loans to the ends of their life cycles, so that the houses attached to them can be sold again with clean paperwork. The judges, in fact, openly admit that their primary mission is not justice but speed. One Jacksonville judge, the Honorable A.C. Soud, even told a local newspaper that his goal is to resolve 25 cases per hour. Given the way the system is rigged, that means His Honor could well be throwing one ass on the street every 2.4 minutes.

Exclusive Excerpt: America on Sale, From Matt Taibbi's Griftopia

Foreclosure lawyers told me one other thing about the rocket docket. The hearings, they said, aren't exactly public. "The judges might give you a hard time about watching," one lawyer warned. "They're not exactly anxious for people to know about this stuff." Inwardly, I laughed at this — it sounded like typical activist paranoia. The notion that a judge would try to prevent any citizen, much less a member of the media, from watching an open civil hearing sounded ridiculous. Fucked-up as everyone knows the state of Florida is, it couldn't be that bad. It isn't Indonesia. Right?


November 9th, 2010 by


Here’s hoping you have been reading blog’s and site’s like this one long enough to know what is just around the corner, and have already taken defensive action. IF NOT!

I strongly advise you to read the next four articles as a brain test, to determine if you are functionally alive. 

If they do not wake you up and keep you studying for the following week, then bend over and K>Y>A>G>BYE.

That was NOT a smart remark; it is a fact of life! The good times are over! No more Dancing with the Stars, Football, or what ever your favorite diversion from reality is!

Take this to the BANK, (while they are still open). Buy as much life sustaining food, water, weapons and PLENTY OF AMMO, and other products as you can find room to store, and for God’s sake don’t forget toilet paper.

Get out of the stock market and convert all remaining cash into SILVER, and some gold. There will be a lot of hungry people more than willing to take everything you have, including your life. BE PREPARED! Until things get a little better, ammo may well be the currency of choice. Do not be dumb enough to trust the local, and State Police! Do not let any military grunts force you to go to a safety center, where you will repeat what the Jews did in Germany. It’s a hell of a lot better to die fighting for your freedom, than to grovel at the feet of some grunt in uniform.

One more thing! When you experience hyper-inflation, you will stop laughing, and wish you had believed me.


For  advice on self defense weapons  email OldDog at  wethepeople@anationbeguiled.com


The Corporation Nation: AKA – The U.S.A.

November 9th, 2010 by




by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved



When state Constitutions were set aside in favor of a ‘unified’ federal corporation, USA INC in Washington D C,  via the Reconstruction Act and the 14th Amendment after the Civil War the entire country was transformed into a ‘group’ of interconnected states. These states then became corporate entities of the USA INC corporate franchise system.  The system continued to grow and divide eventually incorporating the counties, townships, municipalities, and school districts, etc.

Even government ‘agencies’ like the Center for Disease Control, the Ohio Department of Health and the State of Wisconsin Investment Board became their own corporate entities now listed individually as businesses on Dun and Bradstreet.

As the public was never told that the United States had been transformed into USA INC, they were completely unaware that this ‘corporation nation’ was being erected. The public still believes we have public servants who work for us.  In reality we do not have a ‘government’ but live smack dab in the middle of a massive corporate/business enterprise.

USA INC has to be the largest government corporate franchise system that has ever existed on the planet.  And it is now devouring both the population and the planet . . . for profits to feed itself.  For GOVERNMENT INC is heavily invested in the stock market and collectively represents significant shareholder influence.  The investment and pension fund managers for GOVERNMENT INC care only about returns, they are not hired to be concerned about the environment OR our life (health), liberty and pursuit of happiness.

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB) perfectly demonstrates the workings of GOVERNMENT INC. On their web site, they explain ‘Corporate Governance’:

Corporate Governance Overview

Corporate governance is a powerful force in American business and, as one of the largest pension funds in the world, SWIB strives to protect its investments by being proactive in this area.

SWIB’s Corporate Governance Program was implemented in 1986 to protect SWIB’s long-term investment earnings by exercising its rights as a shareholder. As a way to carry out SWIB’s fiduciary obligation to the trust fund beneficiaries, we work to keep companies and their directors focused on shareholder value by communicating concerns to company management and corporate board members.

In most cases, governance activities are directly associated with SWIB assets. However, when warranted and to promote and enhance long-term shareholder value, SWIB may become involved in other governance activities that apply to a greater public issue and more broadly impact the integrity of public corporations.

 This film explains how this system works – and how this system works against us. Better than that, it explains how to investigate your own state, county or municipality and verify this information for yourself.

It is futile for us to rally against the anti-people and anti-environment practices of mega corporations, while our own ’governments’ invest heavily into their continued growth.  We the People want local organic food and our ‘government’ wants increased revenue from Monsanto. We the People want clean energy and our ‘government’ wants increased revenue from the petroleum industry. And so far We the People are losing, as more and more of our own local businesses fail while WalMarts go in around the country. After all GOVERNMENT funds invest heavily in the growth of WalMart as well.

The 14th Amendment not only changed our ‘government’ it changed our ‘relationship’ to it.  It created something best termed as voluntary servitude . . . or a new corporate entity called a ‘strawman’.

And to make matters worse, the 14th Amendment was never ratified by the states. 

To restore a government Of the People, By the People and For the People, the unratified 14th Amendment needs to be nullifed by each state legislature.  Without the nullification of this unlawful amendment, we will all remain in involutary servitude and the unwitting victims of a runaway Corporation Nation.  What does this mean? Here are a few examples:

  • Mandated vaccinations for our children (and ourselves?)
  • Mandatory medication for our ‘active’ school children
  • Mandatory public schooling for all children
  • Mandatory water fluoridation – with no warnings regarding infant formula
  • Mandatory taxes such as property, sales, excise, licenses, and permits
  • Mandatory federal IDs
  • Mandatory federal healthcare . . . or pay heavy fines for both patients and physicians
  • Mandatory electronic medical records in unprotected computer systems
  • Mandatory RFID chips
  • Mandatory banking fees per transaction
  • Mandatory regulations, permits and penalties for all food growers
  • Mandatory compliance in all USA INC Treaties or Agreements
  • Mandatory body scans for identification at airports and other facilities
  • Mandatory medical compliance (aka involuntary experimentation) for all serving in the military

A corporate structure has been erected around us – without our awareness or permission – that brings us closer and closer to an Illumicorp future that will be very similar to the futuristic novel 1984.

INC the BEAST is indeed a doom machine with no limits to growth and no fiduciary responsibility to ‘do no harm’.


Walter Burien – CAFR1

INC the BEAST and its Cost Effective Analysis of Destruction

The Corporation – commodisizing life itself

Lee Bellinger’s Exective Bulletin

November 9th, 2010 by

Seth Van Brocklin, Contributing Editor

Independent Living




Fed's Recklessness Invites Condemnation,

Sparks Global Gold Rush


As I write today, confidence in the U.S. dollar is crumbling worldwide, as China and other U.S. creditor nations express disgust at Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke's debt-monetization plans.

"Helicopter" Ben's desperate actions last week to try to paper over deteriorating U.S. finances with an announced $600 billion bond-buying program could be the final nail in the coffin of the dollar's status as the world's presumptive reserve currency.


World Bank Chief Makes Surprise Call
for Gold Backing of Currencies


Yesterday, World Bank President Robert Zoellick shocked many economic observers by calling for a new system of floating currencies to be pegged to gold. He wrote in a Financial Times article, "Although textbooks may view gold as the old money, markets are using gold as an alternative monetary asset today."

The demise of the dollar and the rise of precious metals as emerging new monetary standards is exactly what our team at Independent Living predicted would happen – even back when such predictions drew ridicule and laughter.

Now some of the same commentators who had smugly hailed the reign of "king dollar" are coming to see the U.S. currency for the empty suit it really is.


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U S Geological Survey: Silver

November 9th, 2010 by


Statistics and Information: Silver has been used for thousands of years as ornaments and utensils, for trade, and as the basis for many monetary systems. Of all the metals, pure silver has the whitest color, the highest optical reflectivity, and the highest thermal and electrical conductivity. Also, silver halides are photosensitive. Owing to the above properties, silver has many industrial applications such as in mirrors, electrical and electronic products, and photography, which is the largest single end use of silver. Silver's catalytic properties make it ideal for use as a catalyst in oxidation reactions; for example, the production of formaldehyde from methanol and air by means of silver screens or crystallites containing a minimum 99.95 weight-percent silver.

Silver(Data in metric tons(1) of silver content unless otherwise noted)

U.S. Domestic Production and Use: In 2008, approximately 1,120 tons of silver with an estimated value of $570 million was produced in the United States. Silver was produced as a byproduct from 31 base- and precious-metal mines. Alaska continued as the country’s leading silver-producing State, followed by Nevada; however, company production data are proprietary and were withheld. There were 21 refiners of commercial-grade silver, with an estimated total output of 3,000 tons from domestic and foreign ores and concentrates, and from old and new scrap. Silver’s traditional use categories include coins and medals, industrial applications, jewelry and silverware, and photography. 

The physical properties of silver include ductility, electrical conductivity, malleability, and reflectivity. The demand for silver in industrial applications continues to increase and includes use of silver in bandages for wound care, batteries, brazing and soldering, in catalytic converters in automobiles, in cell phone covers to reduce the spread of bacteria, in clothing to minimize odor, electronics and circuit boards, electroplating, hardening bearings, inks, mirrors, solar cells, water purification, and wood treatment to resist mold. Silver was used for miniature antennas in Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) that were used in casino chips, freeway toll transponders, gasoline speed purchase devices, passports, and on packages to keep track of inventory shipments. Mercury and silver, the main components of dental amalgam, are biocides and their use in amalgam inhibits recurrent decay.

U.S. Recycling: In 2008, approximately 1,600 tons of silver was recovered from old and new scrap. This includes 60 to 90 tons of silver that is reclaimed and recycled annually from photographic wastewater.

U.S. Import Sources(2004-07): (2) Mexico, 50%; Canada, 31%; Peru, 13%; Chile, 2%; and other, 4%.

U.S. Depletion Allowance: 15% (U.S.domestic), 14% (Foreign).

U.S. Government Stockpile:All of the remaining silver in the National Defense Stockpile was transferred to the U.S. Mint by the Defense Logistics Agency for use in the manufacture of numismatic and bullion coins by yearend 2004. This transfer marked the end of silver requirements for the National Defense Stockpile.

Events, Trends, and Issues: In 2008, silver prices averaged $15.85 per troy ounce and rose to the highest average annual price since 1980. Prices rose to $20.92 in March, which was more than 20% higher than the previous year’s high of $15.82 per troy ounce established in November 2007. The overall rise in silver prices corresponded to investment interest in several new silver exchange traded funds (ETF) that have opened since the first silver ETF was established in April 006. At the end of 2007, silver ETF inventories totaled approximately 5,290 tons of silver and rose to more than 6,000 tons by July 2008. Consumption of silver also continued to rise for industrial applications. In the United States, demand for photography fell to 1,120 tons since peaking in 1999 at 2,290 tons. 

Silver is still used in x-ray films; however, many hospitals have begun to use digital systems. Approximately 99% of the silver in photographic wastewater may be recycled. Silver demand for industrial applications increased while demand for silver in photography, jewelry, silverware, and coins and metals decreased. Use of silver increased to help regulate body heat and to control odor in shoes and sports and everyday clothing. The use of trace amounts of silver in bandages for wound care and minor skin infections is also increasing. World silver mine production increased to 20,900 tons in response to increased production at new and existing polymetallic mines, such as Greens Creek in Alaska, the San Cristobal Mine in Bolivia, and the Uchucchacua Mine in Peru.

World Mine Production, Reserves, and Reserve Base:


Mine Production


Reserve Base(2)



2008 (e)



United States








































South Africa





Other Countries





World total (rounded)





World Resources: Silver was obtained as a byproduct from processing and smelting copper, gold, and lead-zinc ores. Ores from these polymetallic deposits account for more than two-thirds of U.S. and world resources of silver; the remaining silver resources are associated with veins and submicroscopic gold deposits in which gold is the primary commodity. Most recent silver discoveries have been associated with gold occurrences; however, base-metal occurrences that contain byproduct silver will continue to account for a significant share of future reserves and resources. Peru, Mexico, and China are the world’s leading producers of silver, in descending order of production.

Substitutes: Digital imaging, film with reduced silver content, silverless black-and-white film, and xerography substitute for silver that has traditionally been used in black-and-white as well as color printing applications. Surgical pins and plates may be made with tantalum and titanium in place of silver. Stainless steel may be substituted for silver flatware, and germanium added to silver flatware will make it tarnish resistant. Nonsilver batteries may replace silver batteries in some applications. Aluminum and rhodium may be used to replace silver that was traditionally used in mirrors and other reflecting surfaces. Silver may be used to replace more costly metals in catalytic converters for off-road vehicles.

(NA) Not available. 
(1) One metric ton (1,000 kilograms) = 32,150.7 troy ounces. 
(2 )Includes silver recoverable from base-metal ores.

U.S. Geological Survey, Mineral Commodity Summaries, January 2009

Chinese Panic as West Waits?

November 9th, 2010 by



11 09 10 by  Staff Report

President Barack Obama (left) defended the Federal Reserve's policy of printing dollars on Monday after China and Russia stepped up criticism ahead of this week's Group of 20 … The G20 summit has been pitched as a chance for leaders of the countries that account for 85 percent of world output to prevent a currency row escalating into a rush to protectionism that could imperil the global recovery. But there is little sign of consensus. The summit has been overshadowed by disagreements over the U.S. Federal Reserve's quantitative easing (QE) policy under which it will print money to buy $600 billion of government bonds, a move that could depress the dollar and cause a potentially destabilizing flow of money into emerging economies. "I will say that the Fed's mandate, my mandate, is to grow our economy. And that's not just good for the United States, that's good for the world as a whole," Obama said during a trip to India. "And the worst thing that could happen to the world economy, not just ours, is if we end up being stuck with no growth or very limited growth," he said. – Reuters

Dominant Social Theme: Things are coming together now. The next G20 meeting will be swell and increased world governance must soon follow.

Free-Market Analysis: In this article we would like to delve into the issue of whether a worldwide unraveling would somehow benefit the West, particularly the elite itself and its goal of ever-more elaborate world government. Yesterday in Currency Dreams of the Elite, we discussed the difficulties that Western elites seemed to be having in implementing a worldwide currency, given the pushback of the Chinese and the larger BRIC faction. We also pointed out our surprise at how fast the Anglo-American power elite was moving toward the larger goal of a NWO, a goal that has comprised the basic, underlying dominant social theme of Western elites for at least a century and probably more in our view.

Every part of Western society has been organized around this goal in our view; and only in the 21st century with the advent of the Internet has the larger pattern of what the elites have been up to begun to become clear. The Bell has tried to support this increasing clarity. We regularly chart the power elite's efforts to create world government using dominant social themes – fear based promotions that harry Western middle classes to give up wealth and control to international organizations created by the elites.

The elites of the West, an intergenerational clique of banking families and their enablers with bases in London's City, Brussels and Washington DC, have evidently and obviously conspired to generate such a world government. The 20th century was a time of great progress toward this goal, but in the 21st century in our view, the elite's efforts have started to become undone. In the 20th century, after what we increasingly tend to believe was a second "engineered" war (World War II), the Anglo-American axis set up a worldwide dollar reserve system complete with an IMF (central bank in waiting), a World Bank (lending unit), Bank for International Settlements (coordinating central bank), UN (world parliament) and a global army (NATO).

But not so fast. The elite did not pay any special attention to media (from a formal organizational standpoint) given that during the 20th century elite control of the Western media was unchallenged. It was only with the advent of the Internet that cracks in the facade appeared and the promotions of the elites began to fail, more rapidly in fact than might have been expected. Today, the dollar reserve itself is increasingly in tatters, the IMF is not in good odor with much of its constituency, the World Bank is not seemingly a significant player in world events, NATO is having a bad go of it in Afghanistan and the UN has lost much of its credibility (especially in the US) because of various scandals and, generally, because of the socialist extremism that it espouses.

Against this backdrop of failed and failing Western institutions, we wonder if the Anglo-American axis' latest gambits are motivated as much by desperation as general aggressiveness and confidence. After 9/11 there is no doubt that the powers-that-be increased the level of authoritarianism that today affects Europe and America. At the same time the axis started two wars of control and intimidation in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have long maintained that these wars were part of a larger campaign to "westernize" Islam generally and to finally pacify the ancient tribes of Pakistan and Afghanistan (Pashtun and Punjabi) for purposes of implanting the final stages of global government.

Absent another world war (which strikes us as problematic given the amount of nuclear weapons around), the elite's organizational efforts regarding increased global centralization seem increasingly stymied. But we also are well aware that the elite never ceases to strive toward its goals. We note, therefore, (thanks to feedbacker "Bug") that the elite's inventiveness remains impressive.

One could argue, for instance, that President Barack Obama's inexplicable presence in India has more to do with generating a new source of US bond purchases than anything else. Additionally, it is true that India and China are enemies; by turning up in India, Obama increases pressure on the Chinese prior to the next G20 meeting. (Another feedbacker makes the persuasive point that Australia, too, is escaping from the Anglo-American orbit, but that is a story for different day.)

Anyway, the point of this article is to broach the possibility that the US has concluded the Chinese economy is going to collapse, maybe sooner than later. We have mentioned reports that the Chinese elite are buying houses and apartments and filling Swiss bank accounts with cash. It is possible that Western induced economic chaos increases the pressure on the Chinese economy and eventually tips it into the abyss that it is destined to fall. If this were the case, it is perfectly possible that the Anglo-American elite hopes to "pick up the pieces" and re-establish the power and dominance in China that it once enjoyed.

Seen from this perspective the move to dump another trillion or two into international markets is a kind of dagger aimed at the throat of the Chinese CCP. Eventually, price inflation in China is going to become intolerable and lead to serious civil unrest in our view. The CCP even now is in the unenviable position of choosing between jobs and higher prices. As we have pointed out in numerous articles, we think there is no love lost between the average Chinese citizen and the current government, which has now ruled in various incarnations for some 70 years. We've pointed out that the pact between the Chinese and the party is simple: The CCP provides increased prosperity and the Chinese themselves, all 1.3 billion of them, go along with this program. But just look at this:

China's inflation rate to hit 4 percent in 2011 … China will face greater inflationary pressure in 2011 because of the United States and Japan's looser monetary policies, with the inflation rate estimated to be at least 4 percent, Zhu Baoliang, deputy director of the economic projection department at the State Information Center, said during a forum on Nov. 5.

Zhu affirmed China's achievements in controlling inflationary expectations. Meanwhile, he notes that external factors are posing higher inflationary pressure on China. Zhu believes that the rise in inflationary pressure facing China since September 2010 has primarily resulted from the looser monetary policies successively adopted by Japan and the United States.

Zhu also believes that China's relatively loose domestic monetary policy is the reason to turn inflationary expectations into inflationary pressure. He explains that one of the most basic economic principles shows that price will surely rise when too much money is issued. The prices of China's bulk commodities and some types of grains are currently rising. Furthermore, the rise in wages of low-end labors will also pose further inflationary pressure in the future. – People's Daily Online

This is what the CCP is admitting to. But inflation, actually, is all-but-out-of-control in our view. An entire empty city has been erected in Mongolia based on real-estate speculation and the average, bourgeois Chinese person (there's a contradiction in terms) believes that the speculative purchase of an empty flat is a substantive investment. As world consumerist demand has all-but-collapsed, we fail to see how the CCP is going to sustain its 40-year-old boom.

The CCP is as afraid of civil insurrection as the Western powers-that-be and with good reason. The Chinese nation has seen nothing but insurrection, violence and military conquest for nearly 200 years. The past 30-40 can be seen as a kind of aberration given China's horrible history – much of it initiated by Western powers-that-be. The CCP is in fact in a race against time to provide China's remaining 400 million with a decent standard of living before the economy loses its ability to absorb more workers. But as inflation bites, so do other problems with workers, as the Canadian Times Colonialist informs us in this article excerpt:

China looks to Canada for bargaining model … World's most populous nation eyeing improvements to working conditions … Try to imagine the entire population of Canada crowded into a single city. That's Chongqing, China. With more than 33 million residents, it is the biggest city in the world. Located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing rivers in southwestern China, it is China's "Motor City," producing automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and military equipment, plus the steel and aluminum that goes into making them.

I was there last month because the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has selected the city and its more than 18 million workers to be the focus of an important new experiment in collective bargaining. In the face of recent growing workplace unrest, the Oct. 15 meeting of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee in Beijing made it clear that income redistribution is to be an economic as well as social priority as the Chinese economy continues to grow at a double-digit rate. – Times Colonialist

Now from our point of view, the Chinese can redistribute wealth all they want. But the old men of the CCP have made a fatal error. They have badly distorted their economy with the quick fix of fiat money. This has turned China into a modern "Westernized" economy but in doing so, the Chinese have become accustomed to the kind of consumerism that is proving unfeasible in the West. It turns out there is no short-cut to prosperity. Only the free-market over decades and centuries can provide people real wealth. The CCP today faces an unsupportable economy, violent inflation and a strong likelihood that whatever additional demand remains in the world is fast drying up.

The result of all this will inevitably be a Chinese implosion, a significant one in our view, as deep or deeper than what affected the US and Europe. But unlike the US and Europe, the CCP has no reservoir of good will, in our view, to fall back on. Everyone in China must know what the CCP is – or was – for they lived through it. An imploding economy will collapse the CCP as well in our view. Hence the reason to transfer assets out of the country. The knowledge that the Chinese economy is close to collapse, or will eventually collapse, is doubtless putting more pressure on the Chinese to compromise with the West. Perhaps this will bring the CCP to the negotiating table.

Is there a plan? Are there blood ties within the Western elite to China that we do not know about? We have heard that powerful Chinese families self-identify as Jewish. Perhaps there is enough commonality between East and West to forge an alliance. If the Chinese economy collapses, or if the global economy continues to fracture as rapidly and inexorably as it seems to be doing, it is possible that global leaders could be drawn together in an effort to salvage what they have.

Conclusion: We mentioned yesterday that World Bank president Robert Zoellick had created quite a stir by writing in the Financial Times that leading economies should consider readopting a modified global gold standard to guide currency movements. Is Zoellick's trial balloon now another factor in East-West discussions over a grand currency compromise? We can't see a strategy that brings the Western elite much closer to its global goals without significant power sharing. We await the next Korean G20 summit with interest. Perhaps it will clarify matters that seem to us to be increasingly murky. Or maybe not!

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Part 4

A Critical Thinker Examines All Available Evidence, Before Drawing Conclusions







Will Someone Else Retire on Your Dime?





The Tuesday Elections Changed Nothing

November 5th, 2010 by



/By Russell Longcore

11 05 10 

Thank God, the idiocy that is the American election process is over. Americans have imitated lemmings once again and made their mind-numbed pilgrimage to the polls. The politicos and talking heads have been excitedly discussing the results. But, lest you take some comfort in Tuesday’s election results, let’s do a quick reality check.

The Republican wing of the Government Party gained enough seats on Tuesday to regain control of the US House of Representatives.

The Democrat wing of the Government Party retained enough seats on Tuesday to keep control of the US Senate.

There is still a Democrat in the White House.

The Republican Party took ten governorships away from the Democrats. This will have the greatest effect when Federal redistricting will occur as a result of the 2010 Census.

The Republicans in the House will not be able to advance any serious agenda involving: (not that the Republicans really want to do these)
• Social Security and Medicare, which are continuing to grow in size and scope.
• The repeal of the Obama Healthcare law.
• Balancing the Federal budget. No one truly knows what the Federal budget is, since there is so much spending that is not disclosed and is “off-budget.”
• Shrinking the size of the Federal government. They will not be able to de-fund entire departments or get rid of entire bureaucracies.
• Defense spending, which swallows a huge chunk of tax revenue annually.
• Two simultaneous foreign wars, costing American lives, battlefield casualties and soldier suicides.
• The Federal Reserve will continue to buy up US Treasuries, hold interest rates artificially low, keep doing “quantitative easing” and more stimulus money will be printed and shoved out onto the American people, causing hyperinflation.
• Audit of the Federal gold supply to determine if the national gold even exists.
• Any other idea or solution that would rescue America from certain collapse.

Dear readers, remember that this Republican Party issued The Pledge To America only weeks before this election. In it, they pledge to return the American Federal Government to its Constitutionally-restricted size and scope. But also understand that they do not have the ability to perform their pledge, since Democrats control the Senate and the White House.

The only positive thing that can come from Tuesday night’s elections, and the recapture of the House by Republicans…is gridlock. That is not an insignificant outcome. With a Democrat President and a Democrat Senate, nothing that Republicans try to do will succeed. I take that back. When Republicans compromise with Dems and Obama, and advance the goals and agenda of the Government Party, they will get support and cooperation from the Democrats.

So, the world continues to turn. The dollar will continue to weaken. The American government in Washington will continue to spend money and grow unabated. China will continue to hold more US Treasuries than any other world entity. China will continue to quietly gain control of world natural resources through peaceful commerce. The European Union will continue to unravel. The nations of the world will soon replace the American dollar with another currency…probably the Chinese Yuan…as the new world reserve currency. And the American experiment, now over 230 years old, will come to an ugly end.

Tuesday’s elections were a shiny object that momentarily diverted the attention of the America populace from football, Dancing with the Stars, and favorite TV shows. Meanwhile the destruction of the American economy and nation continues unabated. Most folks will now go back to their clueless lives and wave the flag some more.

Now, more than ever, secessionists must work feverishly to convince their neighbors of the inevitable collapse of America.

Secession is the hope for mankind. Who will be first?

DumpDC. Six Letters That Can Change History.

© Copyright 2010, Russell D. Longcore. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.


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